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Just like the name suggests, this clothing that serves the purpose of covering any table. This is mostly done for decoration as the cloth may be made with attractive shades of colours. These shades are embraced or chosen depending on the purpose the table is used to serve. Although, the clothes just like any other clothing, also serve the purpose of protecting the table such that it does not easily get stained or be scratched, especially in an environment where it is frequently used.


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table cover

Specific colours have a specific meaning or are used to bring out a certain meaning; hence colours like white are used for dinner table cloths. This does not necessarily reflect or carry very serious meaning as it can just be traced to history and the taste choice for the majority of individuals. Some of the colour choices for various table cloths can also depend on cultural likeness or other people’s beliefs. Therefore, we can affirm that table cloths have been in use for a very long time and are part of our table decorations.

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Their primary purpose is to cover the table though it could be used as part of the decoration. Tablecloths come in different sizes, and these sizes depend on the size of your table, its shape and the occasion; for example, there is a Christmas tablecloth for just this particular holiday. The main dimensions are usually rectangular tablecloths, square tablecloths and round tablecloths. When setting dinner, how you set the table adds some pizazz in how people will enjoy the dinner. It sets the theme of a special occasion. You should always remember to put the table cloth in such a way that it should not be less than fifteen centimetres above the floor yet approximately one foot below the table.

christmas tablecloth

Tablecloth can either be used as basically as part of protection to the table or as part of a table setting. In the latter’s case, they are placed in coordination with napkins and placemat as a form of decoration. You also need to spread a blanket on the table before laying the table in a bid to reduce the chances of the food and drink spillage, making markings on the table. Most of the time, tablecloths are during the formal arrangement; however, they can also be used during fun festivities.

When choosing a tablecloth, it is better to keep in mind the type of event; for instance, if it is a neutral wedding colour should be your go-to tablecloths. If the event is a fun occasion like a birthday party, then bright coloured tablecloths are just fine. It is better to tablecloths that have patterned colours during informal occasions while solid-coloured tablecloths are great for formal occasions. As a rule of thumb, if the tablecloth reaches the floor, it usually sets the formal tone while if the table cover is hanging is more of an informal tone.

You should always remember to put pads below the tablecloth as it serves the purpose of ensuring the tablecloth has been paced smoothly on the table. Ensuring that you have used the right size always does the trick; for instance, if the event is formal, the tablecloth’s drape should be between 8 inches to 12 inches. The utensils or the dinnerware are usually placed on the tablecloth directly. Buffet tables are only tables in which you can use table cloths whose length reaches the floor to make them wonderfully stand out.

square tablecloth

Rectangular or oblong tablecloths are ideal for non-formal occasions as they allow everyone to wants to sit side by side and interact with ease.

Plastic tablecloths are great for informal events, especially if the event is a birthday for a child. These tablecloths go well with square tablecloths, which are brightly coloured. Another thing to know about tablecloths, preferably the round tablecloth, is that when purchasing, you should always measure the dimensions of your table, then you include the desired drop twice. Although most times, the measurements are usually 60 by 90 inches.

white tablecloth

The Bottom Line

Tablecloths are usually about your taste of the fabric , size and shape you desire and need, but keeping these guidelines will help you when setting the table.

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