The Ultimate Guide To How To Use Digital Sewing Patterns

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Lessons about How to Use Digital Sewing Patterns

When you download a PDF digital sewing pattern, you get all of the directions and pattern pieces you need to complete a sewing project, which you can then print out at your convenience at home.

Advantages of Using a Digital Pattern:

Using a digital pattern instead of a traditional paper pattern has various advantages:

digital sewing pattern
  • You just need to print the pages with the pattern pieces on rather than printing all of the instruction pages, which saves paper.
  • The cost of digital patterns is often lower than the cost of paper patterns.
  • You don’t have to wait for the courier to deliver a digital pattern.
  • Why Small independent companies make the majority of digital patterns, therefore purchasing from them allows you to support another small company.
  • how to use digital sewing patterns

When I buy a digital pattern, what do I get?

Every step of the A Sewing downloadable pattern is illustrated with a color image, making it easy to follow along. The directions are really detailed and presented in an easy-to-follow manner. For those who don’t want to deal with re-sizing, the pattern pieces come with seam allowances already incorporated on multiple pages.

How to Use Digital Sewing Patterns:

You will get an email with a pdf download after purchasing a pattern. Downloading the pattern is the next step.

digital clothing patterns

As a general rule, we suggest that you save the pdf pattern to your computer rather than printing it from the email. There are no limitations on how many times you may download a sewing designs, but you should be aware that some companies impose restrictions, such as a time limit or a limit on the number of times you can download the file. Keeping a folder titled “Sewing Patterns” in your digital files can help you keep track of all your pdf patterns.

How to Print Digital Sewing Patterns:

One of the advantages of using a digital pattern is that you may save all of the instructions on your computer rather than printing them out. Printing out your pattern pieces is a must.

digital patterns

If you want to print the pdf file on A4 or US letter paper, you may. In order to guarantee that everything goes as planned, take the following precautionary measures:

  • Verify that the printer is configured to print at its maximum quality setting of 100%
  • Choose one of the pattern sheets to print off and use as a testing ground. Each sheet has a 3cm area at the top where you may take your measurement. 3cm square should be within a few millimeters larger or smaller.
  • Cut out all of the pattern pieces by following the solid black lines on the printed pages. You don’t have to worry about seam allowances since they’ve already been incorporated.
  • Pattern pieces that say “cut 2” on them indicate that they must be cut out a second time using the same pattern piece. Pattern pieces may be used several times if desired, but you can also cut a new one. An additional pattern piece may be necessary if you plan on moving all of your pattern pieces about your cloth to maximize its utilization before cutting it out. In order to make the greatest use of your fabric, all patterns from A Sewing Life come with a picture of the proposed layout and the size of the fabric needed. However, if your fabric is a different size, you may want to lay out all the pieces and move them about until you find the best fit.

Organize yourself

In addition to keeping track of your digital patterns, it’s a good idea to keep track of your printed pattern pieces. Put the pattern pieces in an envelope with the name of the pattern and the firm, such as Theodore Bear from A Sewing Life, on the outside. You may also place each design in a plastic wallet and preserve it in an A4 ring binder. The pattern and business names should be clearly shown along with any notes that you may or may not recall for the next time.

What’s the next step?

Now that you know how to make a small bear, you may try your hand at making one using the FREE pattern. Get acclimated to working with digital patterns by making a basic felt craft that requires just a tiny quantity of felt and can be completed by hand. It also provides you a chance to test out one of our designs and check for yourself how well the instructions are explained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a digital pattern, and how does it work?

Digital patterns are simply the pattern sheet “split down” into a4 (or equal size) pages, plus the instruction book, both in PDF format – which is normally supplied to you through email with a link that you must click on to access the pattern file.

What is the procedure for downloading sewing patterns in PDF format?

A PDF sewing pattern, often known as a digital sewing pattern, is fundamentally the same as a printed sewing pattern in sewing terms of functionality. This means that the clothing you end up with after you’ve sewed it up is exactly the same as the garment you would have ended up with if you had sewn it up from a printed pattern.

What is the best way to print a PDF pattern at home?

Printing a PDF pattern at home is quite similar to printing any other kind of document. If your purchase comes with numerous PDF files, double-check that you are opening the right one by clicking on it twice. When the File>Print menu option is selected and the print dialogue box appears, increase the print scale to 100 percent. Do not choose the “Scale to Fit” option.

What is A4 printing and how does it work?

A4 paper is an international paper size that measures 8.27 × 11.69 inches, which is comparable to 8.5 x 11 inches (Letter) paper in the United States. An A4 multifunction printer (MFP) is more compact and intended to handle A4, letter, and legal-sized paper, as well as certain smaller-sized paper such as envelopes. It is not capable of printing on A3 or ledger-sized paper.

What is the best way to store a rolled-up PDF pattern?

Uncut A0 (big format) patterns are rolled and stacked. Small rubber bands should not be used since they can wrinkle your designs. Label your design with tags so that you can readily recognize it later on. Tie the tags to the rubber band to keep it together. Simply put them in a basket or unused container and place them in a convenient location in your room. They may also be really fashionable!

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