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A clothes steamer is a terrific alternative to irons since it is easier to use and frequently more effective, and it is perfect for steaming all types of clothing to remove wrinkles. Steamers may be permanent and maintained in your house at all times, or portable and meant to accompany you to hotels if you live on the road. This is helpful if you need to seem professional someplace. Steamers may also be used to remove wallpaper and steam tablecloths and linen. In this shopping guide, we’ve looked at the best clothes steamers models in each of these categories.

We did find the most suitable seven clothes steamers to keep your fabrics smooth and looking clean. This way, you can be sure that the one you buy is of the highest quality and will last for a long time.

On this list we have 7 best clothing steamers

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Garment steamers are really handy, but they aren’t something most people buy on a regular basis. Even if you’ve bought a clothes steamer before, you may not remember what features are essential, why you should have one, or which one is right for you.

While the emphasis of this article is on garment steamers, we will discuss the features, benefits, and drawbacks of steamers in general, as well as those specific to garment steamers, in our purchasing guide. We’ve laid out the key criteria you should use to choose the ideal clothes steamer for your household. Let us now guide you in finding the best clothing steamers:

clothes steamer reviews

√ Type of steamer

If we talk about “type,” we’re referring to either a freestanding or a portable/handheld design. Keeping your steamer in a stationary location, like a closet, is easier with an upright type. A portable steamer is your best choice, however, if you spend a lot of time on the road and want to preserve your clothing in excellent condition in hotel rooms or when taken out of overnight bags.

The lack of a big water reservoir in portable steamers limits the amount of time they may be used for (more on that below). Models designed to be carried about don’t need the ‘wand’ part; instead, their nearly gun-like design allows you to just aim at your clothing and have them cleaned.

√ Water capacity and steaming

Be sure to check the steamer’s water capacity, since this will dictate how long it may be used continuously. Between 30 minutes and 3 hours of continuous use is possible, depending on the model. Consider factors like the length of time you want to use the steamer and the fabric kinds of the garments you intend to steam before making a final decision.

Use a smaller, lighter type if you just plan on carrying a few goods. You should search for a model that can steam continuously for at least two hours if you plan on using it often to steam a large amount of clothing.

√ Timer

Fabric steamers are often criticized for the number of times the steamer head must be placed down while steaming due to the lack of a shut off sensor or timer, which results in wasted power and unnecessary wear and tear.

A timer that automatically turns off the machine after a certain amount of use is a common feature on many modern models. If you pay close attention to detail and always make sure to turn off unnecessary electronics, you probably don’t need this function. But if you’re often in a rush and prone to forgetting things, a steamer with a timer may help you save money on utilities and extend the life of your appliance.

√ Mobility

How readily a garment steamer may be moved about the home depends on its size and whether or not it has wheels. This is crucial if you plan on steaming draperies or upholstery, or moving the steamer about the house. The general design of the steamer affects how simple it is to move it from one place to another; it should be lightweight and have handles to prevent injury to the user’s back.

√ Accessories

The attachments for steaming fabrics are its defining feature. Look for garment steamers that come with attachments or that have attachments available for purchase separately if you need flexibility. A lint remover is a useful tool for eliminating pet and human hair from fabric.

Another is the crease tool, which, when used with the steamer, may bring out the best in the lines of your favorite dress, pair of pants, or button-down shirt.

Clips, steam press pads for detailed streaming, hanging features, hose extenders, and steamer heads for different textiles, such as upholstery brushes, are all common additions to a steam cleaning machine.

√ Indicator of water level

Stopping in the middle of steaming your thick draperies because you ran out of water is one of life’s greatest frustrations. Indicators indicating the water level are a handy addition to commercial and professional grade versions. There might be a visible fill line or a light that comes on when the water tank is getting low.

√ Transportable water tanks

Some garment steamers, like the Jiffy, have an integrated water tank, while others, like the Rowenta, have a detachable canister that you fill and then reinstall. It’s preferable to have a water tank that can be removed, since using it less regularly (once a week or less) prevents buildup.

√ Distinct steaming options

Most garment steamers have many steam settings, ranging from a strong blast of steam immediately after turning on to a more gentle mist after five minutes. Some steam cleaners include settings for varying the strength of the steam, making it suitable for cleaning anything from delicate clothing to very soiled bed linens.

√ Time to heat up

The time required to heat up and be ready for usage is also an essential factor. If you don’t have time to wait around, you may want to think again about having your clothes cleaned, since some of them may be ready in as little as 15 minutes.

√ Steam temperature

It’s not always easy to tell, especially when some devices boast a high temperature just because they have a high power rating. While the high heat is great for getting rid of wrinkles and killing germs, the high wattage uses a lot of power, which leads to higher electricity costs.

√ Versatility

There should be no limit to the types of clothing that can be steam cleaned by a clothes steamer. As an added bonus, several of these irons may also eliminate smells from your clothing and furniture in addition to wrinkles.

