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Every kitchen should have a high-quality kitchen knife. Every kitchen should have a high end knife set.

Having the best high end knife sets in your kitchen has become the most important thing you can do for yourself and your culinary abilities in the modern day. As counterintuitive as it may sound, splurging on an expensive knife set might really be a good idea.

If you want the highest precision, sharpness, and accuracy, you’ll have to pay more for the most costly knife sets.

The top professional chef knife sets have been evaluated and assembled in this post, which is our best professional knife set review. I hope this post answers any questions you may have about whether high-end knife set is right for you or if the most costly knife sets are really worth the money.

When it comes to the most costly knife sets, Japanese or German-made knives are the greatest options available.

On this list we have 10 best high end kitchen knife set

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Global 35th Anniversary Special Edition 7-Piece Knife...
Global 35th Anniversary Special Edition 7-Piece Knife...
SPECIAL EDITION – Celebrating 35 years of Global with Anniversary logo on the blade
CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set............Includes...
CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set............Includes...
America's #1 brand in quality cutlery for over 60 years; CUTCO Forever Guarantee provides for free sharpening and replacement forever
Wusthof Classic Ikon 16 Piece Knife Set with Acacia...
Wusthof Classic Ikon 16 Piece Knife Set with Acacia...
58 Rockwell Hardness; Made in Solingen, Germany with a lifetime warranty
Hammer Stahl 21-Piece Classic Knife Set - Rotating...
Hammer Stahl 21-Piece Classic Knife Set - Rotating...
X50CrMoV15 German Steel; Unique quad-tang design for balance and heft; Comfortable and beautiful resin-infused pakkawood handles
best high end kitchen knife set

√ Number of knives

The amount of knives in a High-End Professional Knife Fixed isn’t set in stone since it all depends on what you want to use them for in the kitchen. How many steak knives do you really need? Yes, I’ll be using some of the more unique knives. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a knife set, you should make sure it includes at least a Chef’s Knife, a Paring Knife, and a Serrated Knife.

√ Quality of knife steel

The knife’s capabilities are mostly determined by the blade’s quality. It is recommended that the blade be made of stainless steel or high carbon stainless steel in order to guarantee long-term durability and excellent edge retention.

German Steel and Japanese Steel are the two most common materials used to make blades. Because Japanese steel is so strong, it keeps its edge better for longer. German Steel, on the other hand, is more resistant to wear and tear and can withstand greater “abuse” in the kitchen. Consider your kitchen tastes before making a decision on this. Do you have the stamina to go through difficult cuts of meat and bones? Steel from Germany Doing less sharpening? The steel is made in Japan.

√ Blockade of the knife

No matter how well your knives work, the block will remain a permanent fixture in your kitchen for many years to come. Make sure it looks well on your kitchen counter. The additional slots and the tightness with which the knives fit in the slots should also be taken into account.

√ Handle

The knives’ handles should also be taken into account. For the most part, this is a matter of personal choice and requirements. But you should always consider the longevity of the materials, if it is pleasant to use, how large or tiny it is, and whether it is designed for left- or right-handed users.

√ Maintenance

All of these expert knives should be cleansed by hand, as previously stated. Additionally, they will require periodic sharpening.

√ Dishwasher safe

It is usually best to wash professional knives by hand. Because of the severe wash cycles and detergents, you’ll soon have dull blades or knives that have been ruined.

You’ll want to keep your high-end knife set in top condition by cleaning and maintaining it after each usage. Soapy hot water and a cotton towel are ideal for quick cleanup. Because water may promote rust or corrosion, avoid soaking in water at all costs. To avoid having to scrub and scrape off dried food, do not put off cleaning until the last minute.

√ Warranty

When purchasing a high-end, pricey knife, the warranty is an essential consideration. As a general rule, the limited lifetime warranty was included in the majority of the knife sets we examined.


In this first segment, we review ten of the best high end knife sets on the market as of now:


Global is renowned for developing a breakthrough set of high-performance, incredibly sharp knives with stainless steel handles in 1985, which became known as the “Global Revolution.” For more than 35 years, they have been renowned across the globe for their high-grade professional knives of the highest quality. The 35th Anniversary set was produced in order to go back to the beginning and commemorate the past 35 years of the company’s existence.

They are made of high carbon stainless steel that has been tempered and hardened under extreme pressure, and they cut very well and retain their razor-sharp edge. The hollow handles are filled with sand to guarantee that they are perfectly balanced and provide the best possible control. Its ergonomic and dimpled handles also provide a secure and pleasant grip that is slip-resistant.

