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If you want more rice than your standard home rice cooker can make, consider investing in a commercial rice cooker. They’re unlike like regular rice cookers in that they offer special features and capabilities.

When preparing rice for a large number of people or for a business, carelessness is not an option. Buying a commercial rice cooker and starting to use it is your only option.

It’s a machine that can manage and simplify the process of cooking rice for restaurants and other businesses. Because there are so many of them in trend right now, picking the best one is sure to be difficult. Appropriate direction of this kind makes complete sense in that context. Here, we’ve compiled information on the best commercial rice cooker for usage in restaurants. You should check them out.

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Finding a reliable stove isn’t difficult; however, the process gets more involved when you include in larger commercial applications. Because of the larger quantities and longer cooking times required, this gadget is more robust than a standard rice cooker. Let us now guide you in finding the best commercial rice cooker:

commercial rice cooker

Of course the reputation of the company might influence your choice. The first step is to research different brands to see which ones have the best reputations. Here are some well-known manufacturers of rice cookers:

One of the goals of a combined rice cooker and warmer is to facilitate the feeding of larger numbers of people and the uninterrupted flow of cooking rice. The magnitude is therefore readily apparent. Find the ideal rice cooker for your household. In the hospitality industry (restaurant, catering, canteen, etc.), a size that is somewhat larger or in the middle is recommended.

It’s crucial to have a simple design with increased usefulness. The carrying straps and the holder for the lid’s hinge are crucial features. The rice cooker’s removable pan and cover make it portable and convenient to use. A condensation cup is included to collect any stray water that may evaporate throughout the cooking process.

When shopping for a stove, you will most likely come across two distinct materials: stainless steel and porcelain enamel. You may get versions made of stainless steel that are more long-lasting and better at maintaining a consistent temperature. Aluminum, copper, ceramic, diamond powder coating, and pure carbon are some of the alternatives to stainless steel. Besides affecting the rice’s flavor, the varied heat conductivity levels may also affect cooking times.

Models that can withstand the microwave oven’s heat are also available in plastic, however they won’t last as long or be as sturdy as stainless steel would. However, the rice bowl, whatever its composition, must have a nonstick covering. This will keep the rice from adhering to the bowl and make cleanup a breeze.

The rice is cooked uniformly thanks to the high temperature. The rice will not be cooked evenly if the rice cooker just heats part of the pot. One effective strategy is direct heating. Cooking is easy and efficient with the stainless steel hinged lid cooker. It’s important for the rice cooker’s inner pot to heat up quickly. More time is needed for cooking when using a low temperature.

The finest industrial electric rice cooker maintains a warm temperature for many hours after cooking is complete. Two hours of heated rice is possible with certain rice cookers. That being said, go ahead and invest in a commercially available, portable rice cooker that can accommodate your heating requirements.

It’s true that a rice cooker probably won’t be the most costly appliance you ever buy, but it doesn’t make it any less of one. Having your stove break down in the first few months is a major disappointment. Always look for a warranty when shopping for a new kitchen item. This assures that your purchase is supported by the manufacturer’s promise that it will function as advertised or you will get a replacement, a repair, or your money back.

In this first segment, we review seven of the best commercial rice cooker on the market as of now:



On our list, the Panasonic SR-42HZP commercial rice cooker is the best option available for an electric rice cooker with a big capacity. This appliance has been authorized and accredited by the NSF, and it has the level of cleanliness and performance that is ideal for a business environment.

This rice cooker has an astounding efficiency, producing 54 cups of cooked rice while having a capacity for 23 cups of uncooked rice. This is more than twice the quantity that was put in (or 74 three-ounce servings). The end result, every time, is rice that is just as it should be: fluffy and moist. The whole process takes around a half an hour to complete and the food is kept warm for as long as two hours. Both modes end their respective sessions automatically.

Cooking may be done more quickly thanks to the external cover made of stainless steel and the aluminum alloy pan liner, which, when used appropriately, keeps rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

It is risk-free to use since it has a thermal safety fuse built right in, which prevents it from overheating. On comparison to the other rice cookers on our list and in the market in general, this type of rice cooker with a high capacity is also one of the more reasonably priced options.

