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Are you looking for the best Husqvarna sewing machine? When it comes to sewing projects that turn out beautifully, having a high-quality sewing machine may make all the difference. Since 1872, Husqvarna Viking has been producing high-quality sewing machines, and the company takes great satisfaction in producing sewing machines that have excellent engineering, extraordinary functionality, and cutting-edge design.

The brand Husqvarna is currently ubiquitous across the industry of sewing. To assist you in making the most educated decision possible when purchasing a Husqvarna sewing machine, we have included a breakdown of the top models available as well as a great deal of additional information. When conducting these assessments, we took into consideration a number of important aspects, including, but not limited to, speed, accessories, styles and designs, and working space, amongst others. The capabilities and quality of the machine are directly influenced by its characteristics.

We’ll investigate what it is about these machines that makes them so popular, and then we’ll look at seven of the most impressive Viking sewing machines now available on the market, including the following:

On this list we have 7 best husqvarna sewing machine

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Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 Sewing Machine
Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 Sewing Machine
Extra Large 8" Sewing Space w/ Bright LED Lighting; 82 beautiful 7mm wide stitches; Top-loading bobbin with built-in needle threader winds from the needle

You should give some thought to the following factors when shopping for a Husqvarna sewing machine. Let us now guide you in finding the best husqvarna sewing machine:

best husqvarna viking sewing machine

√ Type

You’ll need to agree on whether you’re seeking for a conventional sewing machine, an embroidery machine, a quilting machine, a combination model, a serger/overlocking machine, or a heavy-duty machine. There are two machines available for use: a computerized one with a start/stop button and a mechanical one with a foot pedal.

√ Built-in stitches and designs

The more a machine’s selection of preprogrammed stitches and patterns, the more it may be used for a variety of projects. The range of stitches and ornamentation available on various models varies greatly.

√ Working area

Depending on the size of your workspace, you may have to make some adjustments in how efficiently you complete different types of projects. Choose a machine with a sizable table if you plan on doing a lot of piecing, quilting, or other large-scale work.

√ Top-load bobbin

The most common bobbin mechanism for Husqvarna machines is a top loading bobbin. Bobbins that are less likely to become jammed are also available as an option. If you’re just starting off, it’s a good idea to invest in a model that has an automated bobbin winder.

√ Free arm

It’s much simpler to sew things like collars and sleeves thanks to the free arm.

√ Speed

If you want to sell or otherwise profit from your equipment, speed is a must. If you’re going to be doing a lot of sewing, it’s best to invest in a high-speed machine, like the Husqvarna Viking Platinum MN 1000, which can sew at a rate of 1000 stitches per minute. A sewing machine with variable speed settings is ideal for beginners.

√ Built-in threader

Having a threader already installed will be a huge time saver. This feature is not standard on all models, particularly cheaper ones that are meant for beginners. Choose a computer with a straightforward threading mechanism if it lacks a threader.

√ Accessories

A machine’s adaptability increases with the number of attachments it can accept. Embroidery hoops, extension tables, and storage boxes are common extras, as are needles, bobbins, bobbin winders, covers to keep dust off the equipment, and needle threaders. Additionally, the machine’s standard sewing accessories save you money and are included in the package.

√ Portability

How easily you can carry about your sewing machine depends on its size and weight. Multiple versions exist, each with its own range of dimensions and weight. Some of the available types weigh just 15 pounds, while others may weigh up to 90. A machine like the Husqvarna Viking H CLASS E20 is a good option if you need something portable. You won’t need any help carrying it from one location to another.

√ Price

In terms of cost, Husqvarna sewing machines may range widely. The Husqvarna Viking H CLASS E20 is one of the most affordable versions available, while the Husqvarna Viking Platinum MN 1000 is one of the most expensive. In terms of functionality and speed, you should expect to receive more for your money the more you pay. Even while you should always try to obtain the most for your money, you should not always assume that more costly means better.

√ LED lights

If you have to operate in a dimly lit area, the LED lighting system will save your eyes from unnecessary strain. You won’t have any trouble seeing your dark-colored work anymore.

√ Warranty

The Viking sewing machines are on the pricier side, therefore you should pay close attention to the warranty. Warranties on certain components vary across models. The length of time that certain components, including motors and computers, are covered by the warranty might vary greatly.


In this first segment, we review seven of the best husqvarna sewing machine on the market as of now:



One of the most exclusive versions of the Husqvarna brand available today is the platinum MN 1000. The device is our top recommendation for a variety of compelling reasons. It delivers a powerful punch with several functions that simplify and enhance the experience of stitching. You will have an easier time working on a variety of designs thanks to some of its most useful features, such as its vast embroidery area and its smart cap embroidery.

