The 10 Best Power Bank In 2023 Reviews & Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Power Banks are gadgets used to provide portable power for charging batteries of items with USB charging interface. With the increase of battery-powered items used daily in all categories, these gadgets have become unavoidable. With them, you can comfortably power your portable speaker, headphone, smartphone, MP3 player, iPhone and many others. Portable chargers differ in sizes, types and styles to fit your desired option. However, for effectiveness, you have to choose a gadget that will provide you with the desired service, which calls for knowledge over a few other details.


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[dt_quote]Power Bank Types: Two types dominate the power bank.[/dt_quote]

1.Those that consist of Lithium-ions cells
2.Those that contain Lithium Polymers

Power banks containing Lithium-ion cells have higher energy density. However, they lose their charge capacity over time. Besides, they are bulkier.

The subject around power banks can be challenging. Consumers would wish to get the best value for their money on these items. However, due to demand, some manufacturers have emerged with quality products. As such, we have come up with product reviews, which will undoubtedly serve your best interest over portable charger items.

Alternatively, power banks with Lithium Polymers are expensive but safe. Unlike their counterpart portable chargers, they do not lose their actual charging over the duration they are used. Note also that they take relatively less time to charge.

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[dt_fancy_title title=”BUYER’S GUIDE TO THE BEST POWER BANK” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

There is a must list to consider when looking for the best power bank to purchase.

power bank
[dt_quote]Things to consider while buying the best cell phones:[/dt_quote]

1.Capacity: make sure to get a portable charging battery whose capacity is more significant than that of your phone
2.The number of outputs: this refers to the number of ports on the device. Be it one, two or three, get one that fits your power needs.
3. Output requirement: the much output is required by your phone should synchronize with the output of the power bank. Most phones would safely accommodate the standard output, which is 5v.

[dt_quote]Also, check or inquire to ensure that your power bank meets the required consumer standards, which are as follows:[/dt_quote]
  • Must have high-quality batteries
  • Durable powerbank pack to protect them from bumps and knocks
  • Protection features over high current output and low voltage protection
  • Also, check that the power bank has input over current and voltage protection
  • Must have high temperatures protection
  • Short circuit protection and finally
  • Must feature electrostatic discharge protection
[dt_fancy_title title=”BEST POWER BANK – 2023 REVIEWED” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We start it out by a review of the best power bank that be at the moment. We selected the top 10 best power bank for travel in amazon for your pleasure.

1. Belkin 10,000 mAh Portable Charger

This power bank will charge multiple devices for you at a go. It is a portable device featuring a slim lightweight design equipped with two USB-A ports whose output total is up to 2.4 amp. The gadget is highly rated for its safety charging mechanism due to its automatic shut-off feature. Be it you want a portable charger for iPhone 6, a smartphone, fitness foam roller band, smartwatch or any other USB compatible device; you have it all sorted with this gadget. The Belkin portable charger also comes with a 6-inch micro USB cable and a warrant.


– Temperature regulating feature
– Its polymer battery cell doubles more than twice the life of your gadget battery
– Durable plastic casing to safeguard your battery pack.
– Lightweight


– No-pass through charging
– Some clients consider it significantly slow charging

2. iWalk Power Bank

If you find carrying a charging cable a taboo, then you have your option in this portable charger. The device is 100% wireless with a direct plugging mechanism. iWalk Power bank can be considered a Portable charger for iPhone 6s due to its small size measuring approximately 2.8 by 1.5 by 0.9 inches, and it weighs 75g only, which makes it super easy to carry. Its power capacity is up to 3,300mAh; hence, its battery size is not a reflection of its abilities. It’s specifically designed for you and your iPhone or iPod.


– 100% compatible with port
– Never bother with cables anymore
– Lightweight and size makes it perfect for moving around with it
– Allows charging your phone while recharging it


– Its battery charger may fail to get through some thick iPhone cases which call for removing the case to charge
– Not automated to power off

3. KeeingGreen Portable charger

This charger has incorporated a travel safe Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. That is enough power to charge your smartphones or iPhone devices to two full charges. It’s compatible with a variety of methods including your android phones, iPods, iPad and Apple iPhones, among others. The compact power bank is guaranteed to give you power that is needed to keep your phone alive right in the fit of your hand or from your pocket, backpack or purse.


– fast charge over three power options to up to 3 devices
– dual USB ports
– reliable back up power
– Accommodate-able sized charger


– Its positive charge doesn’t support QC 3.0

4. Justine 2,600mAh Power Bank

This Justine power bank comes with inbuilt charging plugs. These help you slap it directly into a wall outlet without the need for any power adopter. Using a universal charger, you can charge your Android or iPhone one by one or simultaneously. It has LED light to indicate the internal power level so that you can always plan your communication schedule before power dies on you. The Justine 2,600 mAh features a chrome Top and a sleek rubber finish.


– It’s a Compact power bank
– reasonable price
– a flashlight is its additional feature
– charges all devices via a universal charger


– Its charging rate may be slower than gadget own charger

5. Zendure A5 Power Bank5

The zendurie series is created with the rare ability considering its durability. Besides, it is stylish such that you will want it with you all the time. It is made with premium components and features a reliable super high-density lithium-ion cell to offer the reliability of use. Though hard, such that you can run it over with a vehicle and affect nothing, this product is lightweight and therefore can be carried anywhere with you. If you are the busy type, this is the best power bank for that you need.


