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A pellet tube is a special kind of metal container that holds smoking pellets. It generates smoke and flames that are subsequently used to prep recipes. To tackle its chore, it pairs with a grill or a smoker and manages both hot and cold smoking.

Our goal here is to demonstrate to you how to use a smoker tube. We shall do this by highlighting and explaining two of the leading methods that are available at the moment. Then, we shall go ahead and explain what each method entails and how to go about them.


This entails the use of pellet tubes along with a gas grill. It is by far the most common approach that is.

Step-by-step procedures

Following the steps below will definitely get the job done:

Step I: Gather the wood pellets

Start by gathering the wood pellets. While at it, match the lengths of the wood with the size of the smoke tube you have. This is to minimize inconveniences and ensure proper functionality.

Step II: Clean the pellet tube thoroughly

Now, clean the pellet tube thoroughly to clear of any debris or clogs that may compromise its proper functioning. Let it dry thoroughly to prevent any likelihood of killing the flames.

Step III: Fill the tube with pellets

Proceed now to fill the tune with enough pellets. Stash but do not squeeze the pellets too hard as that may prevent the flames from burning to their full capacity.

Step IV: Insert the tube into a grill

After filling the tube with the pellets, insert the same in the gas grill and place the same in a convenient location. Ignite thereafter using propane lighter.

Step V: Leave it to burn

Leave it now untouched to burn for around 10 minutes. You may now proceed to start barbecuing or grilling at the expiration of the 10th minute.


This is the use of a pellet grill to facilitate the burning of the pellets. It is rarely used but is nonetheless pretty effective.

Step-by-step procedures

The steps below will explain how to use a smoker tube in such a vital resource:

Step I: Add pellets to the tube

Commence the exercise by adding pellets to the tube. Be sure to leave some spaces in between to allow the flames space to burn fully and comprehensively.

Tap this tube on the ground a couple of times to ensure that all the pellets are properly settled. Add more pellets until such a time that the tube is completely filled with the same.

Step II: Set the tube vertically

Now set the tube in a vertical manner. It is through this orientation that you shall achieve maximum heating and lighting of the interior.

Step III: Ignite the tube and close the grill

Upon setting the tube in a vertical manner, go ahead now to ignite the same and close the grill. Leave it in the closed position for 10-15 minutes or until you see sufficient flames jutting out.

Step VI: Process your foods

You may now go ahead to process your foods. To do so, place the food you would wish to grill or barbecue atop the grill and close it. Leave the food there for some time until it is thoroughly cooked.

Flip or turn the food from time to time to ensure that it is thoroughly and uniformly cooked on all sides. You should moderate the exposure of the food to the pellets to prevent the same from burning.

The Bottom Line

Please bear in mind that the two processes of how to use a smoker tube we have belabored above are not all that may help you out. There are a lot more that we inevitably had to leave out due to the space constraints. Nonetheless, the two we have mentioned and explained are the leading.

You should hence give them the topmost priority in your endeavor to use the pellet tubes. As is the case with any other venture, this too requires constant practice to master. You should thus take it upon yourself to practice repeatedly to deepen your mastery of the subject matter.

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