The Ultimate Guide to How to Put a Needle in a Sewing Machine

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Want To Step Up Your How To Put A Needle In A Sewing Machine? You Need To Read This First!

A sewing machine mishap may be avoided if you understand how to put a needle in a sewing machine as a precaution, we’ve put up a step-by-step instruction on how to insert or remove a needle from a sewing machine below.

how to put sewing machine needle

The precise insertion of the sewing machine needle helps to avoid irreversible harm to your sewing project and sewing machine in addition to proper stitch formation. You’ll be more productive and avoid needle breakage if you know how to properly place the needle.

Step By Step Guide On How to Put Sewing Machine Needle

The following information applies to almost every sewing machine ever produced. There are a few things to keep in mind when changing a sewing machine needle.

  • In order to stitch, you’ll need a bobbin thread hook. You may find it on revolving or oscillating devices such as a boat shuttle, a bullet shuttle, or a rotary hook. These are all distinct ways of implementing a hook.
  • One side of the needle will have a long thread groove, which you need to be mindful of while sewing. A scarf and a short groove may be seen on the other side of the needle. The short groove/scarf side of the needle is always facing the hook. As the needle is raised, this is the side that forms the little loop.
  • The hook is inserted through the needle and thread’s tiny loop. Some older needles have a missing scarf. The hook will always pass through this side of the needle, regardless of the circumstances.

A needle may then be inserted by following the instructions provided in this article. While gently rotating the handwheel, you should be able to tell which side of the needle the hook should pass through.

The next step is to position the needle so that the scarf-facing side of the hook is facing the needle as it goes through. It’s a hint that the long thread groove on the needle is on the other side. To insert the needle, begin by threading it through from the side. All the time, use a long threading groove.

Replace Sewing Machine Needle Take 5 Steps

how to put the needle in a sewing machine

Measure the Distance From Your Starting Point to the Pinnacle

You need a hook or shuttle point that can take hold of the thread spool created by the needle’s upward stroke. If the hook is placed too high or too low, the loop will be missed and a stitch will be missed.

The needle should be lowered a little bit in the needle bar. There should be no additional problems with an overly-short needle eye distance.

Measure the overall length of the needle

If the needle’s length is too long, the needle’s tip may stay when the feed starts moving the cloth. Stitches may be missed, puckering may occur, and needles may be damaged. A longer needle may potentially strike a part of the machine on its downward stroke.

Insert Needle Shank Into Needle Bar

If this is the easiest of all the steps to replace sewing machine needle, you should still do it consciously.

Instead of flat-shanked needles, use round shank needles

If you want a round shank needle to fit within the needle bar, the shank diameter of the round shank needle must be substantially smaller than the original flat shank needle. The flat shank of the needle will not do this for you, therefore you will have to position the needle yourself in the needle bar.

It’s possible that a smaller shank may result in a closer or greater distance between the needle and the hook or shuttle point. The majority of the time, this isn’t a concern, but it may cause stitches to be missed or worse, a hook catch. It’s important to follow the instructions in this section to check for any errors.

The New Needle Might Not Have a Scarf

A scarf will extend the needle’s reach to the hook or shuttle point by a tenth of an inch. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s possible that you’ll miss a stitch or two.

My guess is that you’ll never see this. Almost all new needles are equipped with a scarf as standard equipment. Ensure that the needle does not come into touch with the hook when stitching if you encounter this problem. If the hook is positioned to travel through the needle’s scarf area, but there is no scarf, a collision will occur. That’s a problem!

When Should You Changing a Sewing Machine Needle

  • Changing the needle is the most typical remedy for any sewing issue. Sewing over a straight pin or tugging on the cloth causes needles to dull, nick, or bend over time.
  • Maintaining high-quality stitching is made easier by regularly changing your sewing machine needle. Your sewing project will suffer if you don’t.
  • Depending on how frequently you sew and how you stitch, you should replace your sewing machine needles on a regular basis. In addition, it is a good idea to use a fresh needle on every job or when stitching unusual materials like leather or elastic cloth.
  • Failing to replace your needle when it’s time might result in broken threads and damaged or puckered materials, apart from lowering the quality of your stitching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does the needle’s flat side face the front or the back?

A needle for a sewing machine may appear straightforward, but it really consists of several moving elements. The section of the needle that goes into the shank of your sewing machine; traditionally, the flat side should face the rear of the machine, and the rounded side should face the front. There are several speciality needles that have a shank that is totally circular.

What is the proper method for threading a needle?

While you’re holding the end of the thread with one set of thumb and forefinger, you may use the other set to hold the needle between your thumb and forefinger. After that, feed the thread’s end through the eye of the needle.


You can prevent mistakes and lost products by learning how to replace your sewing machine needle correctly. To ensure the quality of your finished projects, replace your sewing machine’s needle on a regular basis.

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