√ Cord length

Typically, the cable length of a portable garment steamer is 9 feet, which is long enough to reach your garments. It’s annoying that the standard length of the chord for bigger appliances is 6.2 feet when you may need an extra cord to cure your clothing.

Thus, it is preferable to invest in a garment steamer with long hoses, or at least adjustable hoses, that can reach high, out-of-reach places such as draperies and curtains. Even if your preferred steamer doesn’t come with one, you may get one for sale as an optional extra on the internet or at a local shop. Keep in mind that if it doesn’t fit properly, it might pose a risk to your health.

√ Safety features

This is significant because prolonged usage of high temperatures might cause the steamer to overheat. If it runs out of water, it may also start to give off a burning plastic odor.

√ Warranty

Most steamers only have a one- or two-year warranty, but all of them come with one. So before you buy a garment steamer, be sure to read some unbiased reviews to see whether it will hold up.


In this first segment, we review seven of the best clothing steamers on the market as of now:


Perhaps you work in the fashion industry as a blogger, model, or stylist. You can be a fashion influencer who is responsible for making sure your clothing is of the highest quality and are free of wrinkles. This heavy-duty steamer from Pur Steam is our selection for the best clothes steamer for professional usage since it meets all of our criteria for a high-quality, professional-grade steamer.

You will have sixty minutes of continuous steaming thanks to the water tank’s capacity of 2.5 liters, which warms up in less than one minute. This ensures that you won’t have to constantly dashing to the sink to replenish it in between steaming different clothing.

A luxury multipurpose hanger and a fabric brush are just two of the many helpful accessories that come with it, in addition to a steam adjustment that can be set to one of four different levels for customized control. Using a pant press can help you get perfectly creased pants. It also comes with its very own portable ironing board, which is perfect for those occasions when you need to remove wrinkles using a two-pronged strategy. A burn-prevention lid that stops the water tank from being opened keeps you safe for the sake of your own protection. At this price range, it is an absolute deal thanks to all of these features.

Despite the fact that any professional steam system is going to be clearly quite a bit bigger than a portable one, the fact that the height can be adjusted gives it a great deal of versatility. It is not necessary to hang your clothes on the pole that holds the shower curtain in order to steam them. It is simple to fold up so that it may be stored in any closet.



√ 60 minutes of uninterrupted streaming time
√ Customizable steam control
√ Includes a variety of attachments as standard


× Can be noisy
× Requires greater storage space
× There is no automatic shutoff feature


Given that this product bears the moniker “Reliable Vivio 500GC,” it is imperative that it lives up to the billing and does not disappoint you in any way. Fortunately, if you are looking for something that is long-lasting and even has the capacity to be utilized in a business setting, then the Vivio 500GC can be a good choice for you to consider.

This is a very large product with an upright design that measures 70 inches in height. It also has a large 128 oz capacity tank, which means that you can use it for two hours without having to worry about having to worry about having to worry about having to worry about having to worry about having to worry about refilling it. This is fantastic for steaming large loads of laundry at home or even in a business situation, such as when laundering the linens in a hotel or while working in a clothes shop. It is also useful for commercial use.

This steamer’s dependability is further increased by the use of a heating element made of high-quality brass. Many of the other garment steamers on the market have thinner hoses, but the one that comes with this one is far more robust. This steamer comes with a three-year guarantee since the exceptional build quality contributes to the steamer’s lifespan, and the warranty covers the whole product.

The primary safety feature, which you would assume to be an automatic shut-off function in the event that it overheats or runs out of water, will activate to prevent any potential for burns.

A steaming brush is provided for you to use, giving you other alternatives for cleaning. Because this is removable, you have the option of using it or not, depending on the nature of the material.

Although the cost is more than that of many other steamers now available on the market, and despite the fact that it finds most of its use in industrial settings, this may be a dependable method of steaming clothes for big families, making it an excellent alternative to ironing.



√ Excellent grade brass components
√ Build quality that is dependable and suitable for business use
√ Comes includes a brush that can be removed and a hanger


× Expensive
× The metal construction could seem a tad on the hefty side for some users


We are aware that individuals have varying budgets in mind for the purchase of their steamer and are prepared to pay accordingly. This is completely reasonable, and thankfully, having a limited budget does not automatically equate to purchasing a subpar steamer. If you’re looking for a portable, handheld steamer for garments but don’t want to break the bank in the process, the Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer could be the solution for you.

The fantastic qualities of the features are not compromised by the affordable cost. It takes up little space. In point of fact, it is rather little and, at only six inches in length, it can be carried in almost any bag. Additionally, it is lightweight, and since it has a cable already built in, there is no need for additional extension cables.

