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If you want to get the best experience with your PS5 then you must invest in a high-quality ethernet cable. The best ethernet cable for ps5 is the best for a different setup. With this, you can stay wired using the strongest cable and this can ensure the fastest internet connection. We have searched for the best ethernet cable for ps5 and we recommended the best six products for you.


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These products will offer you the best. These are not the only high-quality ethernet cable PS 5. It is will difficult for you to make a choice, because of that we have searched the market and brought out these for you. If you are finding it hard to make that choice, the information here is to guide you. The danger of making a wrong choice is that it can affect your performance. Continue reading to find out more about these high-end products.


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On this list we have 6 best ethernet cable ps5

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Let us now guide you in finding the best ethernet cable for ps5. There are so many kinds of this product in the market. Because of this, you would be guided in making a choice. Here are some of the factors you have to consider when you are making a choice and they include the following.

ethernet cable for ps5
√ Performance and speed

You have to consider the speed and performance when you are making a choice. If you are looking for a high-speed internet connection that does not tolerate interference and which will be stable, then you must consider this issue when you are making a choice. the fact is that there are different models out there but you must think of the issue of performance and speed in making that choice.

√ Compatibility

Furthermore, the product has to be compatible with different cables especially the earlier cat cables. This must also be compatible with other cables. You can connect it to your other devices especially those you use for indoor and outdoor purposes.

√ Length

The length is also important when you are making a choice. look for a product of appreciable length so that you can connect to different devices.

√ Color

Furthermore, you must consider the color when you are making a choice. Some colors are more durable than others.


We start it out by a review of the best ethernet cable for ps5 that be at the moment. We selected the top 6 best ethernet cord for ps5 in amazon for your pleasure.

1. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 100 FT

This is a high-end product and it is one hundred feet long. It is recommended because of the high quality. The quality guarantees high speed when it connects to the internet. Its quality is also high and it is composed of the gold-plated RJ45 connector. This also consists of DEEGO 30AWG LAN Gaming Ethernet Cable 40 Gbps 2000MHz. The product is also compatible with Ps4 as well as PS5, and Ethernet switches. It also comes with a modem and a router. You are sure of speed because of the ethernet cable quality which is 100ft. It is also a high-quality cable designed with four shielded foiled twisted pairs of U/FTP and one hundred free copper core 30AWG. It also has eight internet cables. You can comfortably use this for different online purposes like internet gaming, cloud computing as well as ps4 internet connection and video surveillance. Most importantly, this product is universally compatible and this means that you can comfortably use this on different devices that have ethernet. For instance, you can use this with Cats such as cat 8, cat 7 as well as cat 5 and cat 5e ethernet cable. Because of that, you can use it to connect to different devices which include Xbox One, Switches, Xbox 360 , routers modem and laptop, printers, and several other devices.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Universal compatibility

One of the key features of this product is universal compatibility. It features a fast Cat 8 ethernet cable. This did not end there, it is also compatible with other cat cables such as Cat5, Cat, 6, cat 7, and Cat 5e ethernet cable connectors. This also enhances its compatibility, as you can connect it to different devices like your TV box, network printers, laptop, and modems as well as computer. Furthermore, it is compatible with VoIP phones as well as NAS, ADSL as well as network-attached storage devices.

√ Faster speed and higher quality

The cable guarantees you faster speed when you use it. This is possible because of the quality design. The speed of data transmission of this cable stands at 40Gbps. Its speed can reach up to 2000mhz.
Composed of fabrication techniques that include less signal loss which can enhance your performance. It operates at high speed and gold plated rj45 connector. The clips and other accessories make it easy and convenient to use. You can connect to different devices. The fabrication techniques and can guarantee superior performance. You can conveniently be used for other connections like web television, game, internet café as well as online classes.


√ Superior performance
√ Good for various applications
√ Universal compatibility
√ Flat design and free clips


× A user complained it slows down the internet

2. Cat8 Ethernet Cable, Outdoor Indoor, 6FT Heavy Duty High-Speed 26AWG Cat8 LAN Network Cable

This model is for outdoor and indoor connections. It is six feet long and meant for heavy-duty high internet connection. The model is also Cat 8 LAN network cable. It is composed of 40Gbps in terms of speed and the gold platted material ensures high performance. The cable is weatherproof and it is also UV resistant. It also uses S/FTP and operates at a hyper speed. The cable which is Cat8 material is composed of shielded foiled and twisted pairs. It is also composed of a single strand of OFC wires and this can support bandwidth up to 2000MHz and this can boost the connection speed and performance. Furthermore, because of the quality materials, it does not interfere with the connection and performance. Because of that, it can stream high-definition videos and music as well as surf the internet. You can also use it to watch videos and play games. Furthermore, it is super-efficient and it reduces interference, and it also enhances the transmission features. It can transmit at a very fast speed. This material is also waterproofed and anti-corrosion. Furthermore, it is more durable and flexible. You can bury this directly to the ground. If you like, you can like indoors and outdoors.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Superior performance

It is high quality and a better performing ethernet cable. The cable is 26AWG and superior performance is guaranteed. This cable is thicker. It is faster and offers more stable data transmission. This is the best for all smart products. You can also use this on other devices like Apple Siri. Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home. The same thing is applicable to cloud data services and other smart devices. This product requires high performance and network performance is also great.

