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For those who live in higher elevations, snow brushes are a definite must-have! Thus, saving hours of ill-fated snow removal efforts. While each snow brush serves the same purpose, Some are more effective than others. With the consumer in mind, the list of best snow brush for cars below is a detailed buying guide. Which includes special features, versatility, and different styles available. Towards the end of this article, one will be able to identify the most effective car snow brush.


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Snow Brush For Car Buyer’s Guide

Snow Brush For Car

Various Types Of Snow Brush For Car:

Telescoping Snow Broom W/Ice Scraper

Telescoping snow brushes are lightweight and remove the toughest of snow. Equipped with non-abrasive foam, preventing damages to vehicle’s paint. Adjusting from 30 to 50 inches for reaching the roof area and hard to reach places on the car. Most come with a built-in bracket holder for easy trunk storage when not in use.

Main Advantages:

  • Removes snow within a matter of minutes.
  • Is suitable for all make and model vehicles both small & large.
  • Low in price ranging from $20 to $50.

Car Ice Scraper

Car ice scrapers are ideal for subzero temperatures chipping through the toughest ice. With a blade width from 11 to 15 inches long, providing a large coverage for both frost and ice. Unlike other snow removal devices, ice scrapers are short and suitable for small cars.

Main Advantages:

  • Helps to chip ice off of a vehicle’s windshield for better visibility.
  • Compact design fits in most glove compartments and center consoles.
  • Are compatible accessories with large size car snow brushes.

Snow Brush W/Integrated Squeegee Head & Ice Scraper

With an extendable handle that adjusts up to 53 inches, these Snow brushes are lifesavers. The squeegee blade design allows for quick removal of snow, frost, and ice on car windows. Clearing away deep-packed snow with less effort, while the brush removes rest of snow from a car.

Main Advantages:

  • Takes snow off the entire vehicle from bumper to bumper.
  • The twist-locking mechanism provides added security.
  • Made highly-durable to last throughout the years.

Bristle Snow Broom W/Attachments

A bristled snow broom with attachments works well at getting rid of piled up snow from a car. While the reverse side is an ice scraper for hardcore ice removal. Their pivoting-head is adjustable for easy access to the entire car surface. Soft foam handgrip gives the user a much better grasp on brush handle for easier snow removal from the car.

Main Advantages:

  • Jawed ice scraper helps to remove the thickest of frost & ice.
  • Sturdy extending handle relieves back & shoulder strain.
  • Compact design allows for quick & easy storage until the next use.
  • The 35 to 50-inch range extension is effective at reaching a car’s rooftop.

Professional Grade Snow Removal Brush

One cannot go wrong with a professional-grade snow removal brush. Equipped to handle tons of piled up snow from any vehicle, clearing off the hood, roof, and trunk in no time. For a longer reach distance, it has special threads to add pole extender. Stretching across the length of the roof, from the front windshield to top of the rear window.

Main Advantages:

  • A durable, solid head that withstands deep snow and thick ice.
  • Lightweight design relieves pressure on back, neck & shoulders.
  • Soft foam head is strong enough to tackle blizzard-like conditions, yet gentle on a car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do snow brushes scratch the paint of cars?

Many people have the misconception that snow will harm the paint on their cars. That does not completely reflect the situation. In the majority of instances, the clear coat is damaged when snow is removed using brittle snow brushes, jacket sleeves, or gloves. These methods create scratches in the paint, and they may even penetrate into the paint itself.

How to use a snow brush for vehicle

The Bottom Line:

It’s no fun to get stuck removing snow from a car without the proper equipment. After reading the above-said article one should able to decide on the best snow removal tool / ice scraper. Something that cleans the entire vehicle by itself and leaves car windshield free of any ice or snow. Thus, ensuring the driver can see the road ahead, arriving at his/her destination safe and sound.

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