The machine features a single head that has 10 needles, which enables you to quickly embroider multicolored patterns since you may have all 10 needles threaded with different colors at the same time. In addition to that, there is a function known as the automatic color change, which makes it so that the color automatically shifts to a new color based on how the design works. If you’re just starting off, you could be intimidated by the intricacy of the computer; but, with the enormous 7-inch intuitive color touch screen, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The learning curve is not very high, and out of the 14 available languages, you may choose the one that is most natural to you to use.

Because of its vast memory as well as its complementary stitching and patterns, the Platinum MN 1000 is our top recommendation for upgrading. Imagine if your sewing machine could store up to 20 million different patterns for you to choose from. In addition to that, it sews at an incredible pace of one thousand stitches per minute, making it a flash machine. Additionally, the five built-in LEDs provide you with great visibility.

In a nutshell, experienced sewers who work on extensive projects with intricate patterns will find that the platinum MN 1000 is an excellent option to consider. The multi-needle machine offers everything that an experienced artist might possibly need in order to seamlessly create.

The platinum MN 1000 is chock full of unexpected turns and twists. The availability of a variety of color options is one of the most fascinating aspects that came as a complete shock to us. When swapping designs, it wasn’t necessary for us to put our spools in any particular sequence. The machine completed its enchantment. Additionally helpful and useful features are the automated thread break identification and thread trim functions. The fact that the machine, unlike many other Husqvarna Viking machines, is able to read DST designs was the aspect of it that impressed us the most.



The Husqvarna Designer lives up to its name thanks to its innovative design and the abundance of brand-new features it incorporates. We can’t help but agree with Husqvarna’s assertion that the machine was designed specifically with sewers in mind, given all of the innovative new features that have been included into it. To begin, the machine has a wide work area that is capable of accommodating even the largest of quilts in addition to other kinds of large tasks. You will also like the bright lighting, bigger bobbin (which allows you to store more thread and complete your job with fewer interruptions), bobbin winder, and automated needle threader.

The Designer Epic has a more modern appearance and feel when contrasted with its predecessor, the Epic 980Q. In terms of functionality, they have a lot in common with one another, however the 980Q is a somewhat older model. Every seamstress who has ever had the opportunity to use this machine concurs that the JoyOS AdvisorTM is the component that sets it apart from other sewing machines. This unique function is not available on any other sewing machine now available on the market. You can input the type of fabric you are using and select a sewing technique from the drop-down menu on the screen display. The machine will then select the appropriate stitch, stitch width/length, presser foot pressure, and thread tension for the type of fabric and sewing technique you have selected.

Since the machine contains all of the capabilities that are necessary to go above and beyond with one’s sewing creativity, it is an excellent choice for both experienced sewists and advanced beginners.

The simplicity of use of the Designer Epic was the feature that jumped out to us the most about it. However, despite its advanced features and capabilities, the computer is not difficult to use. Because of the helpful JoyOS AdvisorTM function, having it is like to having a sewing instructor by your side to aid you along the road, which is why it is so handy. In addition, we thought the most recent stitch possibilities, such as the fashion stitches, theme stitching, dimensional stitches, and sequin stitches, were really impressive. Using this machine, you will have no trouble keeping up with the latest fashion trends.



Another one of Husqvarna’s prized possessions is the Jade 20. It comes with a plethora of various functions, all of which are designed to appeal to sewists of varying skill levels, including those who like patchwork and quilting. You would be able to make good use of the huge stitching space that the machine provides. It is much bigger than the majority of other household machines. LED illumination, a speed control that enables you to operate the machine without the foot pedal, and a start/stop function are some of the other useful features that are included with the machine.

The Jade 20 is distinguished from other models by its fantastic motor, which operates in a manner that is virtually completely quiet. In addition to its breathtakingly gorgeous appearance, it also has an accessory box that is sufficiently enough to accommodate both the power cord and the pedal. This creates a built-in carry case that shields the machine’s components from dust and other forms of harm. The accessory box latches onto the front of the machine. Because of this feature and the machine’s already lightweight construction, it is easily one of the finest lightweight machines now available.

The Jade 20 is the most advanced electric sewing machine available on the market today for home sewers. It is equipped with all of the useful features that a sewer of any level may need.

Any sewer, at the price range of the Jade 20, would be able to enjoy all that Husqvarna has to offer with it. The machine has a lot of storage capacity, which was one of our favorite features. The accessory box lends an air of refined elegance to the overall look. We also liked that the machine featured several unique features, such as a self-threader that was very smooth and a button control for the needle going up and down, neither of which are present in other machines that are in the same price range. When it comes to the value for your money, the Jade 20 is without a doubt one of the best options available.



The Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 sewing machine has a wide range of useful functions, making it an ideal option for any kind of sewing project. It comes equipped with a handy built-in needle threader, an easy buttonhole that can be created in just one step, a simple stitch selection that can be made with the turn of a dial, adjustable speed settings, a top load drop-in bobbin, a needle up and down button, automatic bobbin thread pickup, a jam proof full rotary hook, and an adjustable presser foot pressure.

There are 18 stitches available (with a total of 70 stitch functions), and the width and length may be adjusted. These stitches include utilitarian stitches for sewing and repairing, tri-motion threads for knitting and strengthening, and ornamental stitches for making creative products.

A useful guide to sewing will tell you which of the eight snap-on presser foot to use, as well as how to adjust the thread tension and the length of the stitch.



The Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930 boasts many of Husqvarna’s best technological features, such as the exclusive SEWING ADVISOR®, which automatically sets the machine for you, electronic self-adjusting thread tension, and SENSOR SYSTEMTM Technology, which automatically adjusts foot pressure for any fabric thickness and provides an extra lift position for thick sewing projects such as quilts. Other features include electronic self-adjusting thread tension, electronic self-adjusting thread tension, and electronic self-adjusting thread tension.

The large sewing surface of 10 inches is perfect for sewing larger and more cumbersome items, and the machine also features a convenient automatic thread cutter, start/stop button, built-in needle threader, needle stop up/down button for easy pivoting, and bobbin thread sensor with alert sound to let you know when the bobbin thread is running low.

There are over 200 different stitches and four different font styles available to pick from on the Sapphire 930, and you also have the ability to store your own personalized stitch settings.

There are seven different buttonhole styles that can be selected from when using the Sensor OneStep Buttonhole Foot, which is designed to automatically sew perfect one-step buttonholes every time. There are 9 presser feet in the package.



In the same way as the Sapphire 930, the Husqvarna Viking Opal 690Q sewing machine benefits from the exclusive SENSOR SYSTEM® technology. This technology automatically and continuously senses and adjusts the presser foot pressure as you sew on any thickness of fabric. Additionally, this technology automatically lowers and raises the pressure foot, automatically lowers feed teeth for maximum space for heavy fabrics, and automatically floats the foot above the fabric for instant pivoting, easy applique, and quilting.

In addition, the Opal 690Q enhances the overall quality of the sewing experience with its exclusive SEWING ADVISORTM function. An electronic self-adjusting thread tension, an automated thread cutter, a start/stop button, a large 8-inch sewing area, an intuitive monochrome touchscreen display, and electronic self-adjusting thread tension are some of the amazing features that come standard on this kind of sewing machine.

You were alerted as soon as the bobbin thread sensor detected that you were becoming dangerously low on bobbin thread.

There are over 200 different stitches available to select from, including utilitarian threads, ornamental stitching, 7mm stitches, and quilting stitches. In addition, there are seven different pressure feet that come included with the machine.



The Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond sewing machine was developed with embroidery in mind, and it features an insane number of 1200 stitches in a wide variety of styles to choose from. These stitches include 26 “dimensional” stitches, which enable you to add fabric appliqué and/or pop-ups for a distinctively decorative and three-dimensional effect.

With brand new features and the exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® and EMBROIDERY ADVISORTM deliver guidance when you need it most, with the Embroidery Advisor offering suggestions for needle, stabilizer, top and bobbin thread, as well as tips for embroidering with specialty fabrics and specialty threads. In addition, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond benefits from an increased sewing speed, which aims to reduce embroidery time by at least 20%.

Additionally, the SENSOR SYSTEMTM technology is included into this machine to guarantee consistent feeding of the cloth.

The extra long 10 inch free arm makes it easy to stitch quilts and other big objects, and the huge touch screen, which measures 8 inches and has full color and a high resolution, making it simple to navigate through the many screens for sewing, editing, and embroidery.

You may establish the optimal illumination for your sewing environment and the color of your fabric with the aid of an adjustable lighting system. This allows you to see both the cloth and the stitches in their true colors.

This sewing and embroidery machine comes with a variety of helpful attachments, including 12 pressure foot, 3 embroidery hoops of varying sizes, and all of the essential software. These are just some of the amazing accessories that are included.


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best husqvarna sewing machine:

husqvarna sewing machine

Q1. How excellent of a sewing machine is the Husqvarna Viking?

A. Sewing machines manufactured by Husqvarna Viking are regarded very highly for their quality and construction, and are considered to be among the finest available, alongside well-known brands like as Singer, Brother, and Janome. A Viking sewing machine is easily distinguishable from other models because to its cutting-edge features.

Final verdict

The variety of high-quality, top-performing Husqvarna sewing machines might make picking the best husqvarna sewing machine seem like a Herculean task. Here is a summary of the seven models that scored highest in our reviews. Everyone from frugal shoppers to those who prioritize high-end extras will find everything they need on this list. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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