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In order to decide, which product is the best baby water play mat available on Amazon currently ten of the most popular mats were compared to each other. These tummy and floor mats were in different sizes though they were all designed with the intention of stimulating babies hand eye coordination and encourage infants to crawl.


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baby play mat

Water mats and floor mats are mainly used to stimulate babies and to develop their hand eye coordination besides encouraging them to crawl. These mats are made out of PVC plastic and are safe to be used with babies and toddlers. These mats do tend to have a plastic smell, which should (but does not always) go away after a few days. As the mats are filled with water there is a risk that mold can develop, though that risk can be drastically reduced by adding vinegar to the water and changing the water roughly once a month.

All the mats reviewed were supposed to be leak proof, though some are more leak proof than others.

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We explain to you now the factors to consider when hunting for the best baby water play mat:

When it comes to babies, every parent wants nothing but the best for them. Playtime is a time most parents want their babies to enjoy, as it is a crucial part of their development.

When purchasing water play mats, it is necessary to consider some factors that give you the satisfaction of going for a particular baby water play mat. So here is what you should check out for:

[dt_quote]Size and weight[/dt_quote]

A perfect mat size should accommodate your baby with ease and give the baby enough space to stretch, move, and explore. Ensure that the water mat is also strong and large enough to support the baby’s upper body development.

The ideal water play mat size should have a minimum of 30” long and 20” wide and a holding capacity of 50lbs or more.


It is necessary to consider the baby water play mat design you will buy. Some water mats feature shapes like unicorns, turtles, and mermaids. Such a mat sparks the imagination of that little mind big time!

Different colors on the mat will interact with the baby’s sensory (especially visual) development. Sensory stimulation in babies is essential in later infancy stages as it helps build extensive milestones.

The best baby water play mat has an uneven surface to help develop the baby’s muscles, responsible for crawling and even pulling into objects.


A play mat construction that can suit your baby’s needs is considered the best baby water play mat. Among its many functions is protecting the baby’s tummy during playtime, so ensure that it is soft enough.

It should also be free from toxic elements, durable and eco-friendly. The baby water play mat that fits all those characteristics is PVC constructed. The make is food safe for teething babies.

PVC-constructed water mats are leak-proof and keep the water and air intact in their compartments, so you don’t have to worry about water leakages.


The purpose of your baby’s mat is not just for fun. The mats also enhance the baby’s physical and mental growth.

Different themes help the baby have an exploring mind. Going for a mat with marine and ocean features, for example, will keep the baby’s tummy engaged and stimulated as they will be trying to reach out for the features.

An animal kingdom theme on your baby’s play mat will give your tiny explorer a diverse learning experience.

[dt_quote]Extra features and warranty[/dt_quote]

Some manufacturers include extra features like a free toy, a wrist rattle that helps stimulate the baby’s senses. Some even have an air pump to make inflation much easier. Going for such a mat would be worth it.

It is also good to check out the mat’s warranty, so you have a guarantee on the quality of the water mat.

[dt_quote]BPA free[/dt_quote]

The use of baby products containing BPA is now banned, but you should be on the lookout because some items might still have the chemical out there.

The best baby water play mat does not contain any chemical compounds. Studies have shown that products made with BPA chemicals slow down brain development.

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Let us start it out with a review of the best baby water play mat at the moment:

1. The Splashin'kids Tummy Time Water Mat

This product from Splashin’kids is designed for infants and toddlers to have save and fun playing time. It is marketed as offering the ideal water play mat for being a fun time play activity center, offering babies stimulation besides fun.


√ Easy to set up water play mat
√ Mat features of sea creatures and fishes to stimulatr babies and todlers, honing hand as well as eye movements
√ Made from high quality materials so that is durable yet also safe for babies
√ Babies can have hours of fun as they either try to catch the fish and other animals that float past them
√ Mat includes 6 toys and is made from enviromentally friendly materials
√ Currently available with a 55% discount off the recommended price


× Be careful if you have cats they may be attracted by the floating toys

2. The MAGIFIRE Best Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

This tummy time mat from Magifire is suitable for baby boys and girls from the age of 3 months and features toys that move in the water.


