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Husqvarna is a well-known Swedish company, though not the most well-known. For more than a century, Husqvarna has been synonymous with Swedish craftsmanship. Sewing machines were first manufactured in the late 1800s.

Although the company’s history is fascinating, it isn’t the only reason to work here. Products from this company now have high functionality, innovative design and excellent performance.

The Jade 35 is a compact and portable machine that packs a tremendous punch. This interesting and undervalued product is the subject of the following review.

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The Jade 35’s absence of a carrying case is immediately noticeable, since the machine itself may be mounted and secured in place, along with the various attachments. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind solution, and it speaks volumes about Husqvarna’s creativity.

As a result, the machine is very lightweight and portable. In addition, the Jade 35 is lightweight at only 9 kg.

A big embroidered area and an almost overwhelming quantity of buttons may be found after the casing has been removed. A nice surprise is that the Jade 35 seems to be a high-end, professional embroidery/sewing machine at first appearance.

It is possible to make enormous quilts, as well as home décor and apparel, thanks to the sewing area of 200 millimeters (7.87 inches). The big stitching area, located to the right of the needle, provides enough of room for maneuvering while sewing and ensures a pleasurable sewing experience.

There is also a PC program included, which enables the user to mix and match embroidery patterns and even create their own. Although the built-in software is excellent and may be quite useful, particularly if you’re just starting out, extra embroidery software will cost more than the machine alone – this is ridiculously pricey.

In my opinion, this superb model’s main flaw is this. Quite a few extras are included as well, the most critical of which is the Jewel Hoop (240 x 15). In terms of presser feet, the following names stand out:

Foot A: Utility, Decorative Stitch, Buttonhole, Blindhem, Zipper, Edging and Embroidery/Darning. Foot B: Decorative Stitch. Slide Plate with Self-Adhesive Buttonhole Foot

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Stitching guide, Felt pads for the edge and bobbins for the machine, Screwdriver, Auxiliary spool pin, Seam ripper and Brush. Spool caps (small and big), USB embroidery stick with embroidered patterns and HUSQVARNA VIKING DESIGNER JADE 35 sampler book, long needle clamp screw and foot control.

This machine also has an embroiderer’s typeface and a total of 70 distinct embroidery patterns and 120 stitches.

As far as design goes, it’s reasonable to say that the Jade 35 is a well-rounded machine. In addition to being very user-friendly and convenient for beginners, it boasts a wide range of useful accessories. All of this may seem important, but how does it impact your ability to deliver a performance? More on it in a moment.

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Another wonderful feature is the Sewing Advisor. Beginners may use the Jade 35 with ease thanks to this feature. The only thing the user has to do is choose the cloth and the stitching method. Afterwards, the machine automatically sets everything up (stitch length, optimal stitch width, and thread tension) while also offering guidance on the screen.

Jade 35 also has a fast embroidery speed of 700 stitches per minute. This is a rapid embroidery/sewing machine that works faster than others on the market, and it’s one of its greatest features. Due to differences in hoop and style of embroidery, the actual amount of time it takes might vary.

The performance and lack of serious problems of the Jade 35 might possibly impair the overall user experience. Are both strong points. In spite of this, one can’t help but ask whether it’s really worth the money.

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  • The following are the dimensions: 18.2 x 7.5 x 12.4 inches (length x width x height)
  • 9 pounds is the approximate weight.
  • 70 different built-in designs are available.
  • Number of typefaces available: 1. (in different sizes)
  • Dimensions of embroidery area (inches in diameter of hoop): 9.5 x 6 inches
  • 700 image-separator maximum embroidery speed (in stitches per minute)
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• Beginner-friendly.
• Lightweight.
• Excellent overall performance.

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• Additional software that is too expensive.
• Not every budget can afford it.

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Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the husqvarna viking designer jade 35:



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Despite the fact that some believe the embroidery machine business is in a state of bloom, it is in critical need of creativity and innovation. One of the most encouraging signs is the decision of a well-known corporation to take the risk of manufacturing an original and diverse item.

High quality, durability, a beautiful design, and excellent performance are all there, but so is a hefty price tag.

Although it is not for everyone’s budget, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35 is a well-built piece of equipment. Despite the fact that the extra software is quite costly, the Jade 35 functions perfectly well without it. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more


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