How to Guide: Kids Drones Essentials for Beginners

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In recent years kids drones have become more popular with children and this is a guide to teaching them the essentials of using drones. Although kids drones are regarded as toys, these are not ordinary toys and it is better that children know about drones before using them.


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Just like adult drones, kids drones are designed to fly, and that means there risks to using them, even for playing with. Whenever, and wherever kids are flying drones, attention needs to be paid as to what is around, and what could pose a threat to safety. Even if playing in their own back yard or garden, attention needs to be paid to hazards such as trees and overhead power cables. Using drones may also upset neighbors so aults should mention that their kids have drones and will want to fly them.

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7 Essential Facts about Kids Drones

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Fact One

To make it more exciting kids drones are often fitted with cameras so that kids can have an aerial view of everything that the drone flies over. When a drone is fitted with a camera it is better not to fly it over businesses or places where people want to maintain their privacy.

Fact Two

The technical term for drones is unmanned aerial vehicle, the ones used for military operations though are much larger than any kids drones. Large drones are often computer controlled though others are remote controlled. Toy drones are simpler yet the concept is the same,only the size differs.

Fact Three

Using a remote control to control kids drones gives children the skills to use remote control units and to learn what to look out for while the drone is in the air.

Fact Four

By learning to control a kids drone, children could learn the skills that get them a job delivering goods with a drone, for example working for Google. Drones are useful in taking items to places that cars would find difficult to reach, while using a plane or helicopter would not be practical.

Fact Five

The use of cameras on kids drones is a good way to develop skills as a photographer or as a video maker. Kids could use cameras to picture anything interesting that the drone flies over. Kids could also learn how to edit by turning the footage into short films or video clips.

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Fact Six

Drones, even the smaller kid size ones can allow their controllers a lot more of the areas that a drone flies over. For kids it can provide different views of the districts they live in, or anywhere they are spending a vacation at. Understanding what they are seeing from the air could be useful for kids that aim to have a career in the military.

Fact Seven

Children need to be aware that there are certain places that kids drones should not be flown, for instance near to military bases, civilian airports and wherever emergency services may need to use aircraft for search, rescue, ambulance or fire fighting missions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When should a child get a drone?

However, it is ultimately up to the parents to decide at what age their kid should begin learning how to fly a drone, even if the vast majority of toy drones have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old.

Is a drone suitable for children?

You should encourage your children to play with drones since they will teach them skills that are very useful in the real world. Learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) may benefit from the usage of drones. Drone racers and stunt pilots often engage in self-building, which promotes an awareness of electronics and computer abilities.

Is a license required for a toy drone?

If the drone or model aircraft you want to operate is a toy, weighs less than 250 grams, and does not include a camera, then there is no need for you to register it with the FAA. Find out whether you are required to register your drone or model airplane by looking into the registration regulations for both types of aircraft.

Kids DronesThe Bottom Line

Over all then drones can a great deal of fun for kids to play with and control. However great care needs to be taken as to when and where drones are flown. Kids and any accompanying adults should check for hazards and not fly near cilian or military aircraft. Over head power cables and trees are also best avoided.

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