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In your search for a sewing machine, you’ve already made the first step ahead if you pick brother sewing machine. The next step is to decide on the ideal make and model.

If you’ve been researching Brother sergers, you may want to consider the Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch, which is a simple machine to use whether you’re sewing your own clothes for fun or for a living. With its various attachments, you may experiment with a wide variety of cover stitching.

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  • Dimensions of the product: 13.4 inches in height, 15 inches in width, and 13.4 inches in depth.
  • The weight is 6.4 kg.
  • Stitches per minute: 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • Number of threads: 2-3-4.
  • If color-coding is used: Yes
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Cover Stitch

Essentially, what you’re getting with the Brother 2340CV is a higher-end serger model. This machine is commonly referred to as a coverstitch machine or a cover hem machine. A variety of cover stitches are available, including those that are more attractive.

The cover stitch offers the user with attractiveness, protection from fraying, and long-term usage. Two or three threads are utilized for the cover stitch in cylindrical hems and flexible material.

For professional hems and everyday use, this coverstitch sewing machine can also sew chain stitches and a variety of ornamental style stitches. In addition, it can be used to produce swimsuits and other elastic items just as readily as ornamental stitches on linen and clothing.

Options for Stitching

When it comes to needles, this Brother machine has 1-2-3 possibilities. With a wide variety of cover stitches for various kinds of cloth and weights, this ultra-modern machine is sure to wow. For the same quality of stitching on a range of materials, this coverstitch serger machine is ideal.

Narrow cover stitches, broad cover stitches, and tri-cover stitches are all options on this machine. A circular hem may also be made since this machine doesn’t cut during sewing, unlike other machines.

The following are some of its many advantages in the world of stitches:

  • Ultra-modern serger: This coverstitch sewing machine type is an ultra-modern form of a serger, which allows the user to generate as many cover stitches as possible on a variety of fabrics with a single machine.
  • Color-coded threading guide: A color-coded threading guide is included into the machine, allowing for more accurate stitching and a higher-quality finish.
  • Looper threading system that is fast and simple to use: This machine includes an integrated looper threading system that is time-saving, rapid, and simple to use.
  • Stitches per minute: It can perform a maximum of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • Adjustable dials: With this cleverly designed function, the sewer may control the speed of the cloth that is fed through the sewing machine.
  • A variety of accessories: The Brother Coverstitch Machine comes with an integrated blind stitch foot that works in conjunction with a gather foot, as well as a bag of accessories and a needle set, four thread nets, and a user’s manual to assist you in creating better-looking garments and other sewn products.
Feeding Differently

It is possible to fine-tune the machine’s differential feed using the sliding lever located right here. The differential feed makes it possible to sew any kind of fabric, from heavy denim to delicate lace. Thread nets, speciality threads, and spool guides all have numbered guides.


In addition to being easy and straightforward, this Brother coverstitch machine is also user-friendly. A guidebook is included with the color-coded guide, which is a big aid. It’s also simple to use for anybody who’s used a sewing machine before.


In contrast to a serger, which cuts as it sews, a serger with cover stitch may connect lace, tape, and elastic, as well as create circular hems for cuffs and collars. Reliability, ease of use, and professionalism make this machine suitable for long-term usage by anybody who needs it.

Works Silently

It’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t been blown away by how quiet this machine is. If you’re going to be sewing clothes professionally at home, this machine is a must-have.

Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340CV, Sturdy Metal Frame,...
  • METAL FRAME; The Brother 2340CV is a sturdy cover stitch-dedicated serger made with a metal frame and internal parts; the 2 needle 2-3-4 cover stitch functions are great for working with stretch fabrics, as well as creating necklines and hems
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE; Featuring tri-cover stitch, wide and narrow cover stitches along with easy-to-follow color coded threading and cover stitch capability of 3 millimeter to 6 millimeter for thicker materials
  • 1,100 STITCHES PER MINUTE; The 2340CV has a maximum sewing speed of up to 1,100 stitches per minute allowing you to serger more in less time; differential Feed: 0.7 - 2.0 millimeter
  • EASY TO THREAD; A fast thread looper system, color-coded guides on machine, and lay-in threading make the C2340CV easy to use
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORY FEET; A standard foot plus a hem sewing presser foot are included with the 2340CV
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The brother coverstitch 2340cv may be used by both experienced users and those just starting out. The brother cover stitch 2340cv is a fantastic choice if all you need is a high-quality sewing machine that can produce outstanding results rapidly.

It’s no surprise that the Brother 2340CV coverstitch machine constantly receives positive feedback from both professional and amateur stitchers. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more


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