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Those who were raised with rice cookers often think that using the stovetop to prepare the grain is archaic. Cooking rice the old-fashioned method is not only a waste of precious cooktop space, but also more difficult to get ideal results. If you cook them for a few seconds longer, they will get soggy.

Investing in a rice cooker is a game changer since it allows you to prepare perfectly cooked, fluffy rice with little to no work. You just throw in the rice, add water till it reaches the appropriate level, and then push a few buttons.

Although rice cookers are considered a necessity and a must-have kitchen device, they come at an exorbitant price. Second, most individuals do not want to invest money on a rice cooker, particularly if they live alone or with a spouse. It’s typically seen as a luxury that only large families need and can afford.

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In a hurry? Check the best budget rice cookers from amazon. Just check the product link, the detail & price.

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It’s often believed that low-priced or budget rice cookers don’t do as good a job as their more expensive counterparts. That is clearly not the case. These days, you can get a cheap, durable, and fully-featured rice cooker that won’t break the bank. While they may lack the sophistication of programmed rice cookers, they nonetheless make excellent rice. Some of the most fundamental aspects of a rice cooker are listed below. Let us now guide you in finding the best budget rice cookers:

budget rice cooker
[dt_quote]√ Capacity for Cooking

The first step in cooking rice well is determining how many cups of rice you’ll be cooking at once. Second, don’t assume that a little rice cooker is also a cheap rice cooker. Large rice cookers may be found at a reasonable price. An ideal amount of uncooked rice for a modest household would be 2-3 cups. A rice cooker that can hold 4-6 cups of uncooked rice is a good option for a household larger than 3. Choose a rice cooker with a high capacity, between 16 and 20 cups cooked rice, if you often host large gatherings of family and friends.

[dt_quote]√ Easy and simple

You should acquire a rice cooker if you want to save time on cooking rice for everyday meals. Find an inexpensive rice cooker with easy controls. Most rice cookers just need you to throw your ingredients in and press a single button to start the cooking cycle. They also include a stay warm function that will keep the rice toasty for hours.

Some models have a digital LCD screen on which you may access various cooking settings and preprogrammed menus. Using these, you may quickly and easily prepare a wide range of delicious dishes. Rice cookers that double as slow cookers, steamers, air fryers, and other high-tech kitchen appliances are available if you’re interested in expanding your cooking options. Check out Zojirushi and Cuckoo rice cookers, or go through our evaluations of the top rice cookers to pick the one that’s right for you.

[dt_quote]√ Material

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for a rice cooker with subpar construction or features. There are a wide variety of inexpensive, high-quality rice cookers available on the market. They have the same longevity as high-end, costly rice cookers. Look for a pot with a non-stick coating to keep your food from sticking and to avoid scratches. Stainless steel cookers have the advantages of being long-lasting, non-toxic, and simple to clean.

[dt_quote]√ Additional Accessories

Make sure you examine all of the extras that came with your order. Typical accessories for rice cookers include a measuring cup, cooking pot, spatula, or rice paddle. Every time you make rice, you’ll need these utensils and gadgets. It’s important to remember that the included measuring cups were made specifically for rice cookers, so you shouldn’t use any other cup to complete the job.

Steaming baskets, rice washers, a rice storage container, and even recipe booklets are just some of the extras that you may get with some brands. Investing in a rice cooker that comes with all the fixings can streamline your cooking process. Additionally, all necessary accessories are included and may be purchased at the same time from Amazon.

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In this first segment, we review ten of the best budget rice cookers on the market as of now:


Don’t have room for a bulky item on your kitchen counter? In that case, why not choose a more compact and affordable model, such as the Dash DRCM200BK Mini Rice Cooker?

The Dash Mini costs less than $30 yet has all the necessary features and settings for making rice. This compact and reasonably priced appliance can handle a wide range of meals and has convenient features like an automated Keep Warm setting and many color selections. When used as intended, it may produce up to two cups of cooked rice, making it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

Customers like that the Dash cooker comes in a variety of colors. Rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, sushi rice, porridge, stew, broth, quinoa, spaghetti, and even steaming vegetables may all be prepared with ease in the finest cheap rice cooker, available in your choice of white, black, aqua, pink, or red.

What’s even better? With its tempered glass cover, cool-touch handles, single push button, and stay warm setting, this product couldn’t be simpler to operate.



