The 10 Best Cell Phones In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Cell phones have become a necessity these days. They are not only necessary for communication but a whole host of other reasons. These days, we use cell phones for browsing the Internet, shopping online, and even video conferencing. The smartphone has entirely changed how we communicate. There is, however, a new problem these days when it comes to buying a new phone. There are too many options to consider. In fact, with so many companies in the fray trying to sell you a smartphone, it can be confounding to compare all of them manually. That is the reason which prompted us to help you out today.


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We will today review the top 10 best cell phones to help you pick the right one. We will go through multiple smartphone options, including the budget ones. We will help you choose the best smartphone. Instead of spending hours on research, go through our top 10 options and buying guide to pick the right one. We have taken every factor into account like screen size, processor, connectivity, storage space, and user reviews to curate the list of the top 10 Best phones on offer.

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So, if you’re looking for a new phone, these are the ten options which you should consider. However, before going ahead, go through our buying guide below to make an informed decision.

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Instead of going through all the technical jargon, it is advisable to examine only a few factors when looking for a new phone. These include:

[dt_quote]Screen size:[/dt_quote]

The first and foremost thing which you need to check is screen size. The bigger the screen size, the better it is. Ideally, you should look for a screen size of 4.5 inches or more. It will make sure that you can operate the touchscreen efficiently.

[dt_quote]Screen resolutions:[/dt_quote]

The screen resolution determines the clarity which you get on the screen. It is especially useful when watching movies or when viewing photos. Anything which is HD or higher than that is a good option.

[dt_quote]Internal storage:[/dt_quote]

The internal storage will determine the number of apps which you can download, movies which you can store and the photos which you can view. At the minimum, you need internal storage of 16 GB. Also, you have to make sure that it offers expandable storage. When that is the case, it becomes easy for you to get the storage option which you want.

[dt_quote]Operating system:[/dt_quote]

The operating system, which runs on the smartphone, determines the apps which you can install and which you cannot. Many times, if the phone is running on the older operating system, you will not be able to install the newer apps. Many apps do not support the older operating system. Hence; it is a good idea to opt for a smartphone with android 8.0 or higher.

When you consider these few factors, it becomes effortless for you to choose the right smartphone. It will help you pick the smartphone, which is as per your requirement. We will now answer some of the FAQs to help you understand better which smartphone you should choose.

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We start it out by a review of the best cell phones that be at the moment. We selected the top 10 best small android smartphone in amazon for your pleasure.

1. Tracfone Motorola Moto e5 4G Smartphone

The best android smartphone on top of our list consists of a 5.7-inch screen. It has a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor which means that it can help you with multitasking quite quickly. With 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 technology on offer, you can use it for communication. It is Wi-Fi compatible, which helps you stay connected. With 5 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera, it can take decent photos as well. The internal memory is 16 GB, and it supports memory card up to 128 GB. Considering the features, it comes as no surprise that it is on top of our list.


– 5.7-inch screen
– 1.4 GHz Quad processor
– Plenty of connectivity options
– The internal memory is 16 GB
– SD card support up to 128 GB


– The operating system displays ads in between

2. Simple Mobile TCL LX 4G Smartphone

With 5.3 inches screen and 1.1 GHz quad-core processor, it is effortless to operate the smartphone. It consists of android 8.1, which provide you with a simple interface. It offers Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi compatibility, and 4G connectivity. All of these features mean that it is easy to stay connected. With the help of 8-megapixel camera in the back and 5-megapixel camera in the front, it is easy for you to click decent pictures. The internal memory is 16 GB, and you can expand it using a microSD card up to 32 GB. When looking for budget smartphones, you can consider this option.


– Android 8.1
– Multiple connectivity options
– 5.3-inch screen
– 1.1 GHz quad-core processor


– Not unlocked

3. Simple Mobile LG Rebel 3 4G Smartphone

The cell phone which we are discussing now has a touchscreen display of 5.0 inches. It runs on android 7.0. The quad-core processor of 1.1 GHz ensures that you can use the apps quickly. With 4G connectivity along with Bluetooth 4.2, you will have no connectivity problems at all. It has a 16Gb of internal memory. You can expand that up to 32 GB with the help of micro SD card. The 5 MP rear and a 5 MP front camera ensure that you can take good pictures. The large screen is the reason why it is an excellent option to buy.


