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You are probably engaged in printing textiles and imbuing patterns on fabrics. Of course, you must find and make use of suitable throughout the entire exercise. By far the best kind of approach for your consideration is sublimation. It uses heat to imprint ink onto fabrics.


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Because of this, it leaves behind more permanent outcomes that are also easier to wash frequently. Finding the best ink for the job is no doubt a critical step to carry out. It is the one that makes or breaks the situation. We prepare this review-cum-buying guide of the best sublimation ink to help you in getting about it.

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We now belabor the points you need to factor in when searching for the best sublimation ink:

sublimation ink

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[dt_quote]√ Ink quality[/dt_quote]

The quality of the ink should rank at the very top of your consideration. A great ink no doubt has to possess a higher quality that is likely to last longer. Of utmost necessity is that the ink has to be fade and water-resistant. These twin traits ensure that they withstand any adversities.

[dt_quote]√ Kind of fabric[/dt_quote]

What kind of fabric are you targeting? Different pieces of fabric require different qualities of ink. You may have to invest in some research to know the ink requirements of your piece of fabric before embarking on the search for a suitable kind of ink.

[dt_quote]√ Mode of application[/dt_quote]

Just as the inks differ in their qualities and types, they also let you apply them in different ways. You want to lay your hand on a spot of ink that is convenient to apply. To make this possible, you have to ascertain your own level of expertise first. Then, go ahead and find that ink that falls within that very level.

[dt_quote]√ Intended degree of longevity[/dt_quote]

How long in total would you rather that your ink lasts? Is it only for an occasional moment or could it be that it straddles a longer span of time? Assess your needs appropriately before moving ahead to look for the kind of ink that may be suitable for your own applications.

[dt_quote]√ Colors[/dt_quote]

Of course, you must be mindful of the colors as well. A great ink has to come in the exact same color that you are looking for. Try as much as possible to find that which is capable of accommodating many color options. That will cut down the effort and the strength you might have to expend when having your way.

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Here now we start it out with the leading best sublimation ink printing. While coming up with this list, we took into consideration the industry trends, the reviews of past clients, and the longevity of the outcomes that the inks generally bring about when in use.

1. WOKOK Sublimation Ink refill

If you are involved in large scale or commercial fabric printing, you need an ink that is similarly able to work alongside the heat press machines. This is it! Other than its sufficiently high quantity, this ink is also able to impact a larger piece of fabric and bring forth more enduring outcomes.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Many Color Options

This ink is available in many shades, hues, and variants of colors. Among these are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow respectively. You will tap into these many colors to impact your fabrics in ways that are great. They are also comprehensive enough to prevent you from seeking interventions elsewhere.

√ Wider Compatibility

With this sublimation ink, you may use it alongside many other printing machines and apparatus. Examples of these are the Epson range of printers and models. Yet again, the ink assures you of the freedom of convenience you need to tackle your printing and operations just fine.

√ Appropriate Certifications

Thanks to the high-quality aspect of this ink, it has attained and exceeded many certifications. Examples of these are the MSDS and the ISO-9001 certifications respectively. They vouch for the ability of the ink to perform and exceed many printing expectations that ordinary inks can only dream of.

√ Water-resistance

It also comes about with the added advantage of being water-resistant. This makes it quite suited to resist all possible forms of water damages. In light of this, the ink tends to last fairly long and also withstands numerous spates of washing that other inks are incapable of enduring.

√ Anti-UV formulated

As part and parcel of its formulation, the ink is resistant to ultraviolet radiations and the possible damages that ordinarily come by. You may hence count on it to serve you well even when you have to put on that piece of fabric under the hot scorching sun for too long.


√ Does not clog and hence prints smoothly
√ Easier to use and refill in the cartridges
√ Simpler and more precise to operationalize
√ Exudes clear, natural, and vivid colors
√ Hardly poses any damages to the printers


× Cannot perform other forms of printing besides sublimation
× Useful only in fabrics with less than 30% cotton contents
× Has a lower viscosity than the other inks of its kinds

2. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill

Is yours strictly an Epson printer? You need not jeopardize yourself and the work you do by falling for any other ink at random. Instead, you have to set your eyes on one like this that is strictly designed for the Epson printers. Its designation for this very printer goes a long way to ensure smooth printing.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Refillable

Unlike many other inks we have, this is refillable in the sense of being able to be used repeatedly over a longer duration of time. It is hence a great one to pick and make use of if you have some commercial or large scale inkling.

√ High-quality Printing Ink

When all factors are put into consideration, the ink is true of high quality. It is thus able to endure the test of time while also leaving behind outcomes that are pretty enduring. You do not want to set your eyes elsewhere for your great printing outcomes on the fabrics.