√ Mat is made from PVC and is safe for use with babies and todlers
√ Easy to use mat, just inflate the ring then fill the inside with water
√ Tummy mat helps babies to crawl as it makes their arms and legs stronger
√ Babies are really interested in the toys floating past them in the water
√ The graphics are colorful and vivid to gain the attention of babies
√ The product is leak proof and the seller will replace if it becomes faulty (see listing for further details)
√ Product supplied with a 30 day warranty
√ Currently available with a 15% price discoun


× Do not over fill with water as babies could find it harder to breath

3. The Tiktok Baby Water Mat

Tiktok upgraded their tummy time mat to make it brighter and safer for babies to play with. Sea themed inflatable baby toys and a fun activity play mat for boys and girls.


√ Product is BPA-free high quality PVC mat
√ Mat is lightweight and durable, easy to inflate and fill with water
√ Ideal baby toys for children 3-12 months old
√ Helps babies learn how to crawl
√ Assists brain development of babies and todlers
√ Leak proof with seals to prevent leaks


× Water may be too cold to use in winter months

4. The Hoovy Kids Water Mat

Hoovy Tummy Time is a fun and colorful play mat for babies aged 3 months and over, a fill and fun product for infants to enjoy.


√ PVC fill and fun water play mat for babies and infants especially 3 – 12 months old
√ Aids babies in learning to crawl
√ Infants learn a little bit about cause and affect, they touch the toy fish, which then move
√ Product is easy to inflate and fill with water from the faucet
√ Helps babies build their strength up before they crawl and then walk
√ Currently available to buy for a 48 % discount (see cons before even thinking about buying this product)


× The fish do not have eyes, it makes it harder for babies to start to recognize the fish

5. The Seeyentic Baby Water Play Mat

This Seeyentic Tummy Time product is primarily designed for for 3, 6 and 9 month old babies, and stimulates their senses and learning, while assisting them in beginning to crawl. This product is BPA free making it safe for babies and todlers.


√ Designed for infants of 3 6, and 9 months of age
√ This play mat is BPA free and therefore safe for babies and toddlers
√ Easy to inflate, deflate and it is highly portable
√ Stimulates the mental and physical development of babies
√ Assists babies and infants in learning how to crawl


× Some mats leak but let the seller know within 30 days and they will replace it

6. The Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Playmat

Gebra play mat is shaped like a turtle and includes toys for babies to try and grab to develop hand eye coordination and assist infants in learning how to crawl.


√ Larger turtle shaped BPA Free, 43″ 35″ 2.5″ play mat
√ A fun and bright play activity center designed to entertain and stimulate babies
√ Leak proof PVC and easy to fill and empty play mat
√ Seller will replace any mats that leak or that are faulty in any other ways and their customer service team will resolve issues within 24 hours


× Instructions suggest that only a strong male could lift a full mat, yet these are not particularly heavy and could easily offend women

7. The Infinno Kids Water Play Mat

The Infinno mat is designed to stimulate babies’ growth, for 3 to 24 month old infants, the mat is 26” by 20”. Brightly colored activity center with fish / sea creature toys.


√ Made from BPA free PVC
√ This mat is ideal for3 to 24 month old babies and todlers
√ Leak proof so mat lasts longer
√ Bright colors and toys stimulate babies
√ Encourages babies to crawl while developing hand eye coordination
√ Mat is 26″ by 20″
√ Easy to fill, easy to use and stores with no problems
√ Really good value for money


× The smell can take a couple of weeks to go away

8. The Gabby Grove Baby Play Mat

Bright and colorful play mat for babies and toddlers, assists crawling and stimulates infants.


√ Hanging toys that are removable for your little one’s sitting stage
√ A soothing environment that complements modern home decor
√ A moon shaped pillow for tummy time fun


× If the toy is pulled hard, it can tear

9. The Splashin'kids Baby Floor Mat

This Tummy Time mat includes sensory developmental toys for babies as well as toddlers, bright and colorful to assist hand eye coordination development too. The product is safe to use with babies and is also environmentally friendly.


√ Fish and sea creature sensory developmental toys for babies
√ Will encourage babies to crawl besides making their limbs stronger
√ Really portable product
√ Simply fill with water to use


× Some buyers receive this item in plain packaging so makes it more difficult to give as a gift

10. The Infantino Baby Activity Mat

This play mat is small, and inexpensive, designed more to stimulate hand eye coordination than to assist in crawling.


√ BPA free PVC water play mat
√ Small enough to be used on a higth chair
√ Really portable product
√ Simply fill with water to use


× The plastic is really thin, it has been known for teething toddlers to bite through the plastic

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

In this last section, we ask and answer questions that surround the best baby water play mat:

[dt_quote]Q. What are the advantages of utilizing a tummy time inflatable baby water mat?