What’s Included

Cook’s Knife with an 8-inch blade
Small Bread Knife with a 6-inch blade
Vegetable Knife with a 5.5-inch blade
Small Cook’s Knife with a 5-inch blade
Knife with a blade length of 4.3 inches
Peeling Knife with a 3.14-inch blade
Knife Block Made of Stainless Steel



√ 56-58 Rockwell Hardness is a measure of how hard something is.
√ Hollow handles are filled with sand to guarantee that the weight and balance are just right for the user.
√ Cromova 18 stainless steel is a high carbon stainless steel.
√ Construction that is seamless
√ Warranty against manufacturing faults is limited to one lifetime.


× Many consumers consider the handles to be too tiny.
× Handles with dimples may be more difficult to clean.


This high-end knife set by Vonshef is a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen’s collection. They include a razor-sharp stainless steel blade with a nonstick coating that allows for simple, accurate cutting while also ensuring that food is readily released from the blades. Its ergonomic soft-grip grips provide a secure hold and provide a secure grip. You will want to put this set on show on your counter since it is housed in a gorgeous, spinning block. This modern set is a fantastic match for practically any kitchen design. It is ideal if you are searching for a modern-looking set that has simply the bare necessities.

What’s Included

8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch carving knife, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch paring knife
Utility Knife (5 inches), Paring Knife (3.5 inches), scissors (7 inches), and knife (7.5 inches).



√ Block that is one-of-a-kind and rotates
√ Handles are comfortable and strong to hold.
√ Set that is both compact and practical
√ Knives that are razor sharp


× Cleaning is a challenge.
× Knives are superior than scissors in terms of performance.


Cutco knives sell their blades via word-of-mouth marketing, which is a method that has proven successful. They are convinced that you will buy their knives when you have had the opportunity to try them out first. This technique has been successful for them for more than 60 years since they manufacture high-quality blades.

Cutco’s Homemaker set includes a full-tang, high-carbon stainless steel blade with their patented Double-D Edge, as well as a pair of scissors. This material offers outstanding sharpness, edge retention, and ease of cleaning, among other advantages. This blade’s Double-D Edge creates a crisp, even cut that keeps sharper longer because to its unique design, which has three cutting edges that are recessed within the blade edge. Anyone may use the knives because of the “Hand-Perfect” handle, which provides a pleasant and confident grip. Made of thermo-resin, they are very robust and can be washed in a dishwasher without damaging them. This is the only professional knife set on our list that can be washed in the dishwasher without damaging the blades.

Those searching for a high-quality set of knives that are created in the United States will appreciate the Cutco Homemaker set, which is noted for its craftsmanship. These have received excellent reviews and are backed by Cutco’s Forever Guarantee.

What’s Included

Spreader with a Spatula
Petite Carver with a 6.75-inch blade
Fork with a Carving Pattern
8 Knives for the Table
Cutting Board of Medium Size
Knife Sharpener is a tool that is used to sharpen knives.
Oak Block with 18 slots
Petite Chef measures 7.625 inches in height.
Knife for butchering
Paring Knife with a 2.75-inch blade
Carver with a 9-inch blade
Slicer with a 9.75-inch blade
Taking a Fork in the Road



√ Forever Guarantee is a guarantee that lasts indefinitely.
√ Blade with a full tang
√ Dishwasher-friendly
√ Double-D Edge – produces very sharp and clean cuts.
√ Handles that are comfortable to hold


× Some customers complained that the steak/table knives were fragile.
× Special honing is required for double-D edges.


In the production of high-quality, premium kitchen knives for more than 200 years, Wusthof has maintained a legacy of accuracy and creativity in their crafting. For many decades, the Classic line has been the best-selling collection at the company. Each knife is made from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel that has been precision-forged.

The handle is made of synthetic material and is triple glued to the complete tang of the knife. A balanced, substantial weight and a pleasant, ergonomic grip are provided by this design for each knife. Wusthof employs Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) to guarantee that each blade is exact and smooth. PEtec improves sharpness by 20% while also increasing longevity, resulting in a more durable blade. This is one of the most highly regarded chef’s knife sets available.

Including everything you’ll need for cutting in the kitchen, this Classic 16-piece knife block set is a great investment. When it comes to their blades, and notably this line, the attention to detail that Wusthof devotes to each blade is amazing. The traditional appearance of these knives appealed to me, and the Acacia knife block would look beautiful on the kitchen counter.

