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Do you reside in an area with a poor supply of municipal water? Could it be that you just want to elevate your own health a notch higher? Well, you will find the water filters great possessions for achieving either end. That is because they are designed to eliminate excess levels of impurities from your water.


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Given that these water filter appliances are many and complex, finding the best countertop water filter might not always be a walk in the park. You want to receive some insight to give you the head start you need to do some good shopping. We step in to provide just that. Read through our reviews below for this…

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If you feel a countertop water filter is not for you, have a look at our guide and reviews of the best under sink water filter for home or best whole home water filter and softener or best 10 inch water filter cartridge.

[dt_quote]What Is a Countertop Water Filter?[/dt_quote]

The quality of water you have to use to prepare meals and bathe might never be of the best quality. It is not uncommon for the water to contain plenty of minerals, contaminants, and other germs. Getting rid of these unwanted impurities from the water is hence the topmost priority of just about anyone.

There are numerous ways and means of achieving this end. Of these, the use of the water filters stands out. That is mainly because the filters are handy and are generally simpler to make good use of. They also have the added advantage of being able to fit the smallest storage spaces with absolute ease.

That is why it pays to get to know more about them. We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of our discussions here below to just that. In the proceeding discussions, we shall look into just about everything you might need to know about these water filters in their entirety.

[dt_fancy_title title=”HOW TO FIND THE BEST COUNTERTOP WATER FILTER” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Choosing the best countertop water filter isn’t as easy as you’d think. So, in this section, we will discuss the factors that you should consider before buying these devices for your course:

best water filter system
[dt_quote]√ Type of Water[/dt_quote]

Water comes in various shades, levels of hardness and impurity levels. Different filters are also optimized for handling different kinds of water. You have to be sensitive to these variations as you find your relevant filter for the job. Determine the problem with your water and look for the right appliance.

[dt_quote]√ Filtration Capacity [/dt_quote]

This refers to the amount of water which the filter may handle at any given time. A good water filter has to possess that capacity which is more likely to guarantee faster and expedited service delivery. This reduces the wastage of time and ensures uninterrupted supply of clean water.

[dt_quote]√ Type [/dt_quote]

Water filters come in two main types. These are the water filter pitcher and the faucet filters respectively. The former operates independently of your faucet and plumbing feature. With the latter, you have to connect it to an existing plumbing system to operationalize it. Choose wisely bearing your capability in mind.

[dt_quote]√ Future Upgrades [/dt_quote]

Could it be that you intend to attach other appliances to your water filter? If that is the case, you want one which has room for those extra attachments. Look closely to find any ports and other outlets which have the potential to accommodate those extras.

[dt_quote]√ Dimensions [/dt_quote]

Lastly, you have to figure out the dimensions of the water filter you have in mind. The right appliance has to be able to fit your storage space and allow for easy handling and transportation. As a general rule, the space available in your premise and intended location of use are the key determinants of this.

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Let us start off with the definition. For one, a water filter is a special kind of apparatus that is used to eliminate impurities from the water you use on a daily basis. The best countertop water filter is one example of this appliance. It is smaller, compact, and mounts on the counters of the kitchens easily.

1. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

Short on space? Use this water filter. Its compact size lets you slip in the tiny spaces which exist in the cramped up kitchens. This notwithstanding, it still delivers awesome performances indeed.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Pretty Effective
The machine has the ability to eliminate a whopping 99% of the unwanted debris from your water. These include heavy metals, radon, benzene, chloramine, and so on.

√ Preventive
Other than eliminating undesirable debris, this machine also forestalls the accumulation and proliferation of microorganisms. In this way, it guarantees you safer water for an extended duration of time.


√ Adds Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium to your water
√ Installs faster and simply
√ Compatible with many standard household kitchen faucets
√ Spares you from the need to use the plastic bottles
√ Comes along with its own installation hardware


× Limited capacity
× Unsuitable for whole family use
× Emits audible levels of noise

2. PuricomUSA Purifier Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Want to purify your ordinary tap water further before use? This is the filtration mechanism to look up to. Being compact yet effective, it will most likely do you that job well.

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√ 50% Recovery Rate
Unlike the other appliances that use the reverse osmosis mechanism, this one has a really high recovery rate of around 50%. You may be sure to conserve more of your water in the course of filtration.

√ Energy Efficiency
To filter your water, this machine draws its power from the mains electricity. Its energy consumption is pretty small though (24W). You may be sure to save yourself the unnecessarily high utility bills that ordinarily come along.