– 5.0 inches touchscreen display
– 1.1 GHz quad-core processor
– Proper connectivity options
– The internal memory is16 GB


– Gaming applications can suffer from lag

4. Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone 64GB

The S9 by Samsung, which we are discussing now, is unlocked. It has a 64GB of internal memory. It comes in 3 color options. With the help of edge-to-edge display, you can be sure that you can operate it quite efficiently. Using the micro SD card, you can expand its memory up to 400GB. It can record videos in 4K clarity, which is a definite advantage. The IP 68 rating means that it can withstand water spills up to a certain extent. With the help of fast wireless charging, it is easy for you to charge your phone in no time. It offers a 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. The edge-to-edge display is 6.1 inches, which allows you to get a large screen. The high storage capacity, along with the edge-to-edge screen, makes it a good option.


– 64 GB internal memory
– Edge-to-edge display
– Available in 3 color options
– IP 68 rating


– The packaging is not up to the mark

5. Nokia 3.1 - Android 9.0 Pie Unlocked Smartphone

With android 9.0, it is one of the best smartphones which you can use. The screen size is 5.2 inches. It is an unlocked smartphone which allows you to use it with any carrier. Moreover, the dual sim capability is a further advantage. It has HD plus resolution, which provides you with high clarity. The 1.25 GHz octa-core processor facilitates multitasking. The aluminum sides and elegant form factor, make it visually appealing as well. It is available in 3 different color options. The internal storage is 16 GB. The camera which it offers is 13 megapixels. With 2 GB of RAM, you can smoothly run most of the applications. The screen size and the dual sim features make it a great choice.


– Aluminum Sides
– HD plus display
– 1.25 GHz octa-core processor
– 16 GB Internal storage


– Camera quality requires improvement

6. Total Wireless Samsung Galaxy J7 Smartphone

With 5.5 inch HD screen along with 1.56 GHz processor, it provides you with the perfect combo for day to day use. It offers 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. With 13 MP camera in the front and back, you can take good quality pictures quite easily. It offers 16 GB internal storage which is expandable using a micro SD card up to 400 GB. As a result, you will have no problem at all in getting the storage space which you want. It runs on android 8.0, which is a definite advantage. The large screen and the option to expand the storage up to 400 GB make it a perfect choice.


– 5.5 inch HD screen
– Internal storage expandable up to 400 GB
– 13 megapixel rear and front camera
– Multiple connectivity options


– Has a sealed battery

7. Samsung SM-J737UZKAXAA Galaxy J7 Unlocked Smartphone

The Samsung J7 is an unlocked smartphone. It offers a 13-megapixel camera along with a 5.5-inch screen. With 32 GB of storage, you can download and install a significant number of apps without requiring a memory card. However, you can expand the storage space with the help of a memory card. This one runs on android 8.0, which provide you with seamless functionality. It offers standard connectivity options which allow you to browse the Internet and send and receive files seamlessly. It has a removable battery as well, which will enable you to replace it as per your requirement. If you’re looking to buy an unlocked phone with adequate options, this is the one which you should get.


– 32 GB storage
– 13-megapixel camera in rear and front
– 5.5-inch screen
– Android 8.0


– The packaging is not up to the mark

8. LG Electronics LG Q7+ Limited Edition Unlocked Smartphone

With 5.5 inches of display, you will have no problem at all while using this phone. It is an 8-megapixel front camera with an auto-shoot feature. There is also a 16-megapixel autofocus rear camera. It means that in terms of camera quality, you will have no complaints at all. It is a BTS edition smartphone and comes with behind-the-scenes pictures of the same. The full HD display provides you with excellent clarity. It offers connectivity options which ensure that you can easily use it to send or receive files and browse the Internet. If you prefer a limited edition smartphone, you can choose this phone.


