Thinking About Toddler Carrier? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time To STOP!!

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For quite a while now, toddler carriers have been used to carry babies in most diverse cultures. Today, mothers still embrace the use of baby slings. Baby wrappers can be found in different styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics. This makes finding the perfect baby holder for your baby a dainty task. To find the best carrier for your baby, consider the following factors.


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Toddler Carrier Secrets

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Consider the Size and Weight Rating

This is an imperative factor to consider when investing in a baby holder. It’s worth noting that different baby wraps are designed to suit distinct weights and sizes of infants. Some slings are more ideal for newborns while others are suitable for big babies. Besides, other baby holders may not offer the support required for small toddlers. Ensure you carefully check the weight rating for each item that you come across to ascertain it best suits your baby. Some baby slings offer child inserts. The inserts pad the interior of your carrier to accommodate infants. These can be very useful. However, checking to ensure that the inserts are not too hot for your child during summer is worthwhile. Remember to ascertain that the insert will be included in your purchase.

Asses If the Carrier is a Front, Side or Back Carrying Holder

Across the wide variety of baby holders, you can get the choice of putting it on the front, side, or even on the back. In case you opt for the front carrying holder, you will still have to decide on whether your child should face inwards or outwards. Keep in mind that most slings will allow you to do a few of these positions while others are compatible with any position alongside offering complete versatility. Most importantly, ensure that the baby wrap you get compliments you.

Check Out the Waist Strip

In case you want to use the baby sling as your baby grows, ensure you choose one that has a waist belt that transfers the weight of the baby to your lower back and the hips rather than your shoulders. You will be grateful for this if you wear the baby holder for any length of time as it reduces tiredness.

Consider the Strength and Build of the Baby Carrier

Of course, you do want to ensure that your baby will be protected and comfortable at all times. Therefore, check the padding, the buckles, the straps, and all clasps to ensure they are in the best condition. If the clasps are plastic, check if they feel sturdy to you. Depending on your area’s weather, check the fabric used to make the carrier to weigh out whether it will be too cold or too hot for your child. Naturally, you should look for organic materials such as cotton and shy away from fabrics like polyester if you live in hot regions.

Ensure the Baby Wrap is a Good Fit for You

Baby holders are made for average body-sized people. Therefore, you will need to check if the carrier is the best for you in case your body is bigger or smaller than average. While you can find some holders with extra-long straps which are great if you carry a little more girth, the straps can be annoying and get in the way if you don’t.

Check Out the Pockets

Acquiring a baby sling that has built-in pockets is worthwhile. It ensures that you travel light as you won’t require to carry along a diaper bag, wipes, and milk bottle. The pockets can easily hold wipes and fresh diapers. Thereupon, you will need to carry the baby and nothing else.

Ensure the Baby Sling Is Both Mom and Dad Carrying

Today, babies are carried by both parents. Therefore, you need to check how easily the straps can be adjusted; this is because you and your partner may not be of the same body size. While some baby wraps can adjust the straps easily, others can be quite difficult. Indeed, if the other parent has a small or big body size, you will also need to consider the size limits of the baby sling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it necessary to invest on a toddler carrier?

It is well worth it to invest in a hiking baby carrier since it will free up your hands and is specially built to support the weight of an infant or toddler for extended periods of time without causing discomfort.

At what age can a toddler carrier be used?

There are several carriers designed specifically for toddlers that are appropriate beginning at 12 to 18 months of age and may be used until your kid is 3 or 4 years old.

What alternatives are there to using a baby carrier?

When you want to carry your child, you may use a baby wrap, which is a single piece of long cloth that you wrap around your body. Wraps are adaptable in that they may be folded and tied in a variety of ways, allowing you to carry your child in a variety of positions, including on your chest, back, or even hip.

The Bottom Line

With a wide variety of baby slings to choose from, visiting an enterprise that offers several types and styles is imperative. You can then try them all to identify the best baby holder for your baby. You will go home with a simple, supportive, and versatile carrier, that will bring you and your baby closer.

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