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Janome is one of the most well-known brands in the embroidery industry, both for professional stitching and for individuals who embroider as a hobby. This janome horizon memory craft 12000 offering from them does not fall short of expectations.

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A sewing and embroidery machine in one, moving between the two functions is a snap with this janome memory craft 12000 machine. Even while it is geared for the slightly more skilled or intermediate-level embroidery market, janome 12000 sewing machine is equally appropriate for novices. Let’s have a look at what this janome 12000 can do for us.

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At first inspection, this janome horizon mc12000 embroidery sewing machine seems to be quite similar to any other sewing/embroidery machine. But it does offer several extremely helpful features, which are worth mentioning.

Are you brand new to embroidery and sewing? This janome 12000 embroidery machine has lessons and instruction through the sewing and embroidery functions that are shown on the screen.

This janome 12000 embroidery machine has lessons and instruction through the sewing and embroidery functions that are shown on the screen.

Additionally, intermediate and expert embroiderers and quilters will benefit from the ample bed area available. It features a stainless steel embossed bed that is 15 inches in length. There are 11 inches available to the right of the needle from this total. Quilting and bigger needlework jobs may be handled with relative ease.


The janome mc 12000 comes with 425 decorative, utilitarian, and embroidery stitches that are pre-installed. In addition, it contains 338 pre-loaded embroidered patterns, 13 kinds of one-step buttonholes, ten fonts that include European letters, and a 2- and 3-letter monogramming feature, among other features.

The full color LCD touchscreen is simple to use and browse about on since it is clear and bright. There is a red circle at the bottom of the screen that indicates whether the stitch you seek is not currently shown. You will continue to move your finger around this circle until you have discovered the stitch you wish.

Our favorite feature is the ability to utilize a laptop and attach it to the computer, which is one of the many options available. This implies that you may utilize the laptop screen to see the fine elements of your design.

An additional benefit is that you may use your laptop to make your own designs. These may then be downloaded to the machine’s built-in memory after which they can be used. This may be accomplished either directly from the PC or via the use of a USB memory stick. Designs may be created at any time and from any location, then transferred to your computer.

If you’re like us and your vision isn’t quite what it used to be, this horizon memory craft 12000 machine features a convenient magnifying glass built in right above the needle for your convenience. You may not even need your specifications if you combine this with the 10 built-in LED lights, one of which is adjustable, and the built-in needle threader.

When quilting, the Acufeed mechanism enables for a smooth feed of your fabric to be achieved. Quilters will be pleased with the large number of precise stitches and creative ideas available, as well as the automated pressure height adjustment, one-step plate converter, and capacity to generate stitches up to 9 mm wide, all of which are standard features.

When it comes to the 9 mm stitch capability, this janome mc 12000 may be effortlessly regulated when you’re sewing with your knees together. A special arm may be attached to the machine so that your hands do not have to leave the cloth you’re working on.

This janome 12000 sewing machine also has a set of brand-new hoops. There’s a free arm machine hoop for sleeves and cuffs, a normal square, a big square, and a very large (just short of 12″ by 9″) hoop for quilting, all of which are included.

Additionally, the 20 feet of fabric, the majority of which fit the new 9mm stitch function, 91 needle positions, one-step needle plate converter, automated thread cutter with memory function, and auto-declutch bobbin winder are included in the package.

Quality Of The Stitching And The FabricEven when stitching at a rate of 1000 stitches per minute, the quality of the work produced by this janome memory craft 12000 embroidery machine remains unaffected. The stitching seems to be done by hand, which suggests that you did it yourself. In addition, the machine is quite quiet while in operation.
It is also capable of sewing practically any kind of fabric, from frail lace and silk to leather, canvas, and rubber, among other things. Consider the possibilities for customizing your favorite jacket or making the cheapest lingerie appear like it comes from a high-end luxury brand using this technology.

Is everything okay?

There will always be setbacks, no matter what you do. This machine’s earlier variants were equipped with a smaller 5″ by 7″ hoop, which some users prefer. The capacity to store 100,000 stitches has been judged to be inadequate by a few clients, despite the fact that we cannot envision ever needing that many stitches.

Is the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 a Smart Buy?

This multi-tasking janome sewing machine seems to be capable of doing the most of the jobs that any passionate embroiderer or quilter may need. The four hoops, 20 feet of working space, spacious working surface, and one-step needle plate change are all designed to make life simpler.

The automated system is simple to use and maneuver through. Another advantage is that it can be connected to your laptop, allowing you to design and produce new works of embroidered art from anywhere in the world and then download them to your machine.

Additional features like as the built-in magnifying glass adjustable light, and auto needle thread are quite convenient.

This janome horizon memory craft 12000 machine will stay steady no matter what you are working on since it weighs a substantial 32 pounds.

The Janome Horizon memory embroidery machine claims to have all of the functions that someone could possibly want in an embroidery/sewing machine, and it appears to be suited for everyone from the absolute beginner to the small home business owner and all in between.

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