In our opinion, the 16-piece Acacia knife block set from Wusthof is the best professional knife set available because of its precise edge, balanced feel, and long-lasting sturdiness (not to mention the company’s reputation for superior blades).

What’s Included

Paring Knife with a 3.5-inch blade
Knife with a blade length of 4.5 inches
Utility Knife with Serrated Edges, 5-Inch
Knife with a blade length of 6 inches
Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge, 7-Inch
Bread Knife with an 8-inch blade
Chef’s Knife with an 8-inch blade
Sharpening Steel with a 9-inch blade
Steak Knives, each measuring 4.5 inches in length
Acacia Knife Block with 17 slots
Shears with a Come-Apart Design



√ Rockwell hardness is 58.
√ The handles are made of a synthetic material that is very robust (POM)
√ Warranty against manufacturing faults for the life of the product.
√ Knives with a full tang
√ Made from high-carbon stainless steel that has been precision-forged
√ Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) is used to provide a sharper edge and to ensure that the edge lasts longer.


× The handles are composed of plastic (POM), which may feel strange or heavy at first.
× Knives that are often used look to dull rapidly.


Zwilling J.A. Henckels has earned a global reputation for producing high-quality products. With almost 300 years of expertise, they have refined their craftmanship of high-quality knives to assure accuracy, durability, and comfort for the user at all times. No exception may be made in the case of the Twin 1731, which was designed by Matteo Thon.

The blades are made of Cronidur 30 steel and have been ice-hardened to deliver incredibly sharp and robust cutting performance. Its handle is composed of magnificent Ebony wood, which is bound to the bolster and tang with a resin compound. When you hold a Twin 1731 knife in your hand, it is immediately apparent that it was created for professional performance.

What’s Included

Bread Knife with an 8-inch blade
Carving Knife with an 8-inch blade
Knife with a blade length of 4 inches
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 7 inches
Chef Knife with an 8-inch blade
Honing Steel with a 9-inch diameter
Easel Block with a Brown Magnetic Surface



√ 60 Rockwell hardness is a hardness of 60.
√ Utility blade with a full edge that can be honed from tip to bolster
√ Cronidur 30 steel is a high-performance material.
√ Blade that has been ice-hardened
√ A limited lifetime guarantee against faults in materials and workmanship is provided.


× Handles made of ebony demand extra attention.


With 21 pieces, this is a large knife set, which may sometimes result in a reduction in overall quality. This is not the case with the Hammer Stahl set in question. Each knife has been meticulously crafted to provide top-tier performance, comfort, and long-term durability.

The blade is made from high-quality German steel and meticulously measured with a laser to guarantee that it is razor-sharp in every aspect. Its quad tang design provides balance, accuracy, and comfort, while the pakkawood handle adds to the whole experience. You will want to showcase these knives on your counter since they have such a stunning and distinctive appearance. And, finally, my favorite part? The revolving knife block with replaceable steak knife blocks is a great addition to any kitchen. This item has a triangle form, which enables it to be placed neatly in a corner. If having all of the knives out is too much for you, or if you just want to bring the steak knives to the table, you can simply remove those blocks from the table.

What’s Included

Steel for Sharpening
8 Stainless Steel Steak Knives
Paring Knife with a 3.5-inch blade
The Vegetable Cleaver is 7 inches in length.
2 Steak Knife Blocks that can be removed
Bamboo Display Block with a V-shape Rotating Base
Carving Knife with an 8-inch blade
Fork with a Carving Pattern
Bread Knife with an 8-inch blade
Slicer with a 10-inch blade
Cheese Knife with a 5-inch blade
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 4.5 inches
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 7.5 inches



√ The blocks for steak knives are detachable.
√ 55-57 Rockwell Hardness is a measure of how hard something is.
√ Design with quad tangs
√ German steel with a high carbon content
√ Warranty against manufacturing faults for the life of the product.


× The storage block takes up a significant amount of counter space.


Despite the fact that Cangshan is a relatively young firm in the knife market, they have swiftly established a reputation for themselves. Their knives have received a lot of positive feedback and awards for their design, aesthetics, and functionality.

With its elegant hollow handle, the TNI series exudes confidence in its appearance. It is a fusion of the greatest features of both Eastern-style and Western-style blades in one package. Swedish steel is used to produce the blade’s straight edge, and it is known for its exceptional toughness, sharpness, and endurance. It is subjected to an Ultra6 heat treatment procedure before being ice-hardened to guarantee that it retains its sharpness for an extended period of time.

