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How to Clean the Inside of an Air Fryer

Not sure when it was, but in the recent years I’ve become a major fry eater. You may deep fry them, pan fried them, bake them in the oven, or air fry them. However, because to their portability and simplicity, air fryers have gained in popularity.

However, most of us share a distaste for one aspect of the culinary process: cleaning. Yes, you guessed it! No one enjoys washing dishes or sterilizing pots and pans. It is crucial to get your air fryer cleaned the right manner if you want it to last as long as possible.

Every day, I clean my own air fryer, and I can attest that it’s a breeze. Getting an air fryer cleaning cloths or cleaning brush set and the appropriate equipment is all that is required. Although air fryers are rather pricey machines, proper maintenance is simple.

Here, we shall outline the process of thoroughly cleaning an air fryer.

Is there a need to clean the inside of an air fryer after use?

Utilizing a towel that has been dampened and then dipped in warm soapy water, clean the inside of the air fryer. It is still necessary to remove the basket and the drawer. Make sure there is no oil or food debris on the heating element, and wipe it clean. When it comes to removing stuck-on food, many manufacturers recommend using a soft brush rather than steel wire.

Here is a comprehensive guide for cleaning your air fryer.


Before beginning the process of cleaning the air fryer, check to be that you have all of the necessary tools on hand. The following is a list of the equipment that you need to have in order to clean an air fryer easily.

how to clean your air fryer
  • A nonabrasive sponge
  • A cleaning cloth made of microfibers
  • A scrubbing brush with soft bristles
  • Washing-Up Liquid
  • Baking Soda

Allow the Air Fryer to Come to Room Temperature

Before you begin cleaning the air fryer, be sure that you have first unplugged it. Wait for it to cool down for at least half an hour, and after it has, remove all of the pieces that can be removed so that you may clean them.

Cleaning the Removable Components

You should use hot soapy water to clean the detachable attachments. Allow the cooking pot, basket, or grill to soak in the hot soapy water for roughly 15–20 minutes if there is oil or other residues trapped to the surface of the item. You may now clean them using a sponge that does not have abrasive particles in it.

If there is food residue that is really difficult to remove, produce a cleaning paste with baking soda and water, scrape the paste onto the residue with a bristle brush, and then wipe the residue clean. It would be of great assistance!

Cleaning up the inside of it

To thoroughly clean the inside, use a moist microfiber cloth or a nonabrasive sponge dipped in dishwashing detergent to wipe down the surfaces. If it makes sense to you, you should also use some water to remove any soap residue that may be left behind.

Conducting an Examination of the Heating Element

In addition to this, inspect the heating element to see if there are any food remnants that have been left behind or that have been attached to it. If there is any buildup there, you should carefully wipe it off with a nonabrasive sponge and see if it gets rid of it.

Cleaning the Outside (Exterior)

After you have finished cleaning the inside of the air fryer, use a sponge or cloth dampened with dishwashing detergent to wipe the outside of the device. Use a towel that has been dampened to clean up any leftover dish soap. After drying the outside with a paper towel, you are finished with this step.

Reassemble the air fryer

After you have put back together all of the detachable components, your air fryer will be ready to use in a matter of minutes. After ensuring that each and every nook and cranny is completely dry, you should be good to go once again.


how to clean inside of air fryer

What would happen if water was added to the air fryer?

A. If the electrical components of your air fryer come into contact with water, the appliance can break down if you add a lot of water to it. A container for holding liquid is not included on an air fryer since they do not have one. Instead, each chamber has its own heating element, which is responsible for producing hot air inside the device.

Do you think oven cleaner would work in my air fryer?

A. Absolutely incorrect, doing so will leave you smelling like smoke forever. It will pretty much render your air fryer useless.

Is it possible to clean an air fryer using vinegar made from apple cider?

A. Vinegar is an exceptionally secure cleaning solution that you may use everywhere in your kitchen, even within your air fryer, and it will not harm the surfaces or the food. A mixture of three parts water and one part vinegar is the safest and most effective cleaning solution.

How often should an air fryer be cleaned?

A. Always use warm soapy water to clean the air fryer’s basket, tray, and pan after each usage. You may clean them in the dishwasher, but before doing so, check the user handbook to make sure that any detachable components are also safe for the dishwasher. Additionally, a moist cloth with a touch of dish soap is recommended for cleaning the outside. When everything is dry, put everything back together and store it until the next time you need it.

You don’t have to do this after every usage, but when you do, be sure to use a wet cloth or sponge to thoroughly wash clean the whole exposed exterior. If your heating coil is in need of maintenance, you can check it out in a jiffy like this. If there is any oil or residue on the surface, check it after every few uses and wait 30 minutes before cleaning it off with a moist towel.


Your air fryer will last longer if you clean it after each use, and any lingering residues won’t get into your food. Dishwasher safety makes cleanup a snap, but as we’ve established, you should check the user manual to see whether your air fryer’s attachments are dishwasher safe.

Simply following the aforementioned procedures is all that’s required to give your air fryer a thorough cleaning. Please share your best tips for keeping your air fryer in pristine condition.

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