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There are many brands and models of touring kayaks. Therefore, there is a need to understand and appreciate the options you have available. When you have the right touring kayak, you will get adequate enjoyment and but will also have a great effect on your safety while kayaking. Thus, you need to get not only the best touring kayak but also to learn how to use it and where you will use it.


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Touring Kayaks Secrets

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How and Where?

Will you be kayaking on small water bodies such as small pools, lakes, and ponds? Or will you be kayaking on big water masses, and you have to withstand waves and wind? Also, you have to know the right water temperature, and as far as kayak touring is concerned, you need to have a responsive and quick kayak. Moreover, it should be stable on the water to avoid tipping over. With such questions in mind, the most important decision whether to choose between a sit-inside and sit-on-top kayak.


If you want a touring kayak that is user-friendly, then you should get a sit-on-top kayak. These are quite stable and quite easy to access. Moreover, you have adequate space to roam around without feeling being confined. Since they are self-bailing, it means that water can drain through small openings called scupper holes. Another thing you will love regarding this particular type of touring kayak is that slip easily. Thus, it is a perfect choice for kids.


If you want to enjoy kayak touring in cooler water and still stay dry and move faster, then you should get a sit-inside kayak. The main issue with this type is that if you flip for any given reason, it is quite difficult to recover as the kayak is likely to turn over.


The narrow and longer your touring kayak is, the faster it can travel. However, you ought to remember that a wider kayak is more stable. Sit-on-top kayaks are viewed to be leisure kayaks since they are stable and wide. Also, sit-inside kayaks vary a lot as far as size and shape are concerned.

It is not a must that you test hundreds of touring kayaks to find the right one. If you are a beginner, you need a kayak that is stable enough, and you can easily relax in calm water. In fact, you should not be concerned about stability for the rough water since you are not ready for that. Moreover, it should be easy to maneuver and still ensure you can keep it going in calm conditions.

Benefits of Kayak Touring

Kayak touring is an outdoor physical activity that is associated with a lot of health benefits. Being an aerobic activity, it should be an important part of the weekly routine. In addition, it is a low impact sport that has a lot of benefits to offer, from enhancing your social life to promoting mental. These are some of the benefits of kayak touring.

Weight Loss

An important benefit of physical activity is weight loss. Ideally, you can burn over 800 calories per hour when kayaking at 5mph. Therefore, if you spend the entire afternoon kayaking, you will burn more calories than you consume. That makes kayaking a more intense physical activity than other forms of exercise, such as swimming or running.

Stress Reduction

If you need time to reflect on your life, the right thing to do is to get outdoors. Kayaking as you watch nature can help relieve stress. Although kayaking involves muscle movement, it is a rewarding and relaxing activity. You only need to do it for a few hours each week, and you will notice a drop in the stress levels.

Clear Mind

Other than reducing stress and helping you lose weight, kayak touring helps improve your overall mental health. Aerobic exercises, such as cycling, hiking, and kayaking, release chemicals in the brain. These chemicals are responsible for improving your overall confidence and mood. In fact, it is a good way of ensuring your mind is clear of negative thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What makes a sea kayak different from a touring kayak?

All sea kayaks are touring kayaks, however not all touring kayaks are sea kayaks. The bulkheads and hatches that are standard on touring kayaks make it possible to store equipment for many days during extended paddling excursions. Sea kayaks are among the touring kayaks that are the most elongated and the most thin.

Can touring kayaks be used on rivers safely?

It is possible for an ocean kayak to track well (move in straight lines) over long distances due to its length, which allows it to have sleek and thin ends, as well as a prominent keel. On wide waterways, the agility of an ocean kayak or touring kayak is compromised in order to increase the hull speed. River kayaks are typically less than 12 feet in length and have broader, blunter ends.

The Bottom Line

The good thing about kayak touring is that it is easy to learn, and you do not have to be super fit. Moreover, kayaking is easily accessible no matter where you are. You will also get an opportunity to make friends during vacations or being part of a group excursion.

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