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Grooming is a fundamental activity to undertake if you want to stay spruced and great for office work. To enable this to be realized at any given time, you no doubt have to equip yourself with the right kind of appliance. The head shaver it is.

It is a special shaving gadget that will ensure that you trim your head whenever and wherever they need to do so might arise. We would like to help you to make the choice of the best razor for shaving head possible. This we do by prepping and showcasing this review-cum-buying guide.


Finding the right gadget for the job is no doubt a serious undertaking. The one you pick can make or break the situation. Of course, you have to know the things that make a good razor. We now look into those factors and things you may have to adhere to when finding the best razor for shaving head for yourself:

best head shaver

√ Manual vs. Electric


Two kinds of these shavers exist. These are the manual and the electric respectively. The manual does not require any external source of power as it draws its power from the human muscle. Its electric counterpart on the other hand derives its operational power from batteries and mains electricity.

√ Cordless vs. Corded

Those that are powered may either be corded or cordless. The corded derive their power from mains electricity and tend to be limited in the scope of use. Their cordless counterparts however derive theirs from the batteries and may be used in faraway lands and locations.

√ Closeness of shave

How close to your skin would you want to have the hair removed? For extremely close shaves, you may want to try the manual razors. If on the other hand you just want superficial hair removal, you only need to use the electric shavers as they manage that pretty fine.

√ Operational expertise necessary

Different shavers exhibit similarly different degrees of complexities. You definitely want to settle on that which is easier and convenient for you. That is only possible if you assess your level of expertise transparently. Then, go ahead and examine the specifications of the shaver to find a great choice on the basis of this.

√ Wet vs. dry shave

You have the dual options of shaving wet or dry. Whichever mode of shaving you choose, you have to see to it that the shaver you pick is able to tackle that job. To be on the safe side, you have to prioritize that shaver that is able to work well both in wet and dry conditions well.


We kick off the entire exercise by highlighting and reviewing six of the best razor for shaving head that exist at the moment. To craft this list, we took into consideration the efficacy of the shaver, its ability to pair with other vital apparatus, and the ease of engagements.

1. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Razor

Pick and dedicate this shaver for your use if you want to enjoy the convenience of wet and dry shaving respectively. The gadget does work well in both the wet and the dry environments while at the same time give off some bald shaving appearances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Pivoting Blades

Standing out among the many goodies it potentially offers are the pivoting blades. Thanks to the pivoting nature of these blades, they are able to rotate, swerve and tilt as need be. In this way, they impact every length and breadth of the head without too much ado.

√ Pitbull Blades

The blades bear the strength of the pitbull. This way, they are able to take on even the strongest and the coarsest hairs with maximum power and efficacy. Then again, they tend to last fairly long as they stave off all forms of dents and possible damages that come along.

√ IPX5 Water Resistance Technology

It bears the impressive IPX5 Water resistance technology. This gives it the reliability it needs to resist all forms of corrosion and other damages that arise with direct contact with water. It is this water-resistance in fact that makes it able to shave wet or dry.

√ Integrated Lithium-ion Battery

Powering the gadget is the integrated Lithium-ion battery whose amperage is a whopping 600 mAh. The shaver is hence able to eliminate hair from your head for 30 straight minutes in between two recharges. Then again it replenishes the charge faster and hence negates the need to waste your time.

√ Comprehensive Packaging

When all factors are taken into consideration, the item indeed comes as a comprehensive package. It incorporates a USB charging cable, four heads, rotary attachments, and other extras. They tend to lengthen the scope of the applicability of the shaver. This of course leads to a higher degree of satisfaction.


√ Delivers the necessary shaves in a matter of seconds
√ Gets as close to the skin as possible
√ Great for the head and the face


× Clutters your interior spaces

2. AsaVea Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit

If you travel a lot, you may need a shaver that is convenient to take to the remote location easily. Without wasting too much of your time, this might be the one to pick. It is both cordless and portable, two traits that guarantee seamless transportation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Multi-purpose Shaver

The gadget is by and large able to perform many shaving undertakings. This is achievable mainly because of its ability to bear and work along with many grooming heads. These work every length and breadth of your hair for maximum impacts and prolonged usage. Need we add that the item is easier to juggle through?

√ 5-in-1

As part and parcel of its multi-purpose nature, the gadget is able to perform five main tasks. These include clipping of the nose hair, shaping the facial hair, softening the stubble hair, cleansing the face, and shaving the facial hair, to name but a few!

√ High-power Output

Its core features the Lithium-ion battery that brings along maximum power output for you. The battery is quite powerful to the extent of lasting a whopping 60 minutes after a full charge! With this arrangement in mind, you need not wait for too long to have your way at all!

