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So what is a pellet grill?

Pellet grills are an amazing feature of outdoor cooking activities. They are cookers that combine several aspects such as gas grills, charcoal smokers, and kitchen ovens. The pellet smoker grills are powered by electricity, and the fuel is hardwood pellets that smoke food through fire at constant temperatures. The temperatures are regulated by the number of pellets fed to the fire. Pellet grills are good for outdoor cooking and barbeque. Are you planning on hosting a barbeque, then get a pellet smoker / portable smoker and discover the magic. They can grill food bring about the best ribs and briskets and also sausages and corn on the cob. A pellet smoker grill cooks food through convection style.

How does pellet smoker grill work?

Most people might not have used a pellet grill smoker, and therefore they need a guide. The grill smoker has different parts and they include a hopper which is a container, rotating auger, fire pot, hot rod, induction fan, the heat baffle, grease drip tray, and the grill chamber. Pellet grills are very much like ovens which ensure that temperature control is done digitally. Some pellet grills have a meat probe which ensures that the cook can know the temperature of the meat. That is a fantastic feature because some meat needs to cook at certain temperatures to be ready. It is possible to cook under the temperature of your choice.

The first process that takes place in operating the pellet smoker grill is to put wood pellets in the hopper, which is a container that accommodates the wood pellets. The wood pellets are then turned by the rotating auger in the firepot. The firepot is subsequently powered by electricity, and a hot rod that is found therein sets fire on the wood pellets. After igniting the wood pellets they burn to produce smoke and heat. The induction fan circulates air to help in the combustion process, and the heat that is produced is distributed evenly in the grill by the heat baffle, which is atop the fire pot, to prevent burning food. Above the heat baffle, there is the grease drip tray that catches grease drippings and helps in dispersing heat as well. The final process involves the induction fan that helps in circulating heat and smoke throughout the grill to ensure that food is cooked evenly in the grill chamber.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are made specifically for pellet smoker grills. The process of making pellets involves grinding hardwood into sawdust and then compressing it under extreme heat to ensure that they form into compact pellets. The pellets form and hold together as a result of the wood’s natural lignin. Wood pellets are an innovative way of using wood fuel, and they are easy to use as well because they do not form ash just a bit. The pellets can produce only 1% of ash. When using wood chunks to barbeque an individual is required to probe the air to fuel ratio to ensure that there is appropriate flavor. However, wood pellets do not require babysitting because they produce immense flavor.

Advantages of using pellet grills

The pellet grills are good to use because they have


The pellet grill smokers are very versatile, and one can cook an array of foods using this grill.


Pellet grills can cook very fast because they can pre-heat within no time. They can save effort and time once.

Even cooking

Pellet grills ensure that the food is evenly cooked due to the heat distribution by the induction fan. Most traditional grills are not easy to use let alone cook food evenly. Since the grills are powered by electricity, they can offer easier and faster grilling options.

Ease of use

The pellet grills are easy to use, and thus they are not difficult to learn. The grills do not require propane tanks which can lead to flare-ups.


The pellets that are used in the pellet smoker grills have different flavors which ensure the food absorbs that flavor as well. The grills are of different sizes and shapes, and this is very attractive to customers.

The Bottom Line

Cooking with pellet smoker grills has revolutionized the cooking experience, and this has made cooking easy and fun.

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