best meat cleaver for cutting bone

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Preparing your meat quicker, easier and safer will need the correct equipment, and with so many varieties of knives on the market selecting the perfect one is tough if you are not aware of the difference. When we think of a knife for cutting meat bones, then we most usually think about cleavers since they are the only knives that cut through the bones. A powerful, sharp cleaver is the easiest option we can give for preparing meat or chopping bone.

Only a chef or butcher can comprehend the necessity for kitchen or meat shop equipment. The cleaver is the only knife appropriate for chopping beef bone. We will explain multifunctional kitchen utensils best meat cleaver for cutting bone. These cleavers is perfect for cutting meat bone joint, cutting meat, cutting fish, cutting vegetables. A cleaver is very much essential considering the necessity for kitchen or meat shop equipment.

So, in this guide, we have provided much useful information and a full assessment on the best meat cleaver for cutting bone. Helping you out, we have done thorough study of over 5 hours to acquire all sorts of information on cleavers and which is the best meat cleaver for cutting bone.

On this list we have 7 best meat cleaver for bones

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Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Meat Cleaver Chopping Butcher...
Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Meat Cleaver Chopping Butcher...
Forged stainless-steel blade With Walnut Wood Full Tang Handle; Blade Length x Width x Thickness: 8" x 4" x 3.5 mm, 1.6 LBS
Dexter-Russell 8' Stainless Heavy Duty Cleaver, S5288,...
Dexter-Russell 8" Stainless Heavy Duty Cleaver, S5288,...
STURDY WITH AN EDGE that makes chopping and separating quick and easy
Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife...
Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife...
Heavy duty cleaver is made from 100 percent stainless steel; Designed and built exclusively for the tough day-to-day demands of the commercial kitchen
ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleaver
ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleaver
Curved bolster encourages cutting with improved precision, safety and comfort; POM handle is durable and resiliant
Wusthof Gourmet 7' Cleaver
Wusthof Gourmet 7" Cleaver
Blade, bolster and tang forged out of a single piece of high carbon German no stain steel.

Let us now guide you in finding the best meat cleaver for cutting bone:

best meat cleaver for bones

√ Materials

If you’re in the market for a new meat cleaver, one that will survive the wear and tear of repeatedly slicing through flesh and bone, you’ll want to look for one that has cutting-edge technology.

Examining the meat cleaver’s blade and handle might help you make a decision. Blades are often constructed of stainless or carbon steel.

Material options for handles include walnut wood, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, pakkawood, and metal.

Although the higher-end of the pricing range is where you’re most likely to discover meat cleaver knives constructed from high-quality materials, you can still find some excellent options that won’t break the bank.

√ Gentle Grip

An awkward handle of a knife makes it hard to use. Knives with ergonomic Pakkawood handles are a delight to use. Knives with ergonomic grips are also a great choice. These knobs are very resistant to corrosion. Allows for simple upkeep. As a result, cutting won’t be a problem for your hands. In-use performance is superb.

√ Balance

It’s not uncommon for meat cleavers to feel awkward or unwieldy in the hand because of their disproportionately large blades.

The forward weight is for the purpose of creating the natural falling momentum into which the knife may lean with each swing, making quick work of cutting through flesh and bone.

However, only the front part of the blade will make significant contact and effective cuts if the weight is moved too far.

When deciding whether or not a cleaver is appropriate for you, it is important to think about how much weight the material the knife is created from will contribute to the total weight.

√ Design

Find a meat cleaver knife that is not only well-made and has a sturdy design, but also one that fits your hand well. Cut through bone and flesh with ease using a meat cleaver, but if it’s cumbersome to use, you won’t bother.

The idea is to facilitate your work rather than complicate it. You may also think about the aesthetics while making a choice, depending on whether you want something sleek and modern or something with a little more personality.

√ Blade Size & Weight

A meat cleaver’s blade has to be substantial in both size and weight. A meat cleaver with an 8-inch blade and greater heft is preferable. It will work well for slicing meat and dividing joints.

The ability to chop chicken or boneless meat is essential. A meat cleaver’s blade should be between 6 and 7 inches in length, and you should be able to get the same results with a lighter cleaver.


In this first segment, we review ten of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone on the market as of now:


It features a blade made of forged stainless steel, which is not quite as sharp as blades made of carbon steel. However, it passes through the bones without difficulty and will keep its edge for a longer amount of time. It has no problem chopping pig ribs and full lamb legs, among other things.

