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Leather backpacks make great accessories. They are functional and they look great. These are 7 secrets that many people do not know when it comes to the leather backpack. There are backpacks from men and women. There are also leather wallets, leather laptop cases, and many other products that are made from leather.

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Top Grain Leather is Not at the Top

If a person does not know too much about the leather industry and the quality of leather that goes into their backpack they may think that top grain leather is the best due to its name. While this leather is high-quality full-grain leather is at the top. This is the best type of leather that a person can get when looking for a leather backpack.

Salmon Leather

This is not common but it is possible to get a backpack made from salmon leather. Salmon leather is made from the skin of the fish. It is not often colored but is durable. It has become a popular material for leather backpacks due to its durability. This leather is very popular in Iceland and Norway. It is still not that popular in the United States but that can change. Fashion can change at any minute and leather is always a good fashion trend.

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Long History

The use of leather dates back to around 3,000 BC. Leather was used to make backpacks to hold weapons. While leather did have a purpose over time it began to be used to make fashion products. Around 1,000 BC leather began to make an appearance in the fashion world. The Egyptian women wore leather as fashion accessories and they even had leather backpacks.

Exclusive White Leather

White leather has a great look. Many people want a white leather backpack. White leather is not that easy to come by and if a person can get a white leather backpack they have something highly desirable. The white dye can only be used on high-quality leathers. If the leather is not top quality it will become hard and may crack. White leather is difficult to produce and there are a limited number of backpacks made from this white leather.

Changes in Texture

When taking the leather backpack out in public and different environments it is important to be aware of the possible changes in the texture. The appearance of the backpack may also change. When taking the leather backpack to a humid area it will become softer and will take up the moisture that is in the air. When the leather is taken to a dry area it will become tougher and hard. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the leather backpack when out in public and go in many different locations.


When looking for a leather backpack there is a good chance that it is going to be made from cowhide. This is the most commonly used type of leather. It is easy to take care of and the backpack can be gently cleaned without showing signs of damage. This is also the thickest leather making it possible to use it as a backpack. The leather can weigh as much as 12 ounces making it tough and durable.

Types of Leather

When a person is looking to purchase a leather backpack they can get several verities and they may not have to purchase leather backpacks that are made from a cow. Many different types of leather backpacks are on the market. Leather backpacks can be made from alligator, deer, and even ostrich. The more exotic the animal the more expensive the backpack will be and there may be a limited number made. One of the most durable leathers making it great for backpacks is made from the stingray and it comes from Thailand. They are the capital for stingray leather.

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The Bottom Line

These are some of the secrets of the leather backpack. There are many different types of backpacks include men’s leather backpack and leather laptop cases. There are many different types of leather backpacks to select from so a person can find one that fits their needs.

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