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Today the level of crimes and intrusion is on the rise. Therefore you need to cater to your outdoor spaces surveillance by having security cameras installed. There are different brands of surveillance cameras in the market, but for comprehensive monitoring, you need to buy from the best and quality cameras. If you are no expert in the field, always ask your vendor for an opinion if you are looking forward to installing them for yourself. However, various companies do security camera installation, which you can use their expertise as you buy. Security cameras give you the peace of mind since you feel secure that you are monitoring your outdoor spaces. You may also have a response system install in sync with the cameras so that once you are intruded, you can quickly raise the alarm as fast as you can.

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As you buy your security cameras their several features, you need to look into for the best buy. Here is the advanced guide to outdoor security camera purchase:

Wifi cameras

Advancing with technology is quite essential for efficiency purposes. Today there are advanced cameras that do not require you to use wires to connect. Wifi security cameras are easy to install as all you need to do is position them where the signal is okay and connect it to the radio transmitter. They may be relatively expensive but are certainly worth it. However, if you cannot afford one, you may also go for the wired with the same specifications as the wifi one.


You certainly need to cater for storage. You have two options for this. The first option is the cloud option. The cloud option allows you to store in a virtual space that only you, as the owner has access to. This method is more economical as you have no limits on storage size or keeping on buying storage mediums. On the other side, you may also consider hard copy mediums such as DVDs and flash disks in your central command station.

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As you buy the cameras, you need to consider harsh weather conditions. There are various advancements in the making of outdoor security camera which can cater for rainy seasons. You will not need to install shades for your cameras, but instead, you may choose these cameras, which can endure the rain. They are durable and will still be useful when it rains, thus serving you at all times.


Today, you do not have to buy blurry or black and white cameras, but instead, you may opt for a higher resolution one. Different brands come with different resolutions, but you need to choose one with at least 1080p for perfect surveillance. As you do your monitoring on your outdoor spaces, you will need an excellent view, and thus, even zoom should be clear enough for you.

Night vision

You need to ask yourself how about monitoring or surveilling during the night as you buy your home security cameras. As you buy, always check on specs such as night vision or infrared so that you can have a clear view of the night. Most intrusions will occur during the night, and thus this is a specification not worth avoiding. Go for a camera that has a combination of both night vision and warning detection, such as light or signal to your central monitoring computer or application. This can be a motion light detector that works with the camera so that once movement is detected, the warning light turns on, and you are given a warning.


There are advanced home security cameras that have audio specifications. Most may not come with one, but if you can afford it, pay for it for its worth it. This allows you to communicate with someone who may be on your gate or front door, such as a delivery person. It also allows you to record an event of intrusion with sound for better evidence.

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App access

For better monitoring, whether you are at home or work, you may consider choosing security cameras that can be configured to a phone’s application for monitoring. This allows you to be always alert and secure your premise against any intrusion. Instead of just having one central command station at home, you will also have the chance to leave and still feel at peace since your home is secure.

The Bottom Line

While you go shopping for your home security cameras, do not just impulse buy. Look out for features or specs that will meet your needs so that you will always feel secure. Choose trusted or reputable brands that have quality products and offer installation services to cut costs.

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