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If you want to grind nuts, you should use the best food processor you can. Have you ever wanted to know the secret behind handmade peanut butter in bakeries? Or, why not use finely ground nuts as a tasty topping for cupcakes of all varieties? Have you tried making cup cakes with dried fruit and failed? If you’ve ever attempted and failed at a baking recipe that called for ground nuts, you should give it another go.

There’s no assurance that nuts processed by hand will be finely crushed. Your ground nuts won’t be finely crushed unless you use a food processor designed specifically for grinding nuts. Is “best food processor for grinding nuts” something you’re looking for? If so, you’ll reap several rewards by doing the grinding yourself. On toast, nut butter is a delicious alternative to butter. Also, if you choose to avoid added preservatives and chemicals, you may enjoy the advantages of chopping your own nuts in a food processor.


On this list we have 7 best food processor for grinding nuts

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Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup Food Processor, Brushed...
Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup Food Processor, Brushed...
Comes with 5 multi function discs and 3 blades out of the box; 5.5 inch super wide feed chute reduces the need to pre cut most fruits and vegetables
Cuisinart Food Processor, Mini-Prep 3 Cup, 24 oz,...
Cuisinart Food Processor, Mini-Prep 3 Cup, 24 oz,...
24-ounce work bowl with handle; Not recommend to grind beans with this as it chops.
Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor, 600-Watt Motor, White,...
Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor, 600-Watt Motor, White,...
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: To be sold separately for even more versatility
Cuisinart Food Processor, Pro Custom 11 Cup, Brushed...
Cuisinart Food Processor, Pro Custom 11 Cup, Brushed...
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: To be sold separately
Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful...
Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful...
Easy to clean: Every part (except the base with the motor) is dishwasher safe; Power and Voltage: Rated Powerful 600 watt motors for Processing - 110V For USA


Food processors vary widely in size and function, serving a wide range of needs. It’s a hassle to have to shop around for the correct food processor to ground nuts in. To put it another way, you want value for your money. It’s not hard at all, and here are the features you should seek for in a food processor. Let us now guide you in finding the best food processor for grinding nuts:

√ Material

A food processor’s housing may be purchased in either plastic or stainless steel. Plastic’s low cost, portability, and durability have led to its widespread use. Plastic food processors are also available in a rainbow of hues. However, there are food processors available with a brushed stainless steel matte finish if you’re seeking for a more traditional and pricey option. In addition to requiring more frequent cleaning, the glossy surfaces of such food processors display fingerprints and liquid spills.

The primary benefit of stainless steel is that it is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. It’s up to choose whether the bowl is constructed of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Transparent plastic offers the finest opportunity for visible management of the grinding process. Plastic bowls have the advantages of being affordable, lightweight, and long-lasting, but they are also easily damaged by rough handling. Therefore, high-end food processors may have glass bowls that can withstand high temperatures and vibrations. Some use bowls made of brushed stainless steel, while others use ceramic or porcelain. In comparison, they last longer, look better, and are cleaner. This means that your final decision will be based on how much money you have available.

√ Capacity

There are two sizes of food processors on the market. Small food processors often have less capacity and smaller bowls. It may be used for numerous purposes, but only in very tiny amounts. Mini food processors are perfect for households with only two people since they can aid with tasks like mincing, chopping, pureeing, and grating. A full-size food processor is identical to a micro food processor except that it has a bigger bowl and can cook more food at once.

If the bowl is big enough, many pounds of nuts may be processed at once. Depending on the size of the bowl, a food processor may handle anywhere from three to four cups to eleven to fourteen cups. The larger bowl is often employed by professional chefs or in households with several people.

A food processor does a lot of work in the kitchen, so it has to be built to last. The food processor bowls are sturdy and have a broad base, so the dried fruits may easily travel around inside of it.

There are often just three settings on a standard food processor: on, off, and pulse. The power switch activates or deactivates the device. The pulse button allows you to test whether or not the food has been completely crushed. The pulse button is often absent from equipment. The majority of on/off/pulse buttons are merged. All of the aforementioned models of food processors include variable-speed controls.

√ Design

The food processor has a very simple layout. Traditional food processors consist of a motorized base and a large bowl that may hold a variety of ingredients. The blades are turned by a motor to chop, mix, and ground the nuts. Typically, you can’t put the pieces of a food processor in the dishwasher.

√ Durability

No one wants to waste their money on a food processor that won’t even last through the first use. In the first place, you should think about how long the food processor will last and how well it will hold up under regular use. In addition, the manufacturer of the food processor should provide guarantees. All electric household appliances typically come with a one-year guarantee.

However, there are manufacturers that stand by their wares and provide lengthy guarantees. However, this warranty extension only covers the motor. The remaining components of a high-quality food processor are covered by a similar lengthy guarantee. A food processor is guaranteed to perform for at least a year without any breakdowns. Such food processors will cost more initially but will pay for themselves in cost savings over time.