√ Size that is both small and condensed
√ Very inexpensive
√ Excellent for first-timers and those who live by themselves
√ A wide range of color possibilities
√ Rice isn’t the only thing you can make with it; it’s also good for other foods


× Insufficiently unique capabilities
× Small capacity


One of the most practical and reasonably priced rice cookers is the Cuisinart CRC-400. The gadget has all the optimal cooking tasks and features you need for everyday usage, and it costs less than $60.

The stainless steel steaming basket and saucepan are included with this rice cooker. The tempered glass lid with the stay-cool handle allows you to see and check on the steaming process without burning your hands.

All its pieces (including the side handles, cup, and spatula) are composed of a high-quality, non-stick material, making the rice cooker simple to use, simple to clean, and long-lasting.



√ The steamer may also be used as a kettle
√ Produced with only the best grade stainless steel
√ Keep-warm mode that activates automatically


× The absence of configurable options in the menu
× Unoriginal design flaws
× Not the greatest for serious work


The Aroma ARC-150SB is among the market’s most reasonably priced, multipurpose stoves. This multifunctional kitchen appliance offers everything you could possibly need in a cooker, and then some: many menus, simple controls, a large interior, a streaming tray, keep-warm options, a delay timer, a measuring cup for rice, a spatula, and more.

This rice cooker from Aroma Housewares is both a slow cooker and a steamer, so you’re getting three useful appliances for the price of one. Using the steaming basket, you may steam your meat and vegetables at the press of a button, in addition to cooking many varieties of rice.

Up to 20 cups of properly cooked rice (uncooked cup capacity: 10 cups) may be produced in a single quick-cooking cycle, making this an ideal option for feeding a large crowd. In our Best Aroma Rice Cookers Guide, this model is included as a top selection because to its convenient features, reasonable price, and straightforward operation.



√ High storage capacity
√ It can steam and slow cook meals
√ Straightforward Methods
√ Controls for maintaining a comfortable temperature and a timer


× Currently only able to prepare white and brown rice
× Because of its size, it is inappropriate for usage in single-family homes


When it comes to cooking meals, Black+Decker can make the experience as pleasant as possible. The RC506 6-cup (Cooked) rice cooker makes it easy to make delicious rice every time. The model’s controls are minimal and easy to use.

The RC506 is the ideal size for a rice cooker, falling somewhere in between the two extremes. The included steaming tray is great for whipping up a quick and healthy lunch in a single pot. While the rice cooks at the bottom, you may put in anything else you want to cook, whether it’s veggies, meat, fish, or whatever else you can think of. In only 25 or 30 minutes, you may have a whole supper ready for you and your family.

Once the set amount of time has elapsed, it will shut off automatically. With the press of a button, the rice will stay at the perfect serving temperature and stay warm until you’re ready to serve it. You can keep an eye on the cooking process thanks to the glass cover.

It’s not only easy to use for cooking, but it also makes cleanup a breeze. The inside bowl is detachable and nonstick coated for simple cleanup. Because the food doesn’t cling or burn, washing the pot after cooking is unnecessary.

Although it is not the most formidable competitor, the Black Decker RC506 6 cup (cooked) rice cooker gets the job done with flying colors. Zojirushi rice cookers are entry-level appliances, so do not expect them to have any special features. The low, low price is justified by the sleek, minimalist style that complements any kitchen. Check out the Black & Decker Rice Cooker Reviews for additional information.



√ Simply use one finger to operate
√ Combo Rice Cooker/Food Steamer
√ Automatic heat maintenance
√ Ideal for a typical household
√ There are no convoluted options, menus, or defaults


× Not flexible


The Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker and Steamer is a very reasonably priced rice cooker with many of the same capabilities as high-end versions like Cuckoo or Zojirushi Rice Cookers.

The rice cooker’s stainless steel construction and space-saving footprint mean it won’t take up much room in your kitchen. But despite its little stature, this handy gadget is loaded to the gills with useful extras. You can steam veggies, make hot porridge, cook rice, and so much more with only one pot.

While the rice is cooking, you may use the steaming tray to create steamed fish, chicken, or vegetables. It’s the ideal method for whipping up quick and easy one-pot dinners. The steam basket that comes with most models of rice cooker makes pre-rinsing the rice quick and easy, which is important for achieving the best possible flavor in the finished dish.