√ Wide compatibility

The other outstanding feature of this product is its wide compatibility. This is not surprising because it uses an RJ45 connector. The two shielded connectors which are located at the two ends of the products are significant. It is compatible with other devices like IP Cam, networking switch, routers as well as patch panel, Xbox and PS5, and PS4 and PS3 as well as Nintendo switch. You can also use this iMac, keystone jack as well as hubs, and smart television. Most importantly, this product is also compatible with different Cat products which include Cat 5, and Cat 7 as well as Cat 6 and Cat 6e.


√ Good for cat 8 wire
√ Superior quality and better performance
√ Good sound and superior picture quality
√ Sturdy and fast connection


× A user has a problem with quality

3. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 100 FT, High-Speed Flat Network Cable

The other product we are recommending to you here is this Cat 8 Ethernet cable which is one hundred feet. This runs at a very high speed. It is also shielded with gold plated RJ45 connector and uses a DEEGO 30AWG lan gaming ethernet cable. The transmission speed is 40 Gbps and 2000MHz for different systems such as PS5, PS4, and ethernet switch as well as a router and modem. This uses an ethernet cable of one hundred feet as mentioned above. This is good and the cable quality is outstanding. The cable quality is significant because it makes run at a very high speed. It is also composed of four shielded coils and the twisted pair is composed of U/FTP and one hundred percent oxygen-free copper core 30AWG. It is highly reliable and that is why it covers up to 2000MHz and the data transmission can reach up to 40Gbps. Because of that, you can use it for different purposes like online gaming, high-definition video streaming, and server applications. You can equally use it for video streaming and cloud computing. The product is great for video surveillance and a PS4 internet connection. Furthermore, it is universally compatible, as you can use this on other cat products and it works with different operating systems and devices. The universality is one of the things that stand the product out from others out there.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Universally compatible

Cat8 is unique. Apart from the fact that it runs at a very high speed, the other interesting feature is universal compatibility. It is compatible with other cat products like cat 5e, as well as cat5 and cat 6 and cat 7 and ethernet cable. Furthermore, it comes with two durable and gold-plated RJ45 connectors. Because of that, it enhances its universality since it is now compatible with different products. You can also use this to connect to different devices such as PS3, PS4 as well as Xbox and Xbox one and switches and routers modems. Furthermore, you can connect this to your computer as well as your laptop. Besides, you can connect to your network printers and Network-attached storage device. Moreover, you can connect to VoIP phones and so on.

√ Signal stability

When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the things you must consider is the issue of signal stability. Because it is U/FTP shielded, you discover that this cable is efficient and does not allow any form of EMI/RFI interference. Furthermore, it would always ensure that you get the best fidelity for long-distance data transmission. It comes with multiple shields. You can comfortably do a lot of things such as downloading, browsing and other things long-distance.

√ High-quality material and operates at a faster speed

The most important attribute of this product is that it operates at a faster speed. This is because it is designed with the finest quality copper materials. Its bandwidth can reach up to 2000MHz and the release speed or the speed with which it transmits can reach up to 40Gbps. Because of the super speed and quality material, this cable cannot disappoint you and you can comfortably use this for different games include different online streaming like gaming, watching various videos, and other forms of internet connection. If you are looking for a cable that does not disappoint then you can think of this one right away.


√ Operates at higher and fast speed
√ Superior performance
√ Offers better stability
√ Universal compatibility


× The speed may not be up to what you expect

4. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 35 Ft

Another high-quality Cat 8 ethernet cable. This one is 35 feet long. It is a LAN cable and it is faster than most other similar cables out there such as Cat 7, cat 6, as well as cat 5. The product is also durable and works with Gold plated RJ45 connector and because of that, you can use this with other devices such as Xbox, router, as well as PS5 ethernet cable. The mode is good for gaming, hub white, and router. It makes the list because of the quality. The transfer speed is 40 Gbps and this makes it one of the most efficient when it comes to performance. It operates at a very high speed and the Cat 8 cable is very fast as it can run up to 2000MHz and you can use this for different purposes. You can use this for both and office networks.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Easy to use

The product is simple and easy to use. The product is super flexible and because of that, it is easier and simpler to manage these products. You can use it in a way it can satisfy your expectations. For instance, you can pass it through your doors and under the carpet. You can also twist and bend it without worrying about getting damaged. The cord does not get tangled. In any way you think of this product, it is there to make things easier for you. It has wider connectivity and it is very fast and very reliable.