If you wish to make the nonstick option accessible, the inside of the SR-42HZP is not nonstick, thus you will need to use a liner. In any other case, thoroughly mixing the rice and removing it from the pot a bit after it has been cooked should do the work.

There have been reports from some customers that the warming feature does not work very well; as this may be the result of a manufacturing error, the product should be eligible for return.



This Cuckoo CR-3032 rice cooker really stands out among the other rice cookers that we have lying around. Because of its outstanding capacity of thirty cups, it is ideal for light to moderate use in the kitchen and the preparation of meals. The rice is produced by the appliance by using the steam cooking feature, which is one of its many functions.

This one is capable of producing rice that is not only warmer but also softer and more flavorful, and it can do so while simultaneously increasing capacity. The thermal fuse, the dew dish, the detachable cover, and the pre-coated rice pot are also essential components and characteristics of this cooker. Additionally, the stainless top cover, the dew dish, and the detachable cover are all essential. Your work will become more enjoyable and fulfilling as a result of their combined efforts.



Rice cookers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the Aroma ARC-1024E is the best economical rice cooker you can buy for its price. Although it has a price tag that seems to be more comparable to that of a home cooker, the quality of the product is comparable to that of a great number of cookers that are sold in a higher price range.

A remarkable sixty cups of cooked and ready-to-eat rice may be produced by the Budget Pick that can cook up to forty-eight cups of rice of any kind.

The user interface is straightforward, and it functions and can be controlled in the same way as any other electronic rice cooker. Your rice will remain delicious for a considerable amount of time after it has been cooked thanks to the function that automatically keeps it warm, and you won’t have to immediately remove everything.

The inside of the kettle is coated with a nonstick material, and the appliance as a whole is simple to clean. This rice cooker has a body made of robust aluminum, and its lid is made of stainless steel, so it may genuinely last you quite a while.

Included in the package are measuring cups as well as an extra-large spatula, all of which are suitable for professional usage.

Even though a great number of Aroma ARC rice cooker customers have reported being pleased with their purchases, some customers have noted that the rice may be cooked in an inconsistent manner, with results that vary somewhat in terms of dryness and temperature. Even worse, the bottom of the cooker has a propensity to burn the rice ever-so-slightly, which may not seem like a big deal but can make meals prepared in a professional environment seem less appetizing.

You will be making a reasonable enough purchase if you choose to get the Aroma ARC-1024E since it is an overall wonderful device for the price, and it will be able to assist your small restaurant or catering company.



The Zojirushi NYC-36 commercial rice cooker is an excellent rice cooker for usage in restaurants or catering, for settings that may or may not be formal, but will need to provide for a bigger quantity of people regardless. This rice cooker can accommodate up to 36 cups of rice at one time.

This rice cooker can produce a large quantity of high-quality rice in a short amount of time. The Zojirushi NYC-36 produces 40 servings of rice from a capacity of 20 cups, successfully producing a significant quantity of rice that is correctly seasoned and textured. When the rice is finished cooking, the cooker will transition into the “keep warm” warming mode automatically so that the rice will preserve its texture and maintain its freshness at the ideal temperature.

The inside is nonstick and simple to clean, while the outside is made of stainless steel, making it both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. In order to make it even simpler to use and maintain regular batch sizes, the inside of the container is marked with measurement lines. Additionally washable is the inner lid that may be removed from the container.

A condensation collector on the side prevents an excessive amount of steam from gathering, which lessens the likelihood that the rice will become too mushy or soggy.

Although we don’t want any rice to go to waste, we’ve included an extra-large rice spatula in the package.

With its compact design and manageable proportions, we consider it to be the most portable of all of our rice cookers.

Some customers have reported having the same possible problem with the lifetime of the stay warm mode, which is that it completely stops functioning at any point after being used consistently for an average of nine months. If anything like that were to go wrong, the one-year limited warranty ought to be able to take care of things for you.



The Tiger JNO-A36U-XB is a rice cooker of exceptional quality and performance that is designed specifically for use in a commercial setting. It is one of the finest overall selections on our list. This rice cooker, like all of Tiger’s other models, lives up to the company’s long-standing reputation for producing high-quality appliances that can be relied upon.

