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It’s OK to make a few blunders when stitching, but if you mess up the measuring lines, it’s usually game over. Since this is the case, a regular tape measure should be included in your sewing supplies. This is why we are going to show you some of the best sewing tape measures ever made right now.

Researching and educating yourself before making a purchase is usually a smart idea. Maybe you’re on the hunt for the most reliable tape measure for your sewing projects. Without a doubt, we will provide you with a compiled list of the top-rated sewing tape measures that we have found to far. This article will provide you with a wealth of information regarding sewing tape measurements, allowing you to make an informed purchase.

No matter how experienced they are, a tailor or dressmaker will always benefit from having access to at least two different kinds of measuring tape. Your sewing toolkit would be incomplete without the sewing tape measure.

We’ve researched the market and narrowed it down to 10 different brands of sewing tape measures to help you make an informed decision. To determine which sewing tape measure performed the best, we analyzed its longevity, materials, designs, expert evaluations, and customer ratings. The report provides specific data on performance as well as suggestions for achieving your objectives within your allocated spending plan. Figure out which option suits you best.


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On this list we have 7 best tape measure for sewing

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When you are at the store purchasing a tape measure, it is important that you keep the following information in mind. Let us now guide you in finding the best sewing tape measure:

best tape measure for sewing

√ Cost

When shopping for a sewing tape measure, it’s important you think about both price and performance. With the emergence of new manufacturers, consumers now have a wider range of alternatives in terms of both price and quality when purchasing a sewing tape measure. The costliest option is not usually the best one; this includes purchasing a sewing tape measure. There are several affordable options that don’t skimp on features or comfort.

√ Branding

The best sewing tape measure comes from a company known for producing high-quality goods and providing exceptional customer service. Products from reputable companies are made with the utmost accuracy and care, and their customer service teams are always accessible to answer your inquiries, provide replacements, or issue refunds if problems are discovered.

√ Specifications

Make sure the product is exactly what you need before purchase. Choose a product with care, paying attention to its specifications. They outline the product’s functional scope. Considering the variety of possibilities, making the best choice is essential.

Invest in a tailor-made sewing tape measure that can meet all your needs. When evaluating different models, you should focus on three things: performance, features, and price. To some extent, your decision will depend on each of these factors. It’s important to think about all of these to make sure your money was well spent.

√ Color

There is a wide variety of tape measure colors available. It’s important that the color you choose for the increment markers be legible. You can locate your tape more easily amid the mounds of creativity in your sewing studio if you choose a nice, vibrant color.

√ Design

If you examine the layout, you will be able to make a choice. There are several factors that go into the design of a product, including the materials used in production, the color palette, and the visual weight. If you know this, you’ll be better able to choose a product that suits your needs.

√ Stability and Control

We evaluated the performance of a sewing tape measure by considering its steadiness and manageability. Take into account the item’s steadiness and manageability. We think about how the product will change our lives and how we’ll react to using it.

√ Comfort

When indulging in a favorite activity, no one enjoys feeling restrained or awkward. Consider the ease of use of a sewing machine while selecting whether or not to utilize a product. Multiple types of sewing tape measure exist, each with its own unique set of advantages in terms of stability, control, and comfort. Buying a kayak for fishing shouldn’t be a decision you second-guess every few minutes because your back aches or your feet are fatigued.

√ Durability

A sewing tape measure’s longevity is based on its construction and the quality of its materials. Pick a measuring tape for sewing that can hold up under stress and not break. See to ensure that the design is slim and adaptable. This product is built to last, which is great for a busy parent or a hardworking builder.


In this first segment, we review seven of the best sewing tape measure on the market as of now:


The excellence of Singer is shown by the presence of a keychain hole in addition to other other user-friendly conveniences.

Users of Singer products are almost universally pleased with their purchases, and this tape measure is not an exception. The exceptional tape measure has a length of 96 inches and is securely caged inside of a tiny box. This feature alone makes the tape measure remarkable.

The reading of the measurement in centimeters is also written on it for your convenience, in addition to the reading of the measurement in inches.

Because the tape is made from materials made of fiberglass, it has a low weight and is, as a result, the lightest weight. Due to the exceptional chemical resistance of this material, it is never subject to corrosion. First and foremost, the tape may continue to be of use to you for a longer length of time.