It is not quite as dependable as the highly elite and costly items that are now available on the market, but this is to be anticipated taking into consideration the price point and the fact that this is so much cheaper than other options. In spite of this, it is still capable of doing an excellent job of steaming the majority of items, at the very least to remove the wrinkles.

It is very important that the steamer not run when there is insufficient water in the tank or if it begins to overheat, but the primary safety element that is incorporated is an auto shut-off, which prevents these issues from occurring.

It is not designed for extended periods of steaming or for washing the laundry for a whole household at once. The volume of 180 milliliters is plenty, but there is only time for nine minutes of steaming. This is more ideal for a fast steam before an important meeting or when traveling overnight to some other location.



√ Compact and easily transportable
√ It warms up rapidly, and you may start using it in less than two minutes because to this feature
√ Controlled by itself to turn off


× Can squirt water if tipped too far over
× Steaming is only allowed for a total of nine minutes


This is a dependable upright steamer that comes with a plethora of functions that are suitable for use in the house. In spite of the fact that it may not be quite up to “commercial grade” standards, it offers a great deal of functionality that is ideal for the typical home user at a price that isn’t too intimidating.

As was to be anticipated, the steam output is dependable and works well for smoothing out wrinkles in a wide range of fabrics, garments, and other types of materials. Because it has 1500W of power and can heat up in only 45 seconds, the Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL Standing Steamer has enough of power, so you won’t have to wait around for it to do its job.

This is one of the few garment steamers on the market that has a detachable water tank. The act of replenishing might become much less complicated as a result of this. Even though this tank is just a half gallon, while other steamers have tanks that are twice as large, it still has the capacity to steam for a whole hour after a single filling.

The best standing steamer comes with a garment hanger that you may use to get your garments ready for any vertical cleaning that may be necessary. It also offers a brush attachment option, which is useful for cleaning particular materials and may be a good choice overall.

This steamer is not the most durable one available, which is reflected in the price of the product. There is a possibility that you may not get the same number of years of service if you go with something that is a little bit more expensive.



√ Affordable electricity for upright steaming with plenty of available capacity
√ One hour of operation duration on a single battery charge
√ Removable water tank


× There is room for improvement in both the build quality and the components


In addition to its more conventional use as a steamer, the broad ceramic face may also be used in the manner of an iron. When they live up to their promises, devices that can do many functions at once are very convenient. Even while a steamer can remove creases from most fabrics well, there are certain materials that respond better to the dry ironing method. These materials may be identified by the fact that they need a different technique. It is convenient to have the choice, particularly considering that it costs less than sixty dollars.

This steamer side has a very lengthy heating chamber, which results in a very efficient output, which in turn results in a very strong steam action that is ready in less than sixty seconds. Ceramic coating on the iron’s metal surface makes it completely risk-free for use on even the most temperature-sensitive delicates.

The opening of the steamer is large enough to allow for very rapid steaming, and it is an excellent solution for those who lack the storage space required for a steamer, iron, and ironing board. It is especially helpful in situations when you often move between different textiles and surfaces, such as in house staging, where you frequently rearrange the furniture.



√ Combination steamer and iron
√ Attractive design
√ Taking up less room
√ Cost-efficient
√ Heats up rapidly


× Could be burdensome for certain of our clients
× Sputtering was reported by several of the reviewers
× It is necessary to replace it more often


The PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is a wonderful alternative since it does not have an excessively high price point and gives a guarantee that is genuinely exceptional. Because this steamer is fairly large and heavy, it would not be practical to buy it if you needed something portable. On the other hand, if it is going to remain in the same location in your house, it may be an excellent choice.

In spite of the fact that it has a pretty huge capacity (tank that holds 61 ounces), it can heat up in under a minute and then provide a whole hour’s worth of steam. The heat may reach a maximum of 248 degrees Fahrenheit, which is intended to penetrate deeply into the fibers in order to swiftly eliminate wrinkles and destroy bacteria simultaneously.

Aluminum, which is used in the construction of the heating element, is a material that is both heavier and more strong than other materials on the market. Because of this, the producers are delighted to provide an extremely generous guarantee for a period of five years.

When ordering this steamer, you will also get some extremely nice accessories. In order to make the process of steaming shirts and coats easier, it comes with a hanger that can grow from 15 to 19 inches, depending on what you require. A steaming board, which is similar to an ironing board, is included. In addition, there is a stop attachment as well as clips that may be used for uncomfortable fabric and unique forms.

The PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer is of high quality overall, however the wheels, which may make it difficult to move about, are a minor drawback to the product’s performance. Additionally, in comparison to other potential buyers, it is a touch heavier.