Rice cooker with a reasonable capacity, such as that offered by the JNO-A36U-XB, which is ideal for use in commercial settings such as restaurants. In addition to having the capacity to contain 20 cups (160 ounces) of raw rice and the ability to produce 40 cups (320 ounces) of precisely cooked rice from the same amount of rice every time, it is also highly successful in producing rice that is fluffy and delicious.

The rice cooker is loaded with a variety of features that make it far less difficult to operate and keep clean. A cooking sheet made of silicone is provided in the package and is intended to be placed in the bottom of the inner pot. This will ensure that the rice does not get scorched. Because the inside is nonstick on its own, it is much simpler to clean. Additionally, the interior lid may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Your cooked rice is kept warm for many hours after it has been prepared by an automated warming mechanism, so that it tastes as fresh as possible regardless of when you remove it from the appliance.

The outside of this industrial rice cooker is mostly composed of stainless steel, which not only contributes to its streamlined appearance but also to its long-lasting nature.

You won’t need to go out and get a separate rice measuring cup or spatula since both of these are already included in the package.

Even if the rice cooker itself is of a high quality, there is a possibility that it will have a flaw, such as a dent, depending on how it was sent to you and where you purchased the product.



The Paloma PR-10DSS rice cooker is a standout on our list due to the fact that it is powered by natural gas. It is also regarded as one of the very finest gas rice cookers that money can buy. Larger restaurants stand to gain the most from the convenience and productivity offered by this jumbo-sized rice cooker.

It goes without saying that the rice capacity of this pretty big 55-cup (440 oz) rice cooker is extremely nice, and that it will come in useful in situations when a great quantity of rice is required or demanded all at once. Because it has an auto-ignition capability, it does not need matches or batteries in order to start cooking. It is not need to be concerned about the flames, since the manufacturers of this rice cooker have taken every precaution to ensure that this process is as risk-free as it can possibly be.

A safety mechanism extinguishes the flame of the primary burner if it detects that the pan has been moved out of its proper position on the base of the cooker. In the case that the primary burner is unable to catch fire, a flame failure safety mechanism will use magnets to block the safety valves, so preventing any gas from reaching the burners.

This rice cooker has pieces that are detachable, making cleanup a breeze, and it also has a mechanism that turns itself off automatically. The gas heat is regulated by a sensitive ferrite sensor system, which provides a prompt response once the cooker reaches the appropriate temperature and then turns off by itself to ensure that the rice is always perfectly cooked.

The fact that it is a gas cooker implies that there is no warming function, and in order to maintain the rice’s quality, it would need to be removed from the cooker as quickly as possible. This is because gas cookers heat up and cool down more quickly than electronic cookers.



Since ancient times, the Zojirushi brand has been famous for manufacturing rice cookers that are known for their durability, dependability, and capacity to handle the rigors of industrial use. Why not choose this one and take advantage of all of these perks at the same time? This product is the company’s main offering, and its reputation for success and outstanding performance has been thoroughly vetted.

Its proportions are perhaps the most notable feature about it that can be found. The slow cooker is on the smaller side both in terms of its physical dimensions and its total weight. As a result, it makes it possible to have encounters that are constant and unrivaled at all times. If you switch up your method of involvement every once in a while, you will find that it is open to you to take.

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We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best commercial rice cooker:


A. Rice is a basic food item that is enjoyed by people all over the globe and can be found on the menu of almost every restaurant. Without a question, Asian restaurants are famous for offering rice with every meal, and even sushi restaurants are known to prepare properly cooked gluten-free sushi rice by using rice cookers.

In conclusion, using a commercial rice cooker can help you save time and energy when preparing your everyday rice. It also prevents overheating thanks to its built-in safety features. The commercial grade stove features a safety fuse. And the additional flexibility that digital monitoring offers for preparing meals in a variety of ways is invaluable.

Some of the most expensive rice cookers can also be used to prepare oats, porridge, and soup, making them more versatile than even the best commercial rice cooker. Find the best commercial rice cooker for your needs with the help of our reviews. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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