The Best Techniques To Remove Cat Hair & Dog Hair From Your Clothes

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It can be quite frustrating to find your pet’s hair strands on your clothes. It even becomes more frustrating when you try all you can to remove cat hair from clothes without much success. However, this should not make you stop cuddling your fluffy pet as that is one thing they love more than anything else in the world. In this post, we will look at some effective techniques you can use to remove cat hairs from your clothes and other surfaces. Let’s see some of these pet are removal techniques:


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Techniques To Remove Cat Hair & Dog Hair From Your Clothes

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Best way to clean up dog hair & cat hair

Technique #1: The Moisture technique

The use of moisture is one very effective way to remove cat hair from clothes. Here are the steps to take:

Fill a bowl with water and soak your hands in the water

With your wet hands, simply wipe the surface of your clothes in a downward motion. As you do this, the cat will stick to your wet hands. This technique works because it gets the cat hairs wet and makes them heavier. This wetness and heaviness make it impossible for the cat hairs to stick to the surface of your much longer.

Dampen your kitchen sponge lightly

Once the sponge is dampened, mop and rub the surface of your clothes with the dampened sponge. As you do this, the fur will roll up into easily removable clumps. You can simply pick up the clumps with your hand and discard them in the wastebasket.

Technique #2: Using gripping surfaces

Some gripping surfaces like curlers can be used to remove cat hairs from your clothes. Let’s see some examples of gripping surfaces to use,

Rub curlers on your clothes surface to capture the hairs

These curlers will catch the cat hairs as you rub them on the surface of your cloth. If you use a curler with a metal inner form, you can bend the curler in different directions for a more thorough work and reach hairs hiding in some hidden places.

Pell off fur with sellotape

Simply wrap some sellotapes around your hand with the adhesive part of the sellotape facing outwards. Then, tap the sticky part of the sellotape on the surface of your clothes where there are cat furs. The furs will stick to the sticky surface of the sellotape. You can easily remove the sellotape from your hands and discard them with the furs afterward.

Technique #3: Using electric attraction

Electric attraction is a known hair removal technique which dates back to ancient times. Let’s see some examples:

Wear a latex glove

While wearing a latex glove, rub the surface of your clothing thoroughly. The cat hair will stick to your glove as you rub. For increased effectiveness, you can dampen the glove before rubbing it on your clothes.

Use inflated balloon

Rub the inflated balloon on the clothing surface that has the cat furs. The hairs will be attracted by the static charge on the surface of the balloon. You can gather these hairs, discard them and reuse the balloon severally.

Use rubber broom

A rubber broom works well for very stubborn cat hairs that are hard to get rid of The static charge on the rubber broom causes the cat hairs to jump towards the rubber brush as you move it over the clothing surface.

Use a rubber sole

You can use any shoe with a pair of rubber soles to remove cat hair from clothes. Cowboy boots will work perfectly here. However, you must ensure there are neither dung nor dirt on the soles. Simply run the soles over the cloth surface and watch the cat hairs bunching up.

With any of the techniques mentioned above, you can easily remove cat hairs from your clothes and other surfaces like your rugs and upholstery, however, the best way to ensure cat hairs do not stick on your clothes and other surfaces is to take preventive measures.

It is easier to prevent the buildup of cat hairs on surfaces than to remove cat hair from clothes. Always groom your cats to keep the level of loose hairs on them low. It will also help to keep your clothes where cats can’t easily find them and curl up in them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the most effective method for removing cat hair from clothing?

The use of a lint roller to garments may be an efficient method for removing hair left behind by pets. If you do not have a lint roller on hand, you might try blotting the areas that are covered with hair using masking tape in order to collect any loose hair.

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