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A sprinkler system is a water device used for irrigation and watering purposes. This watering device is mainly used to water large areas such as the lawn, landscapes, and other areas like the golf course. Majority of the people prefer this device because it controls the amount of water used and you can cover a large area when watering unlike when using other watering items.


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How does sprinkler work?

An sprinkler system works by setting the sprinklers head on high pressure such that ones you switch on the water system, it flows through the pipe and pushes it to the ground. So, the higher the pressure the faster and further the sprinkler can disperse water on the ground. Note that the lawn sprinklers are usually designed with a raised end to ensure the water reaches the corners of the garden.

Types of sprinkler systems

Stationery sprinkler


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This type of sprinkler is recommendable for the small gardens due to how it functions in terms of watering. This garden sprinkler is designed and installed in one area whereby it releases water through several holes in a singular manner. You can use it to water your lawn or flowers in the garden.

Oscillating sprinklers


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If you are looking for a sprinkler that you can use to water large and small areas in the garden then this is a great model to buy. An oscillating sprinkler system consists of a tube and several holes along the length. The system moves in a back and forth mode while releasing water on a rectangular form. Also, an essential point to note about this type of sprinkler is that you can adjust it to cover both small and large areas.

Rotary sprinkler


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This type of sprinkler system works in a rotating form and has several watering holes that ensure to cover large areas. It gently releases water thus, recommended for small or delicate plants in the garden.

Pulsating sprinkler system


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This type of sprinkler is ideal for large garden areas because it works fast and efficiently to release water in large areas. This type of sprinkler is fitted with a weighted lever and anvil whereby the weighted lever pushes the anvil to create a strong stream of water that reaches further areas in the garden.

Travelling sprinklers


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This type of sprinkler works by moving along the hose pipe to splash water in the garden, and it works perfectly for large gardens. It is convenient for people who are busy since you can set it to water the garden without necessarily super visiting it.

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How to choose the best sprinkler system

The area to cover

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a sprinkler system. You need a sprinkler that can cover your entire garden without you moving it around. In this case, choose the system that disperses water in further distances if you have a large garden and has high pressure as well.

The level of water flow

The higher the level of water flow the sprinkler system has, the more space you will be able to cover and vice versa. This is because it covers a large area hence enabling you to save time.


It is always advisable that you choose a sprinkler that is adjustable to different pressures and even water flow. This makes it easy to water lawns or plants that are close to the sprinkler, and at the corners of the garden. A good example of a sprinkler that allows adjustability is the rotary sprinkler.


You need a sprinkler that you can use for long, and that will not develop technical hitches on the first days of using it. Therefore, choose a garden sprinkler system that is made of quality materials and that is strong as well. For example, a metal sprinkler guarantees durability because it can withstand the high water pressures as opposed to the plastic models. But, make sure the metal material is coated to prevent the device from rusting or corroding from constant exposure to wetness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it worthwhile to invest in lawn sprinkler systems?

The installation of an irrigation system is a wonderful method for property owners to save water, time, and money on their upkeep of their grounds. Therefore, the installation of an irrigation system is a significant investment that will both prolong the life of your landscape and increase the value of your property.

Is it possible for me to install my own sprinkler system?

It is possible to put in your own irrigation system as long as you are ready to put in the necessary amount of time and effort to accomplish it correctly. Everything is determined by the size of your backyard. The process of digging trenches and connecting pipes will most certainly cause you to break a sweat, but the individual components of a sprinkler system are all lightweight and simple to set up.

What are some of the drawbacks of using a sprinkler system?


·       Resulting in significant ongoing costs owing to the amount of energy required for pumping, the amount of labor required, and the relatively substantial initial investment required for the equipment (including sprinklers and pipelines).
·       sensitivity to wind, which results in losses due to evaporation.
·       Field crops are more susceptible to disease as a direct consequence of the rain that always falls on their leaves.

When is the appropriate time to turn off the sprinkler system?

You need to make sure that your irrigation system is turned off just before the temperatures in your area begin to fall below freezing at night. Be careful not to turn off the irrigation system on your property too soon. Homeowners often turn off their irrigation systems as soon as autumn comes because they mistakenly assume that their grass needs less water at this time of year.

Which method of watering—hand watering or using a sprinkler—is more effective?

Sprinklers are used to water the garden walkways in the same manner that they are used to irrigate the garden beds. The paths are only sprayed by hand, so they stay dry. This prevents weeds from growing along pathways, which means they will be less vigorous and will provide fewer hiding places for slugs and other insect pests. Although watering plants by hand helps to preserve water, this technique is not the most effective one.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable device that you can use for watering your garden, then a sprinkler is the perfect device to consider. Sprinkler systems come in different styles and designs to fit different uses. Check out the above-discussed garden sprinkler system models available on the market, and also the buying guide to follow to ensure you choose a sprinkler ideal for your garden use.

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  1. I have an Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller. You guys be careful! If you know that it automatically shuts off the water, then it also does not turn off the water sometimes. What I’m sharing here happened to me – it happened to me with two different units. I got the first one back and got a replacement; I was second too long. In each case the unit worked perfectly several times then simply did not turn off the water. The water was four hours at a time, the next six.

  2. The sprinkler functions OK, however the nozzle openings do not seem to be large enough, resulting in the water jetting out and flattening the grass.

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