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All Juki sergers are built with quality in mind, so it’s no surprise that this one is no exception. With the JUKI MO 1000 Serger, the Juki MO 1000 is still one of the best machines for beginners available today. If you’re interested in serging, this is the best serging software on the market today.

It has a number of qualities that set it different from its competitors, one of which is its ability to provide a variety of stitches. The serging miracle: let’s examine it closely:

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[dt_fancy_title title=”Detailed Specifications” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”custom” separator_style=”thick” custom_title_color=”#1e73be”]
  • Stitching speed: 1500 stitches per minute
  • Number of threads: 2-3-4.
  • Lighting is provided via LEDs.
  • Total weight: 23 lbs.
  • Is it color-coded? Yes.
  • The following are the dimensions: 15.4″ x 15.2″ x 16.3″
[dt_fancy_title title=”Juki MO 1000 Serger Features” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”custom” separator_style=”thick” custom_title_color=”#1e73be”]
Options for stitching

This machine is equipped with seven different stitch choices, which include the following:

  • Overlock stitch using two, three, or four threads.
  • Overlock stitch with three threads that is thin.
  • A three-thread rolled hem stitch is used.
  • Flatlock stitch with three threads.
  • Using the adjustable differential feed option, create a 3-thread lettuce-edge rolled hem stitch on the edge of the lettuce.

These stitches are all strong and secure, and they are all done flawlessly. Stitch widths include a right needle width that can be adjusted between 3 mm and 7 mm and a left needle width that can be adjusted between 5 mm and 9 mm, as well as a rolled hem stitch that is 2 mm wide. The length of each stitch may be changed to a maximum of 4 mm on either side.

Threading using Jet-Air

There are two holes in this Serger machine that make it simple to thread the needle, which is a huge convenience for consumers. A burst of wind pulls the threads of the bottom looper out of the way in an instant.

This makes utilizing the higher loopers quite simple; all that is required is that you use the color-coded guidance to feed about nine to twelve inches into the aperture precisely, followed by pushing the “Air” button and allowing the automated needle threader to do its work.

This occurs with such ease that you could easily refer to this model as a Juki self threading serger if you wanted to.

Automatic Needle Threader

To make advantage of this function, lower the lever for threading, hook the thread, and then raise the lever to finish the threading motion on the serger.

Long Thread Cutter

Its large knife blade allows for clean and precise cuts through thin or thick fabric layers due to its length. In this context, withdrawing the knife blade refers to serging the material without really cutting it.


This model is backed by a 25-year guarantee on mechanical components, a two-year warranty on electrical parts, and a one-year warranty on labor and installation.

Simple to Use

This machine is so simple to use that you will never need to refer to the instruction manual or instructional DVD for threading.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

To illuminate the needle area, an LED light has been included as part of the machine’s construction. It is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and equipped with an environmentally friendly bulb that will not overheat or burn you even if you use the machine for an extended amount of time.

Silent Operations

In contrast to other computers in its category, this model has been specifically engineered to be silent. As a result, there is very little vibration and operating noise while it is in use.

Fabrics with a large Throat Area include

In order to provide the user with additional working space, the throat height has been set at 72.4 mm.

Controls that are easily accessible

The length of the stitch as well as the settings for differential feed are conveniently located on the right side of the machine, making it easy to use. This provides the user with fast and simple access to the control, allowing them to make essential adjustments without having to interrupt their work.

Differential Feed that can be adjusted

The adjustable differential feed guarantees that the user obtains flawless stitches regardless of whether the fabric is thin or thick, or whether it is a flexible knit or a snake skin material. Skin of a lizard. Typically, the feed rate may be changed while the machine is being operated. At present moment, it will give a ratio ranging from 0.7 mm to 2 mm in thickness.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Juki Mo 1000 Serger : Advantages” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”custom” separator_style=”thick” custom_title_color=”#1e73be”]
  • This model is user-friendly, regardless of whether it is being used by a novice or an expert.
  • Using this “air threading serger” is a breeze since it threads the needle automatically.
  • It performs flawlessly and in complete silence.
[dt_fancy_title title=”Juki Mo 1000 Serger : Disadvantages” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”custom” separator_style=”thick” custom_title_color=”#1e73be”]
  • There aren’t a lot of stitching possibilities available.
  • The user manual does not provide as much information as the DVD.

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[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the juki mo 1000 serger:

[dt_quote]Q1. Is it a good idea to purchase this product?

A. Craftspeople may work more quickly and silently with the MO-1000, resulting in stronger stitches as a result of the machine’s low noise level. Threading has also been made very simpler. This is a durable machine that makes use of the most up-to-date technology for the benefit of the average person.

For heavier materials, you may lift the presser foot to a higher position. However, there is no way to change the pressure of the presser foot. It’s possible to have thread tension issues if you don’t have this feature.

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