– 5.5 inch full HD display
– 16MP rear camera
– 8-megapixel front camera
– BTS edition


– Charging speed is slow

9. Nokia 1 - Android One (Go Edition) - 8 GB Unlocked Smartphone

When you’re looking for budget smartphones, this one is the perfect option for you. It is an unlocked smartphone and comes with an internal storage of 8 GB. The screen size is 4.5 inch. The processor inside is a 1.1 GHz quad-core processor along with 1 GB of RAM. You can expand the storage up to 128 GB with the help of micro SD card. In the rear, it offers a 5-megapixel camera along with LED flash. In the front, it offers a 2-megapixel camera. It has video chat option enabled as well. With the help of the LCD screen, you can get sufficient clarity. The polycarbonate body ensures that it is highly durable. It offers 4G connectivity along with Bluetooth and FM radio. There is a headphone jack as well. The android 8.1 edition ensures that you can run most of the apps. In spite of being a small smartphone, it offers all the necessary features.


– 1.1 GHz quad core processor
– 8 GB internal storage
– 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera
– 4.5 inch display


– Screen resolution is not that good

10. Nokia 4.2 - Android One (Pie) - 32 GB Unlocked Smartphone

In terms of screen size, this phone offers 5.71 inch HD plus screen. It means that you will have no complaints at all from the quality of the display. It is available in 2 color options. It is an unlocked smartphone and has dual sim capability. With 32 GB of internal storage, it is easy for you to download most of the apps which you need. The edge-to-edge display ads to the aesthetics. The lightweight polycarbonate body provides it with proper durability and also ensures that you can carry it around comfortably. With the help of 13+2 megapixel rear camera, you can capture decent quality photos easily. There is also an 8-megapixel front camera as well, which is an additional advantage. It runs on the android 9 pie, which makes it easy for you to install the latest applications. The smartphone incorporates AI assisted battery feature, which means that the battery can last for a long time. All these characteristics make it an excellent option.


– 5.71 inch HD plus screen
– The internal storage is 32 GB
– Dual Sim capability
– Lightweight polycarbonate body


– After sales support is limited

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Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the best cell phones:

[dt_quote]What is the best cell phone?[/dt_quote]

If you are looking for a cellphone with the necessary features, you can go with the Tracfone Motorola Moto e5 4G Smartphone. With 16 GB of internal storage and a 5.3-inch display, you cannot go wrong with this one. It comes along with the .1 GHz quad-core processor which makes running various apps quite smoothly. Hence; it is one of the best cellphones on offer.

[dt_quote]What is the best cell phone camera?[/dt_quote]

The LG Electronics LG Q7+ Limited Edition offers a 16-megapixel front camera and a 2-megapixel rear camera. It is one of the best cell phone cameras and closely followed by the Samsung J7 and the Nokia 4.2 – Android One smartphone.

[dt_quote]What cell phone has the best battery life?[/dt_quote]

The Samsung SM-J737UZKAXAA and Nokia 4.2 smartphone closely followed by LG Electronics LG Q7+ Limited Edition has the best battery life. It is essential to not just take into account the numbers, but also the power which the smartphone drains out of it to understand which one will last longer.

[dt_quote]What are things to look for in a cell phone?[/dt_quote]

It is better to always look at the screen size, internal storage, operating system, and the camera quality of the smartphone while choosing one. It will allow you to choose the best smartphone.

[dt_quote]How does cell phone work?[/dt_quote]

The cell phone is similar to a 2-way radio. It functions as a radio transmitter and the receiver as well. It converts the voice signal into an electrical signal (radio waves) during transmission and reception; it converts the electrical signal into a voice signal.

[dt_quote]What to do when the cell phone gets hot?[/dt_quote]

Occasionally, cell phones do get hot. It is better to remove the battery case at that point and let it cool down. You should not use the cell phone during that time or keep it on charging. You have to shut down the cell phone and let it cool down.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

So, if you’re looking for the best cell phones, these are the ten options which you can go through. With our extensive guide above, you can easily find the cell phone which will fulfill your requirements. We endeavor to compile the list of the best budget, which will help you buy the smartphone with all the essential features without burning a hole in your pocket. Our guide above will help you with just that.

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