√ Excellent Waterproof

In its entirety, the item is waterproof. It hence resists the water damages and the other issues that arise from it. Common examples of these are corrosion, rusting and premature damages that be. You may hence count on the gadget to last longer and endure many spates of use.

√ Easier and faster Outcomes

The speed of the operations of this gadget is also amazing when compared to those of the competing alternatives. On the strength of this arrangement, the gadget is able to cut down the time you would naturally have to waste or expend when attempting to make great use of the same.


√ Available in an ergonomic design
√ Grants you total controls of the engagement process
√ Quite comfortable to handle and utilize


× Lasts only fewer cycles of use

3. Norelco Shaver 2300, Rechargeable Electric Shaver

In case all you want is to trim your sideburns and mustaches, you have no better friend and companion than this shaver. It comprises a built-in trimmer that cuts down the time and the effort you may have to employ to have your way. Additionally, it does a pretty great job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ ComfortCut Blades

Its blades are unlike your ordinary ones as they are comfortable. They are less likely to injure or hamper your comfort as you move along. Moreover, they also sharpen themselves and free you from the need to expend much of your time and effort to do so.

√ 4D Flex Heads

The heads of the gadget do flex in four main directions and angles. The beauty of this arrangement is that the item may impact every corner of your head, chin, or mustache with less effort. It also negates the need for you to attach many accessories to tackle your shaving chores.

√ Pop-up Trimmer

Also existing for your proper handling and use is the pop-up trimmer. Its role is to deliver some finish to the chin and the sideburns. Due to the pop-up nature of this shaver, you really will not have to struggle to have your way. It also takes up limited space on your part.

√ One-touch Open

You will find the task of operating a gadget of this kind pretty convenient. It only manages a one-touch operation and does not call for too much from you. Just touch the button that is and let the item flip open. Rinse it easily to make it ready for the next jab of use.

√ Corded and Cordless Use

Unlike many of the competing products, you may use this either as the corded or the cordless item. It hence gives you the freedom and the leeway to choose the model that is most comfortable for your course. This of course is awesome as it accords some convenience for you.


√ Impacts your head in four directions
√ Simpler to operationalize owing to one-touch operations
√ May be used when corded or cordless


× Lasts a short time (only 40 minutes of use)

4. SEFON Electric Shavers for Men Bald Head

Of all the head shavers we have, this tends to be the most comprehensive and multipurpose. It hence suits those who have some commercial or profit inkling. Also, it is stronger and less inclined to the risks of damages that affect the weaker counterparts. Why not attempt it for your salon?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 5-in-1 Multifunctional Grooming Kit

As noted above, this item is able to tackle many purposes. In fact, it is capable of tackling five tasks in one packaging. These include the trimming of the nose and sideburns, cleansing of the facial hair, and the trimming of the beard hair, to name but a few!

√ 5 Dual-precision Heads & Super-sharp Blades

To make this possible, the gadget does have some five dual-precision heads that are attached to the same number of super-sharp blades. These work quickly to ensure the realization of the intended outcomes within the shortest realistic time manageable. Need we add that it gives off some comfort?

√ Waterproof & Easy-to-clean

Due to the waterproof nature of the blade, it is easier to keep clean. Hardly does it soak the water and sustain irreversible damages from the agents of rusting or corrosion. In light of this, the blade also performs or makes it possible for you to perform numerous uses with time.

√ Large Battery Capacity & Fast-charging

Like any other shaver, this too draws its power from the batteries. Its battery nonetheless has a larger capacity and also tends to charge faster. The sum total of these two arrangements ensures that you waste not too much time when attempting to juggle your way.

√ Easy-to-hold Shape

Crowning it all up is the fact that it is easier to hold. This is made possible by the uniquely curved and comfortable shape it comes in. Given its relative ease of holding, you will get to enjoy prolonged and repeated engagements without worrying about the possibility of imposing some injuries to your hands.


√ Leaves behind some bald clean shaves
√ Accompanied by a facial cleaning brush
√ Packed with four trimming guards for varied styling


× Too superfluous for common home use

5. SH30 Replacement Heads for Philips Norelco Shaver

For all practical purposes, this gadget is wholly intended for beards. It is slimmer, more compact, and wholly capable of tackling your trimming carefully and readily. This is not to add that it accepts replacements faster and in ways that are quite convenient. Of course, this boils down to added convenience for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ 360° Swiveling

The tip of the trimmer is able to swivel at an angle of 360° in a manner that is smooth, soft, and gentle. You will thus get to enjoy impacting every portion of your head well without too much struggle. At the same time, you won’t really feel pained as you tackle your shaving.