√ Patented four-stage technology
√ Delivers superior taste and purity
√ Requires no assembly before use
√ Exudes great aesthetics
√ Great for those cramped up spaces


× Limited in scope (handles tap water only)
× Unable to filter out heavy metals
× Only for quick use

3. Avalon Countertop Water Cooler

Do you have children in your household and are equally wary of them? Well, you have a solution and companion in this wonderful filter. Stay on to know how suited it is to your need.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Hot and Cold Water Spouts
With this equipment, it is possible for you to filter and dispense both hot and cold water. In light of this, the appliance suits the toasty beverage and cool refreshments preparation procedures.

√ Child-safe
It is equipped with some child safety features. These you use to make the children unable to engage the appliance unnecessarily. It is these features which make the item safe for your household.


√ Its filter is certified for excellent performance
√ Bears the Energy-Star seal of approval
√ Prevents accidental burning of the children
√ Has a self-cleaning feature for ease of maintenance
√ Convenient for use in moments of poor visibility


× Slightly complicated to use
× Consumes higher levels of energy
× Accommodates no extras

4. Avalon A13CT Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

Is yours an area with poor visibility? Filtering your water in such an environment might never be an easy task. That is why you desperately need a machine which has the ability to illuminate itself, like this one.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ 3 Temperature Options
You will enjoy the luxury of not 1 or 2 but 3 temperature options. These you will use to determine the levels of heat which you desire your water to possess.

√ Bottle-less Operations
Unlike many other filters, this one is devoid of and does not require any bottles. Instead, it relies on some dual filtration system to do the job of eliminating undesired chuff.


√ Variable temperature options
√ Made of durable stainless steel material
√ Very safe for your child
√ Slows down the buildup of bacteria and harmful germs
√ Higher heating capacity


× Does not accept any attachments
× Has some delicate parts
× Costs a lot to maintain

5. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Are you looking for a water filter for an entire family? Waste, not your time! Instead, grab this countertop water purifier in the earliest opportunity you probably can manage to do so. It handles 4-16 people well!

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ High Grade 304 Stainless Steel
In its entirety, this machine is made of the durable high-grade 304 stainless steel material. Expect it hence to last longer and demand limited repairs and maintenance on your part.

√ Reliable Purification Element
At its core is the reliable purification element. This one has a pretty long lifespan of just about 3,000 gallons. Being two, the appliance conveniently generates an impressive 6,000 gallons at a time.


√ Comprehensive makeup and composition
√ Has two rather than one filtration mechanism
√ Handles and impacts 2.25 gallons of water at a time
√ Takes up limited mounting space
√ Compatible with many standard plumbing features


× Inconvenient to carry around
× Tedious and cumbersome to clean
× Its filters are easily clogged

6. Brondell Countertop Water Filter System

Do you want a filter to use on many occasions and environments? We invite you to try your hand on this best water filter system It is highly versatile and consequently attaches to many faucets. Use it if you change locations frequently.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Push Button Control
Operating this machine is a breeze. All you have to do is engage the push-button controls. Upon doing so, you will receive your dose of filtered water on demand.

√ Patented Nanotrap Filter
Your filtration will be handled by the patented Nanotrap filter. Apart from ridding your water of germs, it also diminishes the water’s turbidity and other waterborne microorganisms.


√ Exudes awesome power notwithstanding its simple construction
√ Attaches conveniently to your kitchen faucets
√ Exhibits some inspired design that is awesome to behold
√ Tested and certified by the various accreditation agencies
√ When engaged, operates continually with minimal attention


× Incomplete to use
× Demands some installation before use
× Clutters your workspace unnecessarily

7. APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

To be able to enjoy unconstrained experiences, in the long run, you have to secure the services of a filter that is backed by the excellent customer support system. This is the countertop water filter we would recommend that you place your bet on.

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√ 4-Stage Filtration
To cleanse your water, it takes advantage of the four-stage filtration system. Thanks to this system, the water is passed in four filters sequentially. In doing so, the minutest of debris is eliminated.

√ Easy Installation
Generally speaking, filters install easily. You only have to engage the quick connect fitting to secure it to your kitchen faucet. The same applies to the changing of filters when the time to do so comes.


√ Fits your standard kitchen faucet and plumbing system
√ Uses the reverse osmosis to rid your water of all impurities
√ Delivers crisp taste which is superior to that of bottled water
√ Looks good, courtesy of the Aluminum casing
√ Manages long-lasting performances


× Cannot do anything more than filtering your water
× Lacks a couple of relevant features
× Sustains damages easily in the course of the use

8. VitaFilta Countertop Water Filter

A good water filter should go beyond merely ridding yours of unwanted impurities. This one has the added advantage of being able to alter the temperature of the water appropriately and as need be.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Small Space-saving Footprint
In all, the appliance comes in some small and space-saving footprint. This makes it usable in those areas that are short on space like the crowded kitchens and apartments.

√ Adjustable Temperature
As we have already stated, this machine lets you adjust the temperatures of the water output. It manages to lower the temperature to the 40°F (4.44°C) level.


