Thinking About Fitness Trackers? 11 Amazing Fitness Trackers Hacks.

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The best fitness tracker is always designed to the highest standards to track your daily workout activities with unique and distinctive features separating them from other trackers. This entails the amazing fitness trackers hacks making them the best.


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In your life, it is essential to exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. Doing daily exercise has health benefits as it helps in preventing or curing some diseases. Keeping yourself fit may help you even make you win races and games if you are a sportsman. Over the years, people have been exercising but not having any record to show what they have done. But in the modern-day, you can exercise and keep track of what you have been doing thanks to the fitness trackers. As an individual, it is good to keep track of your fitness level, your heartbeat, calories level, and even the humidity of the place you are exercising. This will let you know what you are doing right or wrong. Buying fitness trackers in the modern day can be very challenging and time-consuming due to the overcrowded market with different designs with different manufacturers of the activity trackers. We have, therefore, decided to simplify your work and time by providing you with tips that only the best fitness tracker possesses.

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Fitness Trackers Secrets

Here are the tips to the best fitness tracker:


When purchasing any activity tracker, the first thing to check is the materials used in making it. The fitness bracelet or fitness watch should be made of high-quality fabrics to ensure its longevity. It is always annoying to invest in a fitness tracker that will break the moment you start to work out. The best fitness tracker should have all the necessary features that will be helpful when you are working out and should be able to track every activity you are doing correctly for an extended period.


Before purchasing any fitness tracker, it is essential to check how comfortable it will be when you are working out. The materials used in making the fitness tracker should be eco-friendly to avoid any unnecessary allergies that may make you uncomfortable when working out. The tracker should be accurate since it is your trainer, and you depend on it. Individuals that are prone to sweating on their wrists are advised to buy a fitness watch or bracelet that the strap is made with breathable materials. Additionally, comfortable fitness tracker can help you in tracking your sleeping habits. It should be able to note how much you have moved when sleeping since it will help you know the better sleeping position. You are going to wear a fitness tracker the entire day, and maybe all night, it is, therefore, best if you buy a fitness tracker that you are very much comfortable wearing.


There are various brands of trackers, and they may produce different results when you wear them while doing the same exercise. This is because different brands have unique ways to calibrate their fitness trackers. Additionally, some trackers may have other ways to track your progress. Therefore, having information on the fitness tracker that you are to choose will help you in getting a more accurate read on your progress. Furthermore, different trackers are more useful for specific tasks. There are fitness trackers that are great while tracking your swimming progress since they have a gyroscope while fitness tracker with a built-in altimeter is suitable for mountain climbing. Before purchasing the fitness tracker, it is essential knowing its use for you to get an accurate read of your progress.

GPS Navigation

In modern-day with advanced technologies, the best fitness tracker should have a built-in GPS. When buying a fitness tracker, it is vital to look for this feature in case you want more accuracy of the tracker. This is because the GPS will help in keeping track of the distance you ran while wearing your fitness tracker. Additionally, the GPS in your fitness tracker is useful if you have to go the distance during your daily routine. Lastly, fitness trackers with GPS can be used as a safety measure since it can be used to locate you in case of an accident while out jogging.

Tracking modes

Different trackers are different tracking modes. However, some fitness trackers have more tracking modes compared to others. The tracking modes in the fitness trackers will help you in tracking other functions of the body or other activities. Major tacking modes are the heart rate monitor function and sleep tracking. The tracking modes will help you know if you have any worrying factors in your health. Also, the fitness trackers with tracking modes will help you check your pulse after your workout, and it is a great way to know if your routine is too light or too intense so that you may adjust. The tracking mode will also help you identify which sleeping position suits you best. In modern-day, the best fitness tracker should have tracking modes, and before buying it, you should check if it has any tracking mode.


We are living in the world with advanced technology, and therefore the fitness tracker should be advanced too. While out jogging, it may start drizzling with your fitness tracker on; therefore, it should be waterproof to avoid damaging if it is rained on. Some exercises may involve swimming, and the best fitness tracker should be weatherproof for it to be worn while you are swimming. While purchasing a fitness tracker, you should check if it is weatherproof for it to able to be used in all harsh weather conditions, seasons and swimming.

Battery life

Fitness trackers use batteries that can either be recharged or replaced. Some brands are energy efficient and can be used for a long duration without replacing or charging the batteries. The best fitness tracker should be able to serve you for long hours. It can be annoying to wear a fitness watch only to find out the battery is low or down, and the fitness activity you have been doing is not tracked. Before buying a fitness tracker, it is good to check online for customer reviews and inquire from relevant sources. Finding a balance between usability and battery life with brand-specific battery life estimates online will enable you to get the best fitness tracker.


When purchasing a fitness tracker, it is useful if the brand tracker is compatible with your phone or computer to enable you to view and track your progress. It is, therefore, essential to look for brands that have software or built to connect seamlessly with your devices.

Movement reminders

When buying any fitness tracker, it is essential to check if it has a movement reminder. This is a simple feature that will vibrate from the tracker or notify you via an app to remind you when to move if you have been still for a long time. Persons in office or sitting on the office desk are advisable to buy fitness trackers with this feature since it will remind them when to move.


The amount of money you are willing to spend to get a fitness tracker is essential. The best fitness tracker should be able to track activities and what you take to ensure you are doing the correct thing. They may be expensive, but they are worth it. It is advisable to go for a quality fitness tracker that will serve you and last longer than going for a cheap one that will break and give inaccurate results.


Different companies make various fitness trackers. For the best fitness tracker that will suit your needs, it is advisable to do research from an online seller like the amazon and check the customer reviews or ask individuals that already have them. With the right information, getting the best fitness tracker is a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Should you spend your money on a fitness tracker?

Studies have shown that regular use of a fitness tracker, which can be anything from a traditional pedometer to any other wearable device or even an app on your smartphone, can increase the number of steps you take in a day by more than a mile. This is especially true if you set a daily goal that is appropriate for your cardiovascular health.

What is the difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device that monitors both your physical activity and your overall health. A smartwatch can monitor your health in addition to keeping you linked to the outside world by displaying alerts and updates directly on the wearer’s wrist.

How are fitness trackers able to determine when a person is sleeping?

The majority of sleep trackers use accelerometers, which are tiny motion detectors, to monitor the amount and quality of sleep. Accelerometers monitor the amount of movement that a person makes while they are sleeping. Following that, an algorithm is used to evaluate the total amount of time spent sleeping as well as the quality of that sleep.

The Bottom Line

Fitness trackers have several discrete features that make them the best for tracking our daily workout routines. The tips are essential in that it makes the fitness trackers unique and adapted to their functions. The durability, comfort, GPS navigation, battery life, and compatibility are some of the features that a fitness tracker should have to make it the best.

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