√ Multipurpose

You may dedicate this item to many allied purposes. This is largely made possible by the fact that it may fit, attach to and work alongside many Philips Shavers Models. It goes further to reduce the amount of effort you may invest to tackle your shaving and trimming tasks.

√ Rounded Edges

Its edges are rounded. They are subsequently smoother than those of your ordinary shavers. As such, they do not in any way impose some hurts and injuries as you move along. What more surety do you need that your trimming and cutting shall be best handled?

√ Replacement Heads

Lending more credence to your engagements and comfort when in use, the item comprises a set of removable heads. These have the ability to work alongside some 9 sharp blades. They ensure that you stay well ahead of the game throughout your usage and engagements.

√ Contour Detect Technology

This specific item works via the contour detect technology. This technology basically allows each shaving head to move in a unique direction. In doing so, it delivers some cleaner shaves within the shortest number of strokes. Obviously, this leads to great savings in terms of the time spent.


√ Compatible with many shaving heads
√ Simpler for direct home use
√ Delivers the intended outcomes within the fewest strokes


× Manages only the dry shaves

6. Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

Are you a person who is not really skilled in the matters of shaving and hairstyling? You want a simpler and pretty easy to make use of. Then again, it is really capable of achieving the close shaves to the skin for you. How about investing your time to peek deeper into it?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

√ Titanium Hypoallergenic Foils

The tip of the blades of the shaver comprises the Titanium hypoallergenic foils. They provide some perfect cuts and are also highly responsive. Other than the hypoallergenic nature of the foils, they are also shaped in an octagon and hence feel better. They don’t really hurt you at all!

√ Dual Independent Drive Shafts

To manage the transmission of the cutting effort, the shaver relies heavily on the set of dual independent drive shafts that form a vital part and aspect of it. These exist on each cutter blade and jointly manage optimal performances when dedicated for use. With them, you need no struggle or hardships.

√ Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver

Yet again enhances your performances is the fact that this item hugs the contours of your face and other physical characteristics. It is highly responsive and less inclined to clash with the facial features as the other blades do. The end result of these all is exceptionally smooth and irresistible ends.

√ Special Staggered Head Design

Its head bears the special stagger design. It gives rise to some smooth and enduring shaves that are also devoid of any irritations. You hence have this item for your taking and consideration if yours is a skin that is sensitive to pimples and any other form of irritation.

√ Gold Titanium Material

Rounding up the list of the many benefits that this item has to bring along is the gold titanium material wrap. This adds some sparkle to the item and lets it serve aesthetics and décor benefits. The end result of this arrangement is that it brings about more value for money for you.


√ Manages some closer and enduring shaves
√ Provides maximum power during operations
√ Finishes the stubbles and other styles


× Too basic to tackle complicated undertakings


We dedicate this last segment to answer some of the questions that are consistently asked about this best razor for shaving head subject matter. This we do because we care so much for the interests and the satisfaction of the users of this wonderful product. We hope we shall dispel any doubts you have after this.

Q1. Is the skull Shaver any good?

A. YES, it is! This shaver works faster to leave your head bald and without any unnecessary hassles. Moreover, it also makes fewer passes than your traditional shavers and thus saves greatly on your effort. You may hence want to look up to it for your commercial applications.

Q2. Is it better to shave your head with a razor or electric?

A. It all depends on the setting and the intent. If you are at home, have more time at your disposal, want closer shaves, and do not mind about consistency, you have the razor for your choice and taking. On the flip side, the electric shaver is appropriate for commercial settings and consistent usage.

Q3. Is there an electric shaver that shaves as close as a blade?

A. The Panasonic shavers, it is! These shavers have largely been known to do a great job of getting closer to your skin more than other blades generally manage. Then again, they bear some ergonomic designs that make them more convenient to handle and subsequently use to shave off the hair.

Q4. How often should you shave your head?

A. The exact frequency depends on how fast your hair grows. Nonetheless, around once in three or four weeks would be suitable, all the other factors held constant. As a general rule, you are required to maintain this consistency to prevent interfering with the proper growth of the hair.

Q5. Why are electric shavers so bad?

A. These shavers don’t get as close to the skin as should be. That means they are incapable of leaving behind the bald head you need. Also, when used during showering, these shavers are more likely to electrocute the user as the water mixes with the electric current.

Final verdict

We bring an end to our long and detailed look into the best head shaver there. The details we have provided you are definitely enough for you to make sound purchasing decisions. We now trust that you can and will indeed do a satisfactory job going forward.

Considering that these items are pricey and relatively risky, we recommend that you consult widely prior to embarking on looking for a suitable find. You do not want to handle a search reckless as that may compromise the ends you gain thereafter. Go for them now! We wish you well in your search…