The user interface for this appliance is intuitive and straightforward. Toss in the ingredients for your chosen dish, and the appliance will handle the rest. When the food is done, it will stay warm until you’re ready to eat.

Astounding Hamilton Beach An 8-cup serving of cooked rice may be made in a rice cooker that only holds 4 cups of uncooked rice. All the components are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after a day of cooking.



√ There are four factory-default options
√ Prepare some steaming bowls of hot cereal
√ Dishwasher safe hardware is standard
√ Excellent for single-dish preparations
√ Inexpensive, space-saving, and stylish


× Complaints that tidying up is a chore


The Aroma Housewares ARC-954SBD rice cooker is the greatest low-priced option on Amazon due to its sleek appearance, user-friendliness, and the fluffy rice it creates. Perfectly cooked brown rice and other grains may be made in it as well as white rice. In addition, it can steam dishes and slow boil rice to restaurant standards for 8 servings.

The steamer feature makes it possible to prepare a whole dinner in a single pot by steaming meats and vegetables over boiling rice. You can easily prepare a wide range of dishes thanks to the 8 preprogrammed settings. Additionally to white rice, it can also cook brown rice, quinoa, and has a “fast rice” setting for when you’re in a need. You can steam, slow cook, sauté then simmer, make oatmeal, soup, and much more, in addition to cooking rice. The controls are straightforward and need nothing in the way of instruction because of their clear layout and straightforward design.

After the meal is cooked, the keep warm function kicks in and maintains the food at a safe serving temperature for many hours, so you won’t have to constantly reheating the rice. The 15-hour delay timer allows you more leeway while preparing meals. Put the ingredients in, turn it on, and let it alone.

The inner pot’s non-stick coating keeps rice from scorching or sticking while cooking and makes cleanup a snap. A serving spatula, rice measuring cup, and steam tray are included with your order. Everything you need is included in the bundle, so there’s no need to worry. Read on for more information about the top-rated Aroma rice cookers!



√ Amount of cooked rice equal to 8 cups
√ Cookware with a non-stick inside coating
√ Maintaining a tidy home is a breeze
√ User-friendly interface
√ Handles that don’t become hot make it simple to carry
√ Budget-friendly
√ a timer with a delay of 15 hours


× Complaints that the rice cooker suddenly stopped working


The only difference between the Aroma Housewares Pot Style Rice Cooker and the Oster 6 Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray is the pricing. It’s more costly than the Aroma pot variety. Six cups of rice, which is plenty for two to three people, cooks perfectly. Cooking vegetables is easy with the steaming basket made of metal that comes with the stove.

Rice cooked in the Oster 6-cup rice cooker is easily removed and wiped clean thanks to the appliance’s nonstick interior. However, the nonstick coating on the pot will be ruined if you use a metal instrument to plate the rice or if you scrape the pot too vigorously. Inside the bowl, there are graduations that make it easy to gauge how much water to add.

Measure both the rice and the water using the accompanying measuring cup to ensure a precise result. The capacity of the cup is 6 ounces, which is somewhat less than the conventional 8 ounce cup used in the United States. While the supplied metal steaming basket will allow you to simmer veggies with rice, the pot’s capacity for holding both foods at once is limited.

Steaming vegetables in a single batch may be necessary if you’re feeding a large family, since the steamer basket is just large enough to contain one person’s worth. You could also steam enough rice for the whole family by upgrading to a bigger rice cooker.

If you’re looking for a cheap rice cooker that won’t break the bank, consider the Oster CKSTRCMS65 3-cup (Uncooked) rice cooker and food steamer. For one or two people, however, it’s ideal for making things like porridge, steamed veggies, Frittatas, Mashed Potatoes, Banana Bread, Hard-Boiled Eggs, and so on. If you’re looking for an alternative Oster rice cooker, you may find more of them on this page.



√ Cover made of toughened glass
√ Automatic heat maintenance
√ Warning lights
√ Pot with non-stick inside
√ With only the flip of a single switch
√ Budget-friendly


× There is no programmable settings or delay timer available


Zojirushi, a company based in Japan, is widely regarded as a top brand of rice cookers. Famous for its cutting-edge design and cutting-edge technology, their rice cookers are the envy of the world. The Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker is one of the most basic models produced by the company, with a stay-cool knob and a glass top cookware that allows for easy monitoring of cooking progress.

