The Advantage of Stainless Steel Egg Poacher – Read These 7 Tips.

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Stainless steel egg poacher helps you to cook the egg in the perfect manner you want. There are different kinds of poachers, but the electric or the stainless steel egg poacher are regarded as the best alternatives, for they may allow you to save time and your effort.


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Whether you are trying to lose weight, stop snacking, eat healthier, or feel better when you leave the house, you can not beat an egg for breakfast! Talking of beating… you should try scrambling; boiling or poaching them instead of frying if you want to have a healthy start.

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Advantage of Stainless Steel Egg Poacher

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Great source of nutrients

They are a great source of nutrients and, when poached or boiled, are relatively low in calories (75kcals each if boiled / poached). Containing iron and calcium they have got a lot going for them, why not have a glass of fruit juice with your eggs to bump up your five a day at the same time!

Healthy option

If you are boiling them, having wholemeal bread for the “soldiers” is another healthy option, and if you are keen on keeping the fats even lower, use a spread like marmite instead of butter on the soldiers. Wow, what a taste.

Poachers stainless steel egg poacher

They are one of the best ways to get some of the highest-quality protein in your body, and although perhaps not usually associated with dieting, it is this protein that stops you feeling hungry later in the day. That could be an excellent choice. Read about electric crepe maker.

Consume fewer calories

Protein does blunt your hunger, meaning fewer (or no) snacks throughout the morning, as you will feel fuller for longer. Not only does that mean you will feel better, but you will consume fewer calories too! So let us find out what is the best way of getting this breakfast boost.

Do not reach for the frying pan

The healthiest and quickest method of cooking them is to poach them. But the question for to poaching an egg would arise. What is the best way to pouch an egg? Well, brand new to the Kitchen Range is these Pack of 20 Poachies Egg-Poaching kitchen Bags.

Heat element

Stainless steel egg poacher consists of a particular heating element in a pot that is filled with water. There is a rack inside the poacher. It holds the eggs. There is a plastic cover too. It is used to consume heat. You may use the poacher in a hard, soft, or medium-boiled mode. There is a timer in the poacher that will remind you the boiling of the egg is over. The thermostat inside the stainless steel egg poacher is ready to fix the temperature. You can not get so many facilities in a frying pan or a casserole.

There are different brands of stainless steel egg poacher

Each differs from the other in the question of how many eggs are ready to fit in at a time. The price of the poacher varies according to the type and the material with which it is made. All you have to do is to consult with your friend who uses such a poacher. You may also browse the websites to have an authentic idea about the stainless steel egg poacher too. Whatever you do, keep it in mind that stainless steel egg poacher is a handy cooking pot. You have to brood only over the matter what poacher saves energy and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best way to use a stainless steel egg poacher?

Egg poachers made of stainless steel make breakfast preparation easy.

·       Put between 1 and 2 inches of water into the saucepan of the egg poacher made of metal. Put the saucepan on the burner, then start bringing the water to a boil in it.
·       Put the cups or tray that you’ll be using for poaching into the water.
·       After three to four minutes, cover the poacher and continue cooking the eggs until they are done.

When using a poacher made of metal, how long does it take to poach an egg?

Separate one egg and place it in a bowl. Put it in a poacher cup as carefully as you can. Repeat the process, pouring one egg into each of the cups. Cover the pan and continue cooking for another four to six minutes, or until the whites have fully solidified and the yolks have begun to thicken but are not yet totally solid.

Is the use of vinegar required for poaching eggs?

Lemon juice may be used in place of vinegar while poaching eggs, making this method vinegar-free. When used to poach eggs, lemon juice performs the same function that vinegar does, but it may provide a little hint of lemon taste to the finished product.

Is salt or vinegar better for poached eggs?

When poaching eggs, the addition of vinegar to the water is done for a number of reasons, the primary one being that the acid in the vinegar helps to coagulate the egg whites in the egg more rapidly, which in turn causes the egg whites to cook more quickly.

What is the purpose of an egg poacher?

An appliance for the kitchen that makes it possible to poach eggs in a quick and easy manner. Poaching may be accomplished using a wide range of implements, including individual metal cups, groups of linked cups, poaching spoons, poaching cups that can be heated in the microwave, poaching pans that come equipped with poaching cups, and electric egg poachers.

The Bottom Line

With so many different methods of cooking them, there is no excuse. Start your day with a breakfast boosting egg prepared using stainless steel egg poacher and see what a difference it will make to you. Enjoy the great taste, and be healthy.

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  1. Finally, the ideal egg poacher! Valuable. Spraying oil in the stainless egg cup makes poached eggs easy to remove without residue. Like most of you, I used an aluminum pan with a Teflon-coated 3-egg poacher. Even with oil, the eggs stuck or the Teflon covering peeled off. This egg poacher prevents that. I’ve tried silicone cups which stuck and leaked and cups that sit in water which still ended up with water inside the egg cup. Not this poacher. This norpro stainless steel egg poacher will last a long time.


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