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Just getting started with your electric smoker? Are you concerned that it may not work? Have no fear; it does what it says, and it does it fast. As opposed to an electric smoker, the functional narrative of a charcoal smoker or gas smoker differs. If your smoker has a digital temperature controller, consider yourself lucky.


Electric smokers are ideal for novice smokers because they strike a decent mix between convenience and taste. For those who like the taste of smoked barbecue but don’t want to fuss over coals for hours, an electric gadget is a great option since they can just set the temperature and forget about it.


You should now have a better understanding of how clean and healthful cooking with an electric smoker can be. When you first begin using an electric smoker, there is a certain sequence of procedures that you must carry out in order to avoid any mishaps.

Initial trial

If you are using a smoker for the very first time and it is brand new, you shouldn’t put any food in it during the first stages of the smoking process. Turn on the heat for the smoker, coat it with oil, and then let it to heat up for at least three hours. This step should only be performed once, when you are attempting to utilize it for the very first time.

Put the wood chips and cold water

When you are ready to start cooking your meal in your electric smoker, double check that all of the attachments have been positioned in the locations that are appropriate for them. Put the wood chips and the ice water in the respective trays that they came with. Wood chips are added, which provide genuine tastes, and cold water is added so that the temperature may be controlled.

Warm up your smoker

It is now time to get your smoker ready for use by preheating it. You need to bring it up to temperature before you put your food in it so that it doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to reach the temperature at which it should be cooked. Because of this, the food will cook much more quickly.

Put the food in the right place

When the smoker is ready, you may lay your meat either directly on the grilling grills or in the smoker itself to finish cooking. You also have the option of placing some utensils made of stainless steel on the grills, which will be responsible for holding the meal.


When you are through with the cooking process, remove the plug from your smoker so that you can be certain that the device has been turned off entirely. After that, you should let the smoker cool down on its own by opening the door. Once the electric smoker and all of its components have cooled to the point where they can be touched safely, you may begin wiping and cleaning them.


Do i need to season the electric smoker before using it?

If your electric smoker is an older model, then you may use it without first seasoning it, but if you purchase a brand new smoker, whether it be charcoal, gas, or electric, then you will need to season it first. Because the seasoning gets rid of the dust and does a good job overall,

When using the electric smoker, should you soak the wood chips first?

Dry wood burns extremely rapidly, thus you will need to use soaked wood chips in the electric smoker. The answer is yes, you may use soaked wood chips for the electric smoker. It takes longer to burn, which results in a taste that is richer and more smokey.

How often do you add wood chips to your electric smoker?

Some models of electric smokers have just a limited space for adding wood chips. In most cases, one cup of wood chips will remain in the smoker for around four to five hours. Therefore, as it is getting close to being finished, you may also add extra wood chips with the assistance of your hands.

Should i use the electric smoker with the vent opened all the way?

When you are giving your meat a smoky taste, you may certainly do it with the vents open.

Can i use an electric smoker inside?

If you do not have access to fuel or a gas smoker, you may still smoke food inside using an electric smoker.

Is it okay to use dry wood chips in an electric smoker?

Because dry wood chips burn so rapidly, I cannot advocate using them in an electric smoker. Instead, I would suggest using wet wood chips.

Should I add water to my electric smoker before using it?

You will indeed need to include some water in a container and place it inside the electric smoker. It will assist in bringing about a temperature adjustment.

Is it possible to clean the internal components of an electric smoker?

Yes, but before cleaning, make sure your smoker is disconnected after plugging it in; you may wipe the inside of the electric smoker with a moist cloth. Yes, but before cleaning, make sure your smoker is unplugged after plugging it in.


This concludes the instruction on how to use an electric smoker. When utilizing an electric smoker, the two most crucial tasks to consider are seasoning the smoker before the first usage and adding the appropriate amount of wood chips.

Using an electronic smoker is hopefully no longer rocket science. The electric smoker setup is perhaps the simplest and easiest of all. And there is no need for genuine learning to get expert status.

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