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While deciding to decorate your new house or renovating your existing office or working space you must be filled up with numerous innovative and fun ideas. But when it comes to trash and bins you are totally clueless as they are less important to decorate and think about. We take them very casually as they are not quite fun or exciting. But a decision about waste baskets should be considered to make your place much more happening and attractive.


Here in this article you’ll be exploring different types of waste baskets in reasonable price which best compliments your interior decorations. Although we don’t usually think about this much but the thought of trash bins for your inside home needs a second thought.

On This List We Have 8 Waste Baskets

In a Hurry? Check the Best Waste Baskets From Amazon. Just Check the Product Link, the Detail and Price.

Amazon Basics Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket
Mesh wastebasket offers a sleek industrial look and simple everyday convenience; Metal mesh creates subtle transparency, slightly concealing contents
Sparco Rectangular 7 Gal. Black Wastebasket (SPR02160)
Rolled rim provides firm grip for easy handling; Smooth design wipes down easily to maintain cleanliness
Rubbermaid Vanity Trash Can Wastebasket 6.0 quarts...
6 Qt, white, plastic vanity wastebasket, 10x 7 x 11; Adds Extra shine to your product; Manufactured in United States
Greenco GRC2708 Round Mesh Wastebasket Trash Cans, 6...
Its black finish and sleek versatile look makes it ideal for use in almost any setting.; Mesh breathable design prevents odors from building up.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products Fg295700Gray Plastic...
Space-efficient, economical, and an easy and an effective way to recycle; All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent
Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295073BLA Plastic...
Space-efficient, economical, and an easy and an effective way to recycle; All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent
Included Components: Skinny Can Silver; Capacity: 7.5
iDesign Kent Plastic Wastebasket, Small Round Plastic...
DURABLE: Plastic construction makes the waste can durable for years of use; STYLISH: Classic bronze color matches a variety of bathroom decors

Here is a list of affordable yet decent garbage cans you can pick from –

1. Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket

This item is a mesh waste basket made with durable steel wire of black color. The look goes with everything whether you want it for your work space, offices, or your house. Also it’s industrial look compliments the surrounding. It is 4.5 gallon capacity. The best thing is that it is an Amazon Based Brand. It comes in the best seller list among the top 100. It offers transparency so if you want to keep it simply visible you can keep it that way or you can use bag lines as per your comfort. It has a solid metal base with. Cylindrical shape of the mesh bin which adds a touch of new age style to your place.


– Easy to handle and clean
– Quality is amazing
– Stylish


– Transparent
– Not suitable for long run.

2. Sparco Rectangular 7 Gal. Black Waste basket

This product is the most affordable of all. It comes in two different classic colors with a rolled rim firm grip for handling it easily. It is very easy to Clean and use as it’s smooth designed wipes are very flexible to clean. Also its size it flexible to be used in limited areas. It only Weighs 8 ounces as the material is plastic and a bit of low density polyethylene.


– Affordable
– Easy to clean


– Plastic material can get damaged easily.
– Not suitable for long use.

3. Rubbermaid Vanity Trash Can Waste Basket

The Rubbermaid Vanity Trash Can is a traditional designed waste basket which goes with any decor and can be placed anywhere in your room or working area. It is durable and easy to clean. The look of the basket is very attractive also easy to clean whether for sanitary or other housekeeping wastage. It have 4.2 star reviews on Amazon Out of 5. This product is 6 Qt and white in colour which adds an extra spark to your place.


– Traditional look.
– Classy color
– Easy to clean


– Looks very simple
– There are not much options of color and design.

4. Greenco, 3 Pack

The Greenco mesh waste basket comes with a pack of three in an excellent capacity of 6 gallon. You can choose from its three different colours. Mostly black and silver are in the list of best sellers. The Greenco is the type of brand which is best known for its quality products. So you can buy this product without worrying about it’s quality usually for a long run. It is made with black wired mesh and a strong metal base at the bottom. It’s breathable design prevents odors and helps in maintaining a clean and clear environment around you.


– Comes with pack of three
– Multiple uses
– Good for long run


– Not much color options available.

5. Plastic Resin Deskside Waste basket

It is one of the Rubbermaid Commercial product which gives it an official look for your workspace. It can easily fit under your desk because of it’s long size. It has a huge capacity of 10 gallons. It comes with four different cool colours. The best part of the desk side waste baskets are that these are incredibly spacious and they stores all your desk related waste and also can recycle them. The basket is of single type made with plastic which makes sure that the product won’t rust or dent. The rolled rims are easy to handle and helps in carry them easily.


– Long yet stylish
– Storage is amazing because of size
– Very Spacious and rust free


– It’s hieght can be a drawback sometimes.
– Plastic can get damaged easily.

6. Recycling Side Saddle Basket

This product is also a Rubbermaid Commercial Product. It is similar as the Plastic resin deskside wastebasket. But the fun part here in this trash bin is that a recycling side saddle is attached with the bin to make it much more useful. It is perfect for office, home and many other work spaces. It easily fits under standard height desks. The material in this is also plastic so worrying about this wastebasket getting rust or dent is a waste.


– Recycling made easy
– Affordable and easy to clean
– Rust free.


– Plastic material can get damaged easily.
– Not suitable for long run

7. Umbra

Umbra Skinny Trash bin is a very stylish and sleek waste basket which ads a shine to your decor. It is perfect for narrow spaces like for kitchen trash, bathroom trash etc. The skinny bin is the boss of style among all the bins. It comes in 8 different colors with 2 gallons capacity. Unlike ordinary trash cans the skinny cans comes with a integrated handle to be handled easily for the disposal of the waste. It’s design make sure that liquid waste be trapped in it properly and can be disposed off easily anytime you want as it is very easy to pick and drop.


– Variety of colors
– Stylish and skinny
– Handle makes it more comfortable.


– Capacity is very low
– Only good for narrow space.

8. InterDesign Kent Plastic Wastebasket

It is a small round plastic trash can for narrow areas in your bedroom, bathroom or office etc. It comes in bronze color with an affordable price. You can simply trust on this product as it is one of the InterDesign product which is a 40 year based company which works in storage products. The color bronze goes with any kind of decor. It is made of durable plastic and can be used for years without any dent or damage. It’s strong plastic base prevents sliding of wet waste on floor. The look and color compliments all type of bathroom decors.


– Easy to fit
– Easy yo carry anywhere
– Multiple uses


– Small in size
– Not good for long run.


Q. Why garbage cans are important ?

It is all about recycling the waste and making the environment much more clean and clear. All you need is to store your waste in a manageble area as per your choice. But keep in mind to get the best to prevent pests and odors. By storing the waste in waste baskets you are contributing for the betterment of the earth.

Q. How to choose a perfect trash can?

It depends on the size of your area. Usually 7-10 gallons is the perfect size but before getting a bin make sure the area where you want to fit it. Measure the area under your sink or desk to get the perfect waste basket.

Bottom Line

This Isn’t about just buying a garbage bin for your waste. There are certain stuff you should keep in mind while buying them. They should be perfect for your space and area. It will be a plus point if you are buying a recycling bin or attached saddle. To contribute towards waste management. So explore as much as you can and find the best bin for your space which compliments your personality in the best way.

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