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How To Erase Chalk Markers Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips!

You may discover that your persistent chalk markers are still on your chalkboard a few weeks after you have completed a lovely pattern on it. Consequently, you may be tempted to throw away your board and get a new one.

This means that only non-porous surfaces such as glass and plastic may be erased using chalk markers. Weeping with dry and wet paper towels is all that is needed to eliminate them. However, on semi-porous or porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, textiles, etc., the markers leave Ghosting.

Your ability to distinguish a non-porous surface is limited. Because it is somewhat permeable, your blackboard may sometimes trick you. So, before applying the marker to a large section of the surface, test the surface by erasing a tiny portion of it.

You don’t have to replace your board if you unintentionally used the markers all over it without spot testing. Learn how to clean a chalkboard so that it may be reused again and time again by learning how to remove chalk marks in three simple steps.

How to Remove Chalk Markers from a Surface

How to Remove Chalk Markers from a Surface

To remove ink from non-porous surfaces, all you need to do is use dry and damp cloths or paper towels alternately. However, if you have put the marker on a small porous surface, you need not be alarmed. Take the following three efforts to have the chalkboard freshly wiped and it will be successful.

The very first attempt
  • To begin, purchase a magic eraser, which is readily accessible on the market. This works like magic to get rid of all the stains. Melamine foam is the secret ingredient in this eraser, and it has the potential to destroy stains.
  • After that, you’ll need to moisten the eraser with water and ring it well to finish it. You may use either hot or cold water depending on your preference.
  • Wipe the board with the moist eraser again, this time with patience, and repeat the process. Make cautious not to put too much pressure on the board.
  • Now, using a clean, smooth, and dry cloth, dry the surface by soaking the liquid that has been absorbed by it. You may also use paper towels or rags to clean up after yourself.
  • This is insufficient to thoroughly clean the surface. As a result, you will need to repeat these processes until your board is entirely clean.

If there is still any Ghosting, you will have to go on to the second try, which will take longer.

This is the second attempt
  • If the surface is very porous, it is possible that the stains will not be entirely removed by just using a wet magic eraser. It’s possible that the writings are still visible.
  • Go to the store and get a window cleaning liquid. Please do not purchase any other harmful cleaning solution that might damage your board. Next, spray your magic eraser with the window cleaner multiple times to make it work more effectively.
  • You will now need to carefully clean the board down. If you wipe too hard, the surface may be damaged, and the chalkboard paint may peel off as a result.
  • To get the greatest results, wipe away any residual moisture and pat the board dry with a clean and dry towel.
  • As a result, your board will be as good as new and ready to be used once again.

If this procedure fails and there are still any persistent stains, the next step is to use a commercial stain remover.

This is the last attempt

If your board is porous, the two procedures described above may not be effective in removing stains. Blackboard paint may be used to touch up the surface of the chalkboard. This will return your board to its original state, and it will seem as if it were brand new.


Q. What is chalk marker ghosting?

A. Yes, when used on porous media like paper or cardboard, ink leaves behind ghosts of the preceding drawing. Here we have Ghosting.

Q. What exactly is spot testing?

A. A spot test is a pre-application procedure that involves producing a tiny spot on the surface and removing it. This is essential for removing dirt and grime from the surface.

Q. How do you clean a liquid chalk marker?

A. Use a moist towel to clean the surface.

Is there a way to remove the eraser from a blackboard without damaging it?

A. To clean the blackboard, use a soft cloth, dishwashing detergent, and water.

Q. How can I get chalk stains out of my clothing without ruining them?

A. Using laundry detergent and rubbing alcohol is the best way to clean your clothing.


Everyone who enjoys sketching with marker pens, whether a toddler or an adult, has encountered the challenge of removing chalk ink. Your time and efforts are wasted and you lose your desire to decorate your home in a unique way.

However, there is a solution to every difficulty. If you’ve ever wondered how to remove chalk markers from a chalkboard, this post is for you. Window cleaning solvent, dry cloth, water, and a magic eraser are all you’ll need to get the job done.

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