√ Made of the safe BPA plastic material
√ Has a rather small footprint
√ Comes along with a 3-gallon tank
√ Handles the regular tap water
√ Removes heavy metals as well!


× Highly susceptible to burns and scalds
× Takes on too much power
× Requires careful handling and attention

9. Travel Berkey Water Filter

Do you fancy camping and other outdoor activities? We have some good news for you! This is a filter that is reliable for use in such kinds of environments. Get hold of it for your next outdoor escapade.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Zero Electricity Required
This filter is unlike your ordinary appliance. It does not rely on the electricity to power its filters. It is this trait that makes it suitable for use in outdoor environments which are detached from the national grid.

√ Faster Filtration Rates
The rate of filtration of this appliance is pretty amazing. Travel Berkey holds 1.5 gallons of water. With this machine, say no to unnecessarily long waiting hours which others have to contend with.


√ Gets rid of all the harmful contaminants
√ Can even make the untreated water potable
√ Simpler to pack and carry around
√ Impacts water from all-natural sources equally
√ Filters at approx 2 gallons per hour


× Too simple and basic

10. Home Master Counter Top Water Filtration System

Is your water naturally prone to heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and other harmful contaminants? This is the water filter to choose for such kind of applications.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Highly Pure Water
It delivers truly highly pure water. As a matter of fact, it is able to eliminate 93% of the chemicals and impurities we have stated above. This is due to its extremely powerful filtration mechanism.

√ Compact Design
Notwithstanding its powerful filtration mechanism, this filter also comes in a rather compact size. This lets it take limited space and save you the agony of having to spare too much of your sink top to contain it.


√ Installing it takes a few minutes
√ Travels around quite easily
√ Its granular filter does a pretty amazing job
√ Takes on all the water at a time
√ Leak-proof and pretty reliable


× Does not remove dissolved minerals
× When clogged, costs a lot to unclog
× May harm your water in the long run

11. DRINKPOD Bottleless Countertop Water Dispenser

For your maximum safety, you want a filter that goes beyond merely purifying your water. Instead, you want one that can also disinfect the same, like this one.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ 3 Temperature Modes
To help you achieve this feat, the appliance has three temperature modes. You engage these to set the desired levels of hotness or coldness of the water. In this way, you enjoy more relevant outcomes.

√ Ice and Coffee Connect Port
The machine lets you attach up to 2 like-minded appliances. You may opt to fix the ice and the coffee makers if you so wish. In this way, you get to enjoy added benefits and advantages.


√ May serve as a central water dispenser system
√ Gives you the freedom to choose your desired temperature levels
√ Friendly to the environment
√ Saves generous levels of energy when in use
√ Certified by Energy Star and Underwriters Laboratory


× Quite costly to come by
× Favors those who have the necessary expertise
× Be prepared for noise disturbances

12. Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System

While working out in the gym, the possibility of losing excess levels of water is rife. To be sure of proper hydration all the time, you need to make do with a water filter that is suitably designed for the job, like this one.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Comprehensive Packaging
This filter comes in a comprehensive packaging. It comprises the rings, seals, faucet adapters, and plastic wrench, all for your easy installations. The comprehensive packaging cuts down the time necessary to set the system up.

√ 3-month Capacity
With the extra-large 3-month capacity, this filter lets you enjoy the benefits that come along without the need to constantly replace parts, repair the system, or dump it in favor of a better one.


√ Designed and manufactured in Europe
√ Takes a shorter time to install
√ Brings along some added aesthetic to your room
√ Easily accessible in your sink area
√ Lacks the many sophisticated parts and components


× Certainly not for remote use
× Takes up excess mounting space
× Does not detach and is hence difficult to clean

13. AquaTru - Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

In the course of filtering water, it is not unusual for some essential minerals to be eliminated as well. This is unfortunate to anyone who is desirous of great health. That is where a filter that can purify and re-mineralize like this one is handy.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

This filter takes just minutes to set up. After fully installed under-the-counter RO systems, while at the same time, delivering often Cleaner, Purer, and Better Tasting Water.

YES. It is these that infuse your water with essential minerals and micro-nutrients. Examples of these are Manganese, Potassium, Zinc, and Calcium.


√ Strengthens the connective tissues when taken in large quantities
√ BPA-free plastic is friendly to the environment
√ Requires no electrical energy to operate


× Consumes higher levels of power to operate

14. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

Never attempted to filter water before? Choose this simple and easy to use countertop water filtration system as a starting point. It is very simple, lacks those complicated parts yet does a truly awesome job indeed.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Planet Friendly
Considering that it is manufactured using eco-friendly materials, this filter is friendly to your planet. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for single-use plastics and carbon footprint.

