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A pellet grill smoker uses wood pellets made from dust to grill meat. After grilling a delicacy barbeque, it ends ups looking messy. For that reason, it needs proper cleaning before making the next grill. However, cleaning can be tiresome, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You do not have to worry because some tricks will take you through the cleaning-up process of the pellet grill smoker.

Cleaning products

Cleaning depends on the kind of smoker that you have and how frequently you use it. Cleaning products will also depend on their availability. Here are some of the cleaning products. They include;


For proper cleaning, it is good that you use a non-abrasive brush to avoid damaging the coating. Ensure that you also have a small brush to help you clean the edges and the large one to clean the walls. Using an abrasive brush will lead to rusting.


A putty knife can act as a good scraper for the whole cleaning process. You can use any scraper that is available to you. It helps in scraping off any left-out residues after grilling.

Soft rags or clothes

A soft rag or cloth will help you wipe and dry any excess water while cleaning.

Paper towels

Paper towels are used to wipe greases off and dry water.


A degreaser is used to clean the outside and give it a shiny look. When choosing a degreaser, ensures that you choose one that offers the best results.

Nontoxic degreaser

These are used to clean the inside of the barrel. They are not harmful if used to clean the grates where the meat is put on.


To remove the excess residue after scraping off the dirt, you should use a vacuum. It sucks out the entire scrapped residue leaving the barrel clean.


For proper hygiene and to protect your hands, always use gloves when cleaning.

Below is the cleaning process;


To begin, reassemble everything from the smoker, including the grills, grates, and drip pans. That way, it will be easy to clean each of them one by one.

Top lid

After reassembling everything, you can now start cleaning the top lid. Use a putty knife and soft brush to scrape off any built-up dirt from excess carbon on the cover. Then using a soft dry rag, wipe off the scrapped dirt.


To clean the smokestack, you will use a brush and a scraper to remove residues inside. Also, use a paper towel to clear out any ash dirt left from the last grilling.


Take a degreaser and use a crapper to clear stacked dirt in the tube. It also helps clean any blockages.


To clean the thermometer, use a paper towel to wipe off any dirt. Keeping it clean will help regulate temperature properly while griilling. A clean thermometer helps avoid overcooking or undercooking of the meat.


These are the most tiresome to clean. First, ensure they are cold before cleaning. Use a brush to scrub any leftovers. If the dirt is tough to remove, you can soak them in water for some time. It helps remove the tough and stubborn grease. After scrubbing, you can use a vacuum to suck out all the scrapped dirt and avoid rusting. Use a soft rag to wipe the water from the grates. To wipe dry, use a paper towel and leave the grates to dry.


The outer part needs to look appealing; ence it needs to be cleaned appropriately. You will need to use a detergent to remove the grease. Water too will help in cleaning the walls on the outside. Use a paper towel or rag to wipe the water dry. Consider spraying stainless steel to give it a shiny look. Spraying will help the outer part look new. It is often seen that smoking cheese and bbq sauce can stick to the outside of the pellet smoker and make it unclean. So the outside should be thoroughly cleaned by noticing these aspects.


After letting each item dry, assemble everything back to place. Ensure that everything fits around correctly. After that, you can be ready to grill again.

The Bottom Line

The cleaning process should be enjoyable and done frequently. You will enjoy a clean barbeque if the pellet grill smoker is clean. That way, it will last longer and serve you longer. The above steps followed keenly will help you have an easy time cleaning and later enjoying your barbeque.

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