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Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of the real-life environment. This technology makes you feel as though you were in the real world. Thus, it gets you to enjoy your audio and image outputs in ways that are better and more fulfilling. It is only fair hence to lay your hands on a headset of that kind.


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In this vr system & vr headset reviews we are giving you a list of some of the best virtual reality headset and best vr system right now along with a description of the strategy to find a good upcoming vr headsets for you, hopefully it will help you choose the right one.

This is the role that the virtual reality headset comes to play. It basically uses the technology to enhance the audio output and enrich your own experiences. We have sampled four of the best gadgets at the moment today. The best rated vr system and virtual reality headset review here below endeavors to open your eyes to them.

This List We Have 4 Best Virtual Reality Headset & System

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To be able to achieve the best virtual reality headset, you have to take care of a number of factors. Below are the top issues you have to care for:

√ Anticipated Audio Quality

As you may well have already realized, these virtual reality headsets have the ability to generate audio qualities that vary significantly. It is important to find that one whose output quality is desirable for you. This is a task you undertake principally by skimming the features and components each vr set brings along.

√ Planned Longevity of Use

How long in total would you wish to make use of the gadget? Is it for a one-time application or repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time? Insist on the best VR headset that is strong and reliable enough for repeated use. Any other alternative might come in handy for any other purpose.

√ Power Rating

This refers to the amount of power that the vr headset expends to be able to yield the audio output versus the amount of music or audio power it gives out. Needless to say, you want a ps4 vr headset whose power rating is comfortable for you. You do not want to spend too much of your money to operate it, do you?

√ Co-operant Devices

These virtual reality glasses work alongside other like-minded gadgets. For your own convenience, you want one that is universally compatible with as many of these gadgets as possible. This is the only way you will not suffer any conveniences at all. Take care also that you do not clutter your room.

√ Controls and Signal Transmission

Lastly, you also want to factor the controls of the virtual reality goggles and the signal transmission thereof. The most ideal virtual reality system has to be simpler for you to master and engage in. Then, it should not suffer any adverse interferences from other external gadgets that are around where it is at that time.


We start it out by a review of the best virtual reality headset that be at the moment. We selected the top 4 vr sets in amazon for your pleasure.

1. The Best Virtual Reality System With 6 Free Titles By Oculus

Oculus Rift is a leading manufacturer of headsets. It is only fair that you choose to work with them as you too will be assured the selfsame awesome benefits they bring along. Try a hand on this one. If you read this oculus rift s review in depth, I hope you will know many secret and unknown information about oculus rift + touch virtual reality system. And this rift s review will give you a complete idea before you buy oculus rift s.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Ultra-low Latency

All computing systems suffer some latency which are delays that exist before the transfer of data or signals kick-off after a prompt. This virtual reality system oculus rift touch vr headset console electronics gadgets nonetheless suffers low latency and is hence more responsive.

√ Oculus Touch Controllers

A series of Oculus Touch controllers exist on the oculus rift s virtual reality system. Their roles are to grant you exceptional controls and management of the gadgets and let you interact naturally with the ‘rest of the world.’

√ Excellent Compatibility

The oculus rift virtual reality system is compatible with many like-minded gadgets and electronics. The only preconditions necessary are the 8 GB RAM and a greater graphics card. With this stature, count on it to grant you maximum convenience.


√ This touch virtual reality system enjoys some six free titles
√ The pc vr system capable of connecting to the internet
√ Compatible with the Windows 10 operating system
√ Yields some truly great experience indeed
√ The oculus vr system brings forth an immersive video experience


× Be prepared to part with more money
× May disparage a less experienced user
× Does demand some extremely high level of attention

2. The Best VR System With 2 Months of Unlimited VR Play of 700+ Games By HTC

Many past users have sustained injuries and accidents while enjoying their audio output. That is a problem you can easily put to an end simply by getting your hand on this htc vive virtual reality system.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Flexible Play Area

The vive virtual reality system allows you some freedom to play unrestricted over a given radius of space. On account of this flexibility, you will be certain to enjoy unconstrained vitality and ideal musical experiences.

√ Fully Immersive

On all accounts, this htc virtual reality system delivers fully immersive sound outputs. A combination of the 360° controller and the headset tracking are chiefly responsible for the attainment of this awesome end.

√ Steam VR Power

It does derive its power from the Steam VR that delivers truly high-quality sound fidelity output. Coming along these are the automatic game updates and new releases every now and then.


√ The htc vr system alerts you if you do get to a boundary of the play area
√ This vr gaming system gives you a glimpse of the real world when you need the same
√ Adjusts its angles and dimensions in accordance with your own expectations
√ Availed at a generous price and product package offering
√ The vive vr headset and controllers works hand in hand with many likeminded apps and gadgets
√ Htc vive virtual reality system price is within reach.


× This virtual reality game system slightly complicated to behold and use
× Quite delicate and prone to frequent damages
× Calls for excess repairs and attention on your part

3. The Best VR Gaming System With 2 Months of Unlimited VR Play of 700+ Games & Apps By HTC

Could it be that all you are concerned with is the exceptional audio quality output? You have no worthier companion than this htc vive pro virtual reality system. It indeed has all the trappings needed for higher outputs.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Spatial Audio with Noise Cancelation

As noted above, the htc vive pro full kit virtual reality system delivers truly exceptional audio quality complete with noise cancellation feature. The combination of these two does give rise to clearer outputs that are devoid of any interference.