This Singer tape has a push button on the exterior, which differentiates it from the vast majority of regular tape measures. Simply pressing it will cause the tape to be automatically inserted in an orderly manner.

As we have said before, Singer never ceases to please us, and as evidence, this finest sewing tape measure even has a hole for a key ring. You may dangle it from your wall so that you can quickly and readily access the information in an emergency situation.



√ 96 inches in terms of its length
√ Manifests itself in a manner that is readily apparent
√ Produced with materials consisting of fiberglass
√ There is no need to use any kind of human power in order to bring in the longer tape
√ Contains a ring for a keychain


× The color does not have the desired quality


You have our word that this particular bundle, which includes three cages and one standard tape measure, is the most extensive one that we have available. Each and every one of them has an incredibly high resistance to wear.

You should have been able to tell just by looking at the name of the product that it is a collection that includes not one, not two, but three distinct tape measures. The only thing that differentiates one tape measure from another is its color; all of the tape measures perform the same functions.

We are pleased to announce that this is one of the most impressive sets of sewing tape measures that we have found. Because the non-stretch fiberglass used in its manufacture prevents wear and tear over time, none of the company’s tape measures ever need to be replaced. This is a significant additional assurance that the product will last.

In the absence of precision in the measurement units, other properties, such as durability, are rendered meaningless. Check to verify that the units of measurement on each and every one of the tape measures included in this box are accurate.

Because fiberglass is a very light material, the tape measures made with fiberglass weigh the least overall. Therefore, even if your pocket is on the smaller side, you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing them with you.



√ Included in the package are three distinct tape measures
√ None of them deteriorates with time
√ Makes it possible for you to carry with ease
√ Includes a distinct and big calibration
√ Automatically pulls back into place


× They are accurate when measuring in centimeters, but their inches measurements are very inaccurate


This is one of the biggest packs of tape measures that we have in our collection, and each individual tape measure in this pack is highly capable of satisfying your needs while retaining the greatest degree of adaptability.

The box comes with not one, not two, but three separate tape measures. Three of the cassettes may be used manually, but the last tape has an amazing system for automatically employing it.

We are referring to the fact that the black one contains a unique button that, when pressed, allows you to adjust the length of the tape.

The soft fiber used in the production of all three types of tape results in products that are both very flexible and exceptionally long-lasting. There isn’t anything that can stump your effort. In addition, each of the three weighs far less, making them more manageable.

A significant problem that might arise with a tape measure is the edge becoming frayed. However, this set of the finest measuring tapes includes tape measures with ends that have been tabbed in a convenient manner. As a result, you won’t come into any problems of such kind.

Tap measures are versatile tools that may be put to use in a variety of applications, including tailoring, handicraft, stitching, and even taking body measurements.



√ Included in the package are three distinct tape measures
√ The black one has a unique button that may both shorten and lengthen the tape
√ Extremely adaptable and long-lasting
√ Meets your numerous needs


× There is no choice of color available to be made


Have you been seeking for a fray-free, fray-resistant, and highly visible tape measure that is both sturdy and flexible? This Singer tape measure won’t fail to provide the results you need!

The manufacturing of this tape measure included the use of vinyl, which is a material that is flexible. Because of this, you will have a much simpler time measuring any surface, regardless of whether it is flat or round.

Despite the fact that the tape measure has a reasonable amount of give, there is no need to be worried about its longevity. It is important to keep in mind that vinyl is often regarded as the most adaptable and seldom brittle plastic in the world.

A significant problem that might arise with a tape measure is the edge becoming frayed. You won’t have any problems of this kind, though, if you use the greatest measuring tape available to you. Because its edge is tabbed in appearance, it naturally has the ability to resist fraying.

When collecting measurements of people’s clothing, the most common units of measurement that are utilized are centimeters and inches. Both of the readings have been meticulously recorded into the cassette. Your effortless taking of a precise measurement is a direct result of this fact.

The ability to move quickly is essential for tailoring. As a result, spending a significant amount of time on measurement is never to be anticipated. In addition, having a tape measure that is easy to read is essential for combining dexterity with precision.

Because of this, this pink Singer tape measure with black print may assist you in getting an accurate reading of your measurements in a short amount of time.