– Compact and lightweight with 16,750mAh capacity
– Long term standby of up to 95% even after six months without use
– Safe to take on board. Titan Airways use this power bank to charge its pilots electronic flight bags


– Doesn’t auto switch on
– Its size is that of iPhone 6 which some consumers think it’s bigger than they want it

6. Justine 2,500 mAh Portable Power Bank

The slim Justine 2,500 mAh can be your perfect Portable charger for iPhone 6. The device features a built-in Micro USB cable, and it is ultra thin for both great looks and eases to carry. The manufacturer offers the best warrant over the item plus full support. Give your smartphone an emergency power boost anytime with this product in a wide choice of colors.


– Ultra slim and lightweight
– Available in assorted colors
– Charges your smart gadget via Built-in-micro-USB cable
– Has LED power lever pointer


– Slow charge in comparison to own gadget charger

7. Enther 1000mAh Compact Power Bank

This portable power bank comes with an inbuilt micro USB charging cable. Besides, you are also given three different adapters as follows. A micro USB adapter, a lightning adapter and a C-type adapter. These adapters give you the flexibility to charge an iPhone, micro USB device, an iPad and all type-C devices without the need to carry additional cables. The charger is powerful with 10,000mAh due to its premium battery cells. The powerbank pocket is made with an excellent shell material that guarantees safety and reliability over its use.


– High capacity
– Easy to carry
– Reliable and quality
– No need to take extra cables with you
– Has charge level meter


– Adopter change steps may be a little complicated for starters
– You can’t use the device while it’s on charge
– For the first time, you must charge it thoroughly before you use

8. Zendure X6 USB-C Hub Portable Charger

The power bank features fast charging due to its PD technology. It has several ports with its quick charge port charging your iPhone, MacBook, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone x, Nintendo and Galaxy 6-times faster. Besides, it has smart features to support an unlimited range of low-powered devices such as wireless earphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and others.


– Type C-Hub mode USB
– Fast charge
– Pass through charging
– 20,000mAh high capacity
– Lifetime friendly customer service
– Tough powerbank pack


– Relatively big size
– Some clients are worried over the safety of their gadgets given the fast charge feature

9. mycharge portable charger

This charger features a series of rugged rubberized finish that renders it durable. The gadget can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. For your information, this product is splash and dirt proof and as well drop-resistant. The battery charger is available with a built-in carabiner clip, which makes it your perfect partner out on your adventure. Sizes vary, and hence, you are free to check out what size matters to fit your style and power needs.


– Portable charger
– Dual USB ports
– Pass through charging
– Rugged and rubberized powerbank pack for durability
– Connected paracord
– Compact power banks


– Bulky
– Takes long to charge

10. myCharge Home & Go Portable Charger

The Home and Go Portable charger is a powerful portable charger for iPhone 6s among others in its category. Besides, it’s a sweet charger for smartphones tablets and other USB devices. The device’s durability is beyond comparison and serves as both a wall adopter and as a portable charger. That makes this best power bank stand out from the rest in its unique multipurpose tasking. This charger features lightweight, portability and has foldout wall prongs that make it perfect for home charging and when you are on the go.


– charges home and on-the-go
– 2-in-1 charger with fold-out wall plug
– Pass through charging
– LED power level indicator
– Compact power bank design
– Lightweight
– Lithium polymer battery
– Cute looking and amazing results


– No more variety of design and colors for comparison

[dt_fancy_title title=”Frequently Asked Questions” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the best power bank:

[dt_quote]1.How do power banks work?[/dt_quote]

Using power banks is incredibly easy. Charge your power bank first. Be sure to observe the LED charging status. Once fully charged, plug it out of its charger. After that, you can plug your suitable gadget on it to charge via the USB port. The power bank will start charging the phone or tablet, among others. That’s it.

[dt_quote]2.What are devices suitable to charge using a power bank? [/dt_quote]

Most power banks are compatible with significant products from all major manufacturers.

[dt_quote]3.What does mAh capacity stand for?[/dt_quote]

mAh means milliampere hours, which is the rating for measuring charge stored in the power bank. The industry requires manufacturers to state the total charge stored within the power bank cells as its capacity. Basically, the higher the capacity, the more charge a power bank stores.

[dt_quote]4.Is it safe to charge a gadget several times in a single day?[/dt_quote]

Power bank manufacturers have carried safety test on their products and therefore are safe for use regardless of the number of times you have to charge your phone and others in a day.

[dt_quote]5.How long does a portable charger take to charge?[/dt_quote]

That is dependable on the size of your power bank, in terms of mAh.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Bottom Line” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Power banks are particularly useful because they enable people to be tuned-on on their battery-powered devices all the time. If you are away and with a power bank, you will not need to stop anywhere to charge your phone to continue being available on pone when required. These gadgets will help you charge on the go. With the current situations surrounding our economy and the much it has attached itself to mobile communication, portable chargers have become established and unavoidable. If you are contemplating having one, make haste and grab one best power bank to stay always tuned anywhere.

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