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Most people use pumice stones to do away with calluses from their feet. You must know that foot filers work appropriately in increasing the brightness of your feet. Not that foot sander and metal files work effectively just as pumice. If you are worried about making your feet to look brighter, then worry less. This article will make you informed about seven ways of increasing the brightness of your feet through the use of a foot filer.

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Soak your feet

Kick-off with a clean slate. During this process, it is appropriate that you make sure you lather up your entire feet in your tub and also ensure you reach each toe. When you are through, fill the bathtub basin with warm water. You can go ahead and add some soaking detergents necessary for your feet, then soak them for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After this procedure, remove your feet from water and use a foot sander to buff your feet, you can opt to use fine or coarse grains to do away with dull skin as well as calluses.

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Scrub and exfoliate

Ensure that you cleanse your feet properly to eliminate the dead cells on the skin. However, it is also right that you understand your skin condition to avoid using a scrub that is likely to worsen your feet health. Therefore, go for a polish that is lighter with perfect ingredients and nourishing oil for a foot feel. After this, exfoliate for approximately a minute and use a damp towel to wipe away the remaining scrub. This will leave your feet smoother and with a refreshed filling.

Shape up

When your feet are still soft, get your kit for a pedicure and use your foot grater to trim your nails as well as do away with sharp edges of your nails, ensure that your nails are cut across straight and avoid digging into corners. Make sure you do your filing carefully in a straight angle, this will also help you to prevent injuries at the edges of the ends and the bottom of your entire feet. Moreover, use the underneath edge emery board to make each of your nail smooth and gentle shape.

Cuticle care

Maintain your cuticle by applying some drops of nail serum. This is applicable at the base of each nail and wait for it to dry for at least 2 minutes. Use your manicure stick to push back every cuticle smoothly. Furthermore, use your foot scrapper to do away with dead skins around your cuticles, you also need to be very keen to avoid cutting live skin around your cuticles as to protect your nail bed from contacting inflammations and infections.

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Polish and protect

The fact that your nails and feet are usually in sandals or shoes, it is vital that you add some nurture and hydration. You can opt to apply nail food or moisture gel to strengthen dry and fragile nails. Additionally, for extraordinary performance, you can also choose to add a nail shield coat.

Boost and moisture

When you are through with the entire process of making your nails, store your foot electric foot file, and now it is a perfect time to be flexible smooth and soft. In case you have cracked heels, it is appropriate that you use a more luxurious cream, combine it with minimal foot serum, especially to an overnight feet mask. Make sure that you also have a cooling and nourishing cream; this is applicable if you are in warm temperatures, and if your experience some odour from your feet, purchase a fresh foot spray.

Extra maintenance

It is appropriate that you implement a lot of measures to ensure that your feet receive additional maintenance. You can use proper support; such as shields or even heal cushion to reduce pressure on your entire sole. Furthermore, once in a while, make an effort of visiting a podiatrist to maintain the health of your feet. You can also commence trying cold and hot therapy, and you will experience a refreshing outcome.

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The Bottom Line

Based on this information, you now have a clear understanding on ways of increasing the brightness of your feet, through using foot grinder. Therefore, implement these ways and experience perfect results. I hope that this article helps you understand the seven ways to increase the brightness of your feet using a feet filer.

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