√ Doctor Recommended
Further, many doctors do recommend it for use given the many health benefits it potentially brings along. These include the ability to remove 99-99.9% of all impurities and toxins. This is besides improving the taste of your water.


√ Simple yet very durable
√ Distinctively intuitive design
√ Easier to make do with
√ Water quality rivals that of the distilled variety
√ Filters using glass and porcelain


× Too simple for complex chores
× Only for a limited amount of people
× Performs fewer operational cycles

15. Bawel Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

If the pH of your water is excessively acidic or alkaline, you want a filter that can impact both extremes perfectly. No other machine comes even close to this one, with regards to that very need.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ pH Stabilizer
The appliance has the uncanny ability to stabilize the pH of the water. Its pH stabilization ranges from 2.0 – 12.0 while its Oxidation-Reduction Potential ranges from +600 – -800.

√ Internal 2-stage Water Filtration System
Also complementing the pH stabilization is the internal 2-stage water filtration system. This one passes water through two filters to see to it that the least conspicuous of all dirt is eliminated.


√ Stabilizes the pH of your water
√ Filters last longer and perform many cycles
√ Displays the progress of the filtrations exercise
√ Connects to many plumbing systems of your home
√ Handles lower water pressure as well


× Irrelevant to households
× Only for the too technical operational environments
× A bit delicate to handle around

16. Reverse Osmosis Revolution Countertop Purification Water System

If you travel every now and then in your recreational vehicle, you want an appliance which has the ability to fit seamlessly in such kinds of plumbing mechanisms. Loom no further than this one!

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Ion Exchange Media Filter
The filter mechanism of this appliance stands apart from the others. It is unique and operates via the deionization process. In this way, it gives off ultra-pure water outputs.

√ 5-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Other than de-ionizing your water, this machine also employs the reverse osmosis mechanism to clear out all debris. The filtration exercise in question happens through five stages for the complete elimination of impurities.


√ Delivers the desired ends instantly
√ Takes less than a minute to install
√ Requires no extra plumbing or permanent fixtures
√ Lasts 8-12 months when fixed
√ Saves 4.5¢ per gallon


× Prone to pilferage and damage while in use
× Unreliable for consistent and long-term use
× Gets clogged when too dirty water is poured

17. Propur Big Countertop Gravity Water Filter System

The normal water filters do lack the ability to get rid of heavier pieces of debris from your water. As a reliable way forward, you want one that is appropriately equipped for the job. This one removes microplastics, Chlorine, Lead, and Fluoride.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ 2.75-gallon Capacity
It is capable of managing 2.75 gallons of water per minute. With this capacity, be certain that the appliance guarantees the higher levels of output required to minister to an entire family with ease.

√ Gravity-fed Filtration System
Setting this appliance further apart from the others is the fact that it does not require any external power source to operate. Instead, it derives its power purely from gravity.


√ Equipped with two powerful filter elements
√ Usable both at home and in the office
√ Convenient and economical for use
√ Great for moments of emergencies and disasters
√ Its filters perform numerous operational cycles


× Requires extensive cleaning every quite often
× Experiences frequent downtimes
× Costs too much to handle and maintain

18. Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter

Are you a fan of coffee and tea? Well, you want an appliance that goes beyond merely ridding your water of undesirable impurities. This has can do both, and comfortably for that matter.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Stylish and Strong Housing
Standing strong among its awesome features is stylish and strong housing. This stems from the heavy-duty stainless steel housing. Expect to enjoy prolonged and unparalleled operations.

√ ¾-inch Full-port Spout
After you are done with your filtration, you will also enjoy the ease of discharging the same. This you will do using the full-port spout that measures the decent ¾ inches. Say no to all spills!


√ Works well with your existing valves
√ Replaces easily when the need arises
√ Cleans easily after filtration
√ Guarantees higher satisfaction levels
√ Eliminates a whopping 97% of unwanted dirt


× Installation is long and tedious
× Calls for the acquisition of many other parts
× Quite inconvenient to handle and carry around

19. ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

If yours is water that is heavily infested with Lead, you cannot rely on your normal water filters. You have to lay your hands on one that is optimized for the elimination of the same, like this countertop water filter system

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ ZeroWater Filters
The flagship feature of this appliance is the ZeroWater filters. It is these filters which sieve out Lead, Chromium and other heavy metals. They are tough enough to ensure smooth operations.

√ 23-cup Water Dispenser
After filtering your water, you will enjoy the ease of dispensing the same. This you will do using some 23 cup dispensers. For this reason, the appliance is awesome for an office and home use equally.