√ Power

Every electronic device relies on its motor to function. You won’t be able to get a smooth purée out of your dry fruits if your food processor’s motor isn’t up to the task. To get the best and smoothest results, you’ll want a motor that’s both small and powerful. While tasks like slicing vegetables and fruits don’t take much muscle, mixing dough is a labor-intensive process that demands a lot of muscle force. A food processor with a motor of at least 700 watts will allow you to chop, shred, puree, and puree a wide variety of foods, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

Many of us experience this behavior if we attempt to utilize an electrical equipment for an extended length of time. Getting a food processor with a higher wattage motor is one way to avoid this problem. If you overheat your appliance, it might break your plastic bowl.


In this first segment, we review ten of the best food processor for grinding nuts on the market as of now:


With its 14-cup work bowl and 720-watt motor, this food processor is a true powerhouse. This motor, however, operates with little noise.

With the Quality Food processor’s nuts grinder, you can quickly and effortlessly process up to four cups’ worth of nuts into butter using the slicing disc, shredding disc, and chopping blade, all of which are made of stainless steel.

The Lexan bowls, blades, and lid are all dishwasher safe, so there’s no need to waste time cleaning them by hand.

There are just a few buttons on the control panel: on, off, pulse, and seven different settings for cooking. No pre-chopping is necessary when using the included extra-large feed tube and convenient spatula.

Even though the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor is rather big and will take up a lot of room on your countertop, you don’t have to worry about it falling over because of its weight and broad base. This CPU won’t move no matter how quickly the blades are going.



√ Comparatively reasonable cost
√ Components that can go in the dishwasher
√ Thick, substantial, and hefty
√ Inconspicuous display


× A gadget that lacks aesthetic appeal


The Breville food processor is a high-powered appliance, with a motor that can provide 1200 watts of power for tasks like grinding nuts.

Since the food processor’s motor has 1200 watts of power, it just takes a few seconds to grind and chop nuts. The included 5.5-inch-wide feed tube makes it easy to pour nuts into the prepared basin.

The Breville has a robust base and is built to last, so your nut butter won’t go flying over the counter.

The larger of the two BPA-free plastic bowls has a capacity of 16 cups, which is a lot of nut butter, while the smaller dish holds just 2.5 cups. This food processor will last for a long time thanks to the high-quality three blades and five discs that may be used for a variety of tasks.

Liquid leakage is minimized by the silicone seal, and the safety mechanism stops the motor from functioning if the lid isn’t securely closed.

This processor is both stylish and practical due to its countdown and countup timer LCD display.



√ Lots of strength (1200 watts)
√ Prepares meals with lightning speed
√ Plastic blades and discs that are BPA-free and dishwasher safe
√ Feeding spout with a wider than usual opening


× Size is substantial; it will need some tabletop space.
× Costly


If you’re just going to be making a small batch of nut butter, this compact, 250-watt food processor should do the trick. For making nut butter, this little food processor is tops.

The auto-reverse stainless steel unique blades in this food processor can spin in both ways, allowing you to grind or chop in either direction. It comes in 3- and 4-cup capacities. Wow, that’s incredible! This means you don’t have to worry about switching blades and can instead focus on choosing between different chopping, grinding, blending, and pureeing options.

The 24 oz. capacity of the BPA-free plastic work bowl is ideal for any job and is complemented by the bowl’s convenient carry handle. Both the container and its lid may be cleaned in the dishwasher with ease.

Even though it’s little, the noise it makes when the motor is engaged is noticeable. Because of its modest footprint, it won’t need as much room on your counter top, making it a good choice for apartments or studios.



√ Conveniently small
√ Easy to put together and employ.
√ Safe for the dishwasher
√ Inexpensive


× Lacking in adaptability
× Runs at a high decibel level


The Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Stack and Snap, for example, is another low-priced food processor that has a full-size bowl with an Easy Stack & Snap construction that doesn’t call for any finicky twist locking.

It can brew 12 cups at once and is powered by 450 watts. Both a high-speed S blade and a disc for shredding are available.

The food processor has a large feed tube for easy ingredient pouring and a pair of dual-function controls on the front for adjusting the blade speed.

The food processor is locked into place with reassuring clicks and snaps, making it ideal for anyone with tiny or troublesome hands.

The Hamilton Beach 12 cup is a great value considering how similarly capable it is to the more expensive models.



√ Inexpensive
√ Fits individuals or small families well
√ Perfect for low-volume needs
√ Toss them in your favorite sauce or dip and enjoy!
√ Conveniently simple to put up and operate
√ The bowl has a handy pour spout
√ With the snap clamps, even individuals with weak hands may use it with ease


× Extremely loud while in use
× Liquids may leak out of the non-watertight cover


The Cuisinart Pro Classic 7- Cup food processor is large without taking up an inconvenient amount of storage space, is powerful, and has a number of different blades. In addition, its overall appearance is polished and pleasing.