√ Long enough – sixty inches in total length
√ Gentle yet long-lasting
√ Never frays
√ Featuring readings that are simple to see


× It’s Definitely Not a Micrometer


This tape measure not only gives you an exact reading of the measurement, but it also has a button that allows you to retract the tape, which eliminates the need for you to fold it.

You will get one retractable pink tape measure and one pink soft fashion tape measure in this box. Also included is one black tape measure that retracts. Both are simply ideal for measuring body fabric while sewing, tailoring, knitting cloth, or working on other types of crafts.

The measurement readings on each of the tape measures are shown in both inches and meters. The readings have been produced after going through such in-depth analysis that there is virtually no possibility of you obtaining an inaccurate reading from them. There is no need to worry about stretching since none of the tapes possess this really bothersome trait.

When it comes to usefulness, both the pink and the black sewing tape measures are just as good as the greatest option. But if we’re talking about convenience, the black one is light years ahead of the pink one. On the outside of the tape is a button that retracts it.

Simply pressing it will have the tape neatly inserted without any more effort on your part.



√ Compatible with a variety of scales and units of measurement
√ Offers precise readings on the measures being taken
√ There is not a single tape that unravels and frays


× This is a really shaky argument


The vinyl structure of White soft, which is useable by all specialists to the same extent, provides you with an excellent level of measurement consistency.

You are able to measure almost anything with this measuring tape, regardless of whether the surface being measured is flat or curved. In addition to this, quilters, crafters, and seamstresses may all use it to its full potential. Because it features a twofold scale for the body measurement, it is useful for measuring both length and circumference.

Vinyl is a common name for a kind of flexible plastic material that is used in the production of white soft tape measures. The substance does not get more flexible or distorted with the passage of time. Instead, it is gentle enough to improve the overall quality of your measurement experience.

White and black are two of the few colors that contrast strongly with one another in the real world. Each one fully mirrors the qualities of the other. In consideration of this fact, the manufacturer of this tape measure has arranged these two colors in a contrasting manner inside the tape.

In addition to this, the letters (1, 2, 3, etc.) are printed in a huge size with a strong impression. As a direct consequence of this, you will be able to get your readings in a very short amount of time while maintaining complete accuracy.

There is a metal tab included on either end of this high-quality sewing tape measure. There are two primary uses for it. To begin, it is pressed directly against the piece of cloth that is being measured. Most significantly, the tabs ensure that the tape does not tear in any way, which would be a very unpleasant sight.



√ It enables you to measure just about anything
√ Does not get more stretched out or misshapen throughout the course of time
√ You may get readings extremely rapidly, and they are accurate to one hundred percent
√ Does not fray even a little bit


× The materials used in construction are not of very high quality


Do you need to determine the length of anything that is really lengthy? Then the amazing length of this Singer tape measure is going to free you from the sufferings that you have been experiencing.

One of the selections that we have available for you is a Singer tape measure that is among the longest of its kind. You are going to be astounded to find out that the length of it is 90 inches, as opposed to the standard size of 60 inches.

There is no need to be concerned since centimeter reading is also offered, and it goes up to 225 centimeters.

There are a lot of tape measures that are quite inexpensive, but they all have some form of issue or flaw that makes them less than ideal. And, fraying is one of the most prevalent disadvantages that might occur.

The tabbed edges that come standard on the greatest measuring tape protect you from having to go through such an unpleasant experience. Therefore, there is no longer any need to battle against fraying. Happy stitching!

A tape measure that allows for clear sight not only assures that you will take accurate readings, but also that you will do it quickly. The creator of the Singer 00258 has considered this established truth to be of the utmost importance and has considered every possibility.

Your vision will be simplified by the use of the yellow tape that has large-font black markings written on it. One of the major advantages of using a tape measure is that it does not affect the accuracy of your measurements based on the surface. It works very well with both flat and curved surfaces and is quite flexible in that regard.



√ Length equal to 225 cm or 90 inches
√ There will be no more struggle against fraying
√ It provides a clearer perspective on the readings for you
√ Adaptable to both flat and curved surfaces without sacrificing functionality


× None


No products found.

Soft measuring tape

A flexible measuring tape is one of the most essential instruments for any seamstress or tailor. Cotton, soft plastic, and fiberglass are common materials for soft measuring tapes; other materials, such as pink, yellow, and blue, are possible as well. They’re usually around 5 feet in length, but their length may be increased to 16 feet if need be.