√ Filters your water through five major stages
√ Contains a water quality meter to gauge the quality of the output
√ Removes twice as many heavy metals as other filters
√ Tested and certified by the various accreditation agencies
√ Handles many incidences of use


× Has the potential to poison your water
× The residue has be eliminated completely after each use
× Long and tedious operational procedures

20. Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser with 1 Standard Filter, BPA Free – UltraMax, Gray

Are you a single occupant who is nevertheless desirous of clean water? We invite you to try your hand on this machine. It takes up limited space, has a low water capacity and is reliable indeed.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Brita Standard Filter
Its filtration mechanism comes in the form of the Brita standard filter. This has the ability to diminish the higher levels of chlorine, poor taste, bad odor, and a host of heavy metals, all at the same time!

√ Sticker Indicator
Further to merely filtering your water, this appliance also helps you to track the frequency with which you change your water filters. This is made possible by the sticker indicator that is included in the system.


√ Takes up less space
√ Great for larger households
√ Pouring out water is easy
√ Lets you drink water with your meals
√ Allows for easy monitoring


× Improper for use in dark areas
× Impacts only a limited quantity of water
× Takes long to satisfy the needs of many people

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the best countertop water filter :

[dt_quote]Q. Is ceramic water dispenser safe?

A. YES, it is! Ceramics lack lead and are also certified for maximum safety. It is hence highly unlikely that the appliance that bears the ceramic may imperil the safety of your water. This is not to count the higher levels of water purity ceramic manage to exude.

[dt_quote]Q. How much is a water filtration system?

A. These appliances come in various shades, shapes, and sizes. Due to these huge variations, they also cost varying amounts of money. To be able to afford a good filter though, be prepared to part with no less than $1,650.

[dt_quote]Q. Is water dispenser good for health?

A. Of course, why not? It reduces the levels of contamination of the water which brings about a host of added health benefits. These include reduced incidences of sicknesses, safer stomach, and better health, all factors considered.

[dt_quote]Q. How do you filter aluminum water?

A. Reverse osmosis is by far the most reliable means of filtering Aluminum water. It has the ability to get rid of unwanted Aluminum by a whopping 98%. Other than this, the Electrodialysis also comes in as a viable alternative.

[dt_quote]Q. Can you filter chemicals out of water?

A. YES, you can! Yet again, the reverse osmosis comes in to play this wonderful role. It does eliminate all pesticides and other harmful chemicals from your water. In this way, it leaves behind some safe and clean water outcomes.

Advantages of Countertop Water Filters

The use of these filters confers many advantages to the users. These basically are the benefits that a user of these gadgets ordinarily stands to accrue from the employment of the same for his needs. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits that the use of these wonderful pieces of appliances may potentially bring forth to you:

Cheaper to Acquire

Their prime advantage is the fact that they are cheaper to come by. They cost less overall and more so when compared to the existing alternatives. It hence goes that you stand to suffer limited financial strain if you opt to go for them instead of their peers.


Next comes the benefits of space-saving. These appliances are generally smaller and more compact in size and shape. You have them for your taking and subsequent use if your area is short on space or is cramped up. These include condominiums and smaller rooms in a typical home.

Simplified Installations

Given that they contain only the bare minimum sets of features, these appliances are simpler to install and subsequently deploy for use. You need not possess too much technical expertise to be able to set them up for use hence. Go for them if you are a starter hence.

Pretty Effective

All factors considered, these appliances are cost-effective in the sense that they take in less effort and power input yet at the same time give out more in terms of benefits. Moreover, they last longer not to mention getting rid of many impurities at a time.

Reduced need for Maintenance

These appliances rarely break down, fall off, and sustain damages. For a large part, they are manufactured using the strongest materials available while at the same time exhibit great workmanship. The combination of these traits adds up to lower operational and maintenance costs on your part.

Re-mineralized Water

Some of these filters have the ability to re-mineralize the water i.e. introduce minerals in the water after the same have been depleted or extracted using other means of filtration. Thus, they are quite beneficial in that they bring in far more benefits than they are naturally meant for.

Easy Priming

With this kind of appliance, you need not go through elaborate priming steps to be able to prime the filter cartridges. That is because they are simpler to handle not to mention being accompanied by the necessary instruction manuals to guide you throughout the steps involved.

Disadvantages of Countertop Water Filters

Like with any other piece of appliance the water filters too, are not without their own disadvantages. Having known about the strong points of these gadgets, we should now take a look at ‘the other side’ of the same. Here, we take a look at some of the downsides of these appliances for you to skim and prepare appropriately for.

Minimal Aesthetic Value

Try as they may the water filters have minimal aesthetic values. They are not elegantly designed as should be the case. You hence have to make several adjustments to be able to accrue this benefit if at all that is what you may be targeting in your search for the right appliance.

Single Point

Countertop water filters are small, less voluminous, and more compact in size. For these reasons, they only allow you to discharge the water output via a single outlet. This may be disadvantageous to you if you have the needs of many people to care for at a given time.

