The Insider Secret on Women’s Watches Uncovered

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The truth is that, in the world of watches, those meant for men receive a lot of focus. In any case, men purchase more watches as compared to women. Also, advertising is focused mainly on watches for men. Most women’s watches are simply downsized versions of watches for men with precious stones and diamonds placed to make them look more feminine.

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Fortunately, the huge bias in the industry keeps evolving, albeit slowly. Now, most women are judicious about the watches they purchase, and the number of women watches collectors keeps increasing. These are some of the insider secrets on women’s watches you should know.

Classic or Designer Brand

When getting a women’s watch, you need to understand some universal truths. For instance, getting a reputable watch brand does not mean everything. You may be surprised to discover that luxury watches do not appeal to a certain group of women. Also, not all designer watches are bad. In fact, you can discover quality watches, but care has to be taken with your preferred fashion.

Style of Watch

When it comes to choosing the women’s watches, style is a critical factor to consider. For instance, the classic or traditional shape is round, but you may find women who like a more bold, masculine watch. Also, rectangular watches can be quite chic and can be quite fun. Jewelry watches often feature platinum, gold, pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones, such as amber.

Wrist Size

When selecting the right timepiece, you have to consider your wrist size. Ideally, women’s wrists range from 5 to 7 inches in circumference. In addition, the diameter of female watches ranges from 20 to 34 mm, depending on the watchmaker and style. Also, the size of the watch may depend on whether it is treated as a wristwatch or an accessory.


Like purchasing any particular watch, one thing to consider is whether to get quartz or mechanical watch. You should note that mechanical watches feature innovative engineering. However, it may lose time, and it is not as precise as compared to a quartz watch, which has been taking the world by storm since the 1970s. The good thing about a quartz watch is that it is more reliable, practical, and needs minimal maintenance.


Ideally, appearance of a woman’s watch is quite important. However, the look of the watch is dependent on the materials used. That explains why gold watches have a huge demand. In fact, gold is more common in feminine watches as compared to masculine watches. You should note that there are various shades of gold that are used in making watches for women.

Another material used to make women’s watches is platinum. In most cases, it is used in combination with shades of gold. Modern watchmakers use stainless steel to give the watch a solid and more masculine look. Ceramic is also used because of its practicality and polished look. Also, ceramic is scratch resistant.

Bracelet or Strap

There are various bracelets and straps used in feminine watches. For instance, you can find a single band like stainless steel. Also, you can find bracelets made of combinations of platinum and gold. The straps are in leather and stylish. Their colors match dials and have a strap. Rubber straps are also common and are preferred because of their excellent durability and easy to clean. Moreover, they cannot be damaged by perfumes.


As you know, women are fond of colors. Thus, there is a need to accessorize accordingly. You should note that the watch is quite important for the wearer. A white watch can look better on women with fair skin complexion. For instance, black watches complement dark-colored skin with bold physical characteristics of women. Platinum and gold tend to be quite versatile. The colors tend to be more subtle as compared to extreme colors, such as white and black. You will also find watches available in vibrant colors, such as pink, blue, and red. Remember that color is very emotional, mood-related, and personal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What watch size is too large for a woman?

The human eye perceives anything greater than 46mm as being disproportionately enormous. And generally speaking, ladies don’t wear rings larger than 38mm. It’s easy to find out what size watch case will fit your wrist by simply measuring it.

What’s the best way to wear a watch, snug or slightly loose?

The band of the watch should be flexible enough so that you can put your index finger beneath it, but it shouldn’t be so flexible that you can move your index finger about freely. If you are unable to get your finger below the band of the watch, then the watch is too small for you.

The Bottom Line

Women wear watches as a thing of beauty, and it should be viewed as an accessory. There is a lot of jargon when it comes to the world of watches. The above are some things to know about women’s watches.

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