√ A remarkable warranty for the next five years
√ Includes a wide variety of accessories as standard
√ Heats in under a minute


× Wheels may be difficult to steer in some situations
× A few customers have mentioned that in order to prevent limescale, they needed to use distilled water


The Beautural steamer is a high-quality handheld/portable steamer that can be used anywhere. This steamer has a very unusual appearance in comparison to any of the other portable choices that we have listed on the list, which contributes to the fact that it has its own distinct market niche. Because it can be used in so many various positions, it is not only the most effective clothes steamer for use on furniture and upholstery, but it is also the most versatile. No matter how you put it to use, it won’t leak.

The fact that this steamer comes with accessories, such as a lint brush to remove unpleasant pieces of lint and dirt, a creaser for making intentional folds, and a fabric bush meant for clearing dust, is an additional major plus point.

This is an alternative that is both compact and portable, yet it packs a lot of power. The fact that it has 1200 watts despite its little size means that it warms up in under a minute. It becomes hot enough to sanitize clothes and furnishings at the same time since it reaches a sufficiently high temperature.

The safety function of the Beautural is a bit different from that of most other products; in addition to turning off automatically if it gets too hot, it does so after eight minutes of inactivity.

The steam lock operates similar to a trigger, allowing you to choose whether to release steam in brief bursts or in a continuous stream.



√ Rapidly becomes hot and toasty
√ Use time of 15 minutes from a 260-milliliter reservoir
√ Proof against leaks and spills


× Not as durable as some other products, and more prone to cracking as a result


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best clothing steamers :

best cloth steamer

Q1. Which one is better, a clothing steamer or an iron?

A.This is dependent on the material that you are ironing as well as the ironing method that you find most comfortable. Ironing is a skill that is difficult to learn for many people, but clothing steamers let the hot steam to perform all of the job for you, eliminating the need to iron. When traveling, using an iron is neither as convenient nor as practical, unless the room you are staying in comes equipped with both an iron and an ironing board.

If the garments or textiles you wish to clean feature embellishments such as beads, sequins, or other elements that might be harmed by ironing, you should use a steamer instead. If you’re short on storage space, you’ll appreciate how much more space-efficient steamers are.

However, if you have very stubborn creases to get out, particularly on harder materials like wool, an iron will provide you with more control than a steamer can. They are also superior if you want the edges of dress shirts or trousers to be crisp or if you want to create pleats.

Q2. Is it safe to use it on upholstered furniture and furniture in general?

A. Yes! The same laws apply, and as long as the material of the furniture and upholstery is not going to be destroyed by heat, then this is totally OK. A steamer may be an effective method for disinfecting and killing germs that can build up in your furniture. Upholstery that has coverings that can be removed makes it much simpler to steam clean.

Q3. Which types of materials must not to be steamed?

A. It is not recommended to steam anything that has the potential to melt. For instance, if your clothing includes a plastic coating or ornamentation, it is possible for these components to melt when subjected to very hot steam. When heating delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, and velvet, use extreme caution. If you want to save these more fragile things from becoming ruined, you should try to avoid contacting the nozzle to them.

Q4. Is using a clothes steamer preferable than ironing clothing?

A. It is dependent on the item that you are attempting to remove the wrinkles from. A clothes steamer is an excellent choice for use with delicate textiles such as silk. If you’re working on a pair of pants made of thick wool or linen, ironing them may be the more time-effective option.

Q5. Is it possible to eliminate wrinkles from clothing by steaming it?

A. The capacity of a clothes steamer to eliminate wrinkles from practically every kind of fabric, from delicate cashmere to robust cottons and wool, is one of the primary advantages of using one. Other advantages include its flexibility and convenience of use.


Steamers get their heat from the electrical energy that is used to reheat the water that you have poured into the reservoir of the device. After it has been heated, it converts the water into water vapor, which then emerges through a nozzle that you will direct toward the clothing you want to steam. The steam relaxes the cloth and smoothes out the creases, just like an eraser would on paper. There are three primary categories of steamers, which are as follows:


Because of their portable nature and compact size, these steamers are ideal for use when on the road or while traveling (small enough to fit into a suitcase or weekend bag). The features will vary depending on the model, but often, in order to save space, these versions do not have all of the bells and whistles that are available on other models.


Because they need much more storage space than handheld or portable models, upright steamers are most often employed in commercial settings. The steam comes out of a nozzle at the end of a long hose that extends from the base, which is situated on the ground. The most notable advantage is that they have a longer continuous steam duration due to the increased power they provide.


Handhelds combine the characteristics of portable and upright devices. They often have a size that falls somewhere in the middle, making them manageable in terms of portability. In most cases, the primary distinction is one of size. Some of them will arrive with accessories already attached, such as a brush head.

Final verdict

There is no need to take up space in your closet with an iron and ironing board when you have one of the best clothing steamers. The purchase of a garment steamer is a good investment regardless of your budget, whether you’re looking for a fast and basic solution or want extra frills. Professional-grade clothes steamers are ideal for steaming in quantity, while portable steamers are great for taking on the go. Hopefully, your new clothing steamer additions will make you happy. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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