A. When doing tummy time, the advantages of utilizing an inflated baby water mat are as follows:

There are a lot of advantages for your infant to get from using an inflatable water mat. Not only can it assist to strengthen their back, legs, arms, and neck owing to the vivid and fascinating designs, but it can also aid to enhance their motor abilities as well as their social skills via the stimulation of their senses.

Inflatable baby water mats may also help avoid flat heads and improve a child’s hand-eye coordination.

Your infant’s legs and arms, in particular, will be better prepared for crawling if you use an inflatable water mat since it will help them develop stronger muscles while also assisting them in developing more head control.

[dt_quote]Q. When should I begin doing tummy time, and how should I do it?

A. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents of full-term infants to begin supervised tummy time as early as the first week, or as soon as the umbilical cord stump falls off, whichever comes first. In the case of infants, the optimal schedule consists of two to three treatments per day, each lasting one minute.

[dt_quote]Q. Is it safe to use tummy time water mats?

A. The level of safety that the water mat offers is often correlated with its level of quality, so be sure to choose one with care. Even if it is used on a daily basis, the water mat that you buy for your kid should ideally be constructed out of materials that do not contain BPA and are durable and resistant to harm.

This will ensure that your baby is able to enjoy their inflatable baby water mat without having to worry about their safety being compromised in any way. In general, it is safe to use them as long as the aforementioned considerations are taken into account, and they provide the ideal means by which to begin the process of developing the muscles in your baby’s neck, stomach, and arms.

[dt_quote]Q. How can you fill a tummy time inflatable water mat?

A. The procedure of inflating and filling a water mat for tummy time is often rather simple, with the majority of mats adopting a setup idea that is conceptually equivalent to one another.

In most cases, mats of this kind include a design that incorporates not one but two separate valves: one for inflation and one for deflation. After opening the first valve, which is the largest one, and beginning the process of filling it with water, just open the second valve and start the process of filling the frame with air.

[dt_quote]Q. How should an infant’s first session of tummy time be conducted?

A. Position your infant so that he is lying on his stomach on a playmat or a fresh towel. Put your infant in a room with a handful of their favorite toys. You should make an effort to keep your baby belly-down for three to five minutes, two to three times a day. When you see that your infant is beginning to appreciate time spent on his or her stomach, you should gradually go to longer and more frequent sessions throughout the day.

[dt_quote]Q. What should a newborn’s daily schedule be?

A. A baby will spend around 16 out of every 24 hours sleeping, making sleep their primary activity for the first several weeks of their lives. They are taught to sleep for short periods of time during the day and night, averaging around two to three hours in between meals. In addition, infants have to be fed anywhere from every two to four hours. They want your attention at all times of the day and night, including both day and night.

[dt_quote]Q. Do all baby mats smell of plastic?

A. Yes, most of them do when new, but the smell should lessen or go completely after a few days.

[dt_quote]Q. If the plastic / PVC smells is the mat safe to use with babies?

A. Generally the play mats are safe as they are made to safety standards. Genuine play mats should have the safety standards they comply with on the box, or within the instructions booklet.

[dt_quote]Q. Will tummy time play mats help babies?

A. Yes all tummy time mats are designed to stimulate babies due to having bright colors as well as fish / sea creature toys.

[dt_quote]Q. Is there a way to prevent mold in the tummy mats?

A. Yes, the best way to have mold free water is to add vinegar to the water, and to change the water every 4 weeks or so.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

After reviewing the 10 best baby water play mat , it was decided that Product 1, the Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat was the best one for people to buy for babies and toddlers. The Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat had several pros and the minor cons of having a plastic smell that can take a few days to go away, and that cats can be attracted to the toy fish and sea creatures.

The pros of the Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat include that it is made of BPA free PVC, aids the development of hand eye coordination, encourages babies to crawl, and it is easy to inflate, deflate and store when not in use. It is a high quality product that is safe for use with babies while it provides them with hours of fun and provides plenty of mental stimulation. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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  1. Splashin’kids inflatable tummy time premium water mat!!! This stuff is amazing! I bought it for my six-month-old daughter, who was averse to stomach time, and she really loved it! It has no leeks and is made of a highly durable plastic! Overall, this is a fantastic item for your child!


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