√ High performance

The other interesting feature of this product is the high performance which is guaranteed. It is guaranteed because of the quality of the cable. This cable is designed with one hundred percent pure copper core material as well as an aluminum foil which is used to cover it. Besides, this also comes with four sheltered twisted pairs and this is also composed of copper wires and well high-quality PVC out cover. Furthermore, it comes with two gold-plated RJ45 connectors which are available at their two ends.

√ Wide compatibility

It is widely compatible with other Cat cable products. if you have earlier versions of Cat cable you can use this that with ease. You can apply it to the earlier versions of Cat products like Cat 5, cat5e, cat 6 as well as cat6e and cat 7, and so on. It is also compatible with other equipment. Universal connectivity is one of the things that make it unique. You can connect to a lot of things like a connection to your computer, your router as well as server, and even switch boxes. Furthermore, you can connect to your network media players and other network-attached devices, and other things that you might decide to connect to it like VOIP phones and so on. It can always run at a very fast speed. You should know however that internet speed is determined by different factors such as cable capability, switch boxes as well as your router and other network components. The internet provider you choose matters a lot here.


√ Superior quality cable
√ Fast and furious
√ Better performance
√ Highly compatible


× Some users have issues with the quality

5. Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 100 ft

High-speed ethernet cord and one of the best in the market. The length of the product is one hundred feet long and it is composed of Slim LAN cable. The cable is made with RJ45 and it is weatherproofed flat internet network patch cord. This is also very fast and one of the fastest in the industry. You can use this for different purposes which include gaming, connection to a modem as well as Xbox and PS products. When it comes to performance, this can support up to 1Gbps data transfer. It also operates at the rate of 250 MHz and does not tolerate any form of interference. The cable is durable and of the best quality in the market. However, the cable is different from other brands out there since it is unshielded and it is also twisted. The patch cable is designed with high-quality bare copper wire as well as gold-plated contacts. It is important because it can effectively reduce signal interference as well as loss. The cable equally runs at high speed and it can use an RJ45 connector which is very powerful and guarantees a high-speed internet connection. Furthermore, this can enhance its compatibility. You can use this cable and get connected to different devices like Ps3, iMac Pro as well as PS5 and other PS models. Furthermore, you can get connected to a Nintendo Switch and other devices like a television decoder, virgin modem, and BT smart hub, and video game console. Since it is a flat cable, its installation is simple and easy to do.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ High-speed internet connection

One of the attributes of the Cat6 ethernet cable is the high-speed internet connection. You will expect the same feature from this product. furthermore, it is compatible with different RJ45 connectors in the market and devices that connect with it. This can also enhance compatibility.

√ Easy and simple installation

Furthermore, this product is very simple and easy to install. This is because of the flat design which makes it simple and quick to install and use. You can run the cable anywhere in the home such as walls, home edges and you can slide it through the carpet which makes it invisible and hidden from others. It is much durable that it can last for 18 months and this is guaranteed by the manufacturers of this product.

√ Highly compatible

The other outstanding feature of the product is compatibility. It can get connected with other devices in the home such as other models of cat cable and your home devices like smart devices, television, video games, and so on.


√ Great cable
√ Easy and convenient to install
√ High-speed ethernet cable
√ Affordable


× A user considered it inferior

6. CAT 8 Ethernet Cable, GLANICS 5 ft and 10 ft Internet Cable

It is for outdoor and indoor use. You can connect it to a router, modems as well as a games device, switches, and Xbox materials. You can also connect it to POE and network adapters as well as your desktop and home use laptop and ps4, ps5, and so on. It is very efficient and it works very fast. This uses cat 8 ethernet cable and it is available in four pairs of 8 core. The cable is one hundred percent copper conductors. This is equally wrapped by aluminum foil and this can shield and protect it from any signal interference. This can equally support bandwidth up to 2000MHz. You can conveniently connect it to different devices in the office as well as the home. When you use this, you are sure of high speed and high performance. The product is also waterproofed and it is UV resistant.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Uses full cover 24k RJ45 connectors

This product is unique and it uses a high-quality RJ45 connector. It operates at a very high speed and does not allow any signal interference. Furthermore, you can use this for both indoor and outdoor connections. This product can offer support power over ethernet. It is also compatible with different cat products such as the earlier versions. It can also work with newer versions.

