Toaster Secrets Revealed. 7 Toaster Secrets You Never Knew.

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Buying a toaster can be a complicated affair, especially if you are a first-timer. The modern toaster are multifunctional as opposed to the former units, which were used to toast bagels and bread. You can use your appliance to broil, bake, and do conventional cooking of foods such as casseroles and pizzas without much trouble.


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Toasters are easy to use and economical at the same time and will come highly recommended for modern households. Toaster ovens come in different sizes and shapes from various manufacturers, and you can use these quick tips to choose the best appliance for your day to day needs.

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Toaster Secrets

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Choose based on your cooking method

In case you intend to use your toaster oven for warming foods and toasting purposes, a simple model will be ideal for you. Other appliances are designed to cook using infra-wave/infrared or convention warming options and thus will work well if you intend to use the appliance for broiling or baking.

On the other hand, convection toaster ovens are equipped with small fans that help disperse hot air within the oven evenly, thus browning food while reducing the overall cooking time by 30 percent. Although these convection toasters are a bit pricey, their convenience makes them accessible in many kitchens. If you want to reduce the overall cooking time, toaster ovens equipped with infra waves (infrared) are ideal since they do not need pre-heating.

Consider your budget

Cost varies, and you can get one that goes for as little as possible. However, you should be able to get a top-rated appliance for any price ranging between $30 and $360 based on the functions and how evenly this can able to broil or bake things such as pizzas.

Check the Features Offered

Toaster ovens usually feature a digital keypad or a dial timer. Each of these features has its benefits, and many users find digital toaster ovens to be easier to use as compared to dial timers. Digital appliances also give more accuracy for setting selection, plus they have pre-set functions to help cook everyday dishes.

You should also check the interior of the toaster ovens and choose one with a non-stick material as this makes them easier to clean. Appliances that come with a removal crumb-tray accessible from the front are also better and user-friendly.

Check the size

Toaster ovens are designed to accommodate different slices of bread. You will find them referred to as 4-slice or 6-slice based on the number of slices you can toast at a go. Additionally, the appliances come in different sizes ranging between 10×10 inches to bigger ones measuring 20×16 inches.

Appliances that are basic and used for re-heating or simple toasting usually are smaller in capacity and size. For roasting or baking larger pieces of food on your countertop, a more significant appliance will be ideal.

Consider Its Function

Toaster ovens these days come in all shapes and sizes. Some perform the traditional functions of toasting bread and reheating small dishes, while others are dual convection toasters, which allow for the user to bake and broil meals. If you only want to toast bread, you probably won’t need to pay for all the bells and whistles of a convection toaster. Additionally, consider how often you will be using it. Some convection ovens perform so well that people use them as a replacement over their standard conventional ovens. If you are planning on using this appliance every day, you will want something sturdier (and probably a bit more expensive) than one which will only be put to use occasionally.

Heating Element of One Slot Toaster

The heating element must be thin enough so that it will conduct heat efficiently, hence heating the bread quickly. You do not wish to have a bread that is unevenly toasted.

Safety features

Consider a toaster oven that has safety features such as auto shut-off or notification ring sound that helps you know when the food is fully cooked. Automatic shut-off is better, safer, and therefore recommended. Appliances that come with cool-touch sides are also better, especially in homes where there are little children.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What good is a toaster?

Toasting food in a toaster, including sliced bread, crumpets, and bagels, is done using a kitchen equipment called a toaster. Bread that has been toasted is referred to as toast. The heat that is emitted from heated electric components in a normal toaster is what is used to toast a slice of bread.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a toaster?

A toaster is an equipment that should not be missing from any household. In addition to browning bread, it is capable of preparing a variety of other dishes in the kitchen. Toasting bread for morning was formerly the sole function for this kitchen equipment, but those days are long gone. Toasters manufactured in this day and age often come with a variety of various settings that may assist you in preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Why are toasters so pricey?

The most notable distinctions are seen in the surface treatment, brand, and capabilities. Toasters that are less priced often have a plastic exterior, but if you spend a little more money, you can purchase one that has a stainless steel or fancy finish and comes with a few more bells and whistles.

Is toasting beneficial for your health?

The impact that a meal has on your blood sugar level may be evaluated using something called the glycemic index. Toasting bread reduces the amount of fat that is contained in each slice of toast. Even if the amount of fat in the bread will not be greatly reduced, the fact that you consume bread on a daily basis will unquestionably make a difference.

What is the typical lifespan of a toaster?

Toasters may differ widely in price and in the functions they provide, but they typically have a lifetime that is somewhere between six and eight years on average. It is possible to get more use out of your appliance if you give it a thorough cleaning on a regular basis and remove any extra breadcrumbs and other food particles.

What is the proper way to clean a toaster?

The crumbs fall into a tray that sits at the bottom of most toasters. Take it out of the oven and put the crumbs in the garbage can. Use a paper towel or a clean cloth that has been dampened to remove any residual crumbs from the tray. You may also wash the tray with warm soapy water, but before you put it back in the toaster you need to make sure it is totally dry.

How often should a toaster be wiped down and cleaned?

The experts at Clean My Space suggest that you clean your toaster every few weeks and give it a thorough cleaning once a month, however this recommendation is contingent on how often you use your toaster. However, if you use it on a daily basis, you should think about cleaning it once a week at the very least.

The Bottom Line

Make your decision based on looking whether the toaster fulfills all the essential features you are looking for. Also, see if you want a timer in your appliance. Also, look for the toaster that matches your kitchen color and style. Therefore, when buying one, get the best for your kitchen.

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