The rice cooker’s stay-cool handle makes it simple to move the appliance from the range to the table. The coating’s nonstick nature enables for effortless cleanup.

By eliminating the need to monitor the cooking process, Zojirushi allows you to focus on other things. After the rice is cooked, the appliance will switch off and into its keep warm mode, where it will remain warm for many hours, perfect for serving.

The Zojirushi NHS-06’s user-friendliness stems from its lack of menu-based navigation, adjustable settings, and pre-set functions. Do not put the rice on the keep-warm setting after the cooking cycle has finished unless you want an overdone layer at the bottom. Turn off the power and smell the wonderful rice cooking.

If you need a more capacious and feature-rich rice cooker, you may want to read up on the top-rated Zojirushi models available right now.



√ Turn everything on or off with the flip of a switch
√ Lining that won’t stick
√ Identifiable as a popular Japanese label
√ Budget-friendly
√ Long-lasting and well crafted
√ Temperature maintainers


× Reduced capacity for cooking


Tiger JBV-A10U Micom rice cookers are unique because they can prepare two separate meals simultaneously. Its “Synchro-cooking” function allows you to prepare your rice at the same time as your side dish, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

If you’re concerned about how your meal will turn out, you can rest easy knowing that the micom rice cooker has a proprietary Automatic Cooking Logic system that guarantees both dishes will be cooked to perfection.

In addition to the aforementioned function, this unit also offers slow cook, brown rice, and white rice settings. The inner pot and lid are both non-stick and removable, making cleanup a joy. This micom rice cooker is a great appliance to have if you’re always on the go and seldom have time to create elaborate meals from scratch.



√ All of the included parts may be cleaned in the dishwasher
√ To be easily cleaned
√ Trustworthy and unwavering


× Short life expectancy
× The inside pot is easily damaged by nicks and scratches


Value for money is high with the Aroma Housewares Simply Stainless. At first sight, the sleek and understated design of this rice cooker makes you want to put it on your kitchen counter.

The stainless steel pot used in the construction of this Aroma burner is safe for human consumption. This substance contributes to the ease with which you may prepare nutritious meals and cook as much as six cups of rice in a single cycle.

In addition, this Aroma rice cooker’s outside and inner pot are both made of stainless steel, making cleanup a breeze.



√ Incredibly user-friendly
√ A stainless steel construction ensures longer life and a healthier diet
√ Sleek appearance
√ Easy, one-button cooking and warming up with no further effort required


× Too cramped for a large family
× Inadequate customization options
× Poor ability to provide new features and capabilities

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We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best budget rice cookers:

best rice cooker on a budget
[dt_quote]Q1. Are low-budget rice cookers of good enough quality?

A. Rice can be cooked successfully in a budget rice cooker just as easily as it can be cooked in a rice cooker that costs five times as much. This is the basic reality. Spending more money on premium equipment is almost never a wise financial decision because of the low return on investment.

[dt_quote]Q2. What is the average price of a rice cooker?

A. White Rice Cookers may be purchased for anywhere from $30 to $300, on average.

[dt_quote]Q3. Why is rice cooked in a cooker bad for one’s health?

A. It is widely held that the use of a pressure cooker to prepare rice results in the production of a toxic chemical that may put a person at risk for a wide variety of ailments. Consuming rice that has been made in a pressure cooker may also contribute to obesity. Because the water from the rice is not removed when cooking in a pressure cooker, this method of preparation contributes to weight gain.

[dt_quote]Q4. What are the key differences between an inexpensive rice cooker and a more costly one?

A. The most affordable versions do their one and only intended purpose of cooking plain white rice quite well, but they are otherwise limited in their capabilities. The more costly versions are more flexible, with options for cooking a variety of rices, grains, and even porridges. These settings are only available on the more expensive models.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Traditional cooking methods provide dishes with unrivaled flavor and perfume, but it’s not always practical to spend many hours a day standing at the stove and the sink. While there are undoubtedly high-end, sophisticated models available, you need not spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of a rice cooker. Any of the inexpensive rice cookers we’ve discussed here will make cooking a pleasure, from initial ingredient selection to the final rinse.

These gadgets help you save money, time, and energy without sacrificing convenience or efficiency. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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