Every component of the design was taken into consideration in order to provide comfort and balance while in use. Even the storage block, which is made up of three different pieces that are held together by powerful magnets, was created with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. This enables you to simply bring the blades you need to your cutting board, rather of the whole set.

This set left a lasting impression on me. Each knife was individually manufactured and carefully honed to ensure that the results were exact and effective. If you are seeking for contemporary, high-quality knives that are extraordinarily responsive and sharp, this is the set for you.

What’s Included

Metal Shears with a 9-inch blade
Paring Knife, 3 to 5 inches in length
Peeling Knife with a 2.75-inch blade
4 Steak Knives with Serrated Edges
Honing Steel with an 8-inch diameter
Magnetic Storage Block Made of Solid Maple
Chef’s Knife with an 8-inch blade
Bread Knife with an 8-inch blade
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 7 inches
6-inch Boning Knife with a curved blade
Utility Knife with Serrated Edges, 5-Inch



√ ULTRA6 Heat Treatment is a patented process.
√ Blade that has been ice-hardened
√ Sandvik 14C28N steel from Sweden.
√ Rockwell hardness ranges from 57 to 61.
√ Magnetic storage block is a kind of storage device that uses magnets to store information.


× The hollow part of the handle proved to be problematic for several users, who found their fingers sliding within.


Shun is one of the most well-known and high-quality Japanese knife brands available on the market today. Each knife is handcrafted by a highly experienced artisan who goes through a 100-step procedure to manufacture it. This Premier series makes use of VG-Max steel with a tsuchime finish to give high-quality performance and strength, as well as smooth food release and cutting during cooking. It also has a Pakkawood handle with a complete composite tang, which allows for a comfortable and accurate grip while doing tasks. Both the blade and the handle are intended to be used by people who are right and left handed.

The Premier knife block set, which includes eight pieces, is a fantastic purchase. The hammered finish on the blades provides it a distinctive appearance while also providing it with a non-stick edge over other knives. Its shape and double-bevel guarantee that it may be used comfortably and confidently by chefs who are either right- or left-handed. These knives provide superior outcomes and are built to last a lifetime. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Shun provides free sharpening for the rest of my life. This is the set for you if you are seeking for knives that are of high quality and do not cut corners.

What’s Included

Steel for Sharpening
Bamboo Block with 11 slots
Chef’s Knife with an 8-inch blade
Knife with a blade length of 6.5 inches
Knife with a blade length of 4 inches
Shantou Knife with a blade length of 5.5 inches
Bread Knife with a 9-inch blade
Slicing Knife with a 9.5-inch blade



√ Sharpening by an expert is provided at no cost.
√ Warranty is for a limited period only.
√ A cutting core made of VG-MAX
√ Double-bevel edge – may be used either left- or right-handed.
√ Tangents in their entirety
√ Rockwell hardness ranges from 60 to 61.


× It is necessary to do regular maintenance in order to maintain the blades sharp.


In the event that you’re searching for a high-quality, premium set without all the frills, this 7-piece set from Enso is the perfect choice for your needs. It comes with everything you could possibly need in the kitchen and provides exceptional performance. Its 101-layer Damascus structure is complemented with an SG2 steel core in the center of each blade. Its edge is constructed with a double-bevel to enable it to be used by both left and right-handed individuals. Intricately crafted from black canvas micarta and embellished with a Samurai Crest, the handle’s stainless steel bolster provides stability and balance.

These Japanese blades are beautiful and provide results that are comparable to those of a professional. These blades, which are made of powdered carbon steel, have a Rockwell hardness value of 63 and are corrosion resistant, which is unmatched in the industry. Its double-bevel edge was also really good, and it works well for both left- and right-handed cooks because of its versatility. I really adored the dark ash block, which I am certain would make a stunning accent to any kitchen decor.

What’s Included

Bread Knife with a 9-inch blade
Paring Knife with a 3.25-inch blade
Knife with a blade length of 6 inches
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 6.5 inches
Chef’s Knife with an 8-inch blade
Kitchen Shears in Stainless Steel That Can Be Taken Apart
Dark Ash Slim Knife Block with 6 slots



√ 63 Rockwell hardness is a measure of how hard something is.
√ Knives with a full tang
√ with steel core SG2 101 layered Damascus design
√ Double-bevel edge – may be used either right or left-handed.
√ A stainless steel bolster is attached to the handle, which is made of canvas micarta.
√ Warranty against manufacturing faults is limited to one lifetime.