It’s a mid-sized processor that’s easy to set up, use, take apart, and store because of its 600-watt induction motor and other features that let it run quietly and smoothly.

It has a powerful stainless steel chopping blade that can reduce nuts to a powder and a 4mm medium slicing disc and a shredding disc.

There are two sizes of pushers, a compact flat cover, a spatula, a detachable disc stem, and a recipe book.

You may put entire fruits and veggies in the bowl, and the feed tube is exceptionally wide, so there’s no need to chop them up beforehand. The single paddle control has On, Off, and Pulse buttons, and a flat cover for processing the bowl’s bottom is included free of charge. The Cuisine Pro Classic has been designed so that every component is safe to use in a dishwasher and is devoid of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA).

The lid must be securely fastened before this strong and durable food processor can operate.



√ Blades in plenty
√ Safety catch
√ Safe for the dishwasher
√ Robust and dependable
√ A motor that uses induction and requires no maintenance


× Very substantial; it deserves a permanent spot on the kitchen counter
× Not simple to put together


The DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11TM Cup food processor is a genuine powerhouse, with a sleek, traditional look and an industrial-strength motor.

It was designed to be both sturdy and easy to use, and it can do a wide variety of tasks, including chopping, kneading, slicing, shredding, mixing, and pureeing, all in one small appliance.

The 625-watt motor is powerful enough to knead bread, so processing your nuts will be a snap

With the Pro Custom 11TM, there is no need to pre-cut fruits and vegetables because of the extra-wide chopping cover and big feed tube. In addition, it contains a secondary, narrower feeding tube for nibble-sized items.

The compact cover can be removed and cleaned with ease, and the on/off paddles simplify the process of using the processor.

It’s a handy device that can be used, disassembled, and stored without taking up too much room in your cupboard because of its medium size (7 x 11.24 x 14.50 inches) and solid construction.

Its 24 extra pieces include a flat cover with a cutout, a work bowl, a disc holder, and much more.



√ Safe motor switches off in case of overload or interference
√ Simple in operation
√ In addition, you may not need all of these extra accessories, but here they are anyhow
√ Ability to grind finely
√ Manual of Instructions


× Not simple to disinfect
× Pricey


With a capacity of 12 cups for dry ingredients and 9 cups for liquids, as well as 7 distinct blade types and 11 speed settings, the Braun FP3020 is a standout among blenders. This opens up a lot of processing options for us, and we can use them to their full potential.

A 600-watt ultra-quiet motor that boosts to 900-watts compensates for its lower power, and more blades are available for purchase if desired.

Since spills during processing are commonplace, it’s a good thing that the Braun FP3020’s removable parts—with the exception of the motor base—can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

You don’t have to worry about pre-chopping anything that’s too big or too lengthy to fit down the massive feeding chute.

Its efficient motor allows it to operate at a lower noise level than competing nut butter food processors.

To avoid having to manually cycle through all of the available speeds before reaching the one you need, it offers a starter feature and a preset speed function.

This is a heavy-duty appliance that will take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter because of its broad base. The processing bowl latches securely onto the motor base, and the motor will not turn on until the cover is in place.



√ Noiseless operation
√ Plenty of blades and sheaths to choose from.
√ Price-to-value ratio is excellent
√ Cleans up quickly, which is a plus since its usage may be messy.
√ Overload safeguard to prevent malfunction


× Not having a proper guidebook to follow
× There are a lot of moving parts


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best food processor for grinding nuts:

Q. Can I use a blender to grind nuts?

A. You may certainly use the blender to ground any kind of nuts or seeds. On the other hand, the nut butter or powder will not be as fine as it would be after being processed in a food processor.

Q. Can I grind nuts in the food processor?

A. If you want to get the most out of the nuts’ texture, you should chop them by hand using a big, sharp knife. This will give you the greatest results. Utilizing a food processor, on the other hand, is the most straightforward method to take if you are pressed for time or if you need to generate a significant quantity of ground nuts.

When using a food processor to grind nuts, you should always pay attention to the texture of the nuts as they are being ground. Instead of grinding the nuts in a continuous motion, it is preferable to utilize the pulsing option since this allows you to better monitor and regulate the texture of the finished product. Be aware that using a food processor to grind nuts might occasionally result in a paste rather than ground nuts since the nuts are crushed and the excess oil is extracted from them.

Q. Can nut butter be made in a food processor?

A. It is true that certain food processors, such as the ones we mentioned above, are able to crush different nuts and transform them into their specific nut butters. Those on the upper end are certain to make nut butter with a fine texture, whilst some of those on the lower end may not have sufficient power to assure an even texture. Nevertheless, nut butter may be made in food processors if the right ingredients are used.