Limited Efficacy

When compared to the conventional water filters, these appliances have a somewhat limited capacity to eliminate the impurities from the water. It is not uncommon for them to leave behind some impurities which may compromise the health and the stature of the users of the gadgets.


Their carrying capacities are also smaller and limited in value. For this reason, they can only impact a limited volume of the water per unit time compared to the many alternatives that be there. This yet again makes them not so great to handle if you have the needs of many people to take care of.

How to Install a Countertop Water Filter

To be able to install the countertop water filters, there are steps you have to take and tips to follow. Here now, we are going to examine these steps for you to note. As you will see, the processes involved are not too complicated for you to follow through and implement:

Tools and Materials Required

You will first and foremost have to garner these supplies:


  • Wrench
  • Spanner
  • Bolts
  • Pliers
  • Pair of gloves
  • Protective attire e.g. aprons or overalls


Step-by-set Procedures

Now follow these steps to actualize the set up:

Step I: Find the right filter for your faucet

It all begins by finding the right filter for your faucet. In your search for the right filter, factor such issues as the compatibility between the two gadgets, the sheer sizes and dimensions, and the operational expertise that may be needed to bring the two of them to fruition.

Step II: Remove the aerator

Now proceed to remove the aerator from the faucet. This is to prep the faucet to be able to accommodate and attach to the filter. To remove this aerator, simply turn it in the anti-clockwise direction repeatedly and gently at the same time. Be careful that it sustains no damages in the process.

Step III: Connect the filter

At this stage, you should now connect the filter to the water faucet. Simply slot the filter in the space that is left out. Proceed now to tighten the two until such a time that the joints are firmly fixed together and do not stand a chance to detach or fall off.

Step IV: Attach the diverter valve to the faucet

Follow the above step by attaching the diverter valve to the faucet. The role of this attachment is to help regulate the flow and the volume of the water discharge. Be sure to fix it firmly and well to prevent it from leaving out the water to flow in too much quantity or amount.

Step V: Test the system

No installation exercise can be deemed complete without the system tested and certified for efficacy. That is why you should now go ahead and test the system. Simply turn the faucet on and observe how it performs the task of filtering out the impurities from the water. Make any necessary adjustments if need be.

How Countertop Water Filters Work

Knowing how the countertop water filters work is another great thing to do more so if all you want is to appreciate them and know how to fix any emergent errors. At this stage of our discussion, we shall peek into the inner working mechanisms of these water filters for you to familiarize yourself with.

Below are the steps and technologies involved in the working of the gadget:

Mechanical Filtration

For one is the mechanical filtration. In this sense, the filters push out the water through smaller pores. These pores measure somewhere between 0.1 – 0.3 microns. In the course of pushing out the water, the debris is left behind while the freshwater finds its way to the tanks or faucets.

Water Softening

Next is the water softening technique. Under this technique or scheme, the ion exchange mechanism is greatly employed to eliminate the hard minerals like the Magnesium and the Calcium from the water. In the course of this, the water output is softer and cleaner overall not to mention being free of toxins.

Activated Carbon Filtration

At some times, the water may contain dissolved organic contaminants like the volatile organic compounds, chlorine, disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, and so on. You can never rely on your ordinary water filters to eliminate these compounds. The activated carbon filtration is the one that is chiefly used to eliminate them.


Alkalization is the breakdown of the acidic components of the water to make it safer and more neutral to the taste. The infrared rays are extensively used to ionize or neutralize the acidic components of the water to make it more alkaline. This also kills off germs to make the water safer and less of a hassle to you.

KDF Filtration

The KDF filtration is a technique that is largely used to eliminate the heavy metals from the water to make the same devoid of the toxins and safer to drink. This filtration mechanism eliminates the Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, and Iron from the water. In turn, it leaves behind safer and potable water for you to drink.

Silver Filter

A silver filter will eliminate those tiny and somewhat dangerous microorganisms from the water. The top examples of these include heavy metals, a variety of toxins, viruses, and bacteria. This filter is thus awesome for those circumstances when you need to be certain of your own health.


Remineralization is not a method of filtration strictly speaking. However, it too is a necessary and sufficient step towards making your water safer and smoother to the taste. It basically entails the addition of the minerals that were once on existence in the water but have since been depleted.

Countertop water filter Parts & Accessories replacement

To be able to make good use of these water filtration appliances, you have to acquire and make use of a couple of accessories and attachments for the job. How possible is this likely to be without knowing about them in the first place? We identify and explain a couple of them here below for you:

Air Filters

The air filters come in first among the many accessories that you may use alongside these appliances. As you may have guessed the purpose of the filters are the ones you use to weed out impurities from the water as they pass through from the faucet.