√ Double aluminum foil shielded

The cable is shielded by using aluminum foil to wrap it for each of four twisted pairs of conductors. This is composed of a big aluminum foil protection outside of it. The cable is shielded to prevent interference when it is in operation. Moreover, the copper material it uses is a high-end product and it is oxygen-free. This makes it resist corrosion.

√ Very fast and stable connection

The product also guarantees a very fast and stable internet connection. It can transmit up to 2000MHz. It is thicker and more durable. The housing ensures that it runs very fast. You can use this on a wide range of applications such as Xbox one as well as Xbox 360 and PS devices and so on.


√ Can be used for a wide range of applications
√ New design and great quality
√ Great quality materials
√ Waterproofed and UV resistant


× It performs very well


No products found.


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best ethernet cable for ps5:

best ethernet cable ps5

Q1. Does PS5 cable improve my ability to download and store games?

A. Yes, it can improve its ability to download and store games. If you want to download it, it must be at a fast speed. High-quality cable guaranteed speed and performance and determines the ability to download.

Q2. What is the ideal length?

A. It has to be long enough to facilitate connection. Anything up to 100 meters is good.

Q3. Does cable affect performance and speed?

A. It is partly answered above. Cable quality determines a lot of things. You can download it fast. It makes the download to be stable and it can last a long. All these things can affect speed and performance.

Final verdict

These are the best ethernet cable for ps5 you can buy with money. If you choose any of the recommended products, you will like them and you will have value for your money if you buy any of these products. These are recommended because they are the best. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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  1. For 40Gbps switches, don’t buy Cat8 Ethernet cables. When I switched back to my CAT7 cables after using my 10Gbps switches, my network was back to its previous lightning-fast speeds. CAT8 cables, on the other hand, are only suitable for a distance of 100 meters or 98 feet. So, if you extend your CAT8 cable beyond 98 feet, you’ll have to buy more costly CAT7 or CAT6a cables, which will lower your performance. I’ve been kicking myself in the A*S ever since I made this mistake. Because I’ve worked in IT for more than two decades, I should have known better.

  2. The value is superb. Connections to the cable are of a reasonable quality, and the cable itself is attractive. You won’t find a better offer than this one. Thanks to Amazon, we got everything quickly. Between the price and the quality, this is the best deal you can get. You can get two for the price of one now! There’s really no reason not to buy it. This cable will link your modem to your router without dropping any packets or slowing down your connection at speeds up to 10 GBp/s. This cable, despite the noise it may produce, will give a reliable, maxed-out experience from your 1 Gbps modem, making it a great choice for users of 1 Gbps Comcast, xfinity, Verizon, or Google Fiber internet.

    Although the pricing and quality of this 2x cable set are so hard to top, it comes highly recommended. If you want to maximize your modem and router’s data transmission speeds, get this now before the price goes up.

  3. This cable works well for the purpose I need it for, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Always choose for flat wires because of the increased flexibility they provide.

  4. We utilized this for a router that we have upstairs, and we ran it through the floor behind our refrigerator. Which is so little, you can’t even tell that it’s there. It has worked well, and I haven’t had any problems associated with this cable.

  5. Cat5e or Cat6 cables will work just fine for connecting your PS5 to the internet. Each of these connections are certified for speeds up to one gigabit, which is more than plenty for gaming. We really hope that this helps!

  6. A good quality ethernet cable for your PS5 can help ensure that you have a consistently fast and reliable internet connection, and can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable online gaming experience.

  7. Very excellent article, however I do have one issue that stems from my own lack of knowledge on the topic. I do not know whether the CAT5e 24AWGX4P Networking Patch cable is stranded; but, I do have a CAT6 24AWGX4PR Stranded cable available for your use. What kind of controller should I get for my PS5?

  8. When choosing an ethernet cable for your PS5, consider the length of the cable you need and the category (CAT) of the cable. A CAT6 cable is typically recommended for most users, as it provides sufficient bandwidth for gaming and streaming. However, a CAT5e cable may also be suitable if you are on a budget.

  9. Using an ethernet cable for your PS5 can provide a more stable and reliable internet connection compared to using Wi-Fi. This can lead to improved online gaming performance, faster download and upload speeds, and reduced latency.

    When choosing an ethernet cable for your PS5, it’s important to consider the length of the cable you’ll need, as well as the category (CAT) of the cable. For most users, a CAT6 cable should provide sufficient bandwidth for gaming and streaming, although a CAT5e cable may also work if you’re on a budget.

    Additionally, you may want to consider the quality of the cable’s connectors and shielding, as these can impact the overall durability and reliability of the cable.

    Overall, using an ethernet cable with your PS5 can be a great way to improve your online gaming experience, and with the right cable, you can enjoy fast and stable internet connectivity for years to come.

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