√ Multi-user and Extended Use

The vive pro vr system is able to minister to the needs of many persons at a time. As part of this benefit is the truly uniform distribution of weight that it accords your head. This eliminates all interferences that may usually arise with use.

√ Vive Tracker Ecosystem

A Vive Tracker Ecosystem rounds up the list of its most venerable features. This is the one that brings the htc virtual reality system vive pro to your virtual simulation to mimic or replicate the real-life environment.


√ This budget vr suitable for heavy-duty or industrial applications
√ Useful in many environments and circumstances
√ Htc vr headset manages the -millimeter tracking accuracy
√ Manages unparalleled visual fidelity of the graphics, text, and textures
√ The htc vive virtual reality headset provides the richest feature set for professional users
√ This best budget vr headset for pc has many free vr games


× Prolonged listening may most likely deafen your ears
× VR headset htc draws out excess power from the batteries
× Be prepared to spend more to operationalize it

4. The Best VR Headset For iPhone , Android & Smartphones By VR EMPIRE

Could it be that you want to draw your audio and video outputs from the smartphones? Get hold of this vr headset for phone and say goodbye to all manner sound distortions that may generally come your way with use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ PET Sheet Forming Technology

A PET Sheet Forming Technology stands out among the many benefits that the virtual reality smartphone headset ordinarily has to offer. It forms the core of the earphone sound and plays the role of amplifying the audio outputs significantly.

√ One-touch Answering Phone Volume Adjustment

Also, present on the smartphone vr headset is a button that helps you to answer the incoming phone calls without much struggle or ado. Your chances of ever getting confused in the process of use are hence diminished to a considerable extent.

√ VR HEADSET Remote Controller

One last benefit of this vr goggles for phone is the fact that it is operable remotely via a controller. Using the remote, it is possible for you to adjust the volume, play video, manage your music and regulate the camera of an iPhone.


√ The vr smartphone comes along with the virtual reality glasses
√ Manufactured using perfect materials
√ The vr headset for android phone delivers 360° immerse VR technology’s trends and spectacular
√ VR glasses for phone embodies the high-class materials in its makeup
√ The best phone vr headset protects the mobiles and the screen


× Limited in scope to smartphones alone
× Its audio output is not too loud
× This vr headset for iphone 7 unreliable for long term use and applications


Let us ask and answer some frequently asked questions about the best virtual reality headset:

Q. What does a virtual reality headset do?

A. Unlike your typical headset, this cell phone vr headset or vr headset for pc
simulates the real-life experience to give you a true mimic of the audio output you would naturally yearn for in the real world. It is indeed richer in quality and does a sincerely great job of expediting your experiences.

Q. Do all VR headsets need a phone?

A. NOT necessarily. Quite a number are engineered to operate independently of a phone. Instead, they draw their signals from other like-minded electronics like laptops, tablets, and radios and indeed, more besides.

Q. Are VR headsets bad for your eyes?

A. Yes, or NO. These great vr headsets are designed to prevent any harm to your eyes purely because of the exceptional light filtration mechanisms they exhibit. However, vr headsets may damage the eyes of small children and those who put them on for a prolonged amount of time.

Q. Can you watch Netflix with a VR headset?

A. WHY NOT? It is indeed possible for you to watch Netflix with a VR headset. The company does allow for and make room for the use of these virtual reality headsets to stream the media content from their servers.

Q. Can you use the VR headset as a monitor?

A. YES, it is actually possible for you to use your virtual reality headset as a “monitor” for games. The only pre-condition is that the games should not have VR support. In this role, the headset acts as a display without necessarily utilizing the head tracking feature.

Final verdict

Our long and painstaking look into the best virtual reality headset comes to an end there. Having looked at the best items plus how to find the most suitable vr set, we now leave it to you to find the best vr headset for pc or best phone vr headset from our list above. Do not even entertain the thought of looking elsewhere. However, to know more about best budget vr you can follow secret buyer’s guide to virtual reality headset.

The vr glasses we have reviewed above will definitely do you some good here. Only be sure to read through the explanations we have given to the letter. That way, it will be possible for you to narrow down to the most relevant choice. Go for any of them now!


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  2. It’s a fantastic headset in terms of comfort. My dizziness hasn’t bothered me or most of the others who’ve used HTC vive virtual reality system. With the right graphics card and a quad-core i7-powered PC, this will be an incredible experience.. It may be therapeutic in certain ways.

  3. It has been a few years since the release of the first VIVE headset, yet I still possess it. It was because of all the great evaluations that I decided to purchase the PRO edition for business.

  4. This is an extremely amazing and high-quality product. The VR headset virtual reality headset 3d glasses with 120°fov was a birthday gift for my husband, and he loves it. Our eight-year-old, too, is a fan. Even the applications have a lot of appeal. It’s also a plus that there’s free tech help included. Although we haven’t yet used the remote, we only received it today. So far, it’s been a great investment.

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