Due to the fact that it weighs around 1.6 pounds, you won’t need any more strength to carve those pork ribs. This cleaver is versatile enough to tackle a variety of different jobs in the kitchen.

Because it is made of walnut wood and precisely fits in the palm of your hand, the handle makes chopping an enjoyable experience. Don’t be concerned about holding on to anything! While you were cutting, you would have a general sense of balance and comfort.



√ A pleasing appearance
√ Sturdy and long-lasting both
√ Included in the package is a handle that is easy on the grip
√ A cleaver that has a good balance
√ Cheap


× Heavy


If you’ve been working in the food service sector for a while, you may already be acquainted with the Dexter Russell brand, which is known for producing high-quality knives and cleavers.

Dexter-Russel (S5288) – 8″Heavy Duty The construction of the cleaver makes it ideal for performing demanding tasks such as breaking bones. It has a robust spine that enables it to cut through the larger bones with relative ease.

The enormous blade on this Dexter Russell cleaver is 8 inches in length and comes standard. High carbon steel was used in the construction of the blade. It is equipped with a hole in the upper right corner for convenient hanging after it has been used.

The cleaver’s handle is made of wood and is polished to seem like rosewood; this makes it easy to maintain a firm grip.

This is the best option for you to go with if you want a genuine butcher’s cleaver that you can use in your own kitchen. In general, it is an outstanding product, particularly when it comes to chopping bones.



√ A sturdy blade made of stainless steel throughout its composition
√ A cleaver of good quality that is not too expensive
√ Elegant grip made of rosewood
√ There is a hole in the blade so that it may be hung to dry in the air


× The grip is too big for someone with such little hands


The Messermeister four seasons cleaver is produced in Santa Catarina, Portugal, by artisans with more than 60 years of combined expertise. It is designed for use in high-traffic environments, making it suitable for both residential and professional kitchens.

This cleaver has a blade made from German stainless carbon alloy that is resistant to corrosion. Even after prolonged usage, it does not lose its ability to retain its edge. It is simple to reshape the borders of it if you decide you want to change its form.

Because it is molded and made of polypropylene, the handle offers a comfortable grip even while working with large objects. This protects against oxidation even when subjected to consistent moisture exposure.

When it comes to slicing the bones, the balance and the weight work together well. It will have little trouble slicing into your chicken.



√ Polypropylene handle that has been molded for hygiene and provides a pleasant grip
√ Includes a guarantee that lasts a lifetime and covers both material and manufacturing defects
√ NSF approved


× The blade isn’t very sharp, but most cleavers don’t have particularly keen blades to begin with


This cleaver from Utopia Kitchen is made of stainless steel and measures 7 inches. It has a straightforward design and does not have any extra features. This lightweight cleaver comes at a price that is not hefty either.

When it comes to slicing chicken and pork, the weight is just about perfect. Additionally, huge veggies may be chopped with no additional labor required.

The blade is made of stainless steel and is 7 inches in length, and it is 3.0 millimeters thick. Even after a significant number of usage, its rust-proof and tarnish-proof blade maintains its razor-like edge for an extended period of time. Despite the short length of the blades, they are an excellent choice for use on smaller cutting boards.

Although the blades may theoretically be washed in a dishwasher, it is strongly advised that you wash them by hand in order to preserve the quality of the blade. It has a pleasant grip, which makes it easy to manipulate in various positions.



√ Excellent quality with affordable pricing
√ Light in weight
√ Blades that are resistant to rust and do not oxidize
√ Simple to clean and maintain as necessary


× Could be more pointed


Over the last 280 years, Zwilling Pro has become one of the most reputable names in the knife manufacturing industry. One of the Zwilling Pro knives that is one of the easiest to use is the meat cleaver that is 6 inches long. They made sure to include maximum protection and reassurance into the design of this cleaver.

This meat cleaver is of a good grade and strong duty, and it can swiftly and easily cut through both flesh and bones. Because of the use of high carbon steel in the construction of the blades, they are very long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. This FRIODUR blade has been ice-hardened, so it maintains its edge for a longer period of time.

The curved bolster is useful for cutting with more precision. During cutting tasks, this helps for better control and reduced tiredness, which are both important benefits.

The whole tang and handle each have three rivets so that the overall weight is distributed evenly. It is equipped with a hole in the corner for convenient hanging.



√ Durable
√ Cleaver that is both lightweight and well-balanced
√ The curved bolster enables precise cutting while also providing comfort and safety


× Small blade


The Spevorix meat cleaver is a multifunctional cleaver that may be used for slicing bones, huge portions of meat, and tough vegetables. It also has a serrated blade. The meat and veggies may also be chopped or shredded with ease with this cleaver.

