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Gone are the days when water cans and the rain enjoyed duopoly in watering our lawns, gardens, blah blah blah… Nowadays, we have the water sprinkler systems. Thanks to technology once again.


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Water sprinkler systems are known to save your manual watering energy, your water bills, time, electricity bills and more. While they do this, these godsend systems gives your lawn the lush green look that’ll always make neighbors envious. That’s probably what all of us wants. Despite just the fact that there are water sprinkler systems that makes our work easier, there are even advanced forms of the systems that feature the smart technology, making the process almost effortless.

The problem, however, is with making a choice among the countless types found in the market. I bring together a total of 10 carefully chosen water sprinkler systems in this review. Also, I have a section that aims at helping you choose the best one for yourself among the ten ~ the buying guide. The common questions about these systems that you may bump on, I answer, too. Now pore over the best sprinkler system review and guide below.

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To get your hands on the best sprinkler system, factor in the following considerations:

[dt_quote]1. Area coverage[/dt_quote]

What’s the size of your yard? This is a question you must ask and answer yourself. Then, you got to choose the right coat for your size.

[dt_quote]2. Brand[/dt_quote]

This is technology and the brand of a product has a lot to do with quality. It’s important to look into the history of a brand to determine how the product will be changed with time. Some companies are known to cope up fast with emerging trends. This is actually one of the spices to our list.

[dt_quote]3. Customer Reviews[/dt_quote]

Reviews carries true stories of real users of a product. In them, verifiable facts lie. Such facts helps us to nullify the rah-rah marketing skills usually used by companies devoid of quality but are seeking attention. For certain, you got to peruse through them for wisdom regarding the underlying product.

[dt_quote]4. Price Range[/dt_quote]

You have to spend the bit you can afford to lose. If your budget was pre-specified, you have to stick to it, don’t you? So look into the prices of different types of the product you need and apply your budget on just the apt one.

[dt_quote]5. Power Usage[/dt_quote]

Sprinklers use some energy to perform… Maybe electric power or something else. Some obviously have more energy requirements than others. Depending on the amount available, it makes sense to choose one that is compatible. All the water sprinklers in my list conserve power.

There are more factors that can be looked into as well. The above forms a combination of the main ones.

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[dt_fancy_title title=”BEST SPRINKLER SYSTEM – 2023 REVIEWS” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

For a start, we review the best sprinkler system that exists at the moment:

1. Rain Bird 32ETI Automatic Sprinkler System

Rain Bird is the sprinkler system that’s complete and up to all you expect. It has a capacity of watering up to 3,000 square feet! And, you won’t have to keep moving around the sprinkler to cover the whole area. It moves on its own with its automatic engine. A nozzle technology within it helps it release large water droplets that are resistant to the wind and falls where they’re needed. The machine also features a timer for creating a watering schedule for a number of days in a week, up to twice a day. Feeding the schedule in a program on the machine is also very easy. Adjustability is also to its maximum.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Run by 2 AA-sized batteries.
• Pressure ranges from 45-75psi.
• Works in between 32-110.
• Has micro ramps for dropping water close to the nozzle itself.
• Made of very strong and durable materials.


√ The automatic feature alleviates hassle.
√ Very simple and time saving installation.
√ From an experienced company.
√ Is highly adjustable.
√ Sprinkles a large area.


× Costs high.

2. Rachio 16ZULW-C Sprinkler Controller

This isn’t a sprinkler but a device that’s used to smartly drive the sprinkler in a more convenient manner. Among the other smart sprinkler controllers, this is actually the best. With a Weather Intelligence Plus function, this machine is able to avoid watering your yard in windy, rainy and other unfavorable conditions. Also, it knows your garden’s soil type based on your ZIP code for the best sprinkling mode. Rachio lets you tailor the sprinkling to your own desires.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Compatible with most smart home platforms.
• Logs water usage and enables one to set up and view upcoming schedules.
• Has an installed Weather Intelligence engine for skipping unnecessary watering times like when it’s raining.
• Has start, pause and stop functions for better customization.
• References a reliable weather station data for more accuracy on the weather.


√ The hardware is sleek in design and powerful in functionality.
√ Saves more water with its Weather Intelligence function.
√ Works with most smart home platforms.
√ Installs in minutes.
√ Very simple usage guidelines.


× Costs a bit higher.
× Rarely available in other shops apart from Amazon.

3. Rachio Outdoor Enclosure Sprinkler Controller for Rachio 3 ~ Generation 2

Another way of minimizing your contact with the garden sprinkler, yet taking full control over it for the best hydration effects is buying the Rachio controller. I fell more for the highly affordable price. The designed attracted me more to it. See its features below:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Is weatherproof for a stress-free outdoor use.
• Has got outdoor outlet options.
• Fits Ratio 3/Generation 2 Smart Controller.
• Comes with a comprehensive user manual.
• Sets up so fast.


