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Do you ever take a moment to think about how to arrange clothes? Perhaps, such would be the best time to get new clothes gadget. Undoubtedly, clothes hangers have come in handy in the facilitation of hanging clothes in a way that prevents wrinkles and creases. Embracing this sense of organization will be worth your time.

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Well, did you know that there are other critical uses of hangers too? Maybe not. Here are seven of the least known applications that you could consider. Read with us!

Use them on houseplants

As you look forward to improving your interior décor (may include : sewing table, sewing chair, floor lamps, rug pads and more), you will always want your houseplants to appear straight. If you have a few extra hangers, you could rely on them to correct slumping houseplants. Usually, you will need to cut them, bend, and shape them in a way that supports the plant.

Unclogging your drain

In most cases, people tend to depend on various devices to unclog their drains. Unfortunately, their plugholes are relatively small, making it hard to unclog the sink effectively. Ideally, relying on a long and narrow yet sturdy object will come in handy.

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Such will be the right time to straighten your best hangers and insert them into the first hook of your drain. Remember to leave the hook intact. Feel free to wiggle it around until the sink is unclogged.

Skimming debris

Usually, most people will use clothes hangers to remove debris from their paddling pools, especially during summer. Ideally, you will need to untwist the wire and then reconstruct it into a circle. Further, ensure that you have an old pantyhose or tights, which you will stretch one of its legs over the ring.

This ring will act as a sieve during this process. Take the time to skim through your pool and see how effective it is. Remember that you will cut the legs of the pantyhose or tight pants. This way, you will have no problem with skimming the water.

Drying your herbs or weeds

Do you have a mini herb garden at your backyard? Well, clothes hangers could be worth relying on whenever you want to dry these herbs. All you will need to do is to clip your sprigs and consequently hang them upside-down from the bottom of this hanger. You could also choose to straighten the hook to form a long stem on which you attach the herbs.

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Removing static

Have you had any experience with static? Indeed, static could be relatively annoying. However, with a wire hanger, you will be good to go. Usually, you will need to run the coat hanger through your hair or your tights. This move will help in neutralizing their effects in the long run.

Organizing your jewelry

Imagine waking up to tangled jewelry every day. Won’t it be annoying? It is at this point that coat hangers step in. As long as you add a few metal screws to your hook, it will be relatively easy to keep your ornaments organized.

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Your kitchen towels

Keeping your kitchen organized should be one of your goals. This coat hanger will come in handy in ensuring that the storage of your kitchen towels is no longer an issue. Besides, you will be free to cut the bottom and slide whichever roll you prefer.

While at it, you could choose to make padded towel or even clothes hangers. Usually, you will have to sew silky material around your old wire hangers. However, ensure that you leave a little opening at the top, from which you will stuff loose cotton or foam. It is after you fill it that you can finally seal it. Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with the elegance this piece will accentuate.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, getting credible clothes gadget will always assure you of value for your money. You will use them for the most extended period and in different functions. The applications mentioned above will often come in handy in making your life easier, but you will need to use old hangers.

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