It is the batteries that give the filters the ability to discharge their roles. The batteries power the motors that in turn regulate the flow of the water within the filtration mechanism or chambers. Lithium-ion is by far the most recommended set of batteries for the job.

Drum Dispensing Systems

Filtering out the water is one thing. Having this water channeled to the precise place where the same is needed is yet another thing altogether. The drum dispensing system is the one you use to direct the flow of the water to the place where the same is or might be needed.

Filter Heads

Obviously, the filters get worn out with use. They have to be fastened and spruced to be able to keep discharging their roles regardless of the number of strains they may have already endured. The filter heads are the ones that serve that purpose. They also serve to enhance the filtration mechanisms overall.

Glass Jars and Growlers

You will need the growlers and the glass jars to empty the contents of the filters. This is particularly if you lack a large tank or any piece of container that is sufficiently large to be able to accommodate a huge volume of the water output.


If perchance you have to use the water to tackle a couple of applications that demand preciseness, you will have to label the jars appropriately. This is where the labels come in. You simply write what you want there and then use the same as references later on.

Mounting Clips

The mounting clips come in handy while suspending or setting up the water filters appropriately. They basically work by fastening the containers firmly against a hard surface while at the same time providing the support necessary to have them operational for a very long time.

Sanitizing Kits and Media

In some instances, you might have to sanitize the water and the surfaces where the filtration mechanisms are placed. Here is where the sanitizing kits and media come in. They have potent sanitization powers that all go a long way in eliminating germs and other debris.

Inverter Valve

An inverter valve basically helps to regulate the flow of the water as the same jets out of the filters or the faucets. To be able to discharge this role, you have to set the most desirable parameter beforehand. This is not to mention fastening the inverter itself in such a way as to allow for more reliable usage.


The wrenches are the tools you use to fasten the filters to the faucets when installing or loosening the same. They possess grooves or threads that you use to turn the attachments in either direction. Be sure to find the wrench that is as suited for the role you have in mind as possible to eliminate unnecessary errors.

Different Types of countertop water filter according to the technical specification

It comes in different kinds and forms. These differences are informed by the numerous circumstances of use they are naturally devoted to and the roles that they are intended to play, overall. Here below, we delineate the types of these filters and the purposes for which they are intended:

Water Distillers

This is a special kind of countertop water filtration system that is designed to generate or give rise to the water output that is wholly devoid of the minerals and the contaminants. Its water output is by far the highest that these appliances may possibly give rise to. It finds applicability in sensitive installations like the hotels.


The countertop ultrafiltration system comes next. This is the kind of appliance you want to place your bet on if you want to filter out impurities but at the same time retain the dissolved minerals in the water. It does possess some ultra-fine filter that serves this purpose so well.

Ceramic Filters

Some waters may contain the poisonous microbiological organisms that potentially pose some damages to the quality and reliability of the water. These include the cysts and the bacteria. Only the ceramic filters may come in and sort these issues out for you. Consider acquiring and deploying it for those roles.

Carbon Filters

Looking to improve the taste of the water as well? Go for the carbon countertop as it is able to eliminate chloramine and chlorine from the water. You will subsequently use it to get rid of the bad-tasting tap and reveal potable water that is smoother and great to the taste.

Faucet Filters

As its designation implies, the faucet filter attaches directly to your water faucet. It hence cuts down the time you would naturally have to take to have your water filtered. Then again it filters out the impurities instantaneously in such a way as to yield forth the desirable outcomes within the shortest time possible.

Water Filter Pitcher

A water filter pitcher does not attach to your faucet. Nonetheless, it is still pretty effective at getting rid of the impurities from your waters. It is just like your standard faucet save for the fact that it is narrower and smaller. You hence have it for your taking if your kitchen area is cramped up.

Countertop water filter vs. under sink water filter

It is no secret that the countertop water filters are not the only appliances that may help you out. There are numerous pieces of equipment that you may similarly rely on to take on this task. The under sink water filter is by far the most outstanding of these.

But which of these two is the better option? We now devote the proceeding segment of our discussions to compare and contrast these two pieces of equipment. Lastly, we shall find out the one that stands out and is similar to be given the priority it truly deserves.


These pieces of equipment differ in size. Comparatively, the countertops are smaller and more compact than the under sink water filters. That is because they are deliberately designed and intended for the spaces that are cramped up like the area on top of the kitchen cabinets. You hence have them for your taking if your area or room is similarly smaller.

Installation Procedures and Efforts

To put up both pieces of appliances, you will no doubt have to expend some installation efforts and follow some procedures. Of these two, it is the countertop water filters that are simpler to set up. You will hardly have to go through some elaborate installation procedures to be able to get your job done.