These measuring tapes may be used to take measurements in inches and centimeters, with increments of 1/2 inch and 1 cm, respectively. After all, a soft measuring tape may be used for a wide variety of sewing tasks, including mending trousers, shortening sleeves, altering the necklines of shirts and skirts, and much more.

Retractable tape measure

The definition of a retractable tape measure. A retractable ruler that, with the press of a button, delivers precise measurements. They are available in two lengths: 1/4″ x 25′ and 1/2″ x 25′.

You can be certain that it won’t fall out by mistake thanks to the built-in locking mechanism. There’s no need to worry about finding space for a bulky case when you use a retractable: they fit well in a sewing box, on a desk, or

There is no tailor, dressmaker, or seamstress who wouldn’t benefit from using a retractable tape measure. You can take safe measures and make accurate drawings using a tape measure since its blade retracts when not in use.

Curve rulers

A curve ruler may be used for a variety of different sewing projects. They come in a wide variety of sizes and forms to accommodate any task. The one-inch radius is the most typical for a curve ruler, although other sizes are also available.

Use these curves on chiffon, silk, wool, or cotton, among others. You can easily complete hems and cut cloth to the right size for the arms, shoulders, hips, and thighs with the aid of these tools.


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best sewing tape measure:

best measuring tape for sewing

Q1. What is a measuring tape used for sewing?

A. A sewing tape measure is a useful instrument that may be used to maintain the straightness of your cloth while you are cutting it. In addition to this, it helps to guarantee that the measurements are accurate and consistent. When you are first learning to sew, it is essential to have a good understanding of how to properly utilize a tape measure so that you do not waste either your supplies or your time.

There are several varieties of tape available on the market, but the one that is used the most is a strip of plastic that has been coated with polyester. The two ends of the tape are joined to little steel cups.

You will quickly realize the significance of having a sewing tape measure as you begin your journey into tailoring. It can be used to an incredible variety of purposes.

Q2. How to read a sewing tape measure?

A. How can you interpret the numbers on a measuring tape for sewing? The first thing to be aware of is the fact that the same sort of measurement may be expressed in both imperial and metric units. It is imperative that you take note of which one your sewing machine utilizes, as you will run into a lot of trouble if they are not compatible with one another.

The next item to take into consideration is that most measuring tapes use centimeters rather than inches; this might be perplexing for those who are from the United States, but after a little period of time spent reading it, it will become second nature.

When looking at the numbers on a meter stick, check sure they are divisible by 10, since all meters are split into 10 centimeters (cm). However, the most often used scale is the inch scale, which is divided into centimeters and MM.

Q3. What is a sewing measuring tape called?

A. Sewing tapes are very flexible and can readily conform to the shape of the body. They are also often referred to as tailor’s tape. They provide precise measurements, which are essential for the creation and modification of garments. They vary in length from sixty to one hundred and twenty inches.

Q4. Is it accurate to use a sewing tape measure?

A. The use of flexible strips, such as those used in sewing tape measures, rather than a straight or stiff ruler allows for more precise measurement of curved lines. The length of sleeves, breast size, and waist size are the primary areas of the body that are measured using a sewing tape measure.

Q5. Is there a difference between a ruler and a sewing tape measure?

A. One sort of flexible ruler is known as a tape measure, which is sometimes referred to as measuring tape. There are a number of different materials that may be used to construct tape measures, including fiber glass, plastic, and fabric. They are among the measurement instruments that are used in the modern world the most often.

Q6. What is the length of a tape measure?

A. The lengths of 12 feet, 25 feet, and 100 feet are among the most typical for measuring tapes. Customers will find the most convenience with a tape measure that is 12 feet long. The builder’s tape has a length of 25 feet and is marked in feet as well as in 16-inch increments. These markings are there to make it simpler to measure the usual distance between wall studs.

Final verdict

Accurate measurements are essential to the success of any sewing project since sewing is an art form. The best sewing tape measure is essential for precise measurements, so don’t settle for less than the best.

The question now is, what do you think? The one item you need more than anything else is a tape measure for your sewing projects. We are aware of this, and we have provided you with all the information we have gathered as a result of our investigation. The time has come for you to choose and buy the ideal measuring tape for your sewing needs. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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