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Are you tired of getting the same lackluster water pressure from your garden hose nozzle? There are a variety of different garden hose nozzles to choose from to suite your gardening needs.

best hose nozzle
best hose nozzle

Before choosing your new spray nozzle, there are a few things to consider, the material of the watering nozzle, type of nozzles and their variety of uses then lastly, grip type. These are just a few things to consider before choosing the best hose nozzle for you.


When buying a hose nozzle, the material is everything, Certain materials can affect the cost, usage ability, and even the durability of the product. In this article, I will show you the two best materials, metal and plastic, to choose from when purchasing your new gardening hose nozzle.


Metal is typically the best material to make many things out of, especially spray nozzles but not all spray nozzles are made equal. Some can be made from metals that can quickly rust, become brittle over time, or just from regular usage. To combat this, most manufacturers will coat their nozzles with a variety of materials such as powder coating them to battle the elements, or insulating some with nylon, as a way to keep your hands warm.

You can also search for watering nozzles by metal type, brass, zinc, aluminum, etc.


Of the two materials plastic nozzles are easily the cheaper way to go. If you need to quickly get some work done around the house, while on a budget, these are the way to go.

Being made whole from plastic, there are a few things to look out for when looking to purchase this type of hose. The first thing is the capability. Plastic isn’t as sturdy a material as metal causing what it lacks in material to also lack in watering pressure. While not as durable as metal hose nozzles, plastic nozzles are incredibly lightweight and make for one less heavy thing to drag around, excluding the watering hose. Plastic hoses have a tendency to break after prolonged use, typically within the season, causing the need for extra maintenance.

Types of Nozzles

There are many different types of hose nozzles to choose from to satisfy all of your watering needs. Growing up many of us have the standard dial nozzle. It had a rotating dial with 6 to 10 different nozzles setting that could range from a strong jet to a soft mist with the twist of the dial. The more common jet dials are:

  • Cone
  • Mist
  • Flat
  • Shower
  • Jet
  • Soak

For gardeners with specific needs, I’d suggest trying one of the following:

  • Traditional
  • Water wands
  • Fan nozzles
  • Soaker


Easily touted as the most basic hose nozzle for gardening, traditional hose nozzles are the top choice for pretty much any gardening situation. With an adjustable head, able to go from a powerful stream of water to a slow-flowing mist is one of the things that make this the best choice in gardening.

Water wands

Extremely useful to elderly gardeners, or people with issues stooping and bending, this is an excellent hose nozzle for gardening. Giving the user a wide variety of room to move around without having to get on the ground to make sure the soil is evenly watered, this is a great option.

Fan nozzles

These nozzles are best used when needing to flood an area. Normally not even having an ON/OFF button, these hoses can more often than not be found on a dial nozzle.


Similar to the fan nozzle, soaker nozzles are used to control flood an area with minimum runoff. They are primarily used to water deep into the roots of a garden or they can be used on plants that need heightened care. The most common type of soaker watering nozzle used is the bubbler nozzle. Twisting it to the end of a water hose water will slowly drip out giving the garden a nice deep watering.

garden hose nozzle
garden hose nozzle

The Bottom Line

Hose nozzles are critical to any gardening or landscaping operation and are one of those tools that can make life tremendously easier if taken serious. Spend some time researching before purchasing your next garden hose nozzle, it will be a choice you won’t soon regret.

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