Costs of Acquisition

Considering that they are smaller and more compact, the countertop filters are similarly cheaper to acquire. They are hence great for you in case you have a limited financial resource base at your fingertips. To be able to acquire the under sink water filters though, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets as they are somewhat expensive.

Water Filtration Capacity

This refers to the amount of water that they may filter or impact per unit time. Being more spacious and larger in capacity, the under sink water filter is able to filter out more water per unit time compared to the countertop water filters. They are hence the ones to go for if you have plenty of water to impact per unit time.

Space and Size Requirements

As noted above, the countertop water filters are smaller and more compact in size. They subsequently demand equally limited storage space to mount and subsequently make do with. You will nonetheless have to set aside plenty of storage and mounting space to be able to set up your under sink water filters.


Generally, a countertop water filter is more portable and simpler to carry around when compared to the under sink water filters. On account of this, you will be able to carry it around and make use of it in many other areas and places. A typical under sink filter on the other hand is largely fixed at a given place.


The roles that these two appliances play or are likely to play are what are jointly called or referred to the applicability. A countertop water filter is generally more applicable than the under sink water filter. You may use it to tackle many water purification and allied tasks than you would with the latter.

Power Consumption

The countertop water filter, as we have already explained is able to discharge more roles. It is no wonder therefore that it also costs a lot more to operationalize than the under sink water filters. B prepared hence to dig deeper in your pockets to be able to keep yours operational.

Maintenance Requirements

On the whole, the under sink water filters cost more to maintain. That stems from the fact that they are larger and also contain more sophisticated parts and components. You hence have to pick and use them if and only if you are able to really raise the money you might need to keep them operational.


You are generally better off with the countertop water filters than the under sink water filters. The former also comprise numerous safety features that are all geared towards enhancing your safety and peace of mind as you make do with them overall. By choosing to work with the under sink water filters, you might have to be extra careful to prevent unnecessary issues.

Position of Installation

THE WINNER: From the foregoing explanations, the countertop water purifier stands out. They are far superior to their competitor in almost all aspects save for power consumption and water filtration capacity. You are hence better off with them in your kitchen. Choose the under sink water filters if and only if the vacant area you have in your home is the one underneath the sink.

By their sheer nature and structural makeup, the under sink water filters may only be mounted in the area underneath the sink nowhere else. They are hence severely limited in utility not to mention also curtailing your own level of convenience in the course of making use of the same. This makes them not so good a purchase.

Countertop water filter Repair/maintenance

These pieces of equipment do sustain damages or failures in the course of their workings. For this reason, you have to care for and maintain them from time to time. How possible is this achievable save for first of all knowing how to do so? We take you through some best practices to follow to achieve this end:

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection is by far the most significant step to take towards maintaining your equipment in the best shades and forms. By inspecting the appliances regularly, you get to anticipate the impending dangers and damages well in advance. That gives you ample time to put in place necessary remedial measures.

Upgrade of Parts and Accessories

Manufacturers are constantly innovating. They are ever producing better gadgets and accessories to make your water filtration better and more efficient. You similarly have to be on the lookout for these newer and more effective parts and incorporate them into your water filtration systems.

Periodic Cleanliness

It is impossible to be able to enjoy unconstrained reliable use in the long run without keeping your equipment cleaner and in the best shape. That is why we ask you to always see to it that you clean and maintain the same sparkling. Eliminate any rust as well while cleaning the gadgets.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

Take care of the moving parts as well. Ensure that they are properly lubricated to see to it that they move smoothly without the risks of breaking apart or sustaining too many damages in the process. Use the most fluid that ideally ought to be recommended for the job.

Safety of the Power Supply and Electrical Components

As a last measure, you similarly have to take good care of the electrical components of the water filters. They should at all times be in the best shape and form. Be on the lookout for the naked wires or other installations that may expose a user to the risks of shocks and injuries.

Just to recap the main point above, the countertop water filters are significant pieces of equipment that you badly want to find and make good use of. Its role and ability to eliminate all chuff from the water to leave behind clean and potable water for you to drink is a matter you can never downplay.

That is why we now emphasize that you tread this whole issue of finding the best countertop water filter for your use cautiously. Perhaps the most reliable way to accomplish this end is to read the explanations we have given above with a keen eye of attention. Is it not kind of you to also share the information far and wide?

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We have indeed toiled to do all that may be necessary for a good start. Having exhausted out part, we now pass the ball to you. Take over from where we have left. This can only mean narrowing down to a specific item from the list of the best countertop water filter for your consideration.

A good water filter has to fall well within your own budget range, be simple enough for you to handle and consume manageable levels of electrical power. Still stuck? Let us know. We guarantee to provide additional guidance if and when you call upon us! Good luck in your search.

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