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Nail clippers are tools that are used to cut, trim shapes and cleans the nails in the fingers of hands and toes. These nail clippers are also known as nail cutters, nail scissors or nail trimmer. All these names clearly mention about its functionality. The nail cutters are made from stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Special nail scissors are also available for kids or pets. It serves the purpose and comes in a simple and efficient design. It also takes care of the hangnails which are the peeled off skin around the surface of the nails that are very sensitive and might cause irritation and pain. Nail cutters works wonders on them. Apart from these nail cutters, none other tools can remove them so cautiously. The nail clippers were one of the inventions of David Gestetner.


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When it comes to kids it is very important to trim their nails because it grows rapidly for the newborns. At the same time, as they grow little older, the infants tend to use their nails and scratch themselves unknowingly and get hurt. This can be handled only by a best nail cutter especially intended for kids. Their nails are very sensitive, and the clippers should be designed to handle the tenderness of their nails. The portion that holds the jut out nails should be as tiny as their nails to fit in correctly without tending to cut the skin beneath the nail. Similarly when you have pets at home, you must be very careful while playing with them. When they have long and sharp nails they might scratch you and it is very unsafe to let that happen. Regular care taken to cut them off will be suggested to have a happy and safe pet time.

We have the nail cutter sets available that consists of the nail cutter in smaller size for cutting finger nails, larger one for cutting toenails, cuticle nipper to trim the ingrown nails, nail file to shape the edges of the nails to become smooth and round. These nail files are also present in the backside of the nail cutter, as an abrasive on the metal surface with corundum coating. These are available as a complete set for the manicure and pedicure treatment.

Nail Clippers Tips

Tip 1:

The best nail clipper should be comfortable to use with an apt size to hold and simple design to serve its purpose. It will mostly be in the size of the palm of one’s hand to handle with ease to use.

Tip 2:

The heft of the tools is much important to keep it inside of a toilet bag or carry somewhere in pockets. Few nail clippers are comparatively heavy which is not preferred for using. There is no significance in having a heavier one, as it makes no difference in its performance.

Tip 3:

You can consider using the stainless-steel ones, when compared to others as they are more durable and will long last for many years. These are products that you should be buying for once and using for a longer span of time. Regular replacements on a very frequent basis should not be required. If you end up doing so, it means you have go in for a better one that is more reliable and durable than to keep buying and using more clipper that are not as per the needs.

Tip 4:

The cost of the nail clipper should also be very reasonable. Whether we use them for a regular maintenance and personal care of the nails or when we use them for pedicure or manicure purpose, they will be effective enough when you a nail clipper with a decent price. Never go for the expensive ones, which might not be required.

Nail Clippers Advantages

Advantage 1:

Cutting the fingernails and keeping them clean is indirectly related to your health. When you use your hands to eat, you make sure they are clean by washing them. But to get rid of the dirt or stain inside of your nails you must a nail clipper to cut and trim them.

Advantage 2:

Taking care of body includes attending to the smallest fingernails also. You take care of them and prepare them so well for a nail polish matching to your attire for any special occasion for a dazzling look.

Advantage 3:

On an average the finger nail grows about 0.004 inches in a day. It is important to cut them very often and keep them in control to avoid major nail problems of splitting or breaking. Regular maintenance of nails using a proper nail cutter becomes a good habit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the function of a nail cutter?

A nail clipper, also known as nail clippers, a nail trimmer, a nail cutter, or nipper type, is a hand instrument that is used to trim fingernails, toenails, and hangnails. 

Why do people clip their nails?

Fingernails, which may trap dirt and bacteria and may contribute to the spread of some illnesses like pinworms, should be meticulously cleaned and trimmed as part of proper hand hygiene. The length of your fingernails should be maintained short, and the undersides of your nails should be cleansed with soap and water on a regular basis.

Should fingernails have a straight or curved shape?

The development of healthy nails, which should be curved to conform to the natural contour of the finger, is one of the signs of a healthy body. If you look closely at the tip of each of your nails, you should be able to make out a curve that resembles a rainbow or a half-moon shape.

Where do you throw the cut nails once you have trimmed them?

Think about trimming your nails into a wastebasket or a compost pile before you throw them away.

What is the best technique to trim your nails?

Cut virtually straight across the nail as you are filing down your fingernails. You may maintain the strength of your nails and protect them from getting caught on items like clothes or furniture by using an emery board or a nail file to gently round the corners of your nails. This will help keep your nails from breaking.

Should you clip your nails when they are wet or dry?

Wet nails are softer than they are when dry, which makes it more probable that they may rip, bend, or not cut neatly.

Is it preferable to cut the nails in a straight line?

You should try to avoid filing the corners of your nails or cutting them into a “V” shape. The fingernails should be trimmed in a straight line so that they are long enough to have the rounded edges of the nails preserved on each side. Utilizing this method of trimming may assist in the avoidance of ingrown toenails.

How to cut nails properly?

The Bottom Line

You can always groom yourself by having a nice nail clipper set that trims, shapes and keeps your nails clean and tidy. With a best nail clipper set, you can forbid taking up a manicure or pedicure treatment in a salon to keep yourself groomed. You can save your money on those costly beauty treatments and become an expert in taking care of yourself than to rely on others. Who can know you better and serve you better, more than you could do yourself!

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