√ Trusted by almost all, if not all the buyers.
√ Is weatherproof and that’s a rare feature.
√ The rating (IP rating of 54) makes it more trustworthy.
√ Highly affordable.
√ Very easy to operate.


× Is tailor made for specific sprinklers.
× Its efficiency isn’t so high.

4. Orbit 2 Pack Port-a-Rain Sprinkler System Kit

A portable sprinkler is all you need for an irregular-terrain garden. That is what you get with the Orbit 58092N pack. With a lot of flexibility, the sprinkler system does exactly what you want and how you want it done. Replaceable nozzles, long hoses, multiple spraying options are just a few of the features it has. Below are more:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Each sprinkler head covers up to 24 feet in terms of area diameter.
• Attaches to any standard garden hose.
• Nozzles attached: 3 (of full pattern), 1 (of half-pattern) and another 1 (of quarter pattern).
• Works with any sprinkler system.
• Mostly made of plastic.


√ Each head covers a very large area.
√ High compatibility with other sprinkler systems.
√ Sets up so fast.
√ Portable so that it adapts to all terrains.
√ Sprays like the rain to deliver the required amount of water at the right place.


× The plastic used isn’t well resistant.
× Comes in limited colors.

5. Rain Bird SST1200OUT Sprinkler Controller

Even without instructions, you won’t really struggle much to install this controller. Rain bird’s easy-to-programme controller let’s you set zonal sprinkling since different zones have different water needs (e.g shaded and sunny areas). The schedules are lighted so that you don’t forget what you actually set before. Rain bird gives your yard the correct water needs. Here are some of its features:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Cyclic feature enables you to set interval sprinkling.
• Allows for 0-240 minutes of watering settings per zone.
• Has an LCD screen and LED lights for clearer display.
• Features a number of seasonal watering buttons like the “Rain Delay” button that sets a 72-hour delay in sprinkling and more.
• Has a sealed case and a cabinet resistant to weather for protection against damages from insects and other foreign things.


√ Conserves water.
√ Conserves a lot of power.
√ Easy to install.
√ One-touch programming.
√ From a reputable company.


× The cost is a bit high.
× Exposed wires aren’t suit for use outdoors.

6. Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

No more visits to the controller outdoors for programming! This one can be programmed remotely from a smartphone, laptop or some web devices. Orbit introduces yet another feature-rich Sprinkler Controller. Available in 6 & 12 station models, the controller is approved and certified to save water by WaterSense and EPA. Here are more features:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Uses the WeatherSense technology that makes your sprinkler water the yard according to the conditions like weather and soil type.
• Has a broad compatibility with devices like iOS phones, Android, laptops, iPhone,iPad, and more.
• Sealed in a weatherproof case.
• Uses 110V.
• Has compatibility with smart devices like Alexa.


√ Can be used outdoors due to the weatherproof seal.
√ Very easy to install and operate.
√ Already certified to save water.
√ Automatically adjusts to the weather.
√ Made of quality grade materials to last.


× Works best in North America.
× Quite costly.

7. Melnor XT Mini-Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

This oscillating sprinkler system is highly adjustable to fit small as well as larger gardens. Menlor is powered by a very strong Infinity Turbo Motor and can rotate up to 360around. Warranted to perform for a lifetime. Here are some of the most striking features of this sprinkler:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Small in size yet powerful.
• Watering length can be adjusted from 10-75 feet.
• Width of the sprayed water can be adjusted from 10-53 feet.
• You can tailor the pattern to your desire.
• Has a highly powerful motor.


√ Driven by a powerful motor.
√ Occupies the minimum space of your yard.
√ Can be adjusted to fit small as well as larger gardens.
√ Conserves water.
√ Very easy to control.


× No remote control compatibility function.
× Needs quite a number of manual operations.

8. Orbit 55662 Voyager II Sprinkler

This is the perfect alternative to those disappointing types or old ones. The sprinkler shoots water at a very high pressure, reaching far areas that are seldom accessed by other sprinklers of this type. Its motor also operates at low sounds that won’t really provoke the neighbors. Remove the filter easily and clean it for a better spray. Take a look at more features below:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Sprays from 25-52 feet in terms of radius.
• Can be adjusted to spray on parts-of-a circle pattern or a full circle.
• Comes with nozzles of different patterns that you can always change easily.
• Sprays 360
• A 3gallon per minute nozzle is pre-installed.


√ Occupies a small yard space.
√ Ideal for usage in small yards due to adjustability.
√ Removable sprinklers eases maintenance.
√ Very easy to set up.
√ Good price.


× Motor requires such power.
× No remote controls.

9. Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Kit

Rain Bird waters the plant and not the soil around it, saving more and more water than the overhead irrigation sprinklers. The device installs easily around a 75sq. Ft garden, which is a large coverage. And, during installation, only one tool is needed and the tool comes on board with the irrigation kit. You can also use it to remove and replace the emitters. Here are more features:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• The Rain Bird’s emitter tubing compensates up to 0.09 gallons of water each hour.
• Easily attaches to your faucet.
• Patented emitters features anti-flog outlet designs.
• Flexible tubes.
• Comes with an instruction manual.


√ Simple installation.
√ A multipurpose installation tool makes work easier.
√ Very affordable.
√ From a trusted and experienced company.
√ Saves up to 65% of water.


× Involves a lot of maintenance.
× Installation is simple but takes time.

10. Gardena ZoomMaxx Sprinkler

Gardens ZoomMaxx sprinkler is made to be highly adjustable so that each point gets its adequate share of the water sprinkled. The materials used are of quality grade so that they last for long and do not impact negatively on the environment in terms of pollution. Here are a lot of features of the sprinkler:

[dt_fancy_title title=”Key features” title_size=”h3″]

• Compact for small gardens.
• 16 adjustable rubber nozzles.
• Has circular, oscillating and wide range sprinklers.
• Has a mechanical timer that can be scheduled for between 1-120 minutes.
• Strong and weighty base supports the machine for stability.


√ Multiple patterns.
√ Fully adjustable.
√ Very easy operation and installation.
√ Quiet motor never disturbs the neighborhood.
√ Can spray both large and small areas.


× Costly for its type.
× Rarely available in most shops.
× Occupies .such garden space.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Frequently Asked Questions” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us ask and answer some frequently asked questions about the best sprinkler system:

[dt_quote]How much, on average does it take to install one?[/dt_quote]

Most of these machines are easy to install. However, the ones in my list are entirely all easy to install. In fact, some of them won’t need an insertion of your hand into the pocket.

[dt_quote]How much water can it save me?[/dt_quote]

These devices are made to help you save water. Research has it that you can save up to 50% of water with them. You, therefore, save on water bills by as mush as half.

[dt_quote]How much do they cost?[/dt_quote]

The best answer for this is that the cost depends on the type, size, functionality, brand, and more sorts of things. However, between $150 and $250 gets you a very good one.

[dt_quote]Do some leak?[/dt_quote]

Why must it leak if you do the proper maintenance activities required? Again, a quality water sprinkler takes time before it wears out to start leaking. It’s all dependent on the quality.

[dt_quote]How much water can a smart sprinkler system save?[/dt_quote]

The experts are in agreement that replacing conventional irrigation controllers with smart irrigation systems and controllers is the best way to reduce water waste in a wide range of settings. It has been shown in a number of controlled research investigations that significant water savings of ranging from 30 to 50 percent may be achieved.

[dt_quote]Should you invest in smart sprinklers?[/dt_quote]

The most compelling argument for upgrading to a smart sprinkler is that it will reduce the amount of water used, which in turn will reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly water bill. Smart sprinklers also take into account local meteorological conditions.

[dt_quote]What are the drawbacks of a smart irrigation system?[/dt_quote]

The cost of the intelligent irrigation system might be rather high. The number of systems that you need will be determined by the size of your property. It seems to reason that lowering one’s water bill will result in a reduction in overall costs. If you wish to utilize this system to irrigate your grass, it is recommended that you install it beneath the ground before you plant anything.

[dt_quote]Is it true that a sprinkler system saves water?[/dt_quote]

If you appropriately build and program your sprinkler system, you may both save money and help the environment by reducing the amount of water you use. In order to prevent the unnecessary loss of water, irrigation systems need a layout that is water-efficient. There are ten different techniques to improve the effectiveness of the lawn sprinkler you have.

[dt_quote]Which kind of irrigation is the most efficient, and why is that?[/dt_quote]

Irrigating a wide variety of plants using a drip system uses the least amount of water compared to other methods. Because the water is delivered gradually, the soil has enough time to take in the moisture and there is little likelihood that any of it would run off. This makes it an effective method for watering clay soils. The amount of water used by drip devices is far less than that used by overhead spray systems.

[dt_quote]What time of day is ideal for watering your lawn?[/dt_quote]

The optimum time to water your lawn is in the early morning, before 10 a.m., since the temperature is lower and the winds are typically more quiet at that time of day. This allows the water to penetrate the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots before it has a chance to evaporate.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Bottom Line” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

The best boons for a greener, better surrounding in terms of water sprinklers are in the list above. If you really want to save time as you hydrate your plants to live a healthier life and provide a fabulous look for them, resort to one of the water sprinkler systems above. I also have a buying guide to help you find your best fit. Best of luck pals!

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