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You being here certainly means that you are either passionate about matters backpacks or are simply on the lookout for one. We are also glad that you have arrived at the right page. That is because we do acknowledge that identifying the right backpack from a pool of so many may be tricky.

To offer you the necessary assistance, we have identified the six best large backpacks. We have further looked into those factors which you must take care of while finding the right bag. Lastly, we have also examined some of the frequently asked questions regarding the subject. Read through to find out more…

On This List We Have 6 Large Backpacks

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Speedo Large Teamster Backpack 35-Liter, Purple, One...
Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying; Classic shaped Speedo mesh bag with new styling and improved materials
T1FE 1SFE Military Tactical Backpack, Tactical Bag,...
Military Backpack:Adjustable height sternum strap and Contoured yoke shoulder strap system
large backpack

These backpacks are available in many shapes, sizes, and constructions. To be able to settle on the right one, you need to take care of some issues. We have dedicated this segment to those factors which determine the choice of the right backpack.

Intended Purpose

What exactly do you plan to use your backpack for? Is it merely for storing your documents and essentials? Alternatively, could it be that you want to go camping or undertake some strenuous adventures? It is up to you to answer these questions and look for the bag that closely mirrors your planned use.

Care and Maintenance Requirements

Using these bags is one thing, caring and maintaining them is yet another thing altogether. It is only wise to familiarize yourself with the necessary care and maintenance requirements of the backpack you have in mind. This way, it will also be possible for you to make prior appropriate arrangements for the same.


This refers to the sum total of load that the backpack can accommodate. It is often times calibrated in pounds or liters. The best backpack on the basis of this consideration has to be large enough to accommodate all your gears, regardless of their total weight. You should also mindful of your muscle power while at it.

Types and Colors

As stated above, these backpacks come in various types and colors. Find one whose color scheme rhymes with the environment you plan to use yours. While at it, be sure also that the backpack comes in the exact shape and makeup as your intended purpose or area of use.


1. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack, 35-Liter

Are you an athlete, swimmer, or competitive sportsman? If you are, then this is the backpack for your choice. That is because all its parts and components are optimized for rugged applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable Exterior Shell: Its flagship part is the durable exterior shell. The shell is made of materials that are resistant to abrasions and water. They are also rich in quality and last longer than average.

High-quality Durable Zippers: To open and close the backpack, you will have to make do with some high quality and durable zippers. Given their sheer strength, the zippers endure the test of time and yield a prolonged period of dependable outcomes.

Removable Dirt Bag: Lastly comes the removable dirtbag. In here, you slot in your wet or dirty garments and essentials. In so doing, you keep them separate from the ones that are already clean.


√ Features some classic iconic shape which is elegant to behold
√ Has a laptop sleeve for safeguarding your vital electronics
√ Its bottom is water-resistant which makes it quite reliable in wet conditions
√ Works well on all kinds of surfaces
√ Resists abrasion and is suited for demanding applications


× Limited in scope
× Requires some muscle power
× Weighty

2. Herschel Supply Co. Classic X-large Backpack

Do you value simplicity or lack the necessary technical expertise? If you do, this cheap backpacks is the one to set your eyes on. It is on the whole very simple and lacks those complex parts which exist in high-end models.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Enhanced Storage Volume: Setting this backpack apart from the others is the enhanced storage volume. Its interior is indeed spacious enough to take on any kinds of gears. It is also perfectly insulated from external shocks.

Water Bottle Pockets: Also existing in this backpack are some water bottle pockets. The role of these pockets as you may have guessed is to safeguard your water bottles safely and conveniently.

Awesome Design: All the stated parts and components are enclosed in some awesome design. It is the legendary classic x-large size design. With it, expect to enjoy some added style as you carry your essentials.


√ Highly versatile and multipurpose
√ Exudes timeless styles
√ Possesses some great functional details
√ Contains 100% synthetic interior lining
√ Has multiple pockets (1 slip and 3 exteriors)


× Lacks a couple of vital features
× Yields less value for money
× Unsuitable for rigorous chores

3. Kipling Seoul Go Laptop, Padded, Adjustable Backpack Straps, Zip Closure

Wanting to leverage both style and functionality? This durable backpack is the one to set your eyes on. By its form and nature, this backpack has the ability to deliver to you both benefits at a time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Endless Zip Compartments: Throughout its interior are some endless zip compartments. These exist to organize your gears and make them easily available when you need them.

Slip Pockets: At the sides of the backpack are some slip pockets. In these pockets, you slot in your essential gears like cellphones, smartphones, and other gadgets which you may have to use while on the go.

Padded Shoulder Straps: Carrying this backpack around is also made simple. The padded shoulder straps do adorn this backpack. They are comfortable enough to ward off excess strains as you walk about.


