Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: What a Mistake & How to Fix

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No More Mistakes With Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case. It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

If you’re a frequent sewer, you’ve probably experienced sewing machine needle hits bobbin case mishaps.

When that occurs, stitching becomes tough, and your project grinds to a halt while you try to resolve the problem with your sewing machine.

First-time sewing machine issues may be frustrating, particularly when you’re attempting to find out what’s wrong with the machine in the first place.

Even while it may seem as if you’ve done something incorrectly, this is really a typical sewing problem that can be remedied.

If your favorite sewing machine’s needle keeps catching on the bobbin casing, read on for some tips on how to fix it.

Reasons as to why the sewing machine’s needle makes contact with the bobbin container

needle hitting bobbin case

Needle strikes bobbin case for three basic causes. It might happen unexpectedly while you’re sewing, which may throw you off guard.

A stitch is formed by the interaction of the sewing machine’s needle and bobbin. Needles may shatter if they come into contact with an open bobbin case. Alternatively, the needle might completely bend or snap.

The needle is hitting the bobbin case because:

When the Bobbin Case Is Placed Wrongly, What to Do

It’s conceivable that you reinstalled your bobbin case improperly the previous time you performed maintenance on your sewing machine.

It’s critical that you understand how to put the bobbin casing back in its proper place so that you don’t run into this problem again.

A loud noise and broken needle are the first signs that you’ve put it wrong, but you won’t know for sure until you hear the noise and see that your needle is twisted or broken.

Whenever you’re working on your sewing machine and encountering problems, it’s a good idea to put down your work and switch the machine off.

Lift the needle to its highest point for your own safety and to make it easier to work on your project. Reverse the procedure by removing the needle plate and feed dogs, then lower your needle to observe where it touches.

To ensure that the sewing machine’s bobbin box is not damaged, inspect it. The damaged one should be removed and replaced with a new one.

When it comes time to replace the bobbin casing on your sewing machine, double check that you’ve done it according to the instructions in the handbook.

If the sewing machine bobbin casing has not been damaged, go to the next step.

After verifying the condition of the needle plate and feed dogs, reinstall them. Take care not to touch any threads when you put these components back together on your sewing machine. If the needle plate or dogs are damaged or broken, get them replaced.

The needle should be replaced if it has been damaged in any manner, since this will avoid further damage and problems.

If You’re Having a Problem with Your Timing

There’s a chance that your sewing machine is malfunctioning or faulty, and that might be the reason why it doesn’t have the right time.

So, if you’re having trouble with your machine’s timing, your best bet is to get it checked out by a professional technician. A computerized sewing machine, in particular, will benefit from regular maintenance and will perform better as a result of this action.

It’s a good idea to have a repair manual for your particular equipment on hand in case you need to rebuild it yourself.

Is There a Solution for a Needle That Is Too Close to the Bobbin Case

needle hitting bobbin case holder

Because there isn’t enough room between the bobbin casing and the sewing machine needle, this may happen. The needle position of a sewing machine may be manually adjusted so that it does not strike the bobbin casing.

Time adjustment mechanisms on certain sewing machines allow for some more distance between needle and spindle, while other machines need springs or gears within their body to allow for the needle and spindle to not contact at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why does the needle on my sewing machine constantly hitting the bobbin case?

Your machine does not have the needle positioned correctly in it. The screw that secures the needle clamp is loose. Adjust the needle by firmly turning the set screw.

Is it necessary to change my bobbin case?

Buy a brand new case for yourself as a treat to yourself. They are available at a very low cost. You see, the constant rotation of your bobbin wears away the inside of the case over time, which results in the case not fitting as well as it should. In addition, the cut out in the bobbin case will wear out with time, which will cause it to shift around sloppily inside the assembly as it is moved back and forth.

What is the difference between a bobbin and its case?

When used in conjunction with the appropriate bobbin, a bobbin case will retain the bobbin securely in position, enabling the machine to unwind the thread in an orderly fashion. In a manner similar to that of the tension assembly for the top thread, the bobbin case likewise serves to provide tension to the bottom thread.

Are all bobbin casings compatible with all sewing machines?

In spite of the fact that they may, in theory, be used interchangeably, it is strongly advised that you stick to using either one of them exclusively. Both the tension you use and the manner the thread is fed may be impacted by the weight of the bobbin.

Can plastic bobbins be used in a metal bobbin case?

It is NOT possible to switch metal bobbins with their plastic counterparts of the same size. The tension on the machines may be adjusted to a very specific level. When using a heavier metal bobbin, the tension will be different if it was previously set for a lighter plastic bobbin.

Are metal bobbins preferable than plastic bobbins?

Use a bobbin that is made of the same material as the bobbin case you are using. This is a good general tip to follow. Metal case, metal bobbin. Case and bobbin are both made of plastic. Metal on plastic is something you should try to avoid doing since the metal will cause the plastic to wear out more rapidly and may create other problems.


If you’re sewing and the needle comes into contact with the bobbin casing, stop sewing right away to avoid a total break. Sewing problems such as missed stitches might result if this step is neglected.

Before deciding on a remedy, be sure you know what the issue is. Look for more helpful resources on the internet and use your sewing machine handbook to solve and troubleshoot any difficulties you may have by following the methods above.

We hope this article helps you solve the needle striking the bobbin casing on your sewing machine.

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