√ High Heat Transfer Printing Rate

It does jet out of the printer at a faster pace when measured against the alternatives that be. For this reason, it saves greatly on the time taken while also guarantee the performances you need without wasting too much of your time. Find it applicable for ongoing engagements as well.

√ 3-layer Filtered Ink

In the course of the manufacture of the ink, it is filtered in three layers to bring the about finer quality of the overall outcomes. Thanks to these filtrations, the ink is smoother and hassle-free to apply across a fabric while also tends to dry out faster than usual.

√ Multipurpose

Using this ink, it is possible for you to work and impact many kinds of surfaces. Core examples of these are pillowcases, T-shirts, cross-stitches, ceramics, banners, and decorative pieces of cloth to name but a few! You hence stand to reap great levels of profitability if you choose it.


√ Resists fading and hence lasts longer
√ Exhibits stronger levels of stability
√ Tends to last longer than many other inks we have
√ Endures all possible forms of water damages
√ Hardly fades even when subjected to more water


× Restricted to the polyester fabrics only
× Unsuitable for kinds of cotton or heavier fabrics
× Only for the Epson brands of printers

3. PJ 400ml Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

Have some professional or large scale printing tasks to undertake? You have this specific ink to set your eyes on. It is wholly designed for the matters of professional applications thanks mainly to its resistance to ultraviolet radiation and the damages that come by.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ 100% Compatibility

This item is compatible with many piezoelectric printers. It is may subsequently be used alongside the refillable cartridges and the CISS ink systems. Thanks to this wonderful arrangement, the ink is able to cut down the hassles you may often undergo when attempting to imprint designs on your fabrics.

√ Wider Transfer Temperatures

Its range of the transfer of temperatures is pretty wide. This straddles the 180 to the 195 degrees threshold. On the strength of this arrangement, you may be sure to enjoy smoother and unparalleled operations at all times. It also gives you a freer range of applications.

√ Shorter Transfer Times

Coming along as well is the shorter transfer time of about 30-45 seconds. With this arrangement in mind, you are sure to enjoy unimpeded operations and less wastage of time. Also, the ink is less likely to get soiled with bare hands in between the application and the eventual drying of the same.

√ Excellent Water-resistance

By and large, the ink is truly resistant to the possible spates of water damages. It is truly water-resistant and hence less likely to suffer water damages chiefly by way of dilution of the concentrations. On the same note, it does not fade even when subjected to the water elements for too long.

√ Piezoelectric Print-head Machine

A piezoelectric print-head machine rounds up the list of the many top features that the gadget possesses. The machine head plays the role of transferring some personalized designs to the various items. These include T-shirts, flags, tiles, porcelains, and mugs. Your added returns on investments are hence assured.


√ Accompanied by a free ICC
√ Ensures a stronger level of stability when applied to the fabric
√ Brings about somewhat amazing turns
√ Suitable for many kinds of fabrics and items
√ Resists ultraviolet radiation and water damages


× Comes at a premium cost on your part
× Its color is easily compromised when in contact with other inks
× Requires some in-depth skill and expertise to handle

4. INKXPRO 4 X 100ml Professional True Color Sublimation Ink Refills

That Inkxpro is a leading brand in the field of sublimation printing is certainly not in doubt. It is only a matter of fairness that you prioritize its products in your search for the best ink. Why not try this one out? It has every quality and features-mix necessary for the job on your part.

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√ Professional True Color Sublimation Ink

In its entirety, this is a professional true color sublimation ink. It is thus able to handle and facilitate professional printing that has the ability to bring about enduring outcomes for you. This is the ink to go for if you have some economic values to reap or enjoy.

√ 4-color EcoTank Printers

Its core features a 4-color EcoTank printer. These are the ones that perform the task of jetting out the colors onto the fabrics. They are versatile enough to apply this color onto many surfaces that include but are not limited to mugs, polyester, plates, and phone cases.

√ 4 X 100ml Sublimation Ink Refills

The printers attach to some ink refills whose purpose is to replenish the ink contents of the cartridge. You will employ these refills to replenish the contents of the ink into the interior of the cartridge. Being easier to make use of, these refills are also well within your scope of use.

√ Free ICC Profile

A free ICC profile also comes along. These play the role of integrating the skills that are available freely on the internet platform to your printing. You may download them free of charge and use the same to easily integrate your applications while on the go.

√ Heat Press Transfer

Rounding them all up is the heat press transfer mechanism. It is this that passes on the heat to the shirts, phone cases, plates, and mugs. By use of the heat, the item is able to give off a long-lasting printing outcome that is beyond the scope of many other inks of its kind.