× A special cleaning procedure is required.


According to what you’d expect from a knife with the name “Shogun,” these Dalstrong Shogun knives are inspired by Japanese design.

As a consequence, Dalstrong knives are made in China utilizing German or Japanese steels that are imported from Europe. As a result, you receive excellent quality blades at a reasonable price.

The blades of these knives are made of AUS-10 stainless steel. High carbon concentration results in exceptionally strong material. It also contains a combination of nickel, manganese, silica, vanadium chromium and molybdenum, which work together to make it resistant to rust and corrosion while also providing a little flexibility, since high carbon blades are brittle.

A terrific blade with a razor-sharp cutting edge that maintains its sharpness for an extended period of time is produced by this high-quality steel.

The blades are somewhat bolstered and have a full tang that extends into the handle. The handle itself is a hybrid of the conventional western form and the more cylindrical Japanese type of handle, and as a consequence, it is very well rounded and easy to hold and hold comfortably. It is riveted together, and the material used for the handle is a fiberglass composite known as G-10.

This implies that the handle is lightweight and very sturdy, chemically inert and resistant to water and temperature fluctuations; it should not corrode or distort in any way under normal conditions.

What’s Included

Bread Knife with an 8-inch blade
Chef Knife with an 8-inch blade
Santoku Knife with a blade length of 7 inches
Knife with a blade length of 6 inches
Knife with a blade length of 312 inches
wood block crafted from acacia wood and accented with stainless steel



√ Handle has an ergonomic design for improved hand control, agility, and comfort.
√ Full tang-maximum robustness is achieved.
√ Handle made of military-grade G10 for long-lasting durability.
√ Heat, cold, and moisture are all resistant to this material.
√ For further uniqueness, the end cap has been engraved.


× None


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best high end knife sets:

high end knife set

Q1. What are the benefits of having a high end kitchen knife set collection?

A. You may get a less expensive knife set at Walmart or any other department store, but the knives are likely to become damaged over time and will not perform in the manner in which you want them to.

When it comes to knives, you want to make the most of your money and get the finest that the market has to offer. Other knife sets will be outclassed by the overall quality of the knives included in this package. The amount of work and accuracy that goes into each knife also contributes to its high cost.

In general, the more costly knife sets are hand-crafted, but the less expensive sets are mass-produced by machines and churned out in large quantities, which does not lend itself to the same degree of meticulousness as the more expensive sets.

Q2. What Qualifies as a “Professional Knife Set” in a High End Knife Set?

A. A high-quality knife should feel like an extension of your hand when you use it properly. When you are using it, it should feel light and balanced in your palm. The blade itself should be made of high-quality materials in order to provide greater edge retention, clean cuts, and other benefits.

In order to make a wise investment in a professional knife set, it is important to ensure that they are constructed of high-quality materials, have a practical design, and provide professional results.

Q3. What is the preferred brand of knives among expert chefs?

A. Every chef has a set of personal favorite knives that they have selected based on their own tastes, as well as factors like as the quality of the materials, edge retention, grip, and other factors. Brands like as Wusthof, Zwilling, Shun, and others are often chosen because they provide high-quality blades that are suitable for professional usage. Chefs may use one brand for one activity or scenario and a totally other brand for another task or environment at the same time.

Q4. What is the source of the high cost of Japanese knives?

A. Japanese knives are quite costly because of the high level of quality and workmanship. Several of the highest-quality materials are used in the construction of the knives, including high-quality carbon steel for the blade and exotic materials such as Micarta or Pakkawood for the handles. The quality of the workmanship is especially important because of the additional expense of forging together numerous layers, the elaborate patterns, or the fact that they are entirely manufactured by hand. Each knife is meticulously designed and constructed to be a piece of beauty in its own right.

Final verdict

However, excellence comes at a price, and these are some of the best high end knife sets available on the market at the time of writing. These knives distinguish themselves from a cheap or mid-range knife set owing to the high quality of the materials used, the balance of the blades, the design, and the overall appearance. You should be able to figure out which one would work best for your kitchen with the help of this list, hopefully.

When purchasing a professional knife set, the quality of the materials, sharpness and edge retention of the blade, balance, and comfort and grip are the most crucial factors to look for. Your body will tell you what works best for you. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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