√ Contains the signature crinkle nylon
√ Extremely light in weight and simpler to carry
√ Yields years of dependable services
√ Water-resistant and stable in rainy conditions
√ Possesses a roomy interior


× Costly to come by
× Demands too much care and maintenance
× Moderately difficult to carry around

4. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Large Backpack, Black

Do you have some sensitive gears like cards and wallets? We ask you not to risk using any other backpack to carry them. Insist only on a specialized one of such as this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

RFID Blocking Slots: Standing tall among its key features is the ability to block the radio frequencies. Your use of this bag will prevent unauthorized access of your personal details. It is particularly awesome for transporting your passports, identity cards, and credit cards.

Locking Straps: It does comprise some locking straps. These let you lock your bag to some stationary objects like lamp posts, chairs, or stands. This way, you get to protect your bag from grab-n-go thieves.

Slash-resistant Body: All its constituent body panels like the back, bottom and front are resistant to slashes. This is made possible by the stainless-steel mesh which exists in between the outer fabric and inner lining.


√ Contains a couple of anti-theft features
√ Large enough to hold large items
√ Quite comfortable to carry around
√ Pockets expand to accommodate larger gears
√ Adjustable straps allow for easier handling


× Complicated to the average user
× Only for professional applications
× When damaged, costs a fortune to restore

5. T1FE 1SFE Military Tactical Backpack Large Army Assault Pack Molle Bug out Bag

Intending to go for a tough outdoor activity? Well, this could as well be the backpack you have been yearning for. It is a large-capacity backpack that is suited for many activities like hiking, camping, and hunting owing to its rugged construction.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Utility-style Cord Pulls: To aid your opening and closing of the backpack, this one contains the utility-style cord pulls. Their existence smoothens the process of pulling the cords and reduces any likely hassles in the process.

Ventilated Mesh: Throughout the fabric of the backpack are some ventilation. These expedite the entry of fresh air and exit of stale air. In so doing, the mesh maintains your contents in some fresh forms.

Load Compression System: At the front and side of the backpack is some load compression system. As you may have already guessed, this system basically diminishes the size of the load to let you carry it around with ease.


√ Handles many tasks and purposes at a time
√ Made of the breathable 1200D Nylon fabric
√ Double-stitched for added strength
√ Breathable and comfortable at the same time
√ The awesome capacity of 35-40 liters


× Too masculine for female users
× Nondescript appearance
× Requires some expertise to handle well

6. 5.11Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 55 Liter Large, Style 58602

Handling tactical maneuvers and other difficult chores is never a mean feat. That is because you risk destroying the bag not to mention the difficulty you experience in getting your way. You need an equally rugged bag like this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Hydration Routing: You will definitely need to pack plenty of water as you go about camping. The manufacturers of this bag understand this fact only too well. That is why they have equipped with a hydration routing to handle this.

Gadget/Glasses Pocket: Other than the water bottles, you will also carry along some sunglasses. Yet again, this bag comes to your rescue. It contains a scratch-free pocket that is dedicated to delicate items like sunglasses and digital devices.

Admin Panel Loaded: Lastly, a large pocket exists at its front to handle all of your essentials. You may easily slot in your cards, keys, multi-tools, flashlights, and notebooks. Being compartmentalized, you will not struggle to retrieve them.


√ Zippered at the front and back
√ Opened via glove-friendly molded grip pulls
√ Lets you store your vital documents and maps
√ Its shoulder straps adjust for easy transportation
√ The dual compression straps maintain your backpack comfortably and securely


× Too militaristic to the average user
× Imposes too many strains on you
× Juggling the various components may never be easy


Q1. How much on average does a good backpack cost?

A. Many good backpacks cost between $99-300. The costs depend on the type, size, brand, material construction and the purpose which the backpack is designed to meet.

Q2. What is the ideal size of a travel backpack?

A. Given that most airlines allow backpacks that are 22 inches long by 14 inches deep by 9 inches wide, that is the ideal size of a travel backpack. A big backpack in excess of that will often be treated as the main luggage and charged appropriately.

Q3. What is the difference between a backpack and a rucksack?

A. A backpack is generally smaller than a rucksack. Beyond that, they are mostly similar in almost every other aspect.

Q4. What roles can I devote to a backpack?

A. In most cases, you will mostly use the backpacks to travel and carry the moderate load. You may also use the backpacks to sleep on at night or reinforce your attire.

Q5. What are some unique benefits of backpacks?

A. Generally speaking, they impose limited strains on your body. Moreover, they also distribute your weight in such a way as not to impede your movements and maneuverability.


Well, you have truly received the insight you require to make the right choice of a backpack, haven’t you? The ball is now squarely on your court. It is now up to you to use the information we have provided to go ahead and make the right purchasing decision.

From past experiences, many readers of our post have been unable to make the right decision even after reading through our posts. If you happen to find yourself in such a state, do not hesitate to seek extra guidance from us. We are always on standby and eager to assist valued clients like you.

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