aerobic steppers

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Aerobic steppers are the extension of the floor aerobics, and for performing the exercises on this fitness program, an elevated platform is used. If you are starting to enjoy the following activities, you would love working your own body with some challenging aerobic step bench exercises in daily routines.

The craze of aerobic steppers is increasing among women because it can help them to tone down their problem areas like thighs, hips, legs, and stomach. Stretching and Cardio exercises are also performed during the sessions to provide your body with a complete workout. People who do not have the time to join a gym can perform the aerobic steppers exercises at home with the help of special tapes that can be played on the television.

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Various necessary steps are performed in the aerobic steppers’ work out session, which are beneficial for all the parts of your body. Here I would mainly focus on some powerful aerobic steppers exercises that you must know about.

Up and down movements

Up and down movements are the most straightforward steps that you can perform. Your step platform should be four to ten inches in height, and you can step up and down on it according to the rhythm and beat of the music. If you want to perform quick steps, then you can increase the tempo of the music.

V Steps

V steps are the next level of the basic up and down movements. While performing the steps, you have to make a V. This step may also be done with the L and the S letters.

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Knee lifts

Doing knee lifts on the stepper may genuinely assist you with burning a ton of your body calories from the body. Here, you need to step on that stage with 1 leg and then lift your knee of your other leg.


These are advantageous for diminishing body fat from the thighs and the legs. Steps on the stage with 1 leg and then kick with your other leg. Rehash the activity with your other leg.


This is another fascinating advance with regards to which you need to lean forward and contact your toes from the highest point of the stepper. This activity is generally excellent for conditioning your stomach muscles.

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Straddle down

In this exercise, you have to climb the stepper, and then you should keep one leg down from one side and the other leg from the other side.

Side Lifts

In this step, you have to keep one leg on the platform, and the other leg should be lifted to the opposite side. Repeat this exercise with alternately.

The Bottom Line

There are various shapes and sizes of aerobic bench platforms. The lowest level is four inches, and the height goes up by two inches. At present, there are benches that can be adjusted according to an individual’s comfort level. More experienced people are always thrilled to increase the intensity of their aerobic exercise by adjusting the height of their aerobic step bench up to twelve (12) inches.

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