Q. Is a blender the same as a food processor?

A. Even while blenders and food processors do some of the same tasks, you cannot use one in place of the other. The primary purpose of a blender is to either pulverize or shatter ice. Utilize a blender if the finished product is intended to be consumed, drizzled, or dipped in any manner. A food processor can not only puree food, but it can also slice, grate, shred, dice, and do many other things.

Q. Is a food processor the right tool to use to crush peanuts?

A. In order to prevent bits of varying sizes, crush just one cup of peanuts at a time. After you have secured the cover of the food processor, press and hold the “pulse” button. Only depress the pulse button for a few seconds at a time; you want to break up the nuts into smaller pieces one at a time, rather than all at once.

Q. Without using a food processor, what method may be used to chop nuts very finely?

A. Do not use a knife to chop the nuts, and do not set the chopped nuts on a flat surface. This will prevent the nuts from flying all over the counter as you cut them. Put the nuts in a bowl, and then use a handheld pastry cutter or blender to gently push down on the nuts while doing so. This will break the nuts up into tiny bits. This method works most well with softer nuts such as walnuts and pecans.

Q. Can I use my blender to grind almonds?

A. To create ground almonds, you may use a food processor, a blender, or you can do it by hand with a rolling pin. All of these methods are acceptable. When making ground almonds, it is helpful to first chop the nuts into little parts. This facilitates the grinding process. If you want the consistency to remain consistent throughout, grinding a tiny bit of nuts at a time might be useful.

Q: What features should I consider when choosing a food processor for grinding nuts?

A: When selecting a food processor for grinding nuts, consider the following features:

  • Motor Power: Look for a food processor with a powerful motor, preferably over 600 watts, to handle the tough texture of nuts.
  • Blade Quality: Ensure that the food processor has a durable and sharp chopping blade or S-blade made of stainless steel. A high-quality blade will grind nuts efficiently.
  • Capacity: Consider the size of the food processor’s bowl and choose a capacity that suits your needs. For grinding nuts, a smaller capacity (around 8 to 14 cups) is generally sufficient.
  • Pulse Function: Having a pulse function allows you to have better control over the grinding process, ensuring you achieve the desired consistency without overprocessing.
  • Safety Features: Look for safety features like a locking mechanism that ensures the processor won’t operate unless the lid is securely locked.

Q: Can all food processors grind nuts?

A: While most food processors can grind nuts to some extent, not all models are equally efficient or effective at this task. Some food processors may struggle with grinding hard nuts or achieving a smooth texture. It’s essential to choose a food processor with a powerful motor and sharp blades specifically designed for efficient nut grinding.

Q: Can I use a mini food processor for grinding nuts?

A: Yes, a mini food processor can be used for grinding nuts, especially if you’re processing small quantities. However, keep in mind that the smaller size and lower motor power of mini food processors may affect their efficiency when grinding larger quantities of nuts or achieving a very fine texture.

Q: Can a blender be used to grind nuts instead of a food processor?

A: Yes, a blender can be used to grind nuts. High-speed blenders with strong motors are particularly effective for grinding nuts into a fine powder or butter-like consistency. However, blenders may not provide the same level of control as a food processor, and their shape may make it more challenging to scrape down the sides and achieve an even grind.

Q: How long does it take to grind nuts in a food processor?

A: The grinding time for nuts in a food processor can vary depending on the quantity and the desired consistency. In general, it takes a few seconds to a minute or two of continuous processing to achieve a coarse grind, while a finer grind or nut butter consistency may require several minutes of continuous processing, with intermittent pauses to scrape down the sides. It is best to process nuts in short bursts to avoid overheating the food processor.

Q: Can a mini food processor grind nuts?

A: Yes, mini food processors can grind nuts, especially in smaller quantities. While they may not have the same motor power or capacity as larger models, they can still be effective for grinding nuts for recipes that require smaller amounts.

Q: Can I use a blender instead of a food processor to grind nuts?

A: Yes, a high-powered blender can be used to grind nuts effectively. Blenders with strong motors and sharp blades can pulverize nuts into a fine powder or achieve a nut butter consistency. However, blenders may not provide the same level of control or evenness as a food processor specifically designed for grinding.

Final verdict

To sum up, nuts and other dry fruits may be grind in a variety of food processors. If you want perfectly smooth nut butter or cake topping, the cuisinart dfp-14bcny 14-cup food processor is your best bet. We are aware of the high cost, which is why we have provided various low-cost alternatives. All the questions you’ll have before purchasing a food processor have been answered here. The price is the most crucial consideration. Set a budget and then seek for the solution that most effectively fits that budget. Don’t attempt to economize on a food processor since you won’t be using it often. Invest in a high-quality food processor that will serve you well for years to come. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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