The knife blades feature a superior Japanese-trained edge that allows them to keep their sharpness for a longer period of time. Since it is capable of slicing entire chickens quickly and without much effort, it is an excellent tool for cutting bones.

It is equipped with a Pakka hardwood handle that has been ergonomically designed. This provides an additional measure of protection when chopping.

There is a hole at the tip of the blade, making it possible to store it more efficiently. The gadget has been tested and shown to be in compliance with the norms and regulations set out by the FDA, the LFGB, and Japan’s food contact. The total safety of the cleaver may therefore be guaranteed.



√ Construction using the whole tang
√ Multipurpose
√ Wooden handle for improved safety and pleasant grip
√ Included in the package are a manual, a stone, a base, as well as a sharpening guide and a leveling stone


× Heavy (in terms of weight)


It is well knowledge that Wusthof is one of the most reputable manufacturers of knives and cleavers in the world.

The Wutsthof classic heavy cleaver is a German-made cleaver that was designed specifically for cutting through bone. Additionally, it is well equipped to handle bigger chunks of meat in a straightforward manner.

The blade of the cleaver is made of high carbon steel, allowing it to easily slice through fibrous vegetables. It is resistant to rust and stains because to the use of high-carbon steel in its manufacture.

The Precision Edge technology from Wusthof results in blades that are 20 percent sharper and retain their edges two times longer. The edges have been laser inspected, which helps to ensure consistent cutting and a sharp edge that will remain for a long time.

The handle is made of polypropylene and has a pleasant grip. There are three black rivets on the handle, which provide the component with additional strength and longevity. Additionally, it enables a general state of excellent balance.

It comes in at around 1.9 pounds. Chopping is made much simpler by having balance and weight.



√ Solid construction and a high level of quality
√ Construction of the blade that is both heavy and thick
√ When bones are chopped with the cleaver, it will not be damaged since it is made of a soft metal and has a blunt edge


× Expensive


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best meat cleaver for cutting bone:

best bone cleaver

Q1. What is a boning knife?

A. Cleavers are huge knives that may take on a variety of forms, but most often have the profile of a hatchet with a rectangular blade. It is most often used as a kitchen knife or a butcher knife, and its primary purpose is to cut through thick cuts of meat and bone, as well as to cut big portions of meat and bone into smaller pieces.

Q2. What kind of blade edge is most effective for cutting through bone?

A. Cutting and chopping tasks are often best accomplished with edges that are straight. Since serrated edges are intended for use with softer materials, it is quite unlikely that you will wish to use one here.

Q3. What kind of tools do butchers use to cut bone?

A. When cutting bone, butchers often use breaking knives or meat cleavers. Because they are more trustworthy for cutting through various kinds of bones as well as thick cuts of meat, meat cleavers are the most frequent form of cutting tool.

Q4. Why does a meat cleaver have a little hole in one of the corners of the blade?

A. The meat cleaver is a sort of knife that is known for its extreme heft, and historically, it was hung up so that it could be accessed more quickly. The presence of a tiny hole enables you to hook and hang the cleaver so that it is safe, secure, and out of the way when it is not in use, while yet being within easy reaching distance when it is required.

Q5. What is the most effective approach to keep a meat cleaver stored?

A. When you are through using your meat cleaver, put it away without using soap or hot water to clean it. This will prevent the blade from becoming corroded over time. Because of this, we have consistently suggested using knife oil for the handles so that both the blades and the handles are oiled appropriately before being stored.

It shields the handles from the sun and prevents them from drying out or soaking up any moisture that may be present. After you have oiled the blade, you should not put it away in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended to keep in a kitchen wardroom, since this location is shaded from the sun and does not get direct sunlight.

Q6. Which knife do you recommend for cutting meat with bones?

A. When it comes to slicing both cooked and raw meat, one of the most effective kinds of knives is a boning knife. They include a blade that is both sharp and thin, which makes it simple to remove bones from meat without causing any damage to the flesh itself. In addition, boning knives feature a sharp tip that enables users to make precise cuts around joints and other regions of the animal that are difficult to access.

Final verdict

Therefore, these are the most effective & best meat cleaver for cutting bones, which will make your job much simpler. If you use any of these cleavers, you will without a doubt be able to cut through the bones without causing any damage to them.

Each of the knives has a high quality construction and is quite sturdy. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about its longevity. We have high hopes that you have additionally acquired the best ones that are suited to your requirements. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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