√ Proper for professional outcomes and handling
√ Refills to serve many cycles of use and applications
√ Works across many surfaces and other areas
√ Accepts many attachments and accessories
√ Binds the ink onto the garments for long-lasting ends


× Demands some in-depth knowledge to handle
× Definitely not for the starters and inexperienced persons
× Consumes a higher level of utility energy

5. GPC Image Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 564XL 564 XL

Of all the inks we have, this happens to be the most universally applicable. It may find applications with many other printers thanks mainly to its ability to pair to work alongside a couple of accessories. You have it for the taking if you handle many kinds of decorations or fabric mixes.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Variable Colors

The ink may tackle many kinds of colors like yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. This fact enables it to serve many kinds of decorations and diversity of fabrics. If you have some commercial inkling, you may have to look up to it for your own use.

√ ARC Auto Reset Chip

An ARC auto-reset chip forms the core of this gadget. It is the one that dispenses the ink onto the fabrics. Being automated, it negate the input of too much effort on your part. That of course goes a long way in cheapening your usage and applications of the gadget in the long run.

√ Awesome Cartridge Capacity

Its cartridge does have an awesome capacity indeed. For one, it is compartmentalized to hold a whopping four different colors without having them mix when in-store. Then again it has the ability to accommodate well over 100ml of ink per time. If this is not convenient, what is it?

√ Suitable Ink Type

Adding to its suitability for the role of imprinting fabrics is the diversity of the ink types it may handle. These include the sublimation ink, pigment ink, and dye ink. Go for it hence if you have a complicated undertaking to tackle that may need many kinds of inks.

√ 4 Packs Refillable Empty Ink Cartridge

Crowning the list is some four packs of the refillable empty ink cartridge. They stand by to enable you to accrue all the blessings that a gadget of this kind is naturally supposed to bring along. These many disparate items cut down the need to clutter your rooms with many gadgets.


√ Comprehensive in its scope and overall functionality
√ Segmented to handle and accommodate inks of many colors
√ Has a pretty large capacity for larger pieces of fabrics
√ Cuts down the amount of space you may have to expend when in use
√ Cheapens the task of cleaning the tabletops


× Limited to the printers in North America only
× Can only accommodate some kinds of inks
× Needs professional installations

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We now get to provide great answers to some of the questions that are persistently asked with regards to this particular subject. It is part and parcel of our endeavor to dispel any doubts and to allow you to arrive at the very best sublimation ink:

[dt_quote]Q1. Can I use regular ink for sublimation?[/dt_quote]

A. NOT really! A sublimation printing must only be done using a spot of sublimation ink. Using any other ink besides this one will only lead to disastrous consequences. You hence have to be very strict with the kind of ink you search for and decide to dedicate to the job.

[dt_quote]Q2. Which is better sublimation ink or pigment ink?[/dt_quote]

A. There seems to be a tie here. The dye-based colors produce more vivid images and superior color outcomes. Their sublimation ink counterparts however produce more long-lasting outcomes but the colors are not really as vivid as are generally supposed to be. Make your choice on the basis of what you want to achieve.

[dt_quote]Q3. Can you convert an HP printer to sublimation?[/dt_quote]

A. NOT really! A sublimation printer, much like the sublimation ink, is a specialized piece of equipment. You just have to find one that is dedicated to the job as a plausible way forward. You can never hence attempt to make a conversion from one to the other.

[dt_quote]Q4. How long does sublimation ink last on shirts?[/dt_quote]

A. Typically, 10 years. These kinds of inks are generally stronger, settle harder, are fade and water-resistant. The combination of these traits and benefits ensures that the imprints are not washed out too soon as is the case with many other kinds of alternative inks we have around.

[dt_quote]Q5. What happens if you sublimate on cotton?[/dt_quote]

A. Cotton is not really good at absorbing colors. If you use the sublimation ink on cotton, the image you produce will be imprinted on rather than in the fabric. As such, it will be prone to fades, water damages, and peel offs. This means you might have to redo the exercise every now and then.

[dt_quote]Q6. Can you sublimate on flannel?[/dt_quote]

A. YES, because most flannels are made of polyester. This material, unlike cotton, may be easily imprinted. It absorbs the colors deep in the fabrics and gives forth some enduring outcomes, all factors considered. Only be careful to follow every step and procedure as per the unique outlining.

[dt_quote]Q7. Is sublimation ink waterproof?[/dt_quote]

A. YES, it is! This ink is waterproof and will never absorb any water. Subsequently, it is stronger against every form of possible damages that may be leveled against it when in use. You want to have it for the taking if you tend to want outcomes that endure the test of time.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Our wrap up of the subject matter best sublimation ink comes to an end there. It is our hope that you now have the empowerment you need to do a great job of finding one for yourself. Simply follow the steps and the procedures stipulated above as a way forward.

We caution against dragging your feet excessively. That will only serve to delay the leverage of the benefits that potentially come along. Instead, we ask you to move hastily and purchase at least one item from the list we have reviewed